TTAG 2014 Editor’s Choice Award – Most Influential Personality of the Year: Alex Bosco


Last year, our readers voted the SIG SAUER SB-15 Pistol Brace the best new firearm accessory of 2013. We met with SIG at the SHOT Show and presented them with a plaque to commemorate the honor. And rightly so. SIG SAUER brought the brace out of obscurity, marketed it to the public, slapped it on anything they could find and vowed to defend its legality in court if need be. But credit where credit’s due (finally). Alex Bosco is the man who invented, designed and marketed the SB-15. It began with his dream of giving back to injured veterans . . .

Alex invented the brace for wounded warriors (and others) missing a limb or otherwise incapable of holding a rifle. It attaches to the buffer tube of an AR-style pistol and straps around the user’s forearm. Bosco’s brace enables reasonably accurate one-handed shooting of America’s most popular rifle style.

We first encountered the brace through an email Bosco sent to TTAG central command during the brace’s prototyping phase. Alex asked if we wouldn’t mind posting some pictures of the prototype brace (carved out of styrofoam) and a description, in the hopes of attracting investors.

Bosco, a dedicated family man who had recently retired from the military, was down to his last few shekels. We recognized Bosco’s brace as an innovative idea and important public service: a way for disabled men and women of valor to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. We also understood its importance to differently abled Americans, who cherish their gun rights.

That post caught SIG’s eye. At the same time, Alex sent a letter to the ATF asking for clarification on the brace’s legality. When attached to an AR pistol, does the pistol become an SBR (short barreled rifle)? If the ATF deemed a brace-equipped AR pistol an National Firearms Act item, buyers would have to jump through a lot of ATF hoops, pay a hefty tax and face a long delay.

But the ATF said no. An AR pistol equipped with Alex’s bringchild is not an NFA item. Alex could sell the brace to anyone without any additional paperwork.

It’s no secret that Bosco’s brace can also be used as a shoulder stock by people with two good arms. With Bosco’s brace, all Americans are able to modify an AR-15-style pistol into what’s effectively an SBR – without additional ATF infringement on their gun rights.

In one short year, the SB-15 pistol brace has completely changed the way we look at pistol versions of modern sporting rifles. Before Bosco’s brace, AR-15-style pistols were gimmicky and not very useful. With the addition of a simple piece of molded plastic and a little Velcro, they are an extremely useful, even attractive firearm in their own right. One man single-handedly changed the way the market regards an entire class of firearms.

When SIG SAUER bought Bosco’s brace, the accessory flew off the shelves. As a result, the vet and his family are no longer short of shekels. SB Tactical’s expanding its product line to other firearms and investing in a new gun range for Austin, Texas.

During this year’s TTAG Readers’ Choice Award voting, the SB-15 brace got more votes than any other firearm accessory. This despite the fact that it wasn’t on the ballot (again, the brace was a 2013 product). Our admiration for Alex’s service to our country, our recognition of his creativity, our respect for his achievement and his product’s overwhelming popularity inspired TTAG to create our first Most Influential Personality of the Year award. Congratulations to Mr. Bosco.


  1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Bravo Sir, Bravo!

  2. avatar LarryinTX says:

    Well reasoned, TTAG!

  3. avatar doesky2 says:

    Justly deserved.
    Hope he got a per/piece cut for the royalty.

    1. avatar doesky2 says:

      Read in the other post about the Shockwave that Bosco’s company is actually manufacturing the SB15 for Sig so I guess he’s kinda in a god position. Good deal.

    2. avatar B says:

      Good choice, the man has done more to expose the contradictory nonsense provisions of the NFA laws than anyone else in the past 80 years.

  4. avatar Accur81 says:

    A true gun hero – an no children were harmed. Bravo, sir.

  5. avatar preston says:

    this is an inspiring story of a person who simply wanted to help others, period.

  6. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    Awesome! He deserves it. I need to pick one up for my .300BLK pistol build soon.

  7. avatar SpecialK says:

    Well deserved. That is a great American.

  8. avatar Coldhammer says:

    Spot on! I love that man! (in a bud light sorta way of course)

    1. avatar surlycmd says:

      A “Real Men of Genius” commercial is much needed for Alex Bosco.

  9. avatar Swobard says:

    Awesome story. Thanks and (to Mr. Bosco) congratulations.

  10. avatar Felix says:

    A bit off topic, but it’s this kind of thing which affirms my belief in free markets and competition, and renews my disgust at government. This kind of innovation happens all the time — but not only is government incapable of thinking up clever new tricks, they go out of their way to hobble the innovators. I love hearing about these kinds of inventions, human ingenuity at its best.

  11. avatar Geoff PR says:


  12. avatar Chris says:

    And another good business moves to Austin. 🙂

  13. avatar g says:

    Great story, and best wishes to Mr. Bosco!

  14. avatar Aaron says:

    Do it! My 300 pistol is awesome with it on!

  15. avatar Wayne emond says:

    Everything Alex says about the creation of the SB15 is a complete lie! I designed and made by hand the prototypes which Alex so said he did. He has stole my right as the inventer and starved my family to its income all so he could have the fame and glory. A unhornorable act from a man who claimed to be honorable. I am the artist Wayne Curtiss Emond and Alex Bosco is a lier!

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