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Enjoying a post SHOT cigar with Nick, smoke billowing around both our heads, I turned to him and said, “Hey man. Can I tell you something?” Naturally, Nick is enthralled with all my dogmatic pronouncements. Hanging on my every word, he nodded along as I said, “I visited the guys at Manners today. I realized that I really hate a chassis. I think I’m a traditional stock man.” Heavy stuff being discussed this week in Vegas…

IMG_3949Truth be told, I’ve handled a couple of Manners’ Tactical stocks, and I’ve always been very impressed. They’re well built stocks, and based on their continued dominance in the PRS matches, it is safe to say that the guys and gals from Kansas City know a thing or two about building a proper rifle stock. The first to catch my eye was their EH8, pictured above. The EH8 is geared firmly at the hunters out there who need an accurate, but lightweight, comfortable stock for their Remington 7 or 700 patterned gun. From Manners’ website:

The EH8 is designed for a rem seven or 700 s/a with up to a Bart#2b with about a 1.4″ long shank. The average weight of this stock is 22 to 24 ounces with a 1/2″ pad and is about 2.75″ shorter than the EH6. The max LOP with a 1″ pad is 14.5″. It will take up to a BDL bottom metal but is really designed for a ADL. The overall shape of this stock is very rounded and form fitting to the action. The grip is a very traditional and straight, and has a just a hint of palm swell. The cheek is high and designed to get your head up for a larger objective scope.

Picking the stock off the rack, the first thing that strikes you is how damn light it is. Owing to the carbon fiber construction used throughout, it feels like it weighs nothing at all. Match it up to a whippy little barrel, and you’d have yourself a fine walking and stalking gun that would be perfectly suited to being carried from one mountain to another. The slightly elevated cheek riser is a welcome addition for those running slightly larger objectives, while the thin forend is perfect for shooting offhand. MSRP is ~$570 and they’re available for order right now in a number of different colors.



The second stock that Manners was excited to show off is their competition chassis system. Geared firmly for the PRS style shooter, this stock features a broad flat forend, perfect for resting on barricades. Speaking of barricades, the new stock features a big, stout stop just forward of the mag well. But wait, there’s more!IMG_3951

Manners has designed this system to be able to accept a series of different accessories for competition, tactical, and long range hunting situations. At the booth, they were showing off their barricade stop, a tripod mount and this nifty little guy. IMG_3938

Their manufacturing supervisor, Andrew, tells me that this can be clipped on for usage against vertical supports like trees, posts, and car pillars. The forend also features a QD flush cup for either a sling or bipod use as well as a variety of QD cups stuck to the sides, and traditional sling mounts.

Manner’s demo unit also featured Badger Ordnance’s new for 2016 bottom metal. The magwell and release mechanism have been enhanced as part of this update to include a small barrier stop for those that choose to eschew the larger barrier stop option. You’ll also notice that they’ve swapped out what I call the AK style mag release in favor of something more reminiscent of the Walther PPQ magazine release. Manners thinks this will be a bit easier to manipulate out on the field of competition. This bottom metal is currently available on Badger Ordnance’s new M134 rifle that will be shipping in Q2 of this year.

Like all of Manner’s stocks, they’ll have the option to have an adjustable cheek piece and the functionality to fold the stock to the side for transport or cleaning. This folding mechanism is very stout and feels incredibly solid and well built in the hand. IMG_3947

The last addition to the lineup that Manners had to show off is their adjustable length of pull system that will be featured on the previously mentioned new offering from Badger Ordnance. It is a slick little push button affair that allows the stock to fold up to a small package, but can be extended quickly when the time to shoot comes. This system will only be available on the new Badger gun.

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