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Like the search for the perfect everyday carry gun, the quest for the best range bag is a never-ending one. Part of the difficulty in finding the “best” bag is, of course, because everyone values different features. Size, pockets, capacity, configurability, materials…we all have our own ideas of what a good range bag should have.

All of which is to say that while the Lynx Defense Pistol Range Bag may not your idea of the best range bag on the market, it’s surely someone’s because it ticks off a lot of boxes for most gun owners.

The Lynx Defense Pistol Range Bag is plenty roomy and gives you options as to how to hold and carry your gear. It measures 13″x10″x8″ and there’s enough room to pack it full enough that carrying it will be a chore.

Lynx designed the bag with a linked dual-zippered top flap that pulls open easily. That fully opens the top and gives you complete access to the interior.

Once inside, you’ll see what makes the Pistol Range Bag so configurable. The bag comes with two dividers. Each has Velcro end panels so you can position them anywhere you like.

Lynx sells the dividers separately if you decide you want more than two (Lynx doesn’t recommend that you use more than four). There’s also a removable hard bottom panel that helps the bag keep its shape and protect the contents.

Each panel has a pistol sleeve on one side and elastic magazine loops on the other. Once inserted, that makes easy and efficient to stow and access your gear.

One gripe: Lynx has sewn five loops into the width of each divider panel. Slipping a single stack 1911 magazine in the loops is easy, but getting a double stack mag (that’s a GLOCK 19 magazine, above) in is a pretty tight fit, though doable (see below). I’d rather see four roomier magazine loops than five pretty tight ones.

Once you’ve positioned your divider panels where you want them, the bag holds a lot of gear and makes it easily accessible. It very comfortably holds couple of pistols, the magazines, plenty of ammo, eyes, ears, stickers, a stapler and more.

Both ends have large zippered pouches with a Velcro-equipped quick access sleeve on one end.

There’s a front zip pocket, too, where you’ll find nicely cushioned roll-out range mat. The mat is attached to the interior of the pocket with Velcro, so you can take it out completely if you want.

The Pistol Range Bag is impressively sturdy. The exterior is made of tough 500D Cordura nylon fabric that will stand up to a lot of abrasion and abuse. All of the seams are clean and the stitching is neat and even.

You won’t find any fraying fabric edges inside like you see on cheap big box store range bags. Instead the interior edges of the fabric are taped and stitched. That’s not something you see on cheaper bags. The Pistol Range Bag is obviously built right and made to last.

You can get a Lynx Pistol Range Bag in any one of five colors. This one’s “wolf gray.”

The Lynx Defense Pistol Range Bag has a wide shoulder strap with an adjustable pad that makes carrying even a heavy load comfortable.

One of the best features of the Lynx Defense Pistol Range Bag is where it’s made…right here in the US. Not only does Lynx sew and assemble them here, but they say the components they use, such as zippers and even thread are also American-made.

The Lynx Pistol Range Bag costs $139. No, that’s not inexpensive, but you can see the quality that goes into that price everywhere you look. You can buy a cheap, imported big box range bag for $40 or $50. That’s up to you. But it won’t have the features or the build quality of the Lynx bag. And it definitely won’t be as durable.



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  1. Maybe something I need to look at.
    My current range bag was designed and made by Al Mar (of Al Mar Knives), and was a gift from him.

    Nah. I’ll keep my current bag.

    • $139? I can go get a virtually identical Nikon camera bag at the Goodwill for $5 most any day of the week that not only will do just as good, but it says “Nikon” (or maybe Canon) on the side to throw people off of what’s really up.

    • Well, I recently got 2 range bags for family. They are very nice. Not as nice as the bag in the article, but I could buy 5 of them for that price. I have a large range bag, that is many times bigger, that cost me about $90 from a reputable, well-known company that specializes in range bags. It easily holds 4 pistols, 8 magazines, 3 pairs of ear muffs, 3 sets of shooting glasses, about 10 boxes of ammo, some tools, a stapler, a few dozen paper targets and room for my empty brass. There is no way I would ever pay that much for such a tiny bag.

  2. Not likely to spend that kind of money on a bag , though it looks like a nice one. Other bags I have work fine so I will stick with them….I do have a birthday coming up soon so if the wife asks I might mention something like this.


  4. Nice review Dan! Thank you for providing us with detailed information on products that may be of interest to your readers. It is much appreciated. And that’s why I’m not sure where those folks who feel it necessary to post negative comments that provide no insight or useful information on the product itself are coming from. Do THEY really think that anyone cares if THEY think it’s too expensive or that THEY aren’t going to buy one? I certainly don’t and I doubt that you do. The review was provided as “information for your consideration.” Now, if one has had experience with THAT particular product, positive or negative, or even a similar product that is, perhaps, more feature rich and/or competitively priced, then it could be valid, useful information to share. However, absolutely nothing useful was shared in any of the previous 5 comments. Thus, as suggestion: the next time, BEFORE posting a totally useless comment, ask yourself if what you are about to say adds any insight on the subject? And if still not sure, ask yourself this, “Does anyone actually care what YOU think?”

      • Thank you, “Travis,” for providing a written example of exactly what it is that I wrote about, thus supplying credence for my comment. Sadly, it also proves that you didn’t understand a word of it. Oh, and most adults grew out of name calling somewhere around the time they reached second grade.

        • “And if still not sure, ask yourself this, “Does anyone actually care what YOU think?”

          What Karen wrote.

    • Thank God for E.D.

      Were it not for E.D., I might have blundered through the rest of my life making fun of the obvious, in hopes of bringing a little humor to a world that could really use some at this point.

      What we need is more professionals like E.D. to keep the rest of us “riffraff” in line.

      As I’m sure everyone is, I’m really looking forward to his next educational post.

    • you’re really not going to enjoy the comments section much at all.
      oh, and an informative click is as good as a shitepost click to a blind web-bat-horse.

  5. Lol, so true, no matter what it is, it’s like, five, four, three, two, one, “I’ll stick with my…”
    Just bought one in black with metal hardware upgrade.

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