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Clickbait. It’s a thing. A thing TTAG uses on the side of our homepage and between the posts and comments to generate enough revenue so that we don’t have to resort to more annoying revenue-generating ploys. So while I’ll provide this link to‘s story Top 23 Pro-Gun Celebrities for those who want to see pics of all the pro-gun entertainment icons and their gun-related quotes, I’ll also [SPOILER ALERT!] list them below. After one. More. Click. Seems only fair after all the clicking I had to go through to prepare the list. Why 23, you ask? Because page breaks. How did rate the celebs? God knows. But anyone who doesn’t rank Angelina Jolie as the number one pro-gun celeb isn’t paying attention. And no, I have no idea why her thumb is on the back of the slide . . .

23. Johnny Depp
22. James Earle Jones
21. Miranda Lambert
20. S. E. Cupp
19. Tom Selleck
18. Gary Sinese
17. Brad Pitt
16. Angelina Jolie
15. Alton Brown
14. Joe Mantegna
13. Joe Perry
12. James Hetfield
11. Eric Clapton
10. Ice-T
9. Bruce Willis
8. Clint Eastwoord
7. Ted Nugent
6. Adam Baldwin
5. Kevin Sorbo
4. Dean Cain
3. Dan Bilzerian
2. R. Lee Ermey
1. Chuck Norris

[h/t SS]

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    • You CAN be both. I’d love to live in Italy (or southern Europe) and love guns. Those aren’t contradictory thoughts.

        • With France being the Top 12th country in the world regarding firearms ownership, they definitely aren’t contradictory.

          You can definitely enjoy both, since French might have stricter gun laws, but they still have some laws that would make some Americans (from CA, NYC, NJ, MA, etc…) quite jealous and envious (such no NFA, therefor no taxes for SBR or Suppressors; up to 30 rounds rifle magazine; Suppressors being considered simply as accessories; no microstamping, no restricted handgun list, no forehand grip B.S., etc…)

          I’m not saying that’s the best gun laws in the world, but I’m saying there’s definitely some room to enjoy firearms; more than some Americans actually can right now in some states. Ironic, isn’t it?

  1. Ok im putting on some miranda lambert, making an alton brown recipe and watching a james earle jones or Norris flick tonight.

    • Johnny Depp is from KY and grew up in a rural lifestyle. He was also very good friends with the late Hunter s. Thompson who was pro gun( and also shot himself when terminally Ill) Depp seams to be pretty cool. He is not very outspoken on political stuff so he’s prolly not a leftist.

      That said the list is ok BUT the order seams screwed up. How did they decide what number to place. It is certainly not by how famous or how 2a supportive somebody is.

  2. Not sure what kind of gun Jolie has there but guessing that her thumb is there to cock the hammer for a single action trigger pull for the first shot.

    • Probably her H&K USP match, and either cocking, or when I holster a hammer fired gun I’ll put my thum on the hammer, the trigger can’t be pulled then.

      In reality it’s probably just because the photographer said “good good, make love to the camera, ok this time put your hand on the gun… “

    • I thought she used HKs exclusively for the Tomb Raider movie?

      I’d guess that she had it out of the holster for one or more of the previous photos, and had just re-holstered it; putting the thumb on the rear of the slide during holstering helps keep the slide in-battery and assists in detecting binding or anything that may be interfering with the pistol’s progress into the holster. If the slide hits something during holstering (or even experiences excess friction) , and the slide is moved far enough to the rear, you can end up with a cocked hammer on your holstered pistol — not good. The act of placing the thumb in this position prior to holstering will also give you a heads-up if you forgot to decock your conventional DA pistol before holstering; again, helping to avoid the cocked-and-holstered-pistol problem.

  3. No Drew Carey?
    Alton Brown doesnt surprise me. He’s always seemed very libertarian. It shows like a red baboon ass whenever he’s had to disclaimer unpasteurized products like raw milk or homemade mayonnaise. His mockery of the feds is a joy.
    Eric Clapton sort of surprises me though. I figured he’d be a prime nanny-stater.

    • With you on Clapton. I know he’s slammed some other entertainers for using their profession as a platform for their political views, but that really gave me no clue as to his own stances. The “default” position for those guys is brain-dead liberal, best I can tell. I never heard anything about Clapton to tell me he was different other than that refusal to exploit his fame for political purposes.

  4. So Kevin Sorbo, star of films such as “Fire From Below” and “Poolboy: Drowning out the fury” is not only responsible for MANY laughing my stoned ass off hours but also spreading some level of 2a knowledge. Well next time I watch “Prairie Fever” I’ll do so with more respect.

    He’s in a lot of hilarious B movies.

    • If you haven’t met Kevin Sorbo you should track him down somewhere like Dragon*Con. He’s the nicest, most chill celebrity I’ve ever met… and he is ridiculously tall.

      • Oh I believe it (about him being a good guy, he’s obviously tall). I don’t mean to sound like an ass, I genuinely love his movies. I guess I was mostly poking fun at how he’s high up on the list for making, relative to some lower names, smaller ripples.

          There was also Andromeda for 5 years, and all periodic cameos and one-off roles.

          His name appearing on the list of actors for a show makes me watch.

  5. If brad Pitt is on this list it’s a bullshit list. Take a look at his over the top anti gun comments by his character in the movie Seven. The entire movie was an agitprop experience, Mr Pitt towed the line.

      • Yeah Ralph, no kidding, it’s movie. And no, movies are not real. Thanks for stating the obvious. Unfortunately you do not seem to understand or recognize that the propaganda movies often spew is very real.

        • So “Seven” was propaganda? Good to know. Now tell us your feeling about Spongebob Squarepants. It must have been propaganda for global warming or pollution or something. Or maybe it was just a cartoon.

        • Hey guys, sorry for trying to talk about anything of real substance, I forgot where I was for a moment. My bad. I’ll stick to South Park and other pop culture references so you guys can stay on board.

        • There was nothing of substance to anything you said here. Actors act, they assume roles. Applying your logic the notoriously anti gun actor from Serinity who played a pro gun anti government rebel must be pro gun after all…. Cuz movies! He’ll! We can call Pitt anti anything if we look at his IMDB! He is obviously pro crime as seen in the Oceans franchise pro murder for hire as seen in Mr&Ms Smith. Let’s not forget murdering people and drinking their blood! This man is a monster!!! Let’s just forget the over all narrative of his career, especially those he produced or directed and condemn the man for a single role that goes against type. Oh and let’s get R Lee Ermey off that list, Full metal jacket right?

        • It seems a number of posters here believe that repeating things they see on television is thinking. I suppose that goes hand in hand with believing freedom is being allowed a choice of intentionally limited options.

      • You know, one time I was in a musical, where I played a drunken, overbearing boss (Anything Goes). In another one, I was a looting, kidnapping, first mate to the Pirate King (The Pirates of Penzance).

        I’m sure both roles say a great deal about my character, eh?

    • He was paid lots of money to read lines from an already written script…

      He is paid to look good, not give his opinion.

      • He must have approved the lines he read, he only accepted the role under the condition the ending had his wife’s head in the box.

        • Well, I don’t know that to be true.

          However, I think judging an actor on his movie character and lines doesn’t seem logical.

          It’s pretending, not real life.

        • Hellchild, it is true, if you look you will find this fact Also, if someone participates in propaganda, doesn’t that make them at least an accomplice? Isn’t there a word in the dictionary that describes a person who makes money doing something that goes against their moral or belief system?

        • I’ll take his wedding present to Angie (a 400K shooting range and armory in France no less) and his statements after the Aurora shooting as more of an indicator on his feelings then a movie roll.

          Pitt told British magazine Live (in response to more gun control following the Colorado movie shooting), “I absolutely don’t believe you can put sanctions or shackles on what is made. Nor do I want to pretend the world is different than what we witnessed that night… America is a country founded on guns. It’s in our DNA. It’s very strange but I feel better having a gun. I really do. I don’t feel safe, I don’t feel the house is completely safe, if I don’t have one hidden somewhere. That’s my thinking, right or wrong.”

        • Point taken gunguy, it boils down to whether or not you put celebs on a pedestal, so many have an almost hero/cult worship of people who have celebrity status. It’s endemic. I couldn’t care less what these people say or think, everyone in show business has prostituted themselves either literally or figuratively to reach and maintain their status.

        • GunGuyInNC says:
          I’ll take his wedding present to Angie (a 400K shooting range and armory in France no less)

          I’d rather have whatever “wedding present” Angie gave him.

  6. @RF, “”And no, I have no idea why her thumb is on the back of the slide . . .”

    And that is because you are a “gun” writer and not a gun fighter.

    • Yeah, I don’t know how long I’d have to L( . )( . )K at that photo before I’d have noticed her thumb.

  7. Joe Mantegna is #1. Have you ever seen his Facebook page or watched him shooting machine guns on Gun Stories? If I want to see a beautiful woman shoot I’ll watch my wife(also an actress)

    • “Something else you should know about me, I love guns.” – John Casey (Adam Baldwin in Chuck vs. Operation Awesome)


    • I like how his character is progressing (both the character, and his portrayal) in “The Last Ship” also.

  8. That’s a list of mostly folks I like anyway, so good on ’em.
    Johhny Depp was in good movies once. We can keep him for posterity.

  9. S. E. Cupp is one of my favorites. It’s really a disservice not to have her linked. And I’d be afraid to have Chuck as anything but #1. He knows if you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake…

  10. Holy hell, Alton Brown is pro gun? I used to think of him as the dweeby guy on Food Network whose voice was annoying enough to make me want to change the channel. No more, my respect for him just tripled.

  11. I’m surprised the Nuge didnt make the list, probably because he’s been at it so long, he’s not news.

    I really admire Gary Sinise, both for all the good work he has done for disabled veterans, and his early work to promote freedom of thought in Hollywood. I’m sure it cost him in acting jobs, before it was hip to be pro-guns.

    Like Ralph sez, its the culture war.

    • Uh, no. Most of those celebs aren’t fat, some aren’t white, and some are seriously attractive women.

        • That is hilarious as I don’t see a single person on the list that is all four of those things. Jones is old fat and a guy but not white, Lambert is white but none of the others apply. Pitt is white I guess and might be considered old if you insist but not fat. So genius… Where are the OFWGs that make up most of this list?

  12. You forgot Ice Cube. He is pretty pro-gun.

    “So what they do go and ban the AK?
    My s*** wasn’t registered any f***ing way”

    Sounds pretty progun to me.

  13. I might put Miranda higher on the list. I’ve mentioned this here before, but before her concerts last year she showed an awesome video montage of women shooting guns. She is a girl who really likes her guns.

  14. So I’ll take this as an indication that the trashy clickbait ads aren’t going away any time soon…

    I’m thankful for that, as I’m always curious about the “12 Biggest Celebrity Cameltoes” and which of my favorite stars have had plastic surgery and so forth.

  15. What about Penn & Teller? Penn at least is very much a libertarian and you should all checkout the episode of Bullsh!t! About the second amendment.

  16. Now that’s my kind of click bait. Sure beats the nail fungus ads and the smarmy sex articles.

  17. Does anyone intentionally clik on the moronic “clicbait” links. Google fraud empire scam based on selling the concept to gullible ad agencies. But actual clic = revenue payback? I don’t buy it. Invest in tulip futures.

  18. So tell me how many served in the military? Right, except for a few like Chuck and Gunny, not many. Just some rich folks playing. Hope they don’t shoot their finger off like one well known Baseball player.

  19. Yeah, any libertarians would likely be on this list as well. Penn and Teller, Trey Parker and/or Matt Stone (can’t remember which is the libertarian, maybe both), John Stossel is already on there.

  20. I am surprised that The Nuge is all the way at 7. I am also surprised that Tom Selleck is all the way down the list given he is on the NRA Board of Directors.

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