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Former president and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke to an exuberant crowd on Saturday at the annual meeting of the National Rifle Association in Dallas and promised to continue his unwavering support of the Second Amendment over the next four years.

Before the speech, Trump was endorsed by the NRAs Political Victory Fund, which called on members to elect Trump and defeat President Joe Biden in November.

“It’s a true honor to be here today to receive the endorsement of the proud American patriots at the NRA,” Trump said. “In 2016 we got that endorsement and … we’ve got it again, and we’ve lived up to everything I’ve said. We’re under siege, but they didn’t move us an inch. We have to stand strong.”

Concerning the upcoming election against Joe Biden, who has made lawful gun owners the enemy during his presidency, Trump promised an overwhelming victory.

“The NRA has stood with me from the very beginning, and with your vote I will stand strong for your rights and liberties,” he said. “In four more years in the White House we’re going to do things like nobody can believe to turn our country around. We’re going to, quite simply, make America great again! We’re going to win this election at levels that nobody’s ever seen before.”

However, Trump said winning the election will require all gun owners, like those in the NRA meeting audience, to get out and cast their vote for freedom.

“One thing I’ll say, and I’ll say it as a friend, is we’ve got to get gun owners to vote,” Trump said. “If gun owners would vote, we would swamp them at levels that nobody has ever seen before. I know you’re a rebellious bunch. Let’s be rebellious and vote this time. If gun owners vote, there’s nobody that can beat us—nobody.”

About Biden, Trumps said the current president will say anything to get elected, like telling truckers he used to drive a truck or pilots he used to fly planes.

“I was going to say that he’s full of bullshit, but I don’t want to use bad language because there are a lot of young (people in here),” Trump, an avid golfer, joked. “So, I don’t want to do that!

“Biden’s biggest lie of all is saying he’s a 6.2 handicap golfer. This guy couldn’t break 200.”

Trump also said Biden is doing everything he can to keep from making public appearances and to avoid speaking live.

“He actually challenged me last week so I think we’re going to debate,” Trump said. “He can’t walk from that step to this podium. He can’t put two sentences together. Even his challenge for the debate took him seven shots. They have seven different clips.”

Unlike Biden, who when talking about the Second Amendment often rambles on about deer and kevlar vests, Trump has a better understanding of the right to keep and bear arms.

“We need the Second Amendment for safety,” he said. “Forget about going hunting and all the things you do—we need it for safety. Because you know the bad guys are not giving up their guns. The bad ones are not giving up their guns.”

Trump also spoke about independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and warned NRA members that he’s no friend of theirs.

“RFK Jr. is radical left,” Trump said. “Don’t think about it. Don’t waste your vote.

“We need a conservative person with common sense, and this guy is radical left. He calls you a ‘terrorist group.’ You can’t vote for him. He’s got no policy on anything. He calls you a ‘terrorist group,’ and I call you ‘the backbone of America.’”

Turning back to Biden, Trump said if the current president were to win in November, things would get worse, not better.

“We can’t take a chance on Joe Biden winning,” Trump said. “He’s the worst president in the history of our country by far.

“Under crooked Joe Biden, everything you stand for is under threat like never before. Our Second Amendment, which is largely why you’re here, is under siege. Our Constitution is being run through the shredder, our borders have been obliterated and inflation continues to rage. Our country is going to hell. Gangs and ruthless criminals are terrorizing our streets. And crooked Joe Biden has us teetering on the edge of World War III.”

In the end, Trump said NRA members can be the difference on who wins and who loses this fall’s election.

“For more than 150 years the NRA has been defined by men and women like all of you—loyal, hard-working citizens who believe in defending your families, your communities and your country,” Trump said. “It’s time for a president who will replace weakness with strength, turn poverty to prosperity and vanquish Joe Biden’s corrupt tyranny with a great restoration of American freedom. We have to do that.”

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  1. If the gop runs a lump of clay as their candidate I am voting for said lump of clay. Not voting. Writing in another candidate. Voting third party. All ways to help biden.

    And a lump of clay would be better in the office than biden.

    • Actually, the GOP is RErunning a lump of something, and the sad truth is that it’s better than the lump of moldy pudding that’s currently in office. Given the “choice” we have, best we can do is plug your nose, pull the lever, and hope the second worst candidate wins. At least LaPeepee is gone and won’t be giving out shitty advice and grifting lessons to anyone – not too sure that anything good will happen with the NRA’s change in leadership either.

      • Unlike the apologies and disclaimers wimps have for casting a vote for DJT 2024 I have none. In fact I am proud as a peacock to vote again to reelect DJT POTUS.

        TRUMP 2024.

        • Nope Debbie, you’re no peacock… you’re a Cuckoo that pops it’s head out like clockwork with the same shit coming out of your yap EVERY SINGLE TIME.

      • Let’s face facts. You for some reason think that the NRA is not representing the American gun owners. Your hatred for the NRA permeated each and every post you send concerning the NRA. Talking about a Cuckoo…

    • Moving is another way to vote. I moved from California and many other freedom lovers moved away from that awful place. And CA lost an electoral vote as a result of that. I now live in a solidly red state where there isn’t even a slight chance Trump won’t win the state. When I lived in CA my votes for President were just a theater act to make myself feel good. There was never the slightest chance my guy would win.

      • Now imagine people like you moving out of hardcore blue states into potential swing states (instead of solid red states). That could change everything. Meanwhile, Dems are hoping to get millions of “newcomers” to vote.

    • Trump is NOT our friend. Bump stock ban and due process AFTER confiscation Trump is just a lesser enemy

      • That was La Pierre speaking through Trump. Pretty sure Trump will not go that route again.

    • Don’t worry, the Republican politicians are willing to suspend First Amendment protections for free speech in the People’s House in order to hide the truth about Donald Trump’s criminality:

      “GOP Blocks Democrat From Mentioning Trump’s Indictments on House Floor
      Rep. Jim McGovern was sanctioned on the House floor for listing out the various indictments and criminal allegations against the former president

      MAY 22, 2024“

      Remember when Donald Trump said the constitution should be terminated, looks like his co-conspirators are moving forward with the plan.

      • Cool story, reputable link absent your typical disingenuous presentation or fuck off.

    • That’s right the NRA came through…And how could the NRA or any other org. fail in 20 with all the help from the snot nosed crybaby bump stock finger pointing self serving politically inept pasty mouth azzhats who held hands with Gun Control democRats to slander and libel POTUS DJT?
      It’s Time Now is to lead, follow or get the F out of the way…

      • 1) Browbeating people won’t win them over, and 2) fww is a reliable Trump vote. You’re wasting energy doing things like this. It doesn’t help.

      • What of the Constitutional disregarding Trump who said “Take the guns first, due process later”? What kind of ignorant rambling are you going to say about that?

    • Funded Bruen once they realized it could win. That is more the ILA which is supposedly separate(ish). Whatever my club requires it but hilariously all of our fundraising goes elsewhere (mostly 2af)

    • “Yeah the NRA sure came through 4 years ago🙄”

      And, what do you call Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, and Coney-Barrett, the ones solidly behind the “Bruen’ SCotUS decision?

      Compared to the ones the HildaBeast would have gladly seated?

      • A massive joke. Man had a majority in Congress; suppressors, SBRs and SBSs are still NFA items and the Hughes amendment still has the registry closed.

        Demand better than the crap we get or move to Canada so we can get it, old man!

        • “majority” yeah how many RINO’s and was said majority enough votes to actually get laws passed? Unfortunately it will take 2/3 of the house of representatives to ever have a shot at laws being passed for us to have rights that we should have. So courts or worse would be the realistic options.

    • You expect the NRA to do everything you want concerning guns, but won’t contribute. Hmm….

  2. We won’t have a country left if bribum wins and I’m pretty sure gun owners don’t sit out elections.

  3. Will he re-ban bump stocks by executive order again? Or find something different to ban? At least Obama supported the 2nd and allowed us to carry guns in national parks.

      • Ragnar, there is no way we will have 4 more years of Biden, even if he wins. If he were to win, there is no way he would be alive at the end and we would have Kamala in charge, God help us! The Democrats are stuck with Biden. Unless he dies before the Dem convention then they can replace him with whoever they want. If he dies after the convention it is automatically Kamala as the President and the Democrat Candidate until the election.

        I will be voting Trump because he appoints really good judges, he also with some documented exceptions is far far better on the 2A than any Democrat. His other policies are generally good.

    • v4lu3s…That’s right you democRat Party lint licker…give praise to b.h. obama while joe biden the author of the 1994 clintoon gun ban was at obama’s side for 8 years…So after 8 years of Gun Control bill clintoon, 8 years of Gun Control obama/biden and after 4 years of Jim Crow Gun Control joe biden you remain dumb enough to negative POTUS DJT? It’s finger pointing politically inept azzholes like you who certainly know how to campaign for more of joe. Here’s a message for you and your dumbfuk ilk…If all you have to say is something negative about POTUS DJT save it until after he is elected…otherwise you and your ilk look like a toilet someone forgot to flush.

      • Lets see country going to hell and the Democrats helping it in the Republicans saving us all?
        Reagan the great conservative who threw his weight behind the Brady gun control act that was put into law by Clinton. Reagan also spoke on behalf of the Assault Weapons ban as passed again by Clinton. Clinton also passed several other laws and wrote several of their executive orders that were very anti-gun. Bush Jr promised to sign extending the assault weapons ban OR make it permanent. At least he DID support the protection of lawful commerce act. unfortunately one thing that overshadowed both of these was the creation of secret FISA courts and the extension of government surveillance which while not exactly a gun rights issue is one that can very easily be used against gun owners and we know the government can be trusted to not do that. Then Obama came along and talked to big line about gun control he used a couple of executive orders and all he did was sell more guns. Then he passed a wall allowing us to carry guns in national parks.
        Then we get YOUR orange deity who SWORE he would support gun rights, and promised he would sign laws to make suppressors more accessible. Yet all he did was make a unilateral move, for YOU especially I’ll explain that as one that he did by himself without congress. He went and signed an executive order designating bumpstocks asachine guns. Not only did this blatantly defy the law as it is written it was also severely anti-2nd. Then Biden comes along and hasn’t passed anything, talked a lot and sold a TON of guns and best of all has made NFA form 4s go from 12+ months to less than a week.

        None of them deserve a vote and their actions speak louder than ANY words. I have to frequently remind myself though that half the population is less than average intelligence and average is pretty dumb. We won’t find a savior of the United States and someone with a fourth great vocabulary he was already proven he can’t live up to his word, nor in retirees who should have been put out to pasture long ago.

        • You left out Biden’s weaponized DOJ and ATF out to get the politically opposed like shutting down mom and pop FFLs or shutting down non FFLs (sometimes violently) for not having a license so they could officially shut them down.

    • The “gun community” supports the bumpstock ban. Because the “gun community” says it’s just a waste of ammunition to have one. And they don’t support the wide spread ownership of machine guns in the general public.

      Trump 2024

  4. “Our country is going to hell.”
    I only have 1 good eye and I can see that clearly.
    POTG need to get over the bump stock issue and consider the state of affairs at the present time and do something while there is possibly still time to turn things around. Perfect is subjective and anything or any person perceived as perfect is limited to those with the same subjective view. All people cannot be pleased 100% of the time. The 2A is not the only issue facing our nation and the next president will have his hands full dealing with the economy and the border to name a couple. Let’s not just hope but vote for President Donald Trump in November. No matter how the pie is cut President Trump is the best thing for our country at this time.

    • What of the total disregard for the Constitution and Bill of Rights when Trump said “Take the guns first, due process second”? Why do you folks always ignore that one? I know why, but would like you to type it out here.

      • Indeed, Sho. This is the same man that also gave us the bump stock ban. With a second term, Trump could do anything and not care, because he would have no need to impress anyone for a 3rd term. Trump has never been a real conservative, but he does put on a good show.

  5. Trump has gone from business to politics. Was never impressed with him for his business practices, and am not impressed with him as a politician. That said, he is the better choice given the available choices. We don’t have our best and brightest in politics today.
    Given the current state of the NRA, and the record of their support of bad legislation, they lost my support years ago.
    In short, yes, I will vote for Trump as the least awful alternative and least destructive to our Constitutional rights. But, I do not trust Trump any more than I do any other politician. My support is dependent upon his actions and the results he delivers. Just as with any other politician.

    • I for one will support the orange turd, rather than the white turd, to be the one to hopefully clog the shitter that this country has turned into… at least when the mess hits the bathroom floor you can pick out anything worthwile that was in the bowl.
      We WON’T survive another 4 years of circling the rim, it’ll be long gone down the sewer of doom.

      • Oh, and I see Debbie left out one or two of her usual epithets… bring it on, oh Mouth of Malevolance !!

  6. Continued 2A support like “take the guns first, due process second” and telling the ATF to find a way to ban bump stocks (which set the precedent for Biden doing the same thing with the receiver rule that’s now being fought in court)?

    Some great support there. Cant wait to see him push more gun control.

      • Nope. Anti-Biden and anti-Trump. I don’t support anyone who supports any kind of gun control at all.

        • Where’s the anti-RFK? He said he would sign an AR ban. So you’ll be sitting at home on election day so you can declare your moral superiority by not participating?

            • So. massie has no chance. You’re simply helping biden and trying to claim the high ground in the process.

              • I never did get how the perception of note voting is a vote for the “other guy”. That’s a defeatist attitude.
                If I do not choose to vote no one gets that vote.
                Besides, voting is just a morale test. Voting turn out was 99%, the people still believe the lie.
                Voting was 10%, ahh oh We got trouble.
                It’s a game, if one party was so much better then the other why has not one party held majority
                of office for
                over 25 years? Because “Im’a gonna do this, and Im’a gonna do that.” didnt do, blame Congress and lack of bipartisanship?
                Dempublicans or Republicrats, it works if you work it.
                With that said, I am casting my vote for DJT because at least he has sex with a porn star and not his drop the soap again daughter.
                Biden is one sick bastard.

              • I never did get how the perception of not voting is a vote for the “other guy”.

                I’ll give you a real world example, possum. [Assuming no voter/ballot fraud that could make up the difference.] During the lead up to the 2020 election, Democrats, the Intel Community, the news media, and social media conspired to mislead voters about the Hunter Biden laptop. After it came out as the truth, a poll was conducted. Around 20% of Biden voters said they would not have voted for him if they knew the truth. If you look at the 2020 swing states, Biden losing much less than 20% of his votes would have meant that Trump won. It wouldn’t matter if they stayed home or voted third party. Simply 20% of them NOT voting for Biden would have meant that Trump won. Therefore, that group not voting for Biden would have made a win for the “other guy” possible. An honest news media or informed voters would have as well, but that will never happen.

              • theBiden is a hydra.
                Votes are a morale test.
                Votes give people hope.
                Without hope there is rebellion.

            • I honestly don’t blame you if you live in a strictly red or blue state. However, if you live in a potential swing state, then throwing your vote away is a childish response to an adult problem.

          • Depending on your location, they might sign up nonvoters as a Biden vote anyway, if required. It’s a numbers game, and they’re prepared to find extra ballots after midnight once everyone has gone home.

            Trump was the apparent winner by 11 p.m. in both 2016 and 2020. Joe made a miraculous comeback by 4 a.m. after they sent everyone home. How often has that happened? Oddly enough, the bellwether states and counties that have predicted presidential winners for decades were wrong. Then they censored anyone that questioned it. Hmm. “These aren’t the droid you’re looking for…Move along.”

            • Boss, I know you’re responding to jwm, but here’s the issue as I see it. We have an entrenched two party system in the USA. Voting for, or writing in, third party candidates won’t change that. The only viable solution that I see is picking one of the two parties and reforming it into a party that actually supports the American people and respects the Constitution. There is a clear winner here on which party to reform.

              We didn’t get to this point in a week. We aren’t getting out of it fast or easily. The entrenched power won’t give up without a fight.

              • Good luck with that reformation.
                The Powers that Be aren’t going to relinquish the Power.

              • What was that you said about a defeatist attitude? Of course they won’t give it up. We have to take it from them. It might not happen in our lifetime, but it can happen. Everyone has to put in the work. Start within your circle and locality. They’re as powerful as they are because the people before us allowed them to become that way.

              • To Dude, I’m talking about thinking We The People can “Vote” our way out of this mess.
                Rigged elections no matter who wins keep us pointing fingers at a party.

              • True, voting alone won’t fix it, but you still have to vote if you want the better option in power. Meanwhile, we have to simultaneously fight for election reform in every single state to prevent fraud.

                It’s easy to become complicit. The best time for election reform is when R’s are in power because it will be easier. There’s a reason D’s never want it.

            • “Trump was the apparent winner by 11 p.m. in both 2016 and 2020. Joe made a miraculous comeback by 4 a.m. after they sent everyone home“

              Sadly, another American who does not realize the counts reported by news agencies are not official numbers, and it takes time to count mail-in ballots.

              You do know, cutting off ballot counting at 11 PM, while giving Donald Trump the victory, would have disenfranchised Americans serving overseas.

              I understand your disappointment a republican Secretary of State in Georgia refused to ‘find’ 11,000 votes for Donald Trump.
              After all, as Donald Trump pointed out, he’s a Republican and his attorney has a good name, ‘Germany’.

              And how disappointing, working so hard to engage fake electors in a conspiracy to overthrow the election, just to have Republican Vice President Mike Pence refuse to go along with the scheme.

              • “cutting off ballot counting at 11 PM”

                Of course I never suggested that they do that Mr. Strawman. It was clear who the winner was by that time, as it always has been. If they had more ballots to count, then why did they send people home in crucial swing states by pretending that the counting was over, and they would resume the next day? Except they resumed counting after the Republican poll watchers were out ot sight. Why would mail in ballots be arriving at 3 am? You know why. You just don’t care. You don’t care about lies as long as it helps your team. You have no integrity.

                “conspiracy to overthrow the election”

                Through legal means? Democrats think it’s illegal to challenge results through legal means. I’m old enough to remember Democrats putting out videos begging electors to switch their votes in 2016. Why didn’t you complain about that? Why didn’t the media make a big deal about it? Why aren’t you upset that an FBI lawyer altered evidence and lied to the court so they could spy on a presidential candidate, and then the POTUS? That seems kinda crazy, no?

              • “It was clear who the winner was by that time, as it always has been“

                It is never clear who is the winner by 11 PM, again you are operating from the numbers you see posted from the news networks, it takes days to actually certify the election results.

                “If they had more ballots to count, then why did they send people home in crucial swing states“

                Another false claim.

                “Why would mail in ballots be arriving at 3 am?“

                Hilarious, do you really think the USPS shuts down at 5 PM? Do you not know that mail sorting and delivery continues after 5 PM and on weekends?

                “Democrats think it’s illegal to challenge results through legal means“

                Wrong, the Republicans legally challenged the results in over 60 court cases, and were smacked down every time because as Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said, “we have lots of theories just no evidence”.
                In order to win in a court of law, one must present actual evidence and testimony to support their claim, rather than social media posts and rumors.

                “Democrats putting out videos begging electors to switch their votes“

                Sure, some folks asked actual real electors to change their vote, not a crime.

                You clearly don’t understand the difference between an actual Elector selected by the states voters, as opposed to a “fake elector” claiming to be a real Elector in order to subvert the election. That’s why the ‘fake electors’ (their own term from their emails to their co-conspirators) are being prosecuted for fraud.

                “Why didn’t the media make a big deal about it?“

                Because publicly asking electors to change their vote is not a crime, unlike meeting in secret to fraudulently sign documents claiming to be an actual State Elector.

                “FBI lawyer altered evidence and lied to the court so they could spy on a presidential candidate“

                The lawyer’s false statement did not somehow authorize unlawful spying on a presidential candidate.

                “Clinesmith admitted that in June 2017 he sent an altered email to an FBI agent that indicated a target of court-ordered FBI surveillance, former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, was “not a source” for the Central Intelligence Agency. The statement, passed along as the FBI was applying for a third extension of surveillance of Page, made Page’s actions seem more suspicious by downplaying his past cooperation with the CIA.
                Clinesmith insisted that he thought the statement was true at the time and only altered the message to save himself the hassle of procuring another email from the CIA. Prosecutors contested that claim, arguing that the FBI lawyer intended to mislead his colleague, but Boasberg sided with the defense on that point.

                “My view of the evidence is that Mr. Clinesmith likely believed that what he said about Mr. Page was true,” Boasberg said. “By altering the email, he was saving himself some work and taking an inappropriate shortcut.”

                Are you not aware that Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson’s News agency employer was forced to pay almost $1 billion for fraudulently reporting on the election?

                Yet you continue to spout their bullshit rumors as fact, while ignoring the testimony and evidence presented in actual court rooms, often before Trump appointed judges.

              • “the Republicans legally challenged the results in over 60 court cases”

                Exactly! Thank you! Those are your our own words, Miner LOL.

                “Another false claim.”

                How so? Are you saying they didn’t count any ballots without first making sure there were Republican poll watchers there? Are you saying they didn’t pretend like the voting was over until the work day began again the next day (not 3-4 a.m.) There’s a reason we have poll watchers from both parties.

                “fake electors”

                There were no “fake” electors. There were contingent Republican electors named consistent with legal precedent to preserve the still ongoing legal challenges to the validity of Georgia’s certified vote.

                “Clinesmith insisted that he thought the statement was true at the time and only altered the message to save himself the hassle of procuring another email from the CIA.”

                Hahahaha. Yeah, I mean, we’re only supposed to be the preeminent law enforcement agency in the world, and we’re only applying to spy on a presidential campaign, but crossing t’s is like hard, you know, so I’m going to commit forgery so I can take more lunch breaks. Nothing matters because people like Miner49er will defend my(our) degeneracy until the day they die because, well, they’re degenerates too.

                “Are you not aware that Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson’s News agency employer was forced to pay almost $1 billion for fraudulently reporting on the election?”

                No, you’re wrong again. Fox News settled out of court. If you want to list specific fraudulent reporting, then have at it. I’m no Fox News defender btw. I’m ALWAYS for the truth.

              • “the Republicans legally challenged the results in over 60 court cases”

                “Exactly! Thank you! Those are your our own words, Miner LOL.“

                Yep, challenging the election results in court is perfectly legal, unfortunately they lost all 60 cases, including those before Trump appointed judges.

                End of story regarding legal challenges by the Republicans.

                But then, the Republicans engaged in a fraudulent conspiracy to steal the election by unlawful means.

                “There were no “fake” electors. There were contingent Republican electors named consistent with legal precedent”

                What legal precedent?

                And yes, the fake electors knew they were fake electors, and stated it plainly in their communications among the conspirators:

                “We would just be sending in ‘fake’ electoral votes to Pence so that ‘someone’ in Congress can make an objection when they start counting votes, and start arguing that the ‘fake’ votes should be counted,” Jack Wilenchik, a Phoenix-based lawyer who helped organize the pro-Trump electors in Arizona, wrote in a Dec. 8, 2020, email to Boris Epshteyn, a strategic adviser for the Trump campaign.
                In a follow-up email, Mr. Wilenchik wrote that “‘alternative’ votes is probably a better term than ‘fake’ votes,” adding a smiley face emoji.“

                And then they filed their fraudulent documents with the national archives, yet another fraud crime:

                “On Jan. 8, 2021, Katerina Horska, then NARA’s director of legal affairs and policy, emailed Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s chief counsel and the director of the Michigan Bureau of Elections: “For your awareness, we received today unofficial certificates from the Republican electors who were not appointed by the Governor,” she said. “I’ve attached a scan of what we received for your information. Because this did not come from the Michigan Secretary of State’s office, we will not be adding the documents to the Electoral College website.” Whitmer’s chief counsel, Mark Totten, acknowledged receipt the same day.“

                Fortunately for us here on this forum, we’ll be able to watch these court cases play out as Donald Trump and his co-conspirators are brought before the bar of Justice to answer for their crimes.

              • MINOR49er, What we do know is that you Leftists STOLE the 2020 election.

              • “What legal precedent?”

                If you wanted to know, then why didn’t you read that article I linked? You obviously don’t want to know.

        • As we currently STILL have the 34 and 68 gun control laws that no one in DC seems all that much in a hurry to get rid of, It sounds like you wont be voting in this election. There is no one there that isn’t for gun control in some form or another. They will tell us they lack the power/votes but that was 1934. Think about that. The left tries to destroy us and the right will sit back and let them.

          No politician is worthy of worship. They are not to be trusted or followed. Not a single one. That is the whole point in why we have a Constitution in the first place.

          Trump has my vote and that is not changing.

      • Pointing out the truth means one is pro-Biden? Can you explain how you get to that?

        • It’s simple, troll. There’s an upcoming election between two people. You’re only bitching about Trump. Anyone who’s running around crying about the bump stock ban after four years of the senile puppet’s disastrous tenure is an obvious Biden supporter. Actually, they’re an obvious Democrat supporter. No one supports Biden. That’s how bad he is. You’re a partisan Democrat, pretending to be an independent truther (AKA a troll).

    • Take the guns first, put due process second is something we have with either side. The difference is the left wants to do away with due process (their red flag laws). If this is the reason then the only possible thing to do is not vote. But it must be considered that Biden is a communist. So are his most loyal minions in DC. Do as you will. But any vote not going to Trump is one FOR the destruction of our way of life.

  7. The NRA is dead. Wayne and his crew killed it. It’s just running on fumes. Hopefully they can put it back together, but all of the energy in the pro 2A community is with RKBA, SAF, FPC, and more. This is a good thing, as too much power in one place always leads to corruption.

  8. 2021 begins with 401k vaporizing into a puff of smoke, fuel price doubled along with all commodities then the years to follow with middle of the night raids/arrests of political opponents, Americans left behind in Afghanistan, Israel, Haiti, unconstitutional regulations used in late night raids that kill Americans (who thought they were safe in their own homes), tax funded support/transport in human/sex/drug trafficking, etc., etc..

  9. Everyone going to ignore that he had to pause for more than 30 seconds because his teleprompter stopped working?

    • LOL , each and everyone of our great Hope’s have speech writers.
      Seems none can speak from the heart.

      • What are you talking about? Trump talks to reporters all the time without notes or speech writers. The Puppet goes into easy interviews with notes because they’re told ahead of time what the topics will be. The Puppet even has notes when he’s sitting beside a foreign dignitary because, as we all know, his mind is mush. He has trouble finding his way off stage or into the White House. Imagine voting for a known senile puppet.

    • After watch Biden give his speech with a red background like that (an image I will never forget), Trump having telapromter trouble is WAY AT THE BOTTOM of my list of issues. Or maybe it was his mean tweets. I’m not sure but it all seems awfully petty to make that stuff even a thing.

  10. If you can indict a ham sandwich I guess you can elect one too. I want to sit back and watch the lefts heads explode when DT starts the illie roundup. HEEYAA giddy up little dogies! God please help us.

  11. Well I got moderated for just playin around. This ain’t no fun no more. Nuthin dirty or nasty. Maybe I mentioned G0d or sumtin

  12. With all of Trump’s fault I have to kind of side with what Mark Smith from the 4 Boxes Diner said about him. He got use not only 3 decently pro-2A judges but a swath of lower court judges that have almost all been VERY Pro-2A. Which is why we’re getting as much possitive motion on gun rights cases as are we’re getting.

    • Exactly.

      I don’t need Trump himself to be pro2A. But it must be recognized that he has helped the 2A more than probably any other president.

  13. When asked by piers morgan why Americans needed to own semi auto rifle, the first thing out trump’s mouth was “entertainment”. Anyone who says they will for a candidate no matter what negates their vote because that candidate no longer has to earn your vote. This is why trump is hanging out with the lgbt and haz been rapper crowds. He’s trying to earn their votes. The nra is just a place to pick up a check.

  14. So I’m suppose to vote for Gary Johnson or some other Libertarian???
    Is that correct???

    The great libertarian alternative!!!

    At least with Trump we get our guns. And you can have your legal butt sex and drugs. Because that is all you care about.

    You do know that Trump has always supported marriage? That he had interracial and ga.y marriages conducted at his Florida property.

    In the early 1990s.

    But Trump saw his older brother destroyed by drugs. And he will not support lega.lizatio.n. And that is why they will never ever support him.

    Because they have never cared about gun rights. They only care about getting intoxicated.

    Libertarians at one time I think we’re an alternative. They no longer are. Because they don’t believe in liberty. Because they don’t believe in the responsibility and consequences that go with it.

    • You still think the libertarian party is relevant or libertarian. That is a mistake.

      • That’s why I say they are No longer an alternative. But there are certainly many who wave the “libertarian flag” who think so.

        The front page stories on Reason Magazine are about legalizing Protisitution and legalizing drugs.

        Two things that are going to protect me from a tyrannical government???

        We need more Trump appointed judges. That is why I will vote for him. Are they perfect on every issue?

        No human is perfect. Many are just better than the others.
        Reagan appointed Scalia and Bush appointed Thomas. If we could get a thousand other judges appointed by president trump like those two?
        I will be quite happy.

        • That’s why I say they are No longer an alternative. But there are certainly many who wave the “libertarian flag” who think so.

          The front page stories on Reason Magazine are about legalizing Protisitution and legalizing drugs.

          Two things that are going to protect me from a tyrannical government???

          We need more Trump appointed judges. That is why I will vote for him. Are they perfect on every issue?

          No human is perfect. Many are just better than the others.
          Reagan appointed Scalia and Bush appointed Thomas. If we could get a thousand other judges appointed by president trump like those two?
          I will be quite happy.

          People forget. Ronald Reagan was a democrat. And Donald Trump use to be a Democrat as well.

        • That’s great and all but why beat a dead horse with a zero rate of return? Nobody takes commies seriously (beyond their desire to kill people) whatever they call themselves.

    • Gee Chris I’m a white guy married to a gorgeus black women. For 35 years. With 2 son’s. When you hurl invective’s at IRC marriage I get offended. Oh yeah Trump publicly ran around with a beautiful black women for 2 years. And a bunch of black folks practically worshipped him until he ran for President. You’re worse than Debbie🙄

      • Calm down. I was very pleased to hear about Trump efforts in Florida.

        My beautiful wife of 27 years passed away in 2022. She was a very attractive white woman who I miss very much now. I took care of her as she was bed ridden. The last two years of her life.

        And she got me into guns in the first place. She was a horse woman. And a gun chick.

        And I have a wonderful interracial daughter. From my first marriage of 12 years.

        And I do remember Trump dating a black woman. And unfortunately most blacks are really more democrat than they are a black person. Unfortunately, the blacks have been listening to the white Liberals and white libertarians.

        Who believe the blacks just need to be able to sell poison to each other, and be able to prostitute each other legally.

        That is what freedom means to the white libertarians liberals and white leftists. They are not interested in following Col Jeff Cooper and his advice, to stop inner city violence.

        “Give city people guns and they will solve there own problems.”

        35 years of marriage to the same woman.
        I’m very envious. I was looking for to all those years together with my second wife. And she was 13 years older than me.

        • Ok you’re forgiven Chris. Sorry for your loss. BTW it’s my 4th wife🙄😧

        • Obviously you don’t believe in Freedom and Liberty if you think it is perfectly fine to have faceless humans decide what you can and cannot ingest in your own body. Perhaps you need to move to China, they like that type of attitude there.

          • To address much of your posting blitz for whatever analytics are needed, yes Trump is suboptimal as a candidate but simultaneously the best we are able to have a chance in hell of winning with so roll with what we have and watch worrisome issues if they become relevant. As to the drugs stuff, legal everything only works if people can use lethal force to defend themselves and/or their property from the resulting drug zombies with minimal legal/financial disruption. If you are good with that then no issues but if near casual violence as a matter of course is an issue drug laws will likely need to remain in place to have anything approaching an orderly society where one could prosper. Don’t really see his views as hateful so much as a honest look at a different side of the equation that may not be entirely complete (neither is mine)

    • “That he had interracial and ga.y marriages conducted at his Florida property“

      No way, I thought the evangelical Christians said he was America’s best Christian?

      Holding same sex marriages at his home, fornicating with porn stars for money while committing adultery on his third wife, he tries so hard to live at the foot of the Cross.

  15. I don’t really consider Trump to be particularly strong on the 2A himself. I think he’s a ~2005 moderate who will go whichever way the wind blows on the issue.

    That said, his SCOTUS and other federal judgeship picks were pretty solid.

    He’s certainly mostly right about the other two candidates.

    I’ll be very, very interested to see what Trump says/how he handles himself when he addresses the LP Convention.

    Not because the Convention itself is really very important or, honestly, that interesting at this point but because I want to see what Trump has to say to a group of people who are essentially the Freedom Caucus but with balls and LSD. How he handles the situation, especially if there’s a Raucous Caucus reprise, will be rather telling.

    I’m sure that whole thing will make a lot of Conservative heads explode. But, whatever, the ones that flip shit are the lowest decile for intelligence within the GOP anyway.

    • he’s a ~2005 moderate

      Yep. The best kept secret in the world is that Trump’s a moderate. One difference would be that he seems much less interested in getting us into new wars. Another would be that he actually wants to implement immigration controls that previous presidents as recently as Obama always promised with their fingers crossed. This shows how far gone (or insidious) the neocons are for freaking out about losing power to “traditionalists” from 2-3 decades ago. It’s never about different policy opinions to help this country. It’s always about power.

      • The more disturbing realization is a moderate is seen as hard right by the entirety of the media and much of the population.

      • The Tucker Carlson Tonight (5/17/24) with Dave Smith is interesting in this regard.

        He talks about how Clinton shattered the Republican party by competing with them for donor money from private companies when, previously, the Democrats had been against business.

        His estimation is that this wasn’t understood by R’s but that what it did over time was put the R’s in the lurch for funding while leaving labor out in the cold.

        An interesting hypothesis if you believe in political tension (as in and analogy to the tension between the bicep and the tricep driving the arm) being the core of a Republic.

        If you’re 60+ I’d skip the last 35 or so minutes of that interview. The reflections/predictions surrounding Boomers might be offensive[ly on point].

        • Gen Xer checking in and not easily offended, but was just now about ten minutes in while checking TTAG haha. I might have to listen to the rest later. It’s a long one.

          I noticed the change in corporate fundraising. Since at least 2008 (as far back as I checked) Wall Street has backed the Dem nominee. I’ve mentioned that to the resident lefties before, and they act like they don’t believe me even when I post proof. When Dems rail against the corporations, it’s with a wink and a nod. Bernie’s one of the few exceptions. There’s a reason they couldn’t let him become the nominee.

          Another fun tidbit that I had about forgotten about was the Kurd situation. I remember sparring with Miner about it when it happened. D’s and R’s alike kept trying to push Trump into wars.

  16. It’s really amazing how so many people are upset about Trump’s personal life.

    And those same people are ok with what goes on at g.ay pride parades. Or the Folsom Street Fair. And they support dra.g que.en story hour.

    Trump got the conservative vote. They knew his history. But the three L’s who can’t shut up about sex, didn’t vote for Trump.

    Because it was never about sexual freedom with these people. It was always about their desire, to have a [email protected] pr0.gress.ive tyran.nical government.

    They just use sex as a distraction.

    They are OK with a man wearing basketball size fake beasts and a wig. While he teaches a shop class. And yet they are upset about Trump having a side chick. Or multiple girl friends.

  17. Men With Machine Guns Ambush Prison Convoy Killing Two Officers In Gun Controlled France.

    • Oh good this finally got out. Have a fun possession without a permit charge on a NYC resident that may be going to trial involving this very topic. Oh they also were monitoring gun parts with a focus on AR and Glock. So 4th 2nd and potentially 1st amendment issues at play.

  18. The government presumes everyone with a gun is a criminal except the criminals! Anyone who bought a 3d printer is a future criminal, except the cartels and drug pushing communist! Hell the presidents son of a bitch who bought a gun while being a drug addict is made of teflon. This country is on the verge of collapse and the White House is doing everything they can to flush our rights and republic down the shitter!

  19. RFK, Jr. is the son of one of the biggest assholes that has the USA has ever seen!
    Bobby Kennedy tried to screw the Mafia and ended up getting lead in the head.
    He was a punk-ass jagoff who got what he deserved. RFK was a great man, but
    Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy was a wanna-be punk who deserved what he reserved!

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