President Donald Trump speaks during the National Rifle Association-ILA Leadership Forum, Friday, April 28, 2017, in Atlanta. The NRA is holding its 146th annual meetings and exhibits forum at the Georgia World Congress Center. (AP Photo/Mike Stewart)
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A White House official confirmed Monday morning that President Trump will indeed attend the NRA’s Annual Meeting this week in Dallas, TX. While the official says Trump will be at the convention on Friday, NRA-ILA has not confirmed if he will be speaking at the Leadership Forum.

Last week, the NRA announced Vice President Mike Pence would be a speaker at the Forum which, of course, caused a stir regarding firearms at the venue.

As is standard Secret Service protocol, no firearms or weapons of any kind will be allowed at the NRA Leadership Conference at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, TX. during Pence’s appearance. This announcement prompted the survivors of the Parkland, FL. school shooting and ignorant media outlets to shift into fake news overdrive.

Regardless of how they choose to spin it, the NRA hasn’t banned guns from their annual meetings and with both the President and Vice President now attending, the convention could see record attendance this year.

Also in attendance will be Stephen Willeford, one of the thousands of good guys who successfully ended a shooting, protecting his community.

Last year, a mentally disturbed man entered a Baptist church in my hometown of Sutherland Springs and opened fire. I live across the street, and when my daughter told me there was a shooter and I heard the shots myself, I fell back on my years of NRA training, grabbed my AR-15, and ran across the street to engage the shooter. People say I saved lives that day. I hope that’s true. I did what the Lord called me to do.

Kyle Kashuv, an outspoken Second Amendment supporter and Parkland student, will also be attending the conference:

The NRA Annual Meetings start this week – Are you planning to attend?

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    • I suggest people read the PRE – Decided A.T.F. Trump compliant decision on Bump Stocks and recognize just how dangerous to ALL PARTS and ALL GUNS it really is when an agency can simply CHANGE the definitions of words at any time to meet an agenda.

      2 plus 2 = FIVE , why ? …. because we say so.

      ATF has now determined, based on its interpretation of the relevant statutory language, that these bump-stock-type devices, which harness recoil energy in conjunction with the shooter’s maintenance of pressure, turn legal semiautomatic firearms into machineguns. Specifically, ATF has determined that these devices initiate an “automatic[]” firing cycle sequence “by a single function of the trigger”

      • Yup, the bump-stock ban is essentially a magazine capacity ban as-written. A kit or set of parts that increases rate of fire unacceptably.

  1. “I banned bump stocks and didn’t allow national reciprocity to be added to a gun bill and I support raising the age to purchase a firearm to 21 because I’m playing 56th dimensional chess.”

    • “And I’m fine with sword-carrying Saudis right next to me, but my Secret Service will disarm an American peasant of even the smallest of knives if they dare to profane my presence.”

    • To which should be added “Take the guns and then worry about due process,latter.”

      • Forgot about that, but yup. If I were in Dallas, I’d boo the shit out of him. Actually, I’d start a riot and throw eggs and tomatoes at LaPierre and Trump.

    • They can sit around and talk about that national reciprocity they’re not gonna pass and the impending bump stock ban they helped create. They can talk about driving acessory companies out of business and the wall we’re NOT getting. Maybe they can set up the next false flag shooting and figure out what to ban next. The NRA has been completly infiltrated by complicit leftist scum who are totally fine with giving your and my rights away a crumb at a time. Trump has truly shown his “New York Republican” colors time and time again…if the NRA had the balls they claim to, they’d tell him his time would be better spent in Washington working on reciprocity and to stay home instead of feeding his ego with FUDD applause.

  2. I’m still waiting for all the gun control the concern trolls have been ranting about for the past three months to materialize at the federal level. The only thing even in the wind is the same “bump stock ban” which was floated after Vegas… you know the one that doesn’t stand a chance in hell of surviving a court challenge.

  3. Man, Trump is the worst right? The earth has heated up 20 degrees since he pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement, the internet is super restrictive since he repealed Net Neutrality, the stock market crashed when he started a trade war with China, we’ve already started WW3 by opposing Russia and bombing Syria, Trump does everything Russia wants since they stole the election for him, the economy crashed thanks to his tax plan, and jackbooted thugs are going door to door RIGHT NOW to collect all the guns Trump’s controlling.

    Thank God for double standards or I and all my liberal buddies would have none.


  4. Meh…do something for gun rights Donnie and I’ll care. The NRA needs to step up-I doubt they’ll read him the riot act.

  5. I hope he gets shouted down and called out for his decision to make half a million people (at least) felons once his bumpstock ban goes into effect.

    • Quite possibly the *only* way he’ll truly understand what he did to gun owners. He needs to be humiliated on national TV by one of his most loyal support bases. Yes, it will play in to the blue-wave narrative, but who cares; Trump’s not up for election, and Republicans that cave on gun control *need* to be thrown out in order to send a message, even if it means tolerating a slightly-more-hostile opposing party victory in the short term. Right now these guys, including Trump, are worse than useless; they simultaneously harm us while strengthening the opposition, which is something the gun banners can’t accomplish when they win (often they reap a backlash in doing so e.g. Colorado or the NYC mag-ban/ammo-registration reversal)

  6. Glad Trump is going, and I hope some people will question him, and not just cheer and nod. A few things have been good, cmp 1911s and garand imports seem to be finally happening after being blocked. Itar changes, etc.

    But most of that didn’t happen as soon as promised. Trump has specifically called for bump stock bans, so he isn’t exactly showing leadership in preventing gun control. He is being the great negotiator and compromiser, not saying “not one more inch.” He should be giving a road map for what laws Congress should be pursuing. And we should only accept a pro gun road map.

    Trump Q&A session with Adam Kraut? I would like to see that!

    I don’t have a problem with people carrying guns around the president and VP. They already do. If I can carry in a restaurant, or in a mall, or park, or at church, why not?

    • Topher…..Well you can’t legally carry at the NRA convention when Pence speaks, and now you can’t carry wherever Trump is present at the convention. I’m gonna stay home and mow the grass then go hog hunting.

  7. I’m pretty sure Trump is sort of pro 2nd in theory but in a j-frame sort of way. I don’t think he knows much about guns in general beyond political talking points.

    You have to hand it to Trump. A extravagant billionaire that lives in a golden penthouse on top of NYC managed to connect with the working class grunts. Then again, he did run against Bill Clinton’s sidekick….

  8. Eh, Republicans had a chance to be pro-gun and they blew it. We had control of the House, Senate, and President for two years and exactly ZERO federal pro-gun laws got passed. No national carry, no suppressor repeals, no supremacy clause making state bans illegal. Nothing.

    And now, the Republicans are estimated to lose the House in 2018 and possibly the Senate in either 2018 or 2020. We elected an economic illiterate president that has zero principles outside of “I want high poll numbers” so we shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that he caves to anti-gun activists when they start marching and yelling.

    At this point we better start pushing for instant runoff voting and try to get Libertarians in 1st and Republicans in 2nd because from our current stock, Republicans will sell us out if it means they get votes.

  9. I’m no fan of the NRA lately, and I’ve got plenty to be pissed of at President Trump for when it comes to the 2A, but having the POTUS and the VP both speak at the convention shows the continued alignment of two powerful organizations. It is up to us to make sure we are not just blind cheerleaders for those organizations, and instead choose to reward or chastise them based on their performance.

    • But alignment toward what? Gun rights, or neo-conservative politics, or simply just the Republican Party?

      The NRA was effective at getting pro-gun politicians elected once, but I think that as the Democrats completely abandoned gun owners, the Republicans realized they were now able to wag the dog, and essentially have the NRA turn into a party fundraiser apparatus.

      “Vote for the A-Rated guy!” is also code for “give money to this A-Rated guy!” and that aspect may actually help explain some of the anti-gun guys who paid lip service to the NRA, as well as the NRA’s reticence to chasten some of these frauds.

    • I’m disappointed with Trump on gun rights as well as the NRA. Neither are truly pro-gun. However, both need the support of gun owners. I call and email both regarding gun rights. Both are still a damn sight better than Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, and I don’t trust either one.

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