Members of the Boogaloo Boys attend protest Sunday at the Ohio Statehouse in downtown Columbus, Ohio, Sunday, Jan. 17, 2021. (Barbara J. Perenic/The Columbus Dispatch via AP)
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Ohio Statehouse in downtown Columbus, Ohio, Sunday, Jan. 17, 2021. (Barbara J. Perenic/The Columbus Dispatch via AP)

By David A. Lieb and Adam Geller, Associated Press

Small groups of right-wing protesters — some of them carrying rifles — gathered outside heavily fortified statehouses around the country Sunday, outnumbered by National Guard troops and police brought in to prevent a repeat of the violence that erupted at the U.S. Capitol. As darkness fell, there were no reports of any clashes.

Security was stepped up in recent days after the FBI warned of the potential for armed protests in Washington and at all 50 state capitol buildings ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday.

Crowds of only a dozen or two demonstrated at some boarded-up, cordoned-off statehouses, while the streets in many other capital cities remained empty. Some protesters said they were there to back President Donald Trump. Others said they had instead come to voice their support for gun rights or decry government overreach.

Lansing, Mich., Sunday, Jan. 17, 2021. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

“I don’t trust the results of the election,” said Michigan protester Martin Szelag, a 67-year-old semi-retired window salesman from Dearborn Heights. He wore a sign around his neck that read, in part, “We will support Joe Biden as our President if you can convince us he won legally. Show us the proof! Then the healing can begin.”

As the day wore on with no bloodshed around the U.S., a sense of relief spread among officials, though they were not ready to let their guard down.

The heavy law enforcement presence may have kept turnout down. In the past few days, some extremists had warned others against falling into what they called a law enforcement trap.

Washington State Patrol spokesman Chris Loftis said he hoped the apparently peaceful day reflected some soul-searching among Americans.

“I would love to say that it’s because we’ve all taken a sober look in the mirror and have decided that we are a more unified people than certain moments in time would indicate,” he said.

The security measures were intended to safeguard seats of government from the type of violence that broke out at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, when far-right Trump supporters galvanized by his false claims that the election had been stolen from him overran the police and bashed their way into the building while Congress was certifying the Electoral College vote.

Oregon State Capitol on Sunday, Jan. 17, 2021, in Salem, Ore. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)

The attack left a Capitol police officer and four others dead. More than 125 people have been arrested over the insurrection.

Dozens of courts, election officials and Trump’s own attorney general have all said there was no evidence of widespread fraud in the presidential race.

On Sunday, some statehouses were surrounded by new security fences, their windows were boarded up, and extra officers were on patrol. Legislatures generally were not in session over the weekend.

Tall fences also surrounded the U.S. Capitol. The National Mall was closed to the public, and the mayor of Washington asked people not to visit. Some 25,000 National Guard troops from around the country are expected to arrive in the city in the coming days. U.S. defense officials told The Associated Press those troops would be vetted by the FBI to ward off any threat of an insider attack on the inauguration.

The roughly 20 protesters who showed up at Michigan’s Capitol, including some who were armed, were significantly outnumbered by law enforcement officers and members of the media. Tensions have been running high in the state since authorities foiled a plot to kidnap Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer last year.

At the Ohio Statehouse, about two dozen people, including several carrying long guns, protested outside under the watchful eyes of state troopers before dispersing as it began to snow.

Kathy Sherman, who was wearing a visor with “Trump” printed on it, said she supports the president but distanced herself from the mob that breached the U.S. Capitol.

“I’m here to support the right to voice a political view or opinion without fear of censorship, harassment or the threat of losing my job or being physically assaulted,” she said.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, a Republican, said he was pleased with the outcome but stressed that authorities “continue to have concerns for potential violence in the coming days, which is why I intend to maintain security levels at the Statehouse as we approach the presidential inauguration.”

Utah’s new governor, Republican Spencer Cox, shared photos on his Twitter account showing him with what appeared to be hundreds of National Guard troops and law enforcement officers standing behind him, all wearing masks. Cox called the quiet protests a best-case scenario and said many ”agitating groups” had canceled their plans for the day.

At Oregon’s Capitol, fewer than a dozen men wearing military-style outfits, black ski masks and helmets stood nearby with semiautomatic weapons slung across their bodies. Some had upside-down American flags and signs reading such things as “Disarm the government.”

At the Texas Capitol, Ben Hawk walked with about a dozen demonstrators up to the locked gates carrying a bullhorn and an AR-15 rifle hanging at the side of his camouflage pants. He condemned the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and said he did not support Trump.

“All we came down here to do today was to discuss, gather, network and hang out. And it got blown and twisted completely out of proportion,” Hawk said.

At Nevada’s Capitol, where demonstrators supporting Trump have flocked most weekends in recent months, all was quiet except for a lone protester with a sign.

“Trump Lost. Be Adults. Go Home,” it read.

More than a third of governors had called out the National Guard to help protect their capitols and assist local law enforcement. Several governors declared states of emergency, and others closed their capitols to the public until after Biden’s inauguration.

Some legislatures also canceled sessions or pared back their work for the coming week.

Even before the violence at the Capitol, some statehouses had been the target of vandals and angry protesters during the past year.

Last spring, armed protesters entered the Michigan Capitol to object to coronavirus lockdowns. People angry over the death of George Floyd under a Minneapolis police officer’s knee vandalized capitols in several states, including Colorado, Ohio, Texas and Wisconsin.

Last last month, crowds in Oregon forced their way into the Capitol in Salem to protest its closure to the public during a special legislative session on coronavirus measures.

Amid the potential for violence in the coming days, the building’s first-floor windows were boarded up and the National Guard was brought in.

“The state Capitol has become a fortress,” said Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney, a Democrat. “I never thought I’d see that. It breaks my heart.”

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  1. Curiously, lots of things are apparently “right-wing” in the world, but nothing is ever “left-wing”.

    • Based on a number of photos circulating over the weekend, a large number of these armed protesters were definitely not ‘right wing’.

      • Many seem to be with the Hawaiian wing……. seriously. What’s with the shirts? I’ve not been keeping a close enough eye on developing trends apparently…..

        • They are Boogaloo Bois or offshoots. That Hawaiian shirt signifies their desire for anarchy and race war.

    • There is no “left wing.”
      Only the perfect utopia everyone wants and nobody would question and that crazy, scary “right wing.”

  2. Ok want to fight this war proper then pray:
    “So Lord God Almighty, the Lord of the Armies of Heaven, I thank you for the power of the blood of Yeshua, Jesus, over all witchcraft and occult. We come before You now covered by the blood of Jesus and proclaim over the worldwide systems of evil seeking to take control in America and in the nations.
    “Let the occult shields of protection be taken away from everyone involved in theft, fraud, and corruption. May their occult shields of protection no longer be able to hide them from being exposed by the light.
    “Let witchcraft manipulation be brought to an end in and over the Congress, Senate, the White House, the Supreme Court, the FBI, the CIA, the Department of Justice, and over the state executives, courts and legislatures, and over election integrity.
    “As Joshua and Caleb proclaimed to the Hebrews intimidated by the giants, we say to all who are intimidated by today’s giants,
    ‘…do not rebel against the Lord. And do not be afraid of the people of the land, because we will devour them…their protection is gone…their protection is gone…their protection is gone…but the Lord is with us…Do not be afraid of them.’ (Numbers 14:9)
    “We proclaim this in the mighty Name of Jesus, Amen.”

    • AMEN! BTW now there are calls to investigate all white(most)Guardsmen. I guess they read about Hitler murdering his brownshirt goons. You can’t make this BS up!!!

      • If you have to spend your time and resources going to a capital to tell some overpaid, overfed clown in a suit that your Rights are never for sale, trade or rent then the problem is the people in the capital need to be replaced. A simple e-mail informing your member congress that your next vote only goes to a candidate that you can trust with your Rights and one that you do not have to e-mail to sway them to put Constitutional Rights First no matter what.

  3. Wonder if the government employees realize how easy it would be to simply have people issue calls for this or that, cause government to spend lotsa money defending barricades, then discover no one shows up? They are opening themselves to unending cries of “Wolf, wolf”, yet dare not ignore a single so-called “threat”. Talk about descending to the level of Keystone Kops.

    Barricades and military turning on the people are not the answer. Elected officials are supposed to be the smartest people in the room. Is really the best they can do? If so, who is the maroon? Elected officials, or those who put them in power?

    • “….Elected officials are supposed to be the smartest people in the room….”

      No. Mostly they have the ability to convince people using charisma and charm. They are not the smartest people in the room. Some only appear to be as they tell people what they want to hear. Most of them couldn’t change a tire if they had to.
      I would not trust any of them on a range, except those with military service and some of them are questionable.

    • “Elected officials are supposed to be the smartest people in the room.”

      40+ years as a state employee somewhat removed from the state capital, but sometimes of use to politicos due to my scientific speciality suggest this statement is false. Substitute “most corrupt” for “smartest” and you are closer to the truth. Elected public service attracts a certain class of individuals and the ones who continue in office for long periods are not the smartest.

      • They are definitely not the smartest, but they are the most cunning at using fear and hatred to assure their place at the taxpayer’s table of bounty…

    • Sam, I see that continuing throughout this administration, to be remembered as “the most paranoid in history”. Turns out it is *continuously* rumored that (Army, Guard, Secret Service, police, average citizens, pick one or more) are planning an attack (today, next week, next month, pick one) against the forces of Bidenness, must be overwhelmed by overreaction and silliness. Expect expansion of protection against nothing until DC is at a total halt and Biden has once again taken refuge in his basement in Wilmington. Dox all senators and congresscritters, then “rumor” attacks on their offices every day until they get tired of the silliness.

  4. From the article, quoted from the 67-yr-old gentleman at one of the demonstrations:

    “We will support Joe Biden as our President if you can convince us he won legally. Show us the proof! Then the healing can begin.”

    Absolutely. I hated the fact that Obummer won in 2008 and again in 2012, but I at least accepted the fact that he was my President because I (as most of us apparently did) perceived those elections as conducted fairly enough. This current election has not provided any sense of fairness whatsoever. IF THE DEMS INSIST THAT THERE IS NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE OF FRAUD, THEN WHY THE BLAZES HAVE THEY REFUSED TO EVEN HEAR THE CHALLENGES AND ALLEGED EVIDENCE?

    The best strategy the Dems could have ever followed – if there indeed is no credible evidence – would have been to allow Sidney Powell and others to proceed in the courts and fully embarrass themselves, Trump, and conservatives nationwide. It would have been a gift to the Dems for years to come. But no…they didn’t choose that path. Hmm…

      • I don’t think Trump won, though there is at least a possibility he did.

        What I do think is that election had at least some fraudulent. I can’t have any proof of it, I’m not privy to the any sort of evidence either way. I’d like to see an audit of 1000 absentee votes in Fulton county, GA. This is impossible because the votes have been separated from the names of the people who cast them. So you asking for proof I can’t possibly provide doesn’t mean there wasn’t fraud.

        Going forward, I really see no reason why there should not be voter ID laws. Seriously, why not? Why don’t you go out in the street and explain to melonated people you think they are too stupid, ignorant, and too poor to get a government issued ID. I’ll watch you do that.

        Absentee ballots are BS for most people, especially people that were out and about wearing (or not wearing) masks all year long. Only people with a compelling need because they are infirmed or out of country or other such circumstance should be eligible to receive one and those votes should all be verified by notaries, county clerks, military officers or in the event no official can verify the authenticity of the vote it should be counted as “provisional, subject to verification” if it would change the election.

        There is also no reason not to have the count finished that night in every county. I live in a county with about 110000 residents, many of them Fort Knox military that might be using absentee ballots. If we can confirm the count the night of the election, there is no reason why a county of 10 times the population (and 10x the poll workers) can’t do exactly the same thing.

        That’s just a start. I don’t care who you think won or didn’t, our elections will crumble if no one trusts them. It’s not going to be a pretty thing. Bombings, assasinations, kidnappings, imprisonments, torture are in the future if we continue this path.

        • Absentee voting is not at issue. The only issue that in-person voting ever had was the absurd claim that requiring ID to vote is racist..

          The problem is with mail-in ballots.

        • well, tbh, it’s all a problem. There will never be a trustworthy way, especially after this last election. It’s been that way since the democrats refused to let blacks votes, and it’s still that way. Pretty soon, if you are republican they won’t let you vote and burn your ballots… oh, wait…

      • I’ll prove fraud the same way your side proved there was none: SHUT UP. There you go. Consider it settled.

        But since I can’t help but attempt to give a real answer, here goes. There are only three logical conclusions to be drawn from the bizarre way this election played out and the way every single question of fraud was dodged but not answered:

        1. Massive fraud occurred; the fraudsters wanted to hide it, the legacy media giants and big tech gaslighted everyone because they’re part of the fraud, and the courts wanted to believe it hadn’t happened.

        2. No fraud occurred; the courts assumed that they could dismiss the questions simply by saying “nothing to see here,” the legacy media and big tech took the Democrats’ side because that’s what they do, and together they inadvertently damaged people’s faith in the electoral system.

        3. No fraud occurred; the courts’ refusal to admit the possibility that poll watchers *could* have standing, combined with legacy-media and big-tech gaslighting, was a purposeful attempt to publicly discredit Trump voters that also did great damage to the electoral system.

        Based on how I’ve seen the courts, corporate media, and the tech giants behave over the past 4+ years — plus what I saw on election night and immediately thereafter — my bets are on #1. But #3 is a strong contender, too.

      • Consider this aphorism, and ask your question again:

        “The absence of proof is not proof of absence.” The actual, traditional aphorism is, “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

        A skilled criminal can commit a crime and not be either caught or, if caught, not convicted, merely because the crime was never detected, or no evidence was left behind. A skilled political operative can provide enough ‘votes’ by any means necessary, particularly electronic means, to make an election come out in a desired manner, and, with sufficient monetary backing and cooperation from others, leave no concrete evidence that the ‘vote’ had been corrupted.

        A certain political wing has been screeching, whining, and handwringing for the past four years about how a certain reprehensible, disgusting harpy in a Mao suit ‘actually won’ the 2016 election–without any proof, without any evidence, other than that fabricated regarding some bizarre Russian Collusion conspiracy theory, which has been PROVEN to be patently false.

        If you are too obtuse to understand what happened in this country in November, there is no help for you.

        We are done, here.

    • Well said, I was not happy obama got elected, but I didn’t really doubt that he defeated McCain or Mittens. They were crappy candidates and they didn’t put up much of a fight, so really was no suspicion that the election was not legitimate. With Hillary, I think the democrats thought they had it and were complacent and did not go full out on the steal. Rigging elections is not new to democrats, even here in solid red state Oklahoma, deceased voters and empty lots always vote 100% democrat. It gets pointed out but since democrats still lose nobody seems to care to make much of it.

      • While I did not vote for him, I really looked forward to Obama’s first term, I was convinced he was elected fairly and anticipated an interesting few years. Then it became obvious that his idea of leadership relied heavily on lies, lies about EVERYTHING, constantly, and bullying and threats to force everyone to comply with heavily socialist and antisemitic goals. His reelection was based on lies about everything from Benghazi to “fast and furious” and on, and on, what a useless pile of shit he was and is. So I say the *campaign* in 2012 was hugely dishonest but so many media figures were orgasming from the thrill up their legs they got from his wonderfulness that nobody ever heard about it. But the election itself I had little question about. 2016, when Hillary did not bother to campaign, it was pretty obvious how she lost. But in 2020, Biden had no platform, no agenda, no campaign, just sat in his basement and watched endless Trump rallies in the sunshine, flatly refused to answer any questions beyond his choice of ice cream, and somebody thinks he actually won? You have to be an idiot. My guess is he lost by about 30 million votes.


      That and the heavy handed censorship. And to quibble with one part of the AP piece, the vast majority of the court cases did not get as far as reviewing the evidence, they were decide on procedural grounds (standing).

      None of that proves fraud, of course. But the evidence hasn’t been examined to the extent claimed in The Narrative.

        • Quite often, in criminal court cases, there is ABUNDANT evidence that the person on trial committed the crime, but that evidence is never presented to the jury under court rules of evidence. In effect, that evidence does not really exist, because the jury will never hear it, and thus will have to make its decision in a partial evidentiary vacuum. Without the (available, but forbidden) evidence, they may very well free a guilty party.

          We are in the same position, as an electorate, as is the jury that does not hear all of the evidence, because, like the jury, the evidence of malfeasance and actual criminal activity is being suppressed–not because of a rule of evidence, but because the judge, the prosecutor, and the police do not want us to hear it. And we never will, so long as those in power control the tools of the media, which will continue to withhold all ‘evidence’ from us.

    • “Not my President” comes from the “my truth” crowd where each person is free to create their own “truth”.

      “Not the President” comes from the crowd where truth is based in reality as discovered by examining evidence.

      Biden is not the President, even after the “you will have unity comply” inauguration.

      • But how will Biden discharge the duties of his office without the support of a washed up mall lawyer and an unhinged Colonel in the Keyboard Kommando Korps 🤡🤣🤡🤣?

        • Take a razor blade and slit your wrists while taking a nice, warm, bath.

          Remember -Vertically for results… 🙂

        • …Geoff the Goof’s surly disposition is the reason he can’t lure kids into his panel van even though he has lots of candy.

      • RESIST!! When you finish resisting, resist some more. Pass nothing, shut down the govt, then resist.

    • biden and his Fascist American Party will be sworn in. Behind barriers and armed troops. He will never be legit and he will never be able to walk amongst the American people without an overwhelming show of force.

      • The number of armed troops required to even be sworn in makes it obvious that he KNOWS he lost by 30 million votes.

  5. One person was shot dead by the police. Three people had medical emergencies and died. Hart attack, stroke, etc. Get it straight. Don’t be like the MSM. But you have a birthright to open carry peacefully. It part of your civil rights.

    Anyone who doesn’t support open carry has never support the second amendment. And they have never supported the first amendment.

    • When I noted the partisan bias of the article (specifically, the claim you noted) I went back to the top to check the byline. It’s a repost of an AP article, which explains the agitprop spin.

  6. It’s almost like the FBI an Media tried to whip everyone into a frenzy over a single shady poster some rando threw up online in the hopes that something would happen…

    Oh, wait. That’s exactly what happened.

  7. “UNITED STATES – JANUARY 13: A member of the National Guard reads Atlas Shrugged in the Capitol Visitor Center as the House debates an article of impeachment against President Donald Trump on Wednesday, January 13, 2021”

    Many of you who never served would be very surprised which books military folks read. I read a great deal when I was in. Military base libraries had a great selection to choose from.
    There will be no large military formations trying to force this country to stay together. This is not 1864.

  8. No need to Protest at my state capitol (Des Moines). Our votes have made the difference over the last decade+. Republican Governor, Republican controlled State Legislature and Senate after gaining more (R) seats in last election. Major tax reforms in place with more on this years agenda resulting in a $2B plus surplus. Passage of largest Pro 2A legislation in state history last year with Constitutional Carry and Right to have firearms in vehicle at work on this years agenda. Laws against Sanctuary cities, municipalities and counties passed last year. Protection from civil liability lawsuits in justified DGU’s. No requirement to retreat in self defense situations. It all comes down to not only Voting, but putting the Right people in office. The people of Iowa have come to the realization the Liberal/Socialist Ideologies don’t equate to Midwest Values. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • ‘kEeP yOuR PoWdEr Dry’ writes the ‘man’ who will be the first to surrender, comply and narc on the real patriots.

    • The power is at the state level. That was how the founders designed it. Ohio is doing much better that any RED communist slave state.

      • It has nothing to do with being blessed. It requires hard work at the state and local level along with an awakening by citizens who realize that all the promises the Left has used for years to acquire support were/are nothing more than lip service. Not all of Our nation is blind to the dangers of Liberalism/Socialism or the empty suits of those who extol it’s false promises. There is much to be accomplished in solidifying the safeguards necessary to fend off the onslaught of Tyranny Our Nation faces at the hands of the Liberal/Socialist wing of the Democrat party. That fight Must be done at the state level as D.C. is now a lost cause. That fight Must be taken not against those who have worked to make Our lives better, but to and against those who wish Our Rights and Freedoms forever destroyed. If it Must be War let that war be on their ground. Fought not by great armies, but by groups of Individual Patriot willing to due what Must be done. Courageous Sacrifice for something greater than themselves and a future of the same Freedoms they have enjoyed for their Children’s Children. Instead of Complacent Cowardess which also offers continued Life albeit under the Boot of Tyranny. Keep Your Powder Dry.

        • Hey what’s the deal with EVERY state bordering ILL being run light years better? Obviously not as well as Iowa & Indiana but you get the gist…could it just be Chicago which poisons the well?!? Not as familiar with Kentucky. Dims are evil.

        • @fww Something my father whose long gone now told me many decades ago when he was teaching me the ways of the world. He said son for your own good stay out of the state of Illinois because nothing good ever comes from that side of the river. The evil and corruption is so ingrained into the ways of the people they don’t expect anything better from their leaders. They simple hope it touches their lives a little as possible. This from a man who grew up watching it all take place, As I have. I hope it has not touched your life much and wish you the best with maybe someday moving to a place like Iowa and enjoying the Freedoms We have worked so had to Preserve. Peace Be With You.

  9. I tried to read the article. I really did. But it was spinning too fast for me to make out what was on the screen. Must be a bug in the system.

  10. Are Americans inside the fence, or outside the fence?

    Why are “consulates” being established on American soil by these capitol government types?
    They SAY the fences are temporary….

    • Planet Earth is also temporary also. 😉 It would be useful for people to be more specific about this kind of thing, instead of just tossing out meaningless generalities.

    • Planet Earth is also temporary. 😉 It would be useful for people to be more specific about this kind of thing, instead of just tossing out meaningless generalities.

  11. These protests glowed. Left wing sponsored etc. After what happened at the Capitol we need to be smart in our opposition to government and when we protest by open carrying. False flags do happen, and we need to be vigilant. Making it easier for the other side is just asking for it.

  12. It seemed to me that the whole thing was fake from the git go. Lots of raving and ranting on online chats does not amount to a conspiracy, and the posters seemed by most gunnies to be a put up job intended to incite violence. And the Fibbies fell for it. Won’t it be interesting to see an inauguration where nobody came?

  13. I’ve thought about this for many years, long before this most recent Capitol Incursion. I call it an Incursion because that’s the accurate description of what took place, because it was barely a Riot, and nowhere near an Insurrection.
    At what point do we the people decide that our government is more of a threat to the people and the nation than any external threat we face as a nation? The infringement of many of our civil rights and liberties won’t begin with the incoming administration (I shudder to call it an administration as it’s more like a clown show), those infringements began long before. The incoming Fustercluck vows to accelerate the infringement.

    One needs only to look at our Declaration of Independence, and look at the list of abuses and ursurpations that George III was accused of, and simply replace George’s name with “Congress,” and one can recognize that we’re in the same place and conditions, that we were 245 years ago. In fact, our Congress has added new grievances to the list. The perversion of the system of Government our Founders established began shortly after the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were drafted and ratified.

    President Trump was wrong and inaccurate to call DC a Swamp.

    Washington DC is a Septic Tank. Draining Septic Tanks doesn’t clean them. The sh*t has to be sucked out of the Septic Tank to cleanse it.

    My fellow Patriots, the Septic Tanks overflowing, draining it, is insufficient.

  14. You only have to arrest one guy to collapse the whole thing. Chief Justice John Roberts not for his pedophilia corruption. But for his treason under 14th amendment section 2. Acting Chief Justice Clarence Thomas reinstates the Texas Case, and holds off all related activities until adjudication of case. Once you pull the plug on the swamp the torrent will accelerate exponentially.
    Or you can broadly apply the same law and wipe them all out at once. The POTUS must simply be true to his word and uphold the Constitution against enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. The 2001 state of war declaration and the 14th amendment is all you need.



  16. “At Oregon’s Capitol, fewer than a dozen men wearing military-style outfits, black ski masks and helmets stood nearby with semiautomatic weapons slung across their bodies. Some had upside-down American flags and signs reading such things as ‘Disarm the government.'”

    Ok, they wrote “fewer” instead of “less” so they have read at least part of the AP Stylebook, but they missed the definition of “dozen” somewhere along the line. I count 12 in the group alone, plus a 13th in the background.

    • I’m pretty sure there’s a secret footnote somewhere in the AP manual that tells all “journalists” to categorically undercount all crowds that are insufficiently progressive.

      A baker’s dozen = fewer than a dozen; a handful

      A hundred = a couple dozen; a scattering; a sparse gathering

      Many hundreds = dozens

      A thousand-plus = hundreds

      Many thousands = avoid numbers if possible; if a number in the thousands must be used, include qualifying phrase such as “by some counts” or “organizers claim”

      Ten thousand plus = a violent insurrection; a threatening display (smaller crowds may also be characterized as threatening if the narrative demands)

  17. I’d worry a lot more about the wingnut wearing a hawaiian shirt and carrying a club than I would someone with a slung AR.

    The latter knows the stakes. The former is probably a lot more willing to use violence.

  18. A little correction for Mr Zimmerman, a judge refusing to hear a case or take action based on affidavits is not the same as no evidence. The absence of a court case does not mean there was no fraud, it also does not mean there was. AG Barr did not say there was no fraud, he said he hadn’t seen enough evidence to indicate “wide spread fraud”. We have seen no evidence because investigations never occurred to gather any evidence, and just because people around the country told us to “sit down, shut up and get over it” doesn’t mean people will sit down, shut up and get over it. There are multiple indicators something shady MAY have occurred, nobody seems interested in proving or disproving anything, but are VERY interested in silencing anyone daring to ask questions.

  19. This is not the little boy crying “wolf” this is the village elders panicking and running themselves ragged over imaginary wolves.

  20. Dozens of courts have said there is no evidence of election fraud?
    No such thing ever happened. They never looked at any evidence, and never took any case where they were shown any evidence.,
    This is just more of the same B S from the ASSociated Press.

  21. Certainly the cops KAMALA sends to confiscate your guns will appreciate the Thin Blue Line flag hanging above your gun safe.

    They might even whisper “sorry I am just following orders” while they march you out in cuffs to the black van.

    In the Reeducation Camps administered by FEMA the contract workers in the chow line might even give you an extra portion of Soylent Green when they see your “Back The Blue” tattoo.

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