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As a pistol shooting enthusiast and LEO, I have a few things I’ve always wanted to see in my stocking that may be useful and not break the bank (despite having a doodad box that accounts for a large portion of my yearly salary). Ballistic baubles and serious stuff. Let’s get started!


Magazine Springs – If their handgun has an action that cycles by using short recoil or blowback, the magazine’s got a spring that’s feeds the rounds that eventually will fail. Wolff has what you need here.

[Pick a] Pack of Paper Targets – A pack of plain old vanilla paper targets costs less than $20. For the same price, you can get a little more specific. Amazon offers Anatomy targets. For less, you can print your own. Hey, it’s the thought that counts!


Range Bag – I tend to carry all my range weapons on my person or I pack them into some kind of backpack or carry them in hand. While there are plenty of upmarket bags with dozens of zippers, Wiskur Tactical sells a decent range bag for around $30.

UNDER $250

Caliber Conversion Kit for a Semi-Automatic Handgun –  Whether you convert a .40S&W to .357SIG (my personal favorite) or a 9mm to .22LR, caliber conversion kits offer great taste or less spending. EFK Firedragon offers some hot kit. Click here to check out the Advantage Arms Glock kit.

Night Sights –  All EDCs should wear a set of night sights, IMHO. I’m a Trijicon fan. If it’s available for the weapon in question, the Trijicon HD series is confidence personified. For Smith & Wesson fans, Novak is a no-brainer.

UNDER $1000

Heckler & Koch P2000 Variant 1 (in .357SIG) – I freely admit I asked Santa to put this firearm under my tree. The $941 MSRP may break the elves’ budget and there are plenty of handguns that get it done for less, but the P2000 V1’s a compact, polymer, high-capacity lightweight gun with a DAO trigger with restrike capability. The second strike function alone earns it a place in my wishlist.

Weapon Refinishing – If that special someone is a gun clinger that clings to one gun like grim death, pry it from their hands and add some new life to old steel. Robar offers several corrosion and lubricant-free finishes in a variety of colors. You might want to check the order with the eventual recipient before sending the weapon for pimping.

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