“Adding length and weight to a personal weapon system is usually an unwanted modification”

Define “weapon system.” Meanwhile, that’s a quote from Barry Dueck, director of the SureFire Suppressor Division. His employer has launched a new line of itty bitty flash suppressors for your dining and dancing pleasure. “At 5.0 inches in length and 14.0 ounces in weight, the MINI suppressor is SureFire’s new flagship 5.56mm suppressor. It provides the same performance as its predecessor, the SureFire FA556-212 suppressor, but at one inch less in length and two ounces lighter in weight.” Woo-hoo! But there’s more! I mean less!

“At 4.0 inches long and 12.0 ounces in weight, the compact and lightweight SureFire MICRO suppressor is designed to attenuate the sound signature of a carbine or rifle to a safe level, as well as reduce the dust and flash signature while minimizing added weight and length to a host weapon with a 14.5” barrel or longer.” If all this filthy talk leads to a dirty weapon, rest assured that all SureFire suppressors come with a nylon cleaning brush.


  1. avatar Brett Solomon says:

    Robert and I are both overly-concerned about hearing loss. And they go and ban these things in my state, NY, thinking they are the tool of a sniper-assassin when, for me, they would just be passive hearing protection. How are your laws in RI on this Robert?

  2. avatar Robert Farago says:

    Law enforcement only. Three year prison sentence. So, no silencers for Ocean State enthusiasts.

    1. avatar TTACer says:

      Why would an LEO need a silencer? They don’t reduce the report that much, you are still going to hear it when they shoot your dog.

  3. avatar NorincoJay says:

    They are legal here in Florida! I don’t understand why they are banned in some states or why they are an NFA device. When was the last time someone used one in conjunction with a crime? Ignorant people taking away others rights because of their stupidity and fear.

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