TWHN BS: What We Have to Do Edition

Today’s TWHN BS comes to us from The San Francisco Chronicle. In a gun-control-by-the-numbers article, the paper ticks off the usual boxes: tragic anecdote, gang violence, resolute gun control advocate, new plans to control guns. Are we there yet? Not quite. Oakland Police Chief (and mayoral candidate) Anthony Batts steps up to the proverbial plate with a CSI-style strategy to close the so-called “Gun Show Loophole.” Tony wants to deploy DNA testing to trace guns “back to the point of origin . . . to identify and prosecute the people illegally transporting them from gun shows outside the state.” ‘Cause those in-state shows are good for business? Anyway, in closing, Chief Batts seems attempts to appear tough on crime without drawing fire from the NRA—or anyone else.

Until someone comes up with a way to remove the violence from people’s hearts, it is incumbent on the elected leaders in a civilized society to legally remove the guns from the hands of those who would use them to harm others.

On that we can all agree. Provided you define “legally,” make an exception for self-defense and figure out a way to know what’s in a man’s heart.


  1. avatar Pch101 says:

    Chief Batts attempts to appear tough on crime without drawing fire from the NRA—or anyone else

    That's the problem when extremist politics are the norm. Anyone who takes a risky stand on anything ends up committing political suicide, so you end up with a bunch of half-assed measures that will do little, if any, good.

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