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Red-dot carry is becoming increasingly common. Chet says he has a Vortex Venom Red Dot on his EDC gun along with a Streamlight TLR-3 for improved visibility in the dark.

Who else here has a red dot mounted to their carry gun?

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  1. Last year I was asked to opine on Instagram about a red dot on a carry pistol. I voted in favor and think the replies from others were about 50:50. I thought about it, and a year later I have a red dot on 2 of my 3 carry pistols: a Trijicon RMR on my Agency Arms Glock 19Gen5 and SIG Romeo 1 on my P320 Carry. Only my micro compact has only iron sights. As I had commented a year ago and convinced myself, they add minimal weight or bulk (less than a light or laser), if you selected the right holster in the first place you can still use the same holster, no other sight beats a red dot in low light, and as my eyes age I can shoot a red dot more comfortably without my glasses than iron sights and in an emergency I don’t know if I’ll find my glasses in time. (Hey! I heard that; I’m still shooting mean iron sights groupings even without my pinholes – don’t use my Rx glasses to shoot).

  2. I use a 1911A1 they point so naturally you don’t need sights. Har Har…. I rag on them plastic guns and fancy sights to no end.

  3. You will rarely have time to use it, and it’ll give you away, but they sure do look cool in movies. 90% of the time in a quick response situation, you don’t even ADS… you naturally point the muzzle and shoot. So that would be where a red dot can help, but most times in those situations, you won’t have time to turn it on unless it’s one that goes around the grip. Just my two cents. I like em, but I’ll never get another one. I’m cool with just a light.

      • Some red dot sight illuminators are visible through the front of the sight window (bad guys point of view)…if it is really, really dark. So, if you are in the habit of shooting at things without having enough light present to identify your intended target or what lies beyond the target, this could “give you away”. So don’t clear your home in the dark. Lights are your friend.

    • Apparently B.D. has confused red dot sights with red lasers, LOL.
      FYI, they are two entirely different things, B.D.

      Red dot sights don’t “give away your position”, they are never grip-activated, and they have no need to be grip-activated because they use so little power that you can leave them turned on all the time for months or years without the battery going dead!

      Typically, red dot sights have batteries that last months even when left turned on 24/7.
      The best red dot sights (e.g. Trijicon) can be left turned on 24/7 for YEARS before you need to replace the battery!
      And the Trijicon RMR “dual-powered” models never need batteries, as they are powered by fiber optics (n the daytime) and tritium (in total darkness, when you shouldn’t be shooting anyway unless you’re using night vision goggles). I love my Trijicon RMR dual-powered. Put the RMR in a time capsule, bury it underground for 100 years, and the fiber optics in the RMR sight will still work perfectly when your great-great-grandchildren dig it up 100 years later (not that I recommend burying an expensive RMR sight for 100 years in a time capsule, but you could). The tritium in an RMR dual-powered sight lasts about 20-30 years, but the tritium is only for total darkness when using NVG, while the fiber optics (for daytime use) last forever.

  4. I have the Trijicon RMR on my G19. It is the non adjustable, so always on. Change the battery every birthday, no worries. I can shoot with or without glasses, day or night. I always shot a 1911 in .45 and 10mm for decades with irons. Used to compete too, many moons ago. I was sceptical of Red Dots too but my eyesight has deteriorated so I cannot focus on irons with glasses and don’t want to shoot without my glasses. On the timer I shoot and hit 2 tenths of a second faster with the Red Dot, and I have only 500 rounds through the gun so far. I am a believer.

  5. With all the shit hanging off that Glock, I’m sure it just vanishes in the monstrous holster that’s needed to contain the thing. If you need a red-dot sight on a CCW…well you must be a horrible shot.

  6. BD, you are well named. Your ignorance on Red Dots and concealed carry is showing. I do not favor a light on my G19 but I can draw and hit center mass at 7 yds from concealed (OWB) in 1.2 secs. I can do the same with my Kimber in 10mm at 1.34 secs. It is all about practice and using the right holster. By the way, I cc the Kimber 1911 and I am 5’8″ and 155 lbs.

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