TTAG Announces The Winner of Mossberg HS 410

Thanks for your entries. You’ve been a great great audience. And the winner is . . . revealed on the video. Congratulations to the proud owner of this user-friendly gun. Review to follow—’cause now I can diss it. If needs be. There will be other TTAG contests in the future. I’m hoping the odds will be a little longer next time. Said the actress to the bishop.


  1. avatar UnclePete says:

    Thank you for picking me as the first TTAG contest winner!

    I hope there will be more contests so other folks will have the chance of getting a "You won" email that doesn't involve some nebulous dead person in Nigeria! 🙂

  2. avatar Patrick Brown says:

    I watched the announcement several times, trying to convince myself that the winning name was "Pat", not "Pete". It didn't work.

    Congratulations Pete, and thanks for running the contest!

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