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Johnathan Martin, from Arizona (how could you guess?) sends his Aircraft Inspection & Documentation carry.  From Everyday Carry.

In addition to the S&W M&P 9c in an Alien Gear Shape Shifter 4.0 appendix carry holster.

He complements that with a Benchmade Bugout Blade, a Streamlight Stylus Pro and a Secrid wallet.  Oh yeah, and a Skilcraft aviator pen.



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    • That’s a bit like my new CZ-RAMI, it comes with 2 mags, a 10 and a 14 rounder.

      With the 10-round in it, its a surprisingly comfortable 2-finger grip, with the 14, it’s a standard full 3-finger grip.

      It’s weird, it feels like 2 entirely-different guns…

    • Yeah, but you have the advantage of being able to turn it right back into a more concealable gun by putting a regular mag in, which you can’t do with a larger gun. Going to just wear a t-shirt instead of a jacket one day? No problem. Going for a hike the next day? In goes Mr. Extendo.

      • “…you have the advantage of being able to turn it right back into a more concealable gun by putting a regular mag in, which you can’t do with a larger gun.”

        Isn’t there someone cutting Glock frames down to turn a full-sized one into a more compact one?

        Was that the ‘foldable’ Glock mod?

    • True. Or, you could find a weapon that fits the whole hand ‘just right’ and carry that way. Beretta 85, for example.

      “Egad!”, you say, “A .380??? HORRORS!!!”
      Why, yes, actually. A .380.

    • I was wondering what that was. Dopey looking. Like a shoe/boot with different color heel.

  1. I guess the magazine catch broke so he duct taped it in place. The reload goes, pull out duct tape, pull out knife, open knife, cut duck tape,close knife put wherever, pull out magazine, reinsert fresh magszine, pull out duct tape, attache to gunm, wrap around a couple times, pull out knife, open knife, cut off excess duct tape, close knife, put back wherever, put duct tape in cargo pocket, commence firing. If you practice a lot its faster then it sounds

    • Birdshot or buckshot to drop a turkey ‘on the wing’?

      (Back in my drinking ‘daze’, I celebrated Thanksgiving with a bottle of Wild Turkey 101…)

  2. I wonder if he is a fellow alumni of ERAU. He should have included his inspection mirror.
    Fly Eagles!!

    • Many of the maintenance guys I see on the ramp are ex-AF A&P vets.

      He better not let the FAA guys at the flight service station see his hardware, there might be objections.

  3. You see it all the time people purchase a subcompact pistol because of it’s smaller size & ease of carry and concealability then they buy the biggest extended magazines they can find for it. Why even bother getting the smaller gun, just carry a bigger gun or extra magazines. The hardest part of the gun to conceal is the grip not the actual length of the gun. Take it from someone whose been carrying concealed daily for over 30 years, you learn how to make a gun less noticeable when you don’t want it to be seen until it needs to.

  4. Is that duct tape or an aluminum extension baseplate? I can’t tell when I blow the pic up.
    Gun? Check, Holster? Check, Knife? Check, Flashlight? Check, Spare Mag? Nope.
    At 58, I’ve got just enough of a gut to make Appendix Carry uncomfortable, unless I’m just standing or walking. So it’s a no go for me. Sitting down? Not happening. I prefer carrying small of back, but what you’re wearing really limits that nowadays, so I’m stuck with hip and baggy shirts😂.

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