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GUN SHOP from Patrick Smith on Vimeo.

Change the way I look at guns? It mostly reminds me how many of them I still don’t own . . .

Guns are terrible objects. They are quite literally designed to kill. But while watching Gun Shopa short film in which 2,328 firearms, from Western revolvers to assault rifles to water pistols, fly by your eyes in just two minutes, I didn’t just experience abhorrence. The film captures the design of these weapons—their finely machined metals and eye-catching colors—so alluringly, I felt a real cognitive dissonance.

“I [felt] the same way . . . and maybe I made this film out of this conflict,” says filmmaker Patrick Smith. “There is something alluring about guns, and this typically doesn’t sit well due with our disgust for mass shootings (and everything else these objects contribute to). Perhaps this allure is due to their obvious power and refined design guided by their single purpose. Almost in the way a fighter jet is also alluring in terms of power and performance, but ultimately, it’s a killing machine, which is distasteful to any reasonable person.”

– Mark Wilson in This haunting short will change the way you look at guns

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    • That’s why we call it gun porn. The lines, the curves, the sounds when they “go off” Take a new shooter to the range and you can feed on their Adrenalin and gleeful noises. You can also convert them faster for the price of ammo then any add or “conversation”

    • I thought at first someone had broken into my safe.
      I had to take a recertification course and exam at a “local” university near one of my favorite ranges. Not wanting to risk anything, I thought I’d just buy a new pistol there rather than bring one of mine.
      The one I wanted was out of stock and I had a great conversation with the the salesman regarding those I already own vs his wishlist. We took apart the display. Lol.
      Wasn’t a waste of time after all.

  1. Well, yeah, a good gun is a precision machine, and those often exhibit elegance of design.

  2. The left has this thing about guilting people. If you think something is cool, neat, attractive, interesting then you must hate yourself for it. Tools, machines, vehicles, women. God forbid you like or enjoy anything in life.
    The left is like a bunch of Calvinists and Flagellants. What is their appeal anymore besides vague promises of “free” shit?

      • I grow my own kale, eat it, and am happy and healthy. Then again, I usually add some bacon to the kale. Remember that the Brassicas (cabbage, broccoli, kale, collards, turnips, etc.) have chemical compounds that raise testosterone levels in men. Higher testosterone levels elevate happiness, and well being.

        It’s probably the soy that people eat with their kale that makes them sad.

        • One of the very best and most effective exercises for raising testosterone levels is the double-overhand swing. Think chopping a log with a large axe, or swinging a sledgehammer into a tractor tire on the ground. Swinging long lengths of thick rope (where you lay two parallel 20′ pieces out on the ground, grab the knots on one end, and swing them up and down) is in that category.

          Power squats, bicep curls, chin-ups, sledgehammer swings, and pushups are all you really need for a good full-body workout. Everything else in a gym is simply a variation of these.

        • One of my patients decided to follow his daughters’ advice and eat healthier. So he went and made himself a kale salad. First bite promptly resulted in a broken molar and abscess from a stone in the kale.
          He now questions the logic of a healthy diet as it cost him a tooth and thus only losing about 2.25 grams of weight and a few “pounds” for the surgeon.

    • Interesting point. I believe there’s actually a political piece (I can’t remember where it was, either here or Reddit) where modern day progressivism, even though is now violently atheist, is actually rooted in both Calvinism and Puritanism.

      • There seems to be some truth to that. That bothers me since I’m a Calvinist and appreciate Puritan theology.

        Modern Progressivism is also closely tied to Charles Finney and his revivalist Pelagianism (which is the opposite of Calvinism).

        • There was a great deal of overlap – both idealogical and membership – between late 18th/early 20th century Progressives and the temperance movement. The foot soldiers of the temperance movement were, mostly, Calvinist Protestants. Temperance included a fair number of anti-Catholic nativist and anti-Semites too. Throw in the rather nasty side of the eugenics movement (not all of them were racist elitists – much of the good parts of public health protocols share roots with the eugenics movement) and you get a rather repugnant stew of busybodies, elitists, and power hungry participants in politics. The origin of the modern Left in the USA is fascinating – much of their irrational hatred for firearms appears to come from the racist postbellum laws disarming newly freed Black slaves and Communist power mongering. All in all, how anyone who makes any claim to support human rights and adhere to “mindfulness “ can be a modern Leftist is flabbergasting.

        • Remember that Socialism is the religion of envy! This fool is envious and horrified of guns at the same time.

  3. Too many Glocks for my taste. Lots of Rugers though, I do like that. Not just handguns either, there are carbines and shotguns too.

    Lot’s of stuff I’d love to own!

    • people like Glocks…they work…
      just like cars and people and music and colors…we all have our favorites and not-so favorites
      some things are utilitarian…some more like works of art
      Volvo vs Ferrari…both cars with 4 wheels and engines…LOL

        • Camry, Corolla, Accord, Civic
          Dependable, reliable, practical, well made, reasonably priced
          Nothing thrilling, but they do what they are supposed to do

        • The F150 of 20 years ago maybe. Ford spends way too much attention to aesthetics lately and 85% of their buyers anymore are really SUV buyers – what good is a 5 foot box anyway?

          • My 10 mm G29 is the Peterbuilt of handguns, If your handgun won’t penetrate the skull of a full grown grown hog then you really need to rethink your choices but, Glock haters gonna hate, I own Glock, Taurus, SCCY, Ruger, Rock Island, S&W and an AMT 22 automag each one was chosen for a specific purpose and run from 22 magnum, 9 mm 38 spec, 357 magnum, 44 black powder , 45 auto and 10 mm. I enjoy them all and really don’t give a flying shit what anyone else thinks about any of them.. The G29 IS my every day carry, I can only hope for your sake that your carry piece is as effective and reliable as my cheap little Glock….

      • “…people like Glocks…they work…”

        And so do Pontiac Aztec’s and fat chicks, just nobody wants to be seen riding around on one…

      • “…people like Glocks…they work…”

        I’ve heard a few variations on this marketing myth created by Glock. It is the inference that other gun makers cannot make a gun that works, that goes BANG! every time. It’s bullshit of course. Countless other guns by gun makers all over the world are reliable, accurate and they work. This was true before Glock, it is true since Glock.

        My Smith & Wesson 59 for example, Now longoutdated, already outdated when Glock came out. But in thousands of rounds of every sort of ammunition it never had a jam. Not once.

        Glock has manufactured a myth that buyers embrace like some sort of religious cult.

        • i have been gunsmithing for 35 years, and instructing many types of classes as well as one on one lessons. i have never owned nor will i ever own a glock. i get them in my shop for custom work from time to time. i agree that they are typically reliable and work when you need them to do so. my only problem with glocks is for some unknown reason, the grip is designed to resemble and feel like holding a piece of 2×4 lumber to me. now that i have stated MY personal opinion, i would like to state that to each their own, and if someone likes the feel of the grip, good for them. my opinions are not intended to judge or to attempt to change anyone’s mind about their glock preference. we are all different, and as a free man and strong constitutionalist, i do not care what other people’s opinions are as long as they do not attempt to force them onto me because i will never try to force my opinions onto anyone else.

      • Let me introduce you to a friend of mine, Mr. Hi-point….. speaking of which, I didn’t see any Hi-points in that video. Lots of $2000+ guns though. The maker may not like guns but he does have good taste in them.

  4. If you include toy guns…as they did in the video…probably a couple BILLION in the USA…just sayin’
    also about 20M illegal aliens…another huge problem

    • You’re not in NYC, are you? Don’t want to see you get fined for using the term “illegal alien”…

  5. I could have enjoyed it more if they would have slowed it down by removing all of the redundant frames. More like 2328 frames of a less than 50 firearms. Fake media!!!!

    • No…there were a LOT of guns…just flipping by so fast.
      Remember…many are so similar except for caliber…but in the store would be individual guns…

    • This. We took the same Kriss, changed the color 5 times, added a brace X5, then a stock, then changed the caliber. In essence, yes, all different, but come on.

  6. Firearms represent one, of many, combinations of art, ingenuity and practicality.
    History is full of weapons that express the ingenuity of a man, think JMB, the beauty of form and function and the art of the engineer.

  7. Just another way the ignorant try to understand the dynamics of human nature without a clue as to his to go about it. God forbid they would actually study history to figure out why guns are civilization and without them the strong would lord it over the weak.

    • Without guns the god damn Mongorians would conquer the world again and slaughter 1/4 of its population. With guns, the Russians and Chinese can keep them trapped in their ancestral home land. Man I hate those Mongorians!

  8. After seeing the film once, I only counted 2327 guns. Including the toys ones. I may have miscounted but I’m not going to bother to watch it again. Makes me feel like I should buy more of ’em.

  9. If this sort of thing triggers you, you need to check your tampon, turn in your man card and find a job as an assistant professor in the women’s studies department of a publicly funded university.

    • Women were triggered, and they vote more often, and for more leftist candidates.

      But nice to see you ignore that fact.

      • Who says the Left now limits this “mindthink” to only women? Have you seen the recent commercial promoting menstrual products for men now? Actually, women who identify as men and have changed their outward appearance to convince everyone around them that they’re men, but biologically they were born as – and will always be – women.

        This commercial intends to be “super woke”, but ironically confirms that a biological woman will always be one, no matter what she does with her hair and boobies:

        • HAHAHA!!

          Oh man…I’ve watched this commercial several times, but always got so grossed out that I stopped it a few seconds before the end, when the boyfriend & girlfriend tell each other they both have their periods, then start furiously making out.

          I *just* now watched the final scene, where it explains it’s a “wishful thinking” video coming from the mindset of women who wish their husbands and boyfriends had periods so they could commiserate every month along with them.

          My bad. No trannies here. Just a super weird and inappropriate video.

        • Menstrual cramps.
          Man: Let’s invent a medicine to relieve the pain and solve the problem!
          Woman: I want men to suffer as we do!

        • Sick, just a sick commercial…just like wishing for pigs to fly. So woke I want to go back to sleep.

  10. Next up, a video showing us a couple of thousand contactless and relays in order to guilt us for using electricity and causing global warming.

        • I would be interested in learning why you believe leftism (which is self destructive and murdered hundreds of millions) is a good thing.

        • OK.

          1) Before man came along atmospheric CO2 was at it’s lowest level since complex multi-cellular life appeared on the planet. During the last glacial period (see below) the level dropped to ~110ppm. A level of ~50ppm would trigger a mass extinction of plants.

          2) Plants grow faster, produce more food and require less water with higher concentrations of atmospheric CO2.

          3) We are living in an ice age. The glaciers advance during ‘glacial periods’ and stick around for ~100-125k years then retreat in ‘interglacial periods’ for ~10-30k years. We are currently 11,700 years into an interglacial period. During the last interglacial period (~125k years ago) most of the Greenland Ice Sheet melted so at this rate we’ve got about 10,000 years of melting yet to go just to meet the pre-anthropogenic bar. When the glaciers come back they’ll wipe out virtually all agricultural production in the USA and Europe. The human population will crash to a tiny fraction of what it is today. And trillions of critters will also die, for those who don’t care about human tragedy.

        • Ever spend a winter in Antarctica? Why would you think global warming is a *bad* thing? And toss in how you get to and from work every day, just for argument sake!

        • Thank God for global warming, the “Scientists” of the mid 70s had ALL predicted the beginning of a new ice age by now, but for global warming even more liberal voters would have already migrated to the red states and there would be no more Republic….

        • I’d be interested in knowing why, as the climate changes, historically unarable land becoming available for farming – located predominantly on land occupied by darker skinned peoples – is a bad thing?

        • “as the climate changes, historically unarable land becoming available for farming…”

          Many *millions* of square miles in Canada, Siberia, and northern China suddenly bursting with bumper crops, phytoplankton in warming seas drawing down atmospheric carbon…

          So what if you have to cofferdam the coastal cities? The Dutch will be happy to help out on that one…

        • Of course, the counter argument to all that newly arable land at higher latitudes and elevations is the fact that 12,000 years ago the sea level was 390 feet lower than today. It might be a wash as to arable land, but if you include productive sea area the warmer the better.

        • Gov.,
          When life first arose on our planet, CO2 and methane levels in the atmosphere were at an all time high. If any one asks me, a scientist, that was the natural atmosphere.
          Then some pesky anaerobes evolved and started polluting the atmosphere with toxic oxygen and eventually with lethal ozone. So, the first generation of life went extinct and an aggressive aerobic form evolved. And so on through out evolution. Every now and then the world coughs up obsolete life forms and replaces them with more adapted forms. Who knows, the next intelligent life form might be dependent on a high carbon signature and higher levels of radiation and of what we consider pollutants.

        • ALWDAC – ‘When life first arose on our planet…’ Very true, however in the context of what I personally consider good or bad I would only go back about 650 million years ago when complex multi-cellular life appeared (i.e. life as we know it). CO2 was ~6000ppm. The dinosaurs breathed air that was 2500ppm CO2. And we imagine we’re destroying the planet with 400ppm CO2. Carbon is still being sequestered in anoxic zones in oceans and swamps and left to ‘nature’ the mass extinction of plants (quickly followed by just about everything else) would only be a few million years away. It’s likely that all multi-cellular life would cease to exist, returning earth to something more similar to the earth of a billion years ago where only single celled organisms exist. In the shorter term, the notion that mitigating the coming environmental catastrophe of advancing glaciers constituting a destruction of earth is absurd. Life (as we know it) would benefit from 1000+ppm CO2. The planet would sustain much more of it.

  11. Guns are cool you freakin’ twink. Just ask Woody Harrelson in his new zombie movie😄😎😏

  12. Saying that “everything else these objects contribute to” is as disgusting as misuse in mass shootings displays either a staggering amount of ignorance or an undeniable bias… or both.

    People are entitled to both, of course… but they are not entitled to be right regardless.

  13. “There is something alluring about guns, and this typically doesn’t sit well due with our disgust for mass shootings (and everything else these objects contribute to).
    It depends upon who is viewing them. I see that guns contribute more to safety, freedom, defense, sporting uses and joy; purposes firearms are put to far more than the killing of our fellow humans. But, like all objects, they can be used for evil, malevolent deeds. Cell phones keep us in touch, inform us, save lives but, they are also used to stalk others, harass others, photograph others in private situations and conspire to commit criminal deeds. Chain saws, pesticides, explosives, pharmaceuticals, cars, trucks, planes, kitchen knives, computers and email, ropes, chains, baseball bats, Bic lighters and gasoline, all make our lives better until one chooses to use them for evil. It isn’t the object it is the human who chooses the purpose it is put to.

  14. “Almost in the way a fighter jet is also alluring in terms of power and performance, but ultimately, it’s a killing machine, which is distasteful to any reasonable person.”

    Why? What logic attributes a human act to an inanimate object.

    Killing isn’t inherently wrong. In the total lack of everything human there is still killing. It is part of the natural order of the world. Killing for defense of self or food is never wrong. That goes for all species.

    We don’t chastise the lion for having evolved to kill the gazelle. That is what nature made it to be.

    We don’t have the same claws as we don’t need them. What nature gave us to be top predator was our brain. That we use that brain to perfect whatever it is we do isn’t wrong. It should be celebrated not condemned.

    • …brains made us the dominate species (paraphrased). i agree, but don’t forget the super important thumbs

  15. WOW, that was way cool. Bet that took some work. Thanks. All those great firearms I cant have. Cause I live in commie kaliforna. Where Freedom and liberty is only what gray suited political thugs say I can enjoy. TYRANNY!
    Now, I must go get some play dough, a puppy and find a safe space to recover.

    • Seriously, the editing and sound mixing are great. An excellent video, unless the artistic vision was to make something anti-gun, in which case, total fail. It is like an advertisement for awesomeness.

    • commie kaliforna: Soon to be the next 3rd world country/1st 3rd world state (although New Jersey is debatable)

  16. Is Patrick Smith related to Gersh Kuntzman? Or have they independently consumed far too many soy products?

    These are the questions that keep us awake at night.

    • That video made me sweaty, shakey, nervous, and irritable. It has taken me hours to calm down to the point where I can write this reply. I think I have a mild case of PTSD.

  17. Hi about REAL penalties for the Pieces of Sh!t who use these tools on an improper manner, and who violate the laws by possessing when a court has TOLD them they after a felony conviction. But no, the regressive left wants to reduce penalties for these monsters/criminals, then blame RESPONSIBLE firearm owners for the actions of the insane/lawbreakers.
    Sorry leftist, enforce the laws, pass strict penalty guidelines and allow the Death Penalty, with a strict “dead in less then a year” policy for mass murders, regardless of tool used. Any shrink who claims they can analyze the killer, and understand the why behind the mass murders actions, much less claim they can rehabilitate the psycho, is nutter then a squirrel turd, and should be locked up too.

    • “It is my opinion that he has made a very excellent response to the years of treatment and rehabilitation and I would see no psychiatric reason to consider him to be of any danger to himself or to any member of society.”

      “I am glad he had recently “expunged” his motorcycle and I would hope that he would do that (“seal it”) permanently since this seemed more a threat to his life and health than any threat he is presently to anyone else.”

      From the 1972 probation report of two — TWO! — psychiatrists about Edmund Kemper after “Big Ed” spent six years in a facility for the criminally insane for murdering his grandparents at age 15.

      Upon his release, Kemper the necrophiliac had a great old time murdered six young women, his mother and his mother’s best friend, all without the assistance of his motorcycle but certainly with the assistance of the two psychiatric dumb@sses who freed him.

  18. what we should do is start attacking them and calling them what they are COMMUNIST and make videos showing their tyranny. show the country as they want it. show people disagreeing and getting locked up. show the mass shootings by the government when the people try to rise up for their rights. show the poor people living in one room apartments. show how the government does not have any money to take care of the people but the “democrat elites” live in lavish homes, and have guns. show how more and more laws come out ” for your protection” but instead take away our freedoms. show how the voting becomes a sham with fixed outcomes until they just announce we are now the USSA. lets show the people the truth about who they really are and what will come when guns are outlawed.

    • sadly my friend, your description of showing the how it will be if they get it how they want it is already a reality (at least several of the points) in today’s USA (soon to be USSA unless we do something). families of 4-10 living in one room $30/night motels, dem elites in lavish homes with armed security, federal gov has been underwater financially for a very long time with no $ to take care of important issues, rigged elections (somehow my dead uncle has voted democrat in the last three elections despite me taking the death certificate to show and being promised he would be removed from the roles-yet he is still on there every time i go vote), and of course the really big one of despite the people electing me to represent them, i know what is best for those ignorant fools and will craft and support legislation for their own benefit. we are already in the nightmare world you postulated. it makes me want to cry for my children and grandchildren because i just cannot see any way for a positive future for them. take care

      • Why do no dead people vote Republican? Seems all the dead people I know always vote Democrat.

  19. “Almost in the way a fighter jet is also alluring in terms of power and performance, but ultimately, it’s a killing machine, which is distasteful to any reasonable person.”

    Uh, OK, I’ll bite I guess.

    Is there a particular reason to leave it at this? I’m not terribly surprised that Fast Company doesn’t get all deep and shit but it strikes me that if the above statement is in fact true then it raises far more questions than it answers, questions they don’t bother to ask, never mind contemplate the answers to.

    Questions like “If you find these things alluring why is that a problem?” Or “If you start from the base premise that guns are designed solely to kill then which people are they meant to kill, why and is that really a problem?”

    It’s odd to me to write such an article, claiming to note that it’s a window into something, and then a sentences later effectively yank the blinds shut and refuse to look through the window you just said was interesting.

    • good comment. i agree with you, and there is a strong clue to the author’s gun control core beliefs in that he/she/we/its/whatever the stupid pc label should be by their use of the term assault rifles rather than semi auto sporting rifles. as a long time gunsmith and designer and manufacturer of NFA items (including select fire burst and full auto machine guns) for military and law enforcement (what ever happened to peace officers – that is an entirely seperate and long discussion in itself), it really is revealing regarless of the author’s claims that he/she/etc./etc. is not knowledgeable about firearms enough to be qualified to pen the article. my guess is it is someone who saw the video and used it to throw together a quickie article regarding the video to get a quick $50 writing it for this forum. i may be wrong, but among other things i build both high end ar 15s and actual weapons of war (actual assault rifles). while no card carrying anti-gunner cares or even grasps the concept of this comment or understands that my experience and expertise (funny how the word expertise comes from experience) is a good bit more than the best of the propagandized and programmed anti gun advocate, i can say with certainty that modern sporting rifles like the ar 15 are not even in the same time zone with my custom designed actual assault rifles. the authors anti gun/socialist/liberal underwear is showing.

    • This myopic view of all things related to guns is, I think, a necessary pre-condition for being anti-gun. One who is informed about what guns are, how they work, how they are used and what their role and the roles of those who use them are in society, has a hard time making blanket statements about guns themselves being inherently evil or even just distasteful.

      I can’t really put myself in the shoes of someone who will declare something to be unacceptable based upon a surface level understanding of the subject without any further reflection or exploration. To me it is no different than stating that all drugs are evil while ignoring the reality that in the vast majority of cases, drugs are used to improve and/or prolong people’s lives – and only sometimes are they abused in such a way as to destroy someone’s life. Similarly, in the vast majority of cases, guns are used in a fashion that is either a net positive (life saving defense, defeat of aggressors) or neutral (I can find no moral case for or against collecting guns or plinking and collecting and plinking are probably the top two purposes for the vast majority of firearms in this country). This notion that guns are designed to kill and, therefore, are talismans that represent death and destruction is belied by the fact that the overwhelming majority of guns – regardless of what the supposed motivation behind their design was – are used in recreation.

  20. I feel like the goal of this was to be about gun control. If it was I wonder if the museums thanked at the end would have helped.

  21. “…finely machined metals, and eye catching colors?” Really? How could it? Each one was shown at about one-tenth of a second. It caused you, ” cognitive dissonance?” Perhaps, if you’re a little emotionally unstable. For the rest of us, it’s just quick flashes of inanimate objects that we wish we had. Guns are great fun. I’ve owned them my whole life. I joined the military at 17, where I began formal tactical training with real weapons of war. My AIT was complete at eighteen years of age, when I specialized in advanced crew serve, and individual serve weaponry. I’ve never shot anyone. I’ve never killed anyone. Unless there’s an imminent threat to myself, or my loved ones, I’m most certainly not going to harm anyone. I love people. That’s why I decided to become a mental health professional. With a handful of degrees, and some life experience, I find myself well-suited to say that the author of the above article should seek therapy. Thank you, and have a blessed day.

    • as someone with more than one degree in the mental health field, i concur. i need to grab my home copy of the DSM5 (i know it is not the latest edition) and see what the author’s potential diagnoses are. no doubt help is needed in some capacity.

    • i agree my friend. they are designed to kill (animals while hunting, predators to protect livestock, and sadly due to the evil in this world people, to protect oneself and others). of course some of them are also designed to kill in war (i.e. the American Revolution or the liberation of oppressed peoples in some of the darker corners of the world). one of my idols (Mr. John Browning) designed some of the best firearms and cartridges know to man. i have a very hard time believing that each time he designed a firearm, he thought this design is perfect for murder. he designed his firearms to level the playing field in the massive world wide revolutionary period and globe encompassing war for the purpose of providing force multipliers for who we in the western world refer to as “the good guys”. it speaks to his genious that several of his designs are over a century old and still are the go to weapons of choice for specific military operations.

      to the author: firearms are NOT horrible objects as was presented as fact in the article. a geo metro is a horrible object. much of what passes as modern art are horrible objects. the claim in the article that like fighter jets they have only one purpose, and that purpose is to kill. as an old former pilot i can tell you that fighter jets are amazing, but their purpose was originally (and mostly still is) military defense against other attacking air power, escorting bombers and cargo planes for defense and supply line protection, and one heck of a defensive deterrent to would be attackers. guns serve those same purposes, and just like fighter jets, they are tools used by HUMANS (and it is the humans who determine what they are used for).

      another quote from the article about guns contributing to all the world’s evils makes me a little irritated for two reasons. 1) inanimate objects cannot be good or evil, they just exist. 2) guns like all the other inanimate objects i own don’t contribute to anything (it would be nice if they paid rent or contribute to my household in some other fashion-but they cannot because as previously discussed by many), they are entirely controlled by humans (who contribute to either good or bad possibly using a firearm as a tool to be more effective toward the end goal of the human user) who either do good or evil (terrible things) with them. while under my control as a tool they do contribute to my meat supply, and defense. but, that is ONLY because the operator (me) choose to use those tools in that fashion. i did not and will not watch the video of firearms miked with water pistols and cap guns to shock every viewer into the “realization” that these engineering works of art are not capable of being terrible objects. when will sites supposedly dedicated to 2A going to stop spreading these thinly veiled opinion/propaganda pieces and get some authors with a good grasp of the English language, and are not writing just to try to subliminally slip in their beliefs that metal and composite in a certain shape is evil and a horrible item to exist.

      i don’t know why i try sometimes by commenting in these threads regarding articles that read as if a grade schooler wrote them, and are not even worthy of acknowledging as humans. they themselves have become tools (pun intended) of the socialist propaganda machine.

      God help the USA and its citizens for the purpose of steering our country back on the moral path, and eliminating the power these people somehow obtained which they are using to attempt to impose their will on the remainder of us (who outnumber them) because they are in a movie about unicorns or some bs that amazingly caused them to become not only gun experts (on why they are so bad), but the wacky idea that they can force their opinions on the rest of us in the for of laws, prhibitive taxes, etc.

      i won’t fly to hollywood and tell them how to read a card facing the camera, and i pray they have an epiphany and stop attempting to tell me what i should do with my firearms.

  22. The supposed “men” who have such emotional reactions while viewing inanimate objects, I don’t understand it.

  23. “Almost in the way a fighter jet is also alluring in terms of power and performance, but ultimately, it’s a killing machine, which is distasteful to any reasonable person.”

    How distasteful is that fighter jet when it’s being used to protect the lives of you and your family?

    If you needed to hunt for survival, would your hunting rifle be a distasteful killing machine then?

    What’s different about firearms that you use to protect yourself and your family?

  24. Aside from all of the nice photographs flashing by, did anyone else notice the background color shifting and music changing through different segments of the video? The first segment with handguns had an upbeat rhythm, with a neutral colored background. The middle segment depicting toy guns switched to a higher pitched, more playful sound with a bright yellow background. The last segment featuring primarily MSRs along with the assorted Uzi, M249, and other “black” guns switched to a bass-heavy rhythm with a far more menacing sound. Add to that the dark red background, strangely reminiscent of the color of blood, and you have a complete shifting in mood from relatively benign to whimsical and then to dark and foreboding. This is subliminal conditioning in one of its simplest forms. While pro-gun people generally view firearms as neither good nor evil, this sort of video can serve to further brainwash the neutral and anti crowds into viewing certain types of weapons in an even more negative light. It’s all about context.

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