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One of my main complaints about the TAVOR SAR is the trigger. It’s about average in terms of bullpup triggers, which means terrible when compared to a nice AR-15. Timney‘s a company that makes triggers for every firearm under the sun, and they’ve just released their latest creation  —  a drop-in trigger for the Tavor SAR. To say that the difference between the stock trigger and Timney’s version is night and day is an understatement. The only quibble left is that there’s a touch more over-travel than I’d like, but the crisp, clean and light break means that all is once again right with the bull pup world. Needless to say we’ll review one of these ASAP.

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  1. I have some serious Tavor accuracy testing to do, with like 10 or 12 different loads from 40 grains to 77. Have a 1,000 yrd range handy although I’ll probably do accuracy groups at 100 and then stretch a few shots out to 400-500. …AND… a Timney trigger on the way for testing.

    Although I don’t agree that the factory one is as bad as some people claim. Some people also claim it’s very good, so maybe the truth is that it just isn’t very consistent? Compared directly to my Gen3 Glock 20, the Tavor has less takeup and then less creep and a slightly nicer break. Reset is short but much louder and more tactile than the Glock. The trigger size and shape is more comfortable. And I have NO issues with this Glock’s trigger so I’m not trying to imply it’s bad. It isn’t. It’s a Glock. Obviously the Tavor’s trigger is 2x heavier and a lot of people simply hate that. But it’s heavy, not bad. Excellent for a bullpup.

    At any rate, the Timney will be tested thoroughly. Takeup, creep, overtravel, and reset distances all measured vs. the factory trigger. Plus weight, obviously, and subjective things like smoothness.

    • /Miculek said it was “like shooting a revolver” presumably he was referring to an exceedingly well tuned revolver trigger because my pre-lock 686 is not nearly as light as the trigger on the tavor I shot but in terms of reset I see the comparison.

  2. Nick, will your review include accuracy comparisons to your results from the original Tavor review? I’m quite curious to see what this gun is capable of doing with a better trigger than the original (which, having shot a few of them, I’d rate as “meh”)…

  3. Wow…first Geissele, and now Timney.

    My inclination is to go with Geissele, which I have found to be superior in every respect to Timney products, but I’d like to see careful reviews of both.

    But honestly, if I’m going to give somebody over $300 for an upgrade, Geissele’s my go to choice.

  4. I just went over to Timney’s web site and it looks like they are available and shipping right now, at least, I took my order all the way to entering my CC and no word on being “unavailable” …


    • I had talked with Timney a while ago when I started up this “Ultimate Mosin Nagant” build that will hopefully be wrapping in a couple of weeks and features one of their triggers. They’re also supposed to send me a Tavor one as soon as its ready. I’m hoping to get my hands on the two other options you mentioned, as well, but don’t have those confirmed yet.

  5. The Timney reps (and their PR rep) at SHOT told me their Tavor trigger wouldn’t be available until February or March. Did that change since Wednesday, or by “now shipping” do you mean that TTAG is getting one to test?

    • Marms, as I noted above, I went to the Timney web site and the site allows you to order one, put it in your basket, and go through the check out process, with no indication they are not available.


      Give Timney a call and let us know what you find out.

  6. The “Shooting Sight” triggers are very much still a work in progress, the guy doing them even said he is giving initial purchasers a “discount” so they can try them and then give him feedback so he can “fine tune” them some more … kind of amateur hour time if you ask me.

    Oh, yes, and these triggers have a 5.5-6 pound pull weight.

    I’d definitely avoid his trigger for Timney or Geissele.

    • Paul, it appears you wrote the book on amateur hour. The Timney triggers are not shipping…(but I put it in my cart it must be available) Welcome to the internet. Not all sites have live inventory. It appears you know as much about Timney availability as you know about ShootingSight and his products. Its not his first rodeo. I suggest you educate yourself before making such condescending statements.

      • Chill out guy, I simply reported what I experienced when I went to their web sight and invited another guy to call and check.

        The DIY guy working on his own trigger is welcome to do it.

        I’d much prefer a well proven company like Geissel with a sterling reputation in the real-deal military SOCOM community for expensive aftermarket trigger upgrades.

        But, if you want to use the guy who is giving discounts because he doesn’t have his trigger group correct the first time, be my guest.

  7. Your arrogance is stifling. You invited someone to call Timney? Invited? lol.

    The DIY guy is “welcome to do it”. I’m sure he appreciates your permission.

    And thanks for giving me permission to try another trigger besides Geissele’s. Most appreciated.

    I like that you think asking for feedback from customers is a bad thing. Do you think these manufacturers don’t improve products thru customer feedback? I guess because someone is honest up front about wanting feedback, you find that bad.

    • How, Tonto!

      Like I said, I’m not inclined to give a guy a fairly large wad of Washingtons who announces his trigger is not even ready for prime time but he is going to be selling them anyway. Professional outfits do their field testing before they launch something like this.

      But, yes, you do have my permission to do whatever you want.

      And, have a nice day.

      • I took my [extra] reset spring out and measured an obvious difference (Video Here). Can’t actually recommend that spring removal ‘mod,’ though, as some folks have reported reset issues without the spring. I’ve shot about 400 rounds through mine since the last time it was cleaned, and much of this was with a suppressor on, in warm weather and well below freezing, and have yet to have a single hiccup of any sort. Nor does it ever feel like it’s on the verge of not resetting. So it has been fine for me but right now the Tavor is still a toy. If it moves into an HD role or the like, that spring would go back in.

        When I get my hands on the Timney (~4 lbs), which will obviously be much lighter than the factory Tavor trigger (~11.5 lbs) and lighter than the factory trigger with the extra spring removed (~8.0 lbs), it’ll be compared primarily to the factory trigger as it comes from the factory. But the weight is only part of the story. Other things like feel, slack/take-up, overtravel, creep, break, and reset are at least as important.

  8. All bullpups should use hydraulic actuators in the trigger mechanism, not flexing rods or squeaking metal sheets.

    The reason they don’t are either that someone holds a patent dear or that they’ve never thought of the idea.

    If it is the latter, the idea & concept is with this in the public domain and can’t be patented anymore. So get cracking, gunmakers! 🙂

    • Actually the Tavor does something much simpler and more effective. Instead of pushing a flexing rod or metal sheet, the Tavor’s trigger pulls on a metal rod. No flexing, no stretching, nearly no extra play or friction at all. None of this linkage is replaced by the Timney (or other brand) trigger. The things about the Tavor trigger that people don’t like are in the ‘normal’ parts of the fire control group and are mostly unrelated to the fact that it’s a bullpup.

  9. Found this run-down on the 3 big trigger packs for the Tavor:

    All 3 ought to be excellent offerings. The details on pull weight & trigger type seem like better information upon which to base a purchase decision than, say, blind brand loyalty and a disaffection for early customer testing. 🙂

    Personally, I’m in line for Art’s trigger, because I appreciate his involvement in the Bullpup community and want to support his business. I don’t have a bad thing to say about the other two triggers, though.


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