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With pistol red dots becoming must-have accessories for many gun owners, the next step in the evolution has been enclosed emitter designs. Think popular models like the SIG SAUER ROMEO2, Aimpoint’s ACRO, the Steiner MPS, and Holosun’s HE509T. Now Trijicon enters that group with their new RCR (Ruggedized Closed Reflex) sight. Unlike other enclosed emitter designs, the RCR doesn’t require a custom mounting plate, either.

Here’s their press release . . .

Trijicon, Inc., the global provider of innovative aiming solutions to the military, law enforcement, and personal-defense minded individuals, is proud to introduce the new Trijicon RCR or Ruggedized Closed Reflex. An extremely durable closed emitter optic, the RCR meets the demanding standards for military and law enforcement applications where a compact sealed emitter optic is needed.

Based on the award-winning, industry-standard Trijicon Ruggedized Miniature Reflex (RMR), the RCR is waterproof to 66 ft., and able to achieve unprecedented levels of mechanical and electronic robustness. Built with 7075-T6 aluminum using the RMR patented shape, the RCR absorbs recoil and other impacts and diverts stresses away from the lenses.

Trijicon RCR enclosed emitter red dot sight

Beyond the shape, the RCR also shares the RMR’s footprint. Employing Trijicon’s new, innovative capstan screw design, the RCR mounts directly on any slide or plate that currently accepts an RMR. The capstan screw system is easy to use, and testing has proven it to be incredibly robust, while also preventing over-torquing, cross threading, and stripping out of the screw head. The RCR is also the same deck height as the RMR, allowing for use with RMR-compatible iron sights.

Trijicon RCR enclosed emitter red dot sight

Brightness settings are adjusted manually, with 10 brightness settings to choose from, including three night vision options and one super bright option. The LED illumination is powered by one CR2032 battery. The battery easily top-loads into the unit without the need to remove the RCR from the firearm and re-confirm zero after a battery change. Not that a user will need to change batteries very often. A single CR2032 battery will provide an amazing 6 years of continuous use at brightness setting 5 of 10 at 70°F.

A true-color, multi-coated lens provides wide-band light transmission to ensure minimal change in target area color. The 3.25 MOA red dot is easily adjustable for elevation and windage and no special tools are needed. Adjustments are at 1 MOA per click, with a total of 150 MOA travel possible.

Trijicon RCR enclosed emitter red dot sight

The RCR includes upgraded electronics featuring ruggedized battery contacts and electronics to ensure performance and survivability in harsh environments. Adjustment buttons are distinctive and easy-to-use.

The Made-in-USA RCR is ready for immediate adoption by any user who needs the durability and footprint of the RMR in a miniature sealed emitter reflex optic.

For more information on the new Trijicon RCRTM and the complete array of Brilliant Aiming Solutions™ for the hunting, shooting, military, and law enforcement markets, visit Follow @Trijicon on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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  1. Who designed a rubrics cube to put on top pistols now.
    My lord, who let them design it?
    That looks silly.

  2. And no suggested retail price? Must be a lot🙄. Turns out “ruggedized” is a real word!

  3. Even if I wanted a red dot sight (I don’t) there is no way I’d mount that box on my defensive pistol.

      • Texas, not everyone said it, but most gunfighters I know did. Most that I know that didn’t were my son’s video gamer friends. When we went to the range most couldn’t shoot their way out of a wet paper sack. Don’t forget to keep a spare batteries. along with the reload. Oh, John doesn’t have a red dot. He shoots circles around his friends. Front sight!

  4. Top load CR2032 battery, enclosed emitter with standard RMR footprint, made in the US. Yes please!

  5. Off topic, kinda, but that photo at the top showing fully gloved hands…

    I’ve tried using gloves of all types at the behest of other “experienced” shooters, trainers, and even ex-ops, and I just can’t use them. I’ve tried different materials, different thicknesses, different purposes (both general and designed specifically for shooters), etc. I find that a gloved index finger makes proper grip and trigger finger placement challenging. I prefer no gloves, but even during cold weather training, I use a “construction framer” style glove, which omits the fingertips of the thumb and first two fingers. Allows me to have tactile control.

  6. Maybe I could design a fake colostomy bag for concealed carry so the rental mall cops don’t get tipped off when I am window shopping with the wife..

    • Be sure to develop an appropriate scratch ‘n’ sniff strip for convincing realism. It would be bad for your bag to give off the aroma of Hoppe’s No. 9.

  7. Ultra rugged enclosed sro…? Yeah….. aesthetics are funky. But if it ends up
    Being gnarly I think the performance will win out over the looks.

  8. I WANT ONE !!!
    No, not the silly-assed red dot, I’m talking about the left side ejecting 45 that it’s mounted to in the header picture, that’s what I want.

    • Oh, okay, so you finally fixed the picture but left my comment up so I seem like a tard. Real funny.

  9. This has me looking into getting my suppressed HK Mark 23 slide milled/drilled/threaded.
    Liked the ACRO, REALLY like this Trijicon.

  10. Oh great now I’ve got more money to spend… what’s the going rate for kidneys these days?

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