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Why would anyone release a new product on a Saturday? Other than gun dealers, who in the firearms business works on a Saturday? Oh right. Anyway, Trolgar’s put out a press release introducing their new Ballistic Protection Shield. “Shields come in two sizes, 16″ by 32″ [$369], or 22” by 35” [$399]. Each is constructed with Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber, the same material used in a III-A rated bullet resistant vest, making it stab and cut resistant . . .

Placed on the wall or the door across from where a gun is being cleaned, it acts as a handgun bullet proof barrier, keeping properties and loved ones safe from accident or negligent discharge.

Did you know that you don’t have to pull the trigger on the new(ish) Springfield XD-M to field strip the weapon? How great is that? Not as great as this . . .

Shield covers come in different colors and some have eye-[as well as bullet] catching designs, like the American flag, the Confederate flag, wildlife scenes or camouflage. Unless people know there is a bullet shield on the wall, they’ll think the shields are simply wall hangings. All roll up for easy transport, making them idea for traveling competitive shooters who need to clean their weapons in places like hotel rooms.

“Hey Clem. See that Confederate flag on the wall?”

“The South will rise AGAIN!”

“It’s a ballistic shield. I can sit here, clean my gun and if I forget to unload it, I can aim at the flag—”

“You’d aim a gun at the Confederate flag?”

“If I forget to unload it, the flag’ll stop the bullet dead. That right there could save my neighbor’s life.”

“You don’t even like your neighbors.”

“Yeah, well, they got lawyers.”

Ballistic Protection Shields have handles, and those handles can be used to hold the shield in a defensive position, making the shields ideal for personal protection.

It’s hard to imagine a scenario where I would know that in advance. But not impossible. If I stayed in a lousy hotel and heard a knock on the door, I wouldn’t be adverse to slipping the Shield’s handle over my neck and wearing it like a bib. That’s IF, not WHEN.

What are we talking about here anyway, caliber-wise? Trolgar’s site says the Shield will stop “most handgun bullets, such as 9mm, .45, .40S&W, .38, .357 and even most .44 magnum rounds.”

Come to think of it, some people pack ane emergency breathing cylinder for hotel room fires. Kinda makes me wonder . . . What about a door-sized hanging to turn a closet into a safe room on the cheap?

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