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Redfield contines to impress us with their lineup of working-class AR optics, including their new ‘Accelerator’ mini red-dot. This $199 (MSRP) unit will mount on carbines, shotguns and lots of handguns. But it won’t ship until May of this year. Details are few (grrr….), but a 6 MOA water-resistant micro red dot with a U.S. warranty could be a great aiming solution for those of us who need day jobs. 

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  1. It’s listed on their website. battery replaced from top and has 1/2 moa “click” adjustments. I’m definitely interested in this sight for a pistol.

  2. Sounds cool. I really like companies positioned as value propositions. That is, ones who make a quality product that may not be cutting edge and may not incorporate every bell and/or whistle, but which nonetheless does what consumers expect it to do and doesn’t carry sky high price tag. Not everyone is kicking down doors in Khandahar and has the taxpayers’ credit card in their wallet. This sounds like a great offering, without being so cheap as to be a rippoff.

  3. The optic mounts right on top of the best place to get hold of the slide…

    So now, you can’t do an over hand rack to clear a malfunction, your hand will be covering the ejection port.

    And, what about back up sights, if the optic goes down are you simply without sights?

    I don’t know, this looks like $200 worth of fail to me.

    • Quick release, back up iron sights, or mount it on a ring that comes eauipped with its own little section of rail. Burris has 1-4x scope that have a Fastfire red dot mounted on top in their XTR series.

      Red dots are here to stay, cause good ones are freakin’ awesome. Leupold, Burris, Aimpoint, and Eotech make tough units. I doubt that this Redfield will be far behind.

      I predict Redfield will make lots of $$$ in 2014. I’d check out their stock if I wasn’t broke (buying down points on home refi).

      • Fair enough, but I still prefer the over hand position to rack the slide of a pistol, the red dot seems to obstruct that, so I’ll pass.

        The rifle is another story all together though, I like red dots on rifles.

        • If you happen to catch the recent version of Shooting Gallery on the Outdoor Channel, Gabe Suarez was on using his Glock with a red dot and he did the overhand technique to run the slide that you reference.

    • It mounts the exact same way as any other micro dot. Looks like $200 worth of a great alternative to a $450+ Trijicon, Leupold, Etc
      The only other micro dot in the same range is the Burris Fastfire, and this looks like it may be better.
      Im a huge fan of dots on pistols, and theres many irons made specifically to cowitness on pistols.
      Im in for one.

    • Redfield is now owned by Leupold. Some people will pay the extra money for the name, but I can’t imagine them releasing a poor quality product under either label. I’ll be looking for the redfield version, myself.

  4. Maybe this will force the price of the Fastfire down a little. Seems to have been creeping up since I bought mine. I think I paid right around 200 bucks for it a few years ago.

    For Rockon** check out the S&W C.O.R.E. setup on their M&P. Pretty much the same setup and they have some tall iron sights that co-witness. If your dot goes down just look at the front sight. A lot of people using those in action pistol matches and some of the local L.E. guys on their duty rigs too. As far as racking the slide…just grab the sight. They are that tough.

  5. I suspect this will automatically power on with movement like my Gen 1 DeltaPoint. My DeltaPoint also automatically adjusts intensity.

    Just after buying the 7.5 MOA triangular sight DeltaPoint (bottom battery, need rear sight drilled to access up/down, left/right adjustments on my Glock), Leupold/Redfield announce their new line up…go figure.

  6. I tried to mount the Redfield red dot on a weaver steel base made for a S&W K / L / N fame revolver. The keeper on the mount that comes with the base does not make a square contact with the Weaver base. I tried it on several other Weaver bases to make sure it was not the base and I cannot get the Redfield mount to mount level. I called Redfield and was told I was 25th in line to be contacted so I emailed them and as of yet have not heard from them. I’m hoping this is just s fluke as the sight seems well made. The directions in the box says it may be used on the S&W Core using one of the bases. I did not find this to be true.

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