Gun Grab Paranoia Good for Tax Collector

Well duh. But did you know that there’s such a thing as the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau? Apparently so. “Retail sales analysis indicates that gun sales strongly correlate to changes in the political landscape in the United States,” the Triple-T B’s report says. “Specifically, gun sales rise when citizens perceive an oncoming challenge to their Second Amendment right to bear arms. The upward trend for [firearms and ammunition excise tax] collections reflects this phenomenon, as tax revenues have increased in relation to the recent rise in gun sales.” The New York Times has some thoughts on the matter . . .

In other words, fear of gun control seems to be one effective means of raising tax revenue and spurring at least one category of consumer spending. It’ll be interesting to see how the recent Supreme Court decision expanding gun rights affects firearms sales and taxes going forward.

I’m thinking slow growth, as those who can, will. Followed by more rapid growth, as gunmakers break out of their ghetto. If they can break the unofficial advertising embargo and promote their products in the mainstream, BANG! Straight to the moon.

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