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The dates for North America’s largest firearms festival are set: September 30/October 1 2017. The fourth annual Texas Firearms Festival will once again demo the latest and greatest guns and gear at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill, Texas (just outside of Austin).

For two days, manufacturers, retailers and consumers will gather in one location for family fun and shooting. Once again, ammo is free and guns and gear will be available for sale at significant Festival discounts. 

There’s something for everyone; when attendees aren’t trying guns or watching Sunday’s regional SWAT competition, they can replenish themselves from local area food trucks, or peruse the retail tents.

We’ll be announcing the companies strutting their stuff at the 2017 Texas Firearms Festival as the days go by. Click here for more information. But now’s the time to secure your place! Click here to buy you ticket today! A one-day ticket costs $79 and a two-day tickets are $139.

See you at your Festival!

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  1. As a two year attendee the biggest thing to note is all tickets are equal by removing the VIP ticket option, and there is no Full Auto Friday. The website does say “Some of the manufacturers exhibiting at the festival may still bring full auto firearms, but we will not dedicate a nighttime event to feature them.” which I assume it means what it says – exhibitors can show off full auto weapons in their booths!

    The ticket prices are good but pulling another Flash Sale! and undercutting all of the early purchasers will not go over well, please don’t do that again.

    Otherwise, the festival is awesome and it’s wonderful to eat lunch with all sorts of gunshots as background noise!

    • I was thinking the same thing. I almost bought tickets but they always have sales later on. I don’t want to be effectively penalized for being an early ticket holder.

  2. Think I’m going to this. Too bad I’ll be in a police academy so I’ll have to fly in early af on Saturday, and fly out late Sunday and go back to the academy Monday morning on just a few hours of sleep.

  3. WHAT?! No VIP?

    Those lines suck. It’s worth it to pay extra to skip the line. I’ve been an attendee since the first year and I had VIP every year. Please reintroduce the VIP and the line pass from last year.

  4. Not going unless there’s a VIP or fast pass option. I’ve been the last 2 years and that’s the only way I’ll go. Not standing in those lines.

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