Toledo Woman Shoots Would-Be Home Invader ‘Multiple Times’

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GL0CK defensive gun use woman home invasion burglar
Courtesy GLOCK

The Centers for Disease Control acknowledges that there are somewhere between 60,000 and 2.5 million defensive gun uses in this country every year. Each one is a robbery, assault, rape or murder prevented. The great majority of the time, it happens without a shot being fired.

Strangely enough, our friends who toil away in the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex never want to talk about these lawful uses of firearms to prevent crimes. Do you ever wonder why that is? Yeah, neither do we.

Anyway, chalk up another one. A Toledo woman used a gun to protect herself and her children early Friday morning and she’s apparently a good shot.

From . . .

Toledo police tell us that the man tried to burglarize a home that was occupied. He made it through the front door and was met with force when a female resident fired at him, hitting him multiple times. 

That man then stumbled away and fell onto the front lawn where he was found by medics. Life-saving procedures were being done on the man as he was being put into the life squad. He was rushed to a hospital with critical injuries. We are told that he did have a pulse. 

The woman who fired the gun was taken in for questioning as standard protocol. We are also told that there were several children inside of the home when the man entered. Nobody else was injured.

While we wish she didn’t have to experience something so traumatic, this story went about as well as could be expected. Neither the woman nor her children were hurt. That’s exactly why so many Americans own firearms and why record numbers of them have been buying them in the last 18 months. When seconds count, police are only minutes away (we’re sure we’ve heard that somewhere before).

If you should run into a Moms Demand Action or Brady United member some time — and that’s highly unlikely, as their numbers are wildly overstated — ask them how many of the 60,000 to 2.5 million potential crime victims they’d like to disarm and allow to be victimized by their attackers. Then stand back and enjoy their stammering, incoherent response.


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  1. Between 60k and 2.5m??

    Who tf is in charge of stats there? He must be between 1 foot and 11 feet, aged between 6 months and 200 years old

    • Yeah, that immediately got my attention, too. When ranges are too wide, the numbers lose their impact.

    • your math is off. the suspect is between 3′ and 125′. age between 10 and 416 years old. might as well throw in that he weighed between 40 and 1,600 pounds.

    • For a gun control friendly organization, the lowest number they thought they could possibly put forth and not be laughed at for being blind is 60k. The largest that they are willing to admit to is 2.5M.

    • It’s also 2021 when the CDC has LONG such lost any legitimacy of any kind. Going to tell us what Faker Fauci thinks about ____?

    • The defense attorney will plead the burglar is the real victim of society who had to resort to stealing to feed his 4 starving children, 2 of whom are disabled and one in a wheelchair (sniff). And this bourgeois capitalist running dog lackey imperialist exploiter of the oppressed refused to check their privilege and share their bounty with those less fortunate.

      (Sarcasm? Yes but don’t be surprised if it is tried.)

  2. Centers for Disease Control acknowledges that there are somewhere between 60,000 and 2.5 million defensive gun uses

    I acknowledge that the CDC will make a really stupid observation somewhere between one and a gozillion times per year… Really 60,000 to 2.5 MILLION? What genius came up with THAT spread? Either promote that person OR give him/her/it/they/them/X/Y/zee/zer or whatever it is the idiotic statement of the year award…

    • The 2.5M number comes from the fact that a LOT of defensive uses are simple brandishment that doesn’t result in shots fired or any official agency collecting data — so they are pretty much a pure guess.

    • The 2.5M number comes from the fact that a LOT

      Does ANYONE else want to take a shot at “EXPLAINING” or attempting to “RATIONALIZE” the ignorance on display from the CDC (especially since the WuFlu farce began) OR does EVERYONE else UNDERSTAND that I was being FACETIOUS, fucking JOKING, being SARCASTIC, making fun of something that MUST be laughed at because it is so sad that to take anything they (the CDC) say SERIOUSLY would leave a rational person sitting on the floor in a darkened room sobbing and wondering WHY such a FAILED organization is still allowed to exist… I hope that clarifies my approach to this subject, I realize I’ll never be asked to join the cast of SNL (thankfully) but I would expect the majority of individuals to merely peruse my little statement, understand it for what it is and either add their own little touch of sarcasm or just simply move on… But, thanks for playing and while I don’t NEED anyone to explain Government reasoning (or lack thereof)…. Well that’s pretty much IT, I DONT need anyone to explain Government stupidity…

  3. The poor man! Another victim of “gun violence”. And the numbers are all over because most defensive gun uses don’t require firing a shot, and are not reported to the police. He pulls a knife, you pull a gun, he leaves, you leave. What’s to report?


    Regarding that 60,000 figure, page 15 of that same report states under Defensive Use of Guns that “Almost all national survey estimates indicate that defensive gun uses by victims are at least as common as offensive uses by criminals, with estimates of annual uses ranging from about 500,000 to more than 3 million (Kleck, 2001a), in the context of about 300,000 violent crimes involving firearms in 2008 (BJS, 2010).”

    The 60,000 low-end figure is mentioned on page 45, which comes from the National Crime Victimization Survey conducted by the Bureau of Justice, which is far below 500,000 mentioned above.

    Am I reading that the discrepancy is due to the Bureau of Justice Statistics only looking at reported numbers, and leaves out estimates for defensive gun uses that don’t get reported (for example, a person comes at me with a bat and I pull a gun causing him to run away, and I never call the police to report it)?

    • There’s only 2 stats that mean anything.

      1. Whether I personally survive a encounter.

      2. The number of rounds fired by me that hit the assailant in a vital area v. total fired in the first 5 seconds.

      None of those numbers from CDC or anyone else means doodly squat.

  5. There are many incidents where the use of a gun to prevent a crime goes unreported. Either the person was carrying illegally when they used a gun to protect themselves or they decided that reporting the incident could be more trouble than it is worth because they used a gun to protect themselves. God created man and Colt made them equal.

  6. From the linked news report:
    “According to the incident report, more than one occupant of the house fired at the intruder, and a male and female were listed as occupants of the house who were involved. ”

    So two people shot at the bad guy. A man and woman who lived in the house did the pest removal work.

    Good. Couples should do things together. It’s important for a marriage to have some shared interests, hobbies even. 🙂

  7. There are many incidents where the use of a gun to prevent a crime goes unreported. Either the person who used a gun to prevent a crime was carrying it illegally or when no shots are fired, reporting the incident would be more trouble than it’s worth in this anti-gun atmosphere. Remember this: God may have created mankind, but it was Colt that made them equal.

  8. If I happen to run over a Moms Demand Action or a Brady member I’m not stopping to ask questions.

  9. There needs to be more gun porn in these stories. What firearm(s) was/were used? How many shots? Where was the perp hit? These questions need to be answered at minimum. In addition, it would be nice to know the brand, weight, and nature of the ammunition used.

  10. “Taken in for questioning…” Really? When she shot a guy IN her house? Presumption of self defense? No way I am going down to the station for interrogation. “I decline to give a statement until I have had the opportunity to speak to a lawyer.” Then they can’t touch her without evidence that she committed a crime.

    • Of course they’re going to take her in for questioning. The police’s responsibility is to figure out what happened. They do that by interviewing everyone involved and examining the physical evidence. The best thing to do is to cooperate & request an attorney before making any statement.

      • Not necessarily. Depending on the police involved and the laws of your state, you may invoke Castle Doctrine and tell the police that you will speak to them later. You may say I will speak to you when I have an attorney present or through my attorney when the proper time comes.

        This isn’t a DGU in public, it’s your abode and eventually you are going to have to tell your side of the story. If you make it clear that taking you into the station is just going to waste everyone’s time because your attorney is going to do the speaking then you can refuse to go with the police. This may or may not work depending on the circumstances.

        You do the briefest summary in the world: Broken front door, children, wounded criminal, I have to make sure children are OK and call Safety Clean. You are free to exam the crime scene but I have things that have to be taken care of NOW. My attorney will contact you tomorrow after I speak with them and set up a time to be answer questions.

        If the PD gets hostile then you ask if you are being detained or arrested. You also make it clear that they can have access to the crime scene but that your children have to go to a relatives. Make it clear that you are the one that called them and when you go to the PD you will be pressing charges against the burglar.

        Depending on the PD and your states law you might not have to go with them but you will eventually have to make some sort of statement. As for going to the station YMMV.

  11. Great and appropriate use of that photo from the Glock ad… Somebody chose the wrong house.

  12. Whenever I read a story about a burglar breaking into a house at night, I find myself wondering if simple thievery is all he or she has on their mind. Most of the break-ins I’ve known of personally involved the thief casing the house and coming when nobody was around.

    Granted, nobody ever said criminals were smart. But I gotta think that a perp who breaks in when the people who live there are almost certainly home is either reckless/desperate, or has far more sinister intentions than robbery.

  13. The 60,000 is an old number from the anti-gun Violence Policy Center. The upper number is from pro gun John Lott, et. al. There are politics at work there, obviously.

    They are not the numbers listed by the CDC. The CDC is showing “between 500,000 and 3 million,” (the Kleck numbers mentioned earlier) a conclusion the left was upset about because the lower number is way higher than they would like. It is still a wide spread, but there are a lot of problems with DGU data.
    Some of the issues have been:
    – The precise definition of a DGU.
    – The fact that LE doesn’t keep DGU stats the way it does officer involved shooting stats.
    – Research methodology.

    If we are not clear on what exactly we are counting and how we count it, and if LE doesn’t keep good data to begin with, there is always gonna be a big gap. Heck, society can’t even agree on how many mass shootings we have, how many gun owners there are and how many guns they have. It is all estimates tied to political biases.

    One might theorize that some people don’t want the real numbers, they want there to be doubt.

  14. As usual, the news people call the perp the victim. The residents of the house were the real victims of an assailant breaking into their house.


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