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 Trump Tower Las Vegas 2016 (courtesy Dean Weingarten)

Donald Trump talks a good game on gun rights – now. But naysayers have pointed out that some of The Donald’s properties are gun free zones. As the Trump Tower is a five-minute walk from the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, I grabbed my camera and headed over to see if I could find any “NO GUN” signs . . .

As the picture above, illustrates the buffed and polished entrance to the Trump Tower in Las Vegas is not marred with “NO GUN” signs.

Inside the lobby, I interviewed several people attending SHOT. Former Marine Jeff Kyle, Chris’ Kyle’s brother, said he’d not been asked about any guns, nor had he seen any signs to indicate that the hotel was hostile to gun owners.

Matt Reed, account manager for NightForce, agreed. He’d not been asked about guns, no one’s luggage had been searched, and there were no signs to indicate an anti-Second Amendment policy. Loyd Hill of SD Tactical Arms of Menominee, Wisconsin, (below) affirmed what other Trump guests told me: Trump Tower Los Vegas is not a “gun free” zone.

Loyd Hill (courtesy Dean Weingarten)

Trump Tower Security told me that management discouraged guests from “touching firearms” in the common areas, presumably referring to open carry and handing guns in their luggage. But guests could keep and bear arms as they pleased in their rooms. We’ve heard of restrictions on carrying firearms on other Trump properties, but Trump Tower Los Vegas is not a “gun-free” zone.

©2016 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.
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  1. Just pointing this out — just because a building says “TRUMP” on it, doesn’t mean that it’s a Trump-owned property. Trump licenses his name out extensively, and it’s very likely that individual property owners (or corporations or whoever they are) might establish their own policies. So as Dean says here, the rules may change for other properties, but the Las Vegas one appears to be 2A-friendly.

  2. I own a piece of that sucker, so I’m glad to hear it. Now, if they could find a way for me to park my BMW there without handing the keys to some yahoo/kid, I might even spend the night sometime.

    • Lighten up, Francis. 🙂

      The valets there have been driving cars considerably cooler than your BMW.

      Nissan GT-Rs, McLarens, and other freeway cruise missiles.

    • BMW’s were cool if you were a girl back in 1987, better tip the coat check girl good so she doesnt lose your members only jacket, lol….

  3. Dont care, Trump is still a farce and frankly, he is the kind of potential president I own guns for.

    • Well said. He’s every bit as authoritarian as we fear Hillary to be, if not more. His talk on guns, like everything else he says, is just pandering.

      • No shit. What’s with the Trump hate here? There’s a reason he’s going to win in a landslide, and it isn’t because he’s authoritarian or anti-2nd Amendment.

        • I hope you are right, because there’s a very strong chance he will win. I hope we are not getting suckered the way many Obama 2008 voters got suckered. I’d take Trump over any of the Dem candidates. But I don’t trust him. Actually, I don’t fully trust any of them. But I mistrust Trump far more than I mistrust Ted Cruz.

    • Well since Cruz has run afoul of FEC law by not disclosing his Goldman Sachs “loans” and it is looking more than likely that it was intentional that ship is taking on water fast.

      So unless you back any of the other cuckservative losers, Trump is the last and only hope for someone with an R behind their name to hold the office.

      • I’m agnostic about Trump however one observation is noteworthy. He’s spent 30 years developing his brand and measured by the lack of scandal. Meaning no customer invest in enterprise if they suspect a loss. By preserving his brand and being judged by the market he grows his business.

        Trump exposes the RNC’s underbelly of selecting who they’ll support as President regardless of voters wishes.

      • What are you going to do when Trump wins the primary and then 3 months later he drops from the race to cash in his Clinton Bucks, leaving the GOP high and dry going into the election? You may have noticed that Hillary is way more worried about Bernie than Donald. I have the distinct impression that Donald Trump is setting up the worlds best RickRoll.

        • My jaw drops when I read there are still people out there that actually believe this. Hillary can’t buy Trump, but the reverse is not true. Think about that for awhile.

        • “I have the distinct impression that Donald Trump is setting up the worlds best RickRoll.”

          Trump’s ego is *salivating* at the prospect of being El Presidente…

    • Exactly the kind of person I wouldn’t want to have the authority to send my son into harms way. He is clearly self-obsessed and self-interested and has flip flopped on so many issues over the years. He certainly does not seem highly intelligent or educated.

    • You have to give a why and a who is better. This crap of loudmouths claiming how great they are because they don’t vote is as bad a liberals talking about global warming.

      • Pretty much anyone’s better. Marco would stand a better chance against at least a weakened Hillary. Although that may be all he has going for him. Cruz would be infinitely more reliable on Guns, as he’s not just a leaf blowing in the wind. Rand is actually not clueless. Which of course disqualifies him to any electorate coming off of 150 years of pervasive, publicly funded indoctrination.

        Trump has wind in his sails, hence looks like a possible Hillary contender. Problem is, if Hillary wins, that kind of sucks for 4-8 years, Bozo the Clown With The Hairdo is likely to discredit the Republican party for decades. Particularly coming after Bush.

        Anyway, vote for Rand. Then, waaaaaay back in a distant 2nd, Cruz. Beyond that, who cares? Trump, Hillary, The Iranian Mullahs and Mexican Cartels…. They’re basically all the same, anyway.

        If SC nominations are important to you, for all that is good, vote Cruz. He won’t mess that one up, at least as far as the 2nd is concerned. Trump will nominate someone “on Wall Street” (As in, like, Bloombergs town….), who says he is good at/for something because Bernanke and Yellen gave him a pile of money.

        • Marco “Amnesty For All” Rubio is a nonstarter. The fact that Trump’s platform was launched and put into orbit by diametrically opposing this says everything.

        • Posted on I think that you really covered your basis here. The title “Unlimited Ideas” draws you in pretty good and your provide some great insights. Ideas are sometimes more plentiful than I know what to do with and at other times it is as if I am at a loss. It is the nature of creativity itself, but there are all sorts of tricks which can be employed in your less productive periods.

  4. So we found a building with a candidate’s name on it that, at least at the moment, isn’t a gun free zone. Ooowee, now thats Founding Father stuff right there. Time to quit pretending the act of not restricting civil liberties of citizens is a virtue worthy of admiration.
    It matters not to me what signs hang on the outside of buildings with Trump’s name on them. For the last couple of days, I’ve heard and read too much about the GOP establishment starting to throw in with Trump. Trump claims nobody in Congress likes Cruz and nobody can make a deal with him. This implies that Trump is liked by Congress and he’s willing to deal…deal with GOP establishment or deal with democrats? Who knows…
    As far as birther goes…the lawsuit has been filed. If Trump and GOP really believe Cruz isn’t eligible, why spend millions in attack ads?

    • “If Trump and GOP really believe Cruz isn’t eligible, why spend millions in attack ads?”

      Because Trump is playing to win, and Cruz is his only direct competition for the nomination, therefore he’s going to attack him and try to knock Cruz out of the running? Duh.

        • As Ironbear hints at, Trump has not flipped on core values. How could he? He only has one value: To Win.

          Slick Willie was a paragon of principledness compared to Hairdo.

          Excessive adherence to principles, Ron Paul style, won’t get you anywhere in contemporary politics, obviously. But for all his eloquence, Willie’s greatest and most famous achievement is “balancing the budget”, and instituting welfare reform. Both Republican, Gingrichian, concerns. Willie probably didn’t even consider that “winning” those two highly televised “victories,” involved flat out selling the constituency that picked him over the GOP candidate down the river. Trump will be no different. No principles, no loyalty, and his his case, not even a clue.

          I’m sure no successful politician, Cruz included, would refrain from happily skinning their own mother alive for a vote. But at least Cruz takes pride on his “greatest debater alive” moniker. He takes pride not just in nominally “winning,” but in winning on his own terms. He will be much more likely than some gadfly like Trump, to stand up and be the mean Grinch who sticks by his 2nd stance, in the face of a hundred gunned down kids in some school.

  5. well u should know that no gun signs dont have force of law in Nevada in private businesses they can only ask u to leave if they find out u are carrying a firearm so even gun unfriendly businesses like Costco dont have them and yes trump properties do ban guns or at least many properties that bear the trump name do

  6. Not voting is voting. Someone new will be president next year. The establishment GOP hates Cruz and Rand. Only Trump has enough money to give the establishment the middle finger. If Rand can’t make it or Cruz, then it’s Trump all the way.

  7. You’re the kind of person who likes to see two guys swing there arms and watch one fall eventually. Your arguments dont make sense in the? sport of mma. By ur logic, nfl players should be cut for not scoring touchdowns!

  8. I’m geared up to try one. Only shop in my town who’s carrying them is still awaiting delivery of them. But he HAS gotten the Greta desktop amp in, and I tried that. I’m seriously considering getting one to use like a preamp head on my Kalamazoo Model 2.

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