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Proposed Border Wall. Source: AP/via Breitbart.

Concerned about the safety of their workers, at least one of the contractors bidding on construction of President Trump’s “big, beautiful wall” on America’s southern frontier has requested permission for its workers to carry firearms and to be shielded from liability in the event they need to be fired in anger.

The contractor also asked if its workers could be given an exemption from strict state gun control laws.

California is the obvious concern of the unidentified contractor, as it not only has enacted many infringements on residents’ right to keep and bear arms, but also refuses to recognize carry licenses of non-residents. Of the other border states, Arizona has enacted full Vermont-style constitutional carry, and New Mexico protects the right of all persons to openly carry a firearm. Texas isn’t quite as protective of the right to carryr, but the Lone Star State will issue non-resident licenses to law-abiding persons.

The request is probably a pipe dream on the part of the contractor, as any sort of effort to pierce the sovereignty of the Golden State would require an act of Congress at minimum, and as John Boch lamented, the Democrats still can use the filibuster in the Senate to block legislation.


Numerous other contractors also expressed concern about possible “attacks” during construction of the wall. Bidding closed on the job last week and over three hundred companies submitted bids. The Trump Administration is expected to select four to ten contractors to build prototypes in San Diego. California is considering legislation to officially boycott any contractor that works on the project.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

The idea of strong border security and resisting illegal immigration was controversial when Mr. Trump made it the centerpiece of his election campaign, but recently other countries have started to warm up to the idea.

After last week’s terrorist attack in Sweden, allegedly perpetrated by Rakhmat Akilov, an immigrant and asylum-seeker from the Muslim-majority nation of Uzbekistan, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven vowed to change his country’s liberal attitudes toward immigration, generally.

“Sweden will never go back to the [mass immigration] we had in autumn 2015 — never,” Löfven said.

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  1. This is the united states of American, no permission required!

    That aside… it should absolutely be granted since you know Mexico WILL be shooting at them

  2. Or, you know, Sessions and a few other people could get together and figure out how to make all contractors official US Federal LEOs, and then they’d get full LEOSA carry rights, in addition to federal honey badger don’t give a ____ about local laws.

    As a matter of fact, they could do that for any applicant that passed a background check and agreed to forward information on smuggling or illegal immigrants to federal authorities. Create 20 million federal agents overnight. And millions more each month when people figure it out. Help grease the wheels for national reciprocity by creating legal OC and CC for virtually all residents of good background in no issue states and simultaneously make democrat’s heads explode.

  3. Europe is screwed since the natives have prioritized vacations over having families.

    The Muslim demographic population bomb is going to blow up in the face of every European country.

    But hey if you aren’t even willing to screw to propagate your country I guess you deserve to be made extinct.

    • It takes more than screwing to maintain a country. We already have a demographic that screws without taking responsibility for raising the resulting children.

    • @doesky2 You think the Caucasian race in our country is any different? Growing up whites had 2 to 4 kids or more. Then they decided bigger homes were needed along with expensive cars and European vacations. Couples had to choose between fancy lifestyles or having children. Guess who is responsible for the Caucasian race becoming a minority 20 years from now.

    • You’re blaming people for choosing personal happiness over making something that statistically will very likely:
      – make your marriage/relationships/happiness worse for about 20 years on a horseshoe curve
      – involve incredible loss of hours and personal time/space/freedom
      – eat up hundreds of thousands of dollars into a vacuous hole of emerging childhood and eventual maturity
      – and generally be a gigantic liability on multiple fronts, including emotional?

      Don’t get me wrong, I for one am one to like to have kids, but who would blame people for choosing otherwise unless you’re going to go full Lebensborn and force people to breed along genetic lines to make quota? (Like some sort of Diversity initiative that went so far left it curved right around ideologically.)

      Even the immigrants feel it hard after coming to a new country.
      They breed more from previous cultural expectation to do so but it doesn’t mesh well with the reality of how much EVERYTHING it takes to raise a kid in an industrialized nation.

  4. The contractor probably asked for this knowing it will be denied so he can request “compensation for the added risk”. It is all part of bidding on government contracts to figure out ways to come in low priced on the work but justify added expense to make your profit

    • You fail occams razor.
      Why not simply consider there are 500,000 to three million crimes prevented by gun owners each year and that the US left is getting increasingly violent

  5. Could Trump have the army guard the workers while the wall is built? As Commander in Chief he’s more than capable of ordering the army to protect something on US soil.

    Cost would be minimal: You’re paying the soldiers no matter what. All the costs would be logistics (which given they’re within the US and hopefully not firing a lot of shots will most likely be less than the “training” they would be doing otherwise) and “Keep watch for hostiles mixed with civilians while stuff is built in potentially hostile territory” is definitely a reasonable thing to expect the army to be able to do.

    • In order for the active military to operate on American soil without the declaration of emergency would require suspension of posse Comitatus. The Army National Guard could be placed on either Title 32 or Title 10 orders for the duration of construction, and wouldn’t incur any extra Constitutional hurdles if the State Governor were willing to cooperate. They’d still have to be paid/housed but Giardsmen are usually pretty cheap compared to active duty.

      • Getting the California gov to co-operate would be the biggest hurdle. I guess it’s easier to force him to comply (“if you don’t allow this you’re never getting money to fix your infrastructure”) than get Ryan the democrats to allow a bill through though.

        • California just added an additional 20 cent tax on every gallon of gasoline and diesel sold in the state, and increased vehicle registration fees to pay for infrastructure repair.

      • The military can defend the border and anyone building border defenses without violating the Act. It’s about law enforcement, not doing things that the military is supposed to do. And an act of Congress is not a constitutional issue. An act of Congress may create a constitutional issue.

    • “Cost would be minimal”

      That is the funniest thing I’ve read all week.

      It is utterly impossible for the Pentagon to do anything for “minimal cost”. Sure, it seems like it would be cheap to you and me, but the military finds ways to make simple and inexpensive things into very complicated and costly things. These are the same people who spent $43 million to build a gas station in Afghanistan – and insist that they don’t know where all that money went.

    • “…Keep watch for hostiles mixed with civilians while stuff is built in potentially hostile territory” is definitely a reasonable thing to expect the army to be able to do.”

      Why do you think the ‘hostiles’ are going to be on the Mexico side of the wall? This is California we’re talking about. They will bring busloads of protesters from all over the state to make a scene. And some of those people are unhinged enough to get physically violent because they have been fully indoctrinated into the idea that the wall builders and anyone who supports them are sub-human and therefore fair-game to be attacked.

      With the stage set with that particular group of players having the Military there is just going to make the situation worse because the Military is the pinnacle of the Cis Gendered Patriarchal Empire.

  6. This is is just another way for contactors to justify added labor costs, change orders, unforeseens ti get big markups

  7. Sure arm ’em…or ya’ know hire a boatload of border agents instead of spending billions on an easily evaded fence. And enforce the law. Penalize( and criminalize) “sanctuary” cities and states.

    • Nah. Too easily changed by Democrats when they get in power, and instead make the job description “hug any and all people crossing the border and offer them bags of jelly beans”. Then when the border agents, who joined to enforce the law complain, the TTAG audience says, “suck it up buttercup or quit! Fed. Gov bad and you shouldn’t have joined!”

      Hiring border agents is good, but the reason democrats are so implacably against a wall, a barrier, a physical thing is it can’t be repurposed, it’s a sunk cost, and it serves as a visual metaphor to help stand as a reminder of what Trump accomplished.

      Wall+agents. But the wall serves a purpose, and can’t be undone by Trump’s predecessor, except at YUGE expense.

      • I like this plan. I think we should include more drones/bots with hostile capabilities though too.

  8. If I were a state governor Id actively solicit any contractor boycotted by the state of CA and entice them to move to their state.

  9. Why doesn’t California just openly admit they want to secede from the union and restore ownership to Mexico as a returning province?

    Of course that would mean being cut off from electricity and water provided by other states. I wonder how long California would last being dependent on Mexico for those vital utilities?

  10. I assume the USACE have been surveying down south to determine what will be required to secure the border with a wall. I don’t know if the USACE traditionally subs out construction projects to contractors these days but my experience working along side general contractor construction companies on public use projects over the last five years does not fill me with confidence that the wall building will go well. I’ve seen some jobs get sub’d out 3-4 times, each one getting paid more than the previous, before trucks show up or a tool is picked up. I shutter to think of the profits in providing portable toilets alone on a project this size after it goes through a GC, then a Geologic Engineering firm, then the Environmental solutions company then on to a Geographic and Environmental engineering firm to make sure the toilets aren’t placed in a flood plain in the desert southwest which actually calls the New York toilet company that will have porta-potties built and drop shipped from Mexico.

    • Incinerator toilets on flatbed trucks. It will smell just like Mexico. Bunkhouses built into semi-tractor trailers.

      If they want security, deputize volunteer Oathkeepers, retired Vets, etc…

  11. “California is considering legislation to officially boycott any contractor that works on the project.”

    The proper response: the federal government and all citizens of our great nation boycott California. Game, set, match.

  12. You guys are hilarious. The last thing you want is to stop the immigrants from working behind the scenes in your everyday life. You guys can’t afford to have them be out of the picture. Who’s going to do the real hard work? Your kids? LMAO.

    • Really. Mexico may not pay for the wall, but its labor will build it. California and its massive ag industry cannot survive without migrant farm workers, and America will see its produce bills go through the roof without California produce..

    • “The last thing you want is to stop the immigrants…” Once again for the eleventy bajillion time, this isn’t about stopping immigrants. This is about stopping people from illegally crossing the border and deporting illegal aliens.

    • “PROUD chicano” and not “PROUD American?”

      You don’t get it and probably never will.

        • Yes we “got it” but YOU get this; some of us don’t do hyphenated Americans. If you are a US citizen then you are simply an American and nothing else. Nothing else should be needed.

    • “…The last thing you want is to stop the immigrants from working behind the scenes in your everyday life.”

      Got no problem with the immigrants. This nation was built by immigrants.

      The ones who ‘jump the wall’ are the ones I have a problem with. The ILLEGAL immigrants.

      • I think the point is that the economy has built in the cost of paying illegal immigrants almost nothing for the work they do. It’s possible because employers of illegal immigrants hold all the cards – they can threaten to call ICE if the worker complains about the pay or the conditions. If you eliminate that coercive element, you’re going to have to pay citizens or legal immigrants more to get the same work done, raising costs on a whole lot of things, from agricultural products to construction services.

        I’m all for ending illegal immigration, but we’d better be prepared for the economic disruption it will cause.

      • Twenty eight years ago I went to a foreign country to marry a girl I had been corresponding with. When I came home I started the long process of filling out forms, and paying fees to get my bride into this country LEGALLY!
        Of course this came with a price tag too. I also had to make a trip to a congressman’s office.
        After ten months, she was finally cleared to come to the USA. A couple of months after she got here, we had to go before some official to prove we were living as “man and wife”
        While all the bullshit was going a few dozen “brown skinned” folks dug a tunnel, or managed some way to sneak into this country illegally!
        And now half the people in this country want to make them “legal” They want to give then drivers licenses, free medical, free food, free education, and god knows what else.
        How do you think that makes me feel, after all the hassle I went through to get my wife hear legally!

        • I understand your point. Now try to imagine that the person with whom you had great relationship over mail didn’t live up to your expectations and you decided not to marry her. She still wanted to immigrate to the US, but now without a sponsor she had no chance to do it legally.

          Let’s say her brother is married, so no matter how many hoops he is willing to jump through to become an American he also is SOL. Unless he wins green card lottery or divorces his wife and marries an American, there just isn’t legal way to immigrate.

          If any of you guys think I’m full of it and you know of legal way for married guy to a green card, please let me know. Tens of my friends will be very grateful.

      • Agree with you 100%, except your last word, “immigrants” I thought immigrants were folks who came to this country legally! I would have used the phrase “illegal aliens”
        I also can’t stand the phrase “undocumented” workers” like they “lost their green card, or something to explain why they are not here illegally!
        If I didn’t have a concealed permit, I guess I could tell the cop who wants to arrest me for carrying with out a permit, that I’m undocumented because I dropped my CCW permit, and my dog ate it along with my homework.

  13. They will need firearms, to protect themselves. From both the drug dealers south of the border and liberals from the north of the border. I would be willing to protect their employees for the cost of ammo only, provided I got the exemption from state carry laws and from prosecution when I am forced to shoot both mexicans and American liberal’s.

  14. I don’t understand. Why are they still bidding on a construction project that is never going to start in the first place? Congress allocated zero dollars to it in this year’s funding bill and probably won’t do so in the future.

    I’m beginning to wonder why the WH still hasn’t fired Jeff Sessions after flipping on virtually all if the campaign promises. They probably just forgot he’s still there.

  15. so far the lowest bid was submitted by the melon pickers union.
    why shouldn’t seasonal migrant workers get the contract?

    Especially on a foreign border where the aggressions have been started by the foreigners?!

  17. Here;s an idea,
    Use Mexicans, or others, who have been “caught” sneaking across the border to build the wall!
    First time offenders get 30 days on the wall, second time offenders get six months on the wall, third time, you stay on the wall until it’s finished!
    12 hour days, 7 days a week, do your own laundry etc. The pay is the food you eat!

      • No, NOT like slavery, moron – more like imprisonment at hard labor. You know, as PUNISHMENT for the OFFENSE they have committed. You guys keep wanting to gloss over the FACT that these people have broken the law and are not welcome here – but we (non-libtards, that is) will never forget that!

        Ever hear the phrase, “don’t do the crime if ya can’t do the time”? Well, if these ILLEGAL ALIENS would stop breaking the law and sneaking into this country illegally, then they wouldn’t need to worry about this punishment for the crime, now would they?

        Oh, and BTW Chicano… tell me what happens to illegal aliens from other countries when they get caught in Mexico! Do you even know?The punishment is much more severe than any sentence the USA has handed down for the last 100-150 years. Why do you think that is?

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