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“About 5 p.m. Tuesday, police responded to a report of a person in a silver van aiming a weapon out of a window on North 16th Street, near Indiana Avenue, police said. After pulling the van over, they found (Kyree) Saunders in the driver’s seat wearing a black hoodie and a black bandana over his face, police said.” That’s the story according to

Saunders’ response for the boys in blue when asked exactly WTF he was doing: making a rap video!

Next to the driver’s seat was a loaded Eagle Arms Eagle-15 rifle, along with a second loaded magazine, police said. Saunders told police he was making a video for a rap singer, police said.

Because one of the first things they teach you in film school production class: when making a rap video, always make sure to have plenty of live ammo both in the gun and on the set.

But wait! Maybe Saunders’ story wasn’t entirely bull$h!t.

A second man was with the van and had video equipment on him, police said. He has not been charged. Police confiscated the rifle.

So maybe Saunders and his producer really were working on a rap video. Which only makes the fact that the AR was loaded with live ammo even more insane. Did they not know the rifle was loaded? Couldn’t tell the difference between real and dummy ammo? Didn’t care? You make the call.

The rifle allegedly belonged to “a friend.” Saunders, though, has been charged with carrying a firearm without a license and unlawfully carrying a firearm in public. So for conspicuous stupidity in ostensible pursuit of art and hip hop immortality, Kyree Saunders is our all-too-deserving Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day.


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      • How can you put him as an irresponsible gun owner when you said in the article he didn’t even own the gun? He’s an irresponsible asshole, not an irresponsible gun owner, don’t lump him with me.

  1. Police confiscated the rifle. But not the handgun? No arrest yet the popo are “confiscating”? On the grounds of driving while moron? Because _____? How about some “asset forfeiture” also.

        • Here in PA they give you a concealed carry permit if you can fog a mirror. In my perfect fantasy world we wouldn’t have to do that, but this is the next best thing. If you’re too dumb to get that permit or too adverse to stopping by the sheriffs office to get one, then I for one don’t want you to have a gun.

  2. “Couldn’t tell the difference between real and dummy ammo?”

    How sure are we that the ammo was in fact live? We are talking about Filthadelphia cops here, after all…

  3. Maybe they could give him a pass for the weapon, but taser’d him and his passenger on the Rap Music charge? / sarc ??

    Sorry, that much of a “Not a fan”.?

    Yes, if you’re forced to listen to it anyway, then hater’s gotta hate. I need side-mounted external speakers blasting Taylor Swift just to even it up at the light.

    Again, /sarc

  4. This guy was also in the army. Some people I know went to basic training with him. He knew exactly what he was doing with a rifle.

  5. More like going to film their latest drive-by shooting.
    Of course when pulled over by the police, “dey din no nuffins” LMAO

  6. What’s the confusion here? He was involved in “Rap.” That alone translates as the people being utter morons.

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