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Shooting a revolver with extreme accuracy using single action (hammer cocked back) isn’t easy. But it’s a LOT easier than shooting a revolver double action (one trigger pull cocks and then releases the hammer). So why did Top Shot allow its top shots to shoot a Prohibition-era Colt .38 Special Police revolver in single action mode? Let me think . . . because it was easier? Maybe the producers wanted the targets farther away because that was more dramatic than having them closer, and if the contestants couldn’t hit those distant targets using double action, that would make it look like they weren’t that great at revolver shooting. Once again, drama takes precedence over true tests of shooting skill. Oh, and what does paintball have to do with Prohibition? Blending the two themes was a tad too steampunk, IMHO.

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  1. I saw the very first two episodes of Top Shot. I have not watched it since. It immediately struck me as a gun version of “Survivor”, which I always found tediously boring beyond the threshold of pain.

    I’m also losing my patience with Sons of Guns.

  2. Uh, yeah. Sons of Guns just doesn’t cut it. But Top Shot can be fun. The first season was enjoyable, although they can cut out the knife throwing bit.

  3. Me and my wife enjoyed the first season as well. However, we did think towards the end it was more about bitchery than shooting.

  4. I was yelling at the TV about the Single Action thing. And the loading of one round at a time!! Its just as fast to put two in!!!! Dammit!!! I swear I’m gonna apply for that show. Though I don’t really have an ego, or alter ego for that matter. I’m not a numbnuts. AND, I can actually pay attention when someone is trying to teach me how to shoot a Tommy Gun!!! JFC!!! They probably wouldn’t take me….


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