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"Patrol: Armed police with a dog walk through the Marsh Farm estate in Luton after a spate of shootings in the Bedfordshire town" (photo and caption courtesy of

“A town at the heart of the usually sedate Home Counties is being patrolled day and night by armed police trying to stop feuding gangs killing each other,” reports. “In the past four months there have been nine shootings in Luton linked to trouble between youths on the Marsh Farm and Lewsey Farm estates . . . Armed officers are now patrolling both estates and using stop and search powers in an attempt to find weapons.” So much for the unarmed British Bobby, civil rights and the right to keep and bear arms in the Land of Hope and Glory. Make the jump for the latest police state fashion . . .

Cops on patrol in Luton, UK (courtesy

Hello, hello, hello. What's all this then? (courtesy

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  1. Apparently the UK is not nearly as gun free as that paragon of critical thinking, Piers Morgan, would think! Perhaps he should go over there and just trash talk the guys shooting each other like he does us law-abiding citizens.

    In fact, once he is over there he should just stay there over there!

  2. This is what happens to a supposedly disarmed populace.

    Also, Marsh Farm versus Lewesy Farm? Sounds like some real tough neighborhoods. Have at ’em you fierce tigers.

    • There must be some kind of language barrier thing with the UK. Are people there sent to work on collective farms or something? They live on some big Lord’s land and in exchange pay him tribute in labor? Are these cops there to keep the serfs in line? Sounding more and more like communist Russia to me.

      • Is that an issue with the G36C? I’d be more inclined to expect issues arising from the short sight radius with that stubby little barrel.

        Besides, in the situation shown, if you’re sending those 5.56 rounds more than 50-100m you probably shouldn’t be pulling the trigger.

        • The G36C has a few issues, but wandering zero isn’t one of them. Overall, it’s a great weapon, and when we used them I found them to be fantastic.

          This wandering zero stuff is just more nonsense from the Internet pseudo-experts. I doubt he has any direct experience with the weapon.

        • Roger. By all means purchase and use them then. No skin off my back. Enjoy and best of luck.

  3. I know this will never happen, but I would love to see the UK abolish its ultra-restrictive gun laws just to see the impact it would have on the crime rate. Then we could all say “told you so.”

    • In the short-run it would be horrible, as gangs flush with cash from illegal activities would likely be the first to benefit, but over the longer haul, we have more than enough evidence that the situation would improve over time, creating a safer population overall.

      • Agreed. It would also require culture shift from relying on the police to protect oneself to taking on the responsibility for yourself, which would also take a couple generations. But a guy can dream, right?

    • Saying “I told you so” wouldn’t matter. Gun Grabbers don’t listen to facts and they don’t care about logical arguments. All that matters to them is control and they won’t be in total control until all guns are illegal in the United States. All we have is our vote (and our guns, for now).

      • Right–their argument would be: “You got your guns back and crime rates went down. Just think how much further it would have gone down if you hadn’t got them back.”

      • I trained a spider monkey to taste my tests for me in high school, and he did so well I got a full scholarship to the Jacksonville Zoo.

    • Perhaps find some stats from 1939-40 when the NRA shipped thousands of donated civilian US firearms to the UK for use by their Home Guard. Crime drop while Tommy was prepping to repel boarders? I’d guess it did.

    • Not likely, no. There, as in here, they are suffering from violence that is the result of terrible socioeconomic conditions. Which are themselves the result of repeated conservative attacks on labor.

      It’s a gang war, like a dismally poor suburb of LA. Throwing guns at the problem won’t fix it; there are areas of LA that you shouldn’t go in no matter how many guns they have.

      Liberals turn to gun control because it makes them feel safer and they don’t want to address the economic issues that cause this kind of violence. Conservatives reject gun control because it makes them feel safer and they don’t want to address the economic issues that cause this kind of violence.

      Different answer, same delusion. Neither will work without fixing the socioeconomic conditions.

      I’m sure I’ll get called a commie again for this post. It’s okay, I know that Fascist beliefs are the inevitable result of lousy economic conditions too.

  4. Funny how they call that HK Grenade Launcher dangling from the middle guy’s crotch a “Baton Gun”.

    I hope he doesn’t have to run much, that’s going to hurt…

    • The G3 has a high recoil impulse for a .308, but try the G36 / SL8 sometime – very low recoil, even for a 5.56 x 45.

      • Ditto. The couple of times I’ve shot the G36 and G36C, I found both of them to be quite nicely aligned around a low bore axis.

        In fact, the mechanics of shooting both left me with the impression that a muzzle brake would be pointless, as there was effectively no muzzle rise when I used the grip suggested by the instructor.

    • Oh, but I do remember that the G3 was extremely accurate. Several decades ago, a group of us USAF SP had a chance to compete with a German military unit. We were all shooting G3s in one part of the competition. We were dropping targets with iron sites at distances our M-16s would never be able to hit. But, I should point out that maneuvering around with a G3 is tricky, much like carrying a long broomstick. Before someone asks, we won.

  5. So these guys are going into gang territory, where nine people have been individually shot, and yet they approach in teams of 3 wearing baseball caps and heavy jackets.

    LAPD/Boston police go out looking for 1 guy, in “friendly” territory, in teams of 476 with armored personnel carriers, full body armor, sniper support, helicopters with thermal cameras, and drones flying overhead.

  6. I’ve heard that the extremist Muslims over there are also heavily armed as well so it’s not just gangs they now have to try and control.

  7. This is why is really amuses me when Mikey B numbers asserts that Europeans enjoy more freedoms than we do. Currently the english enjoy no:

    1) freedom from unreasonable search and seizure (see above)
    2) right to remain silent (silence viewed as an indicator of guilt)
    3) right to keep and bear arms (duh)
    4) freedom of speech (they have an official secrets act)
    5) freedom from government quartering of troops (missiles on privately owned rooftops with no legal recourse to refuse)

    What a world.

    • You don’t understand. Those are worthless negative rights. In the UK they more positive rights like the National Health Service and a much better welfare system.

      • And you say all this because you want to be taken care of by your government.

        That makes you a slave, er, subject.

        • Clearly you’re new here. The comment you were responding to was dripping with sarcasm, though that might not be apparent to anyone who hasn’t read any of tdiinva‘s 1000 previous comments.

      • I realize that was sarcasm too- but the scary thing is we are rapidly getting there- Sibelius hitting up private companies to donate to teach trainers how to sign people up for Obamacare, which we know will bankrupt small businesses, and is driving doctors out of private practice in record numbers, while Medicare doesnt pay for needed hospital care. SSI disability approvals are skyrocketing, due to the blatant fraud in the cottage industry of ambulance chasers running seminars to get people on it, when their unemployment runs out.

  8. The definition for all history of a free man versus slave is those who can lawfuuly carry personal weapons suitable for the battle field and those who can’t.

    By that definition; not only are The British subjects actually slaves to the crown; but over 6 billion human beings living on this planet are living in the darkness of slavery and tyranny as well.

  9. I’ve been to the UK a couple times in the past ten years, and each time I’ve seen police carrying MP5s all around the greater London area. I’m not really sure where or when the myth of the “unarmed Bobby” was supposed to exist. It certainly isn’t in modern times.

    That being said, I’ve had online discussions with people in the UK who still claim that there are no guns in the UK – none at all. I then pointed them to the laws that define their (albeit extremely limited) ability for private citizens to own firearms, and then the argument shifted to “well, may be you can own them under certain restrictions, but there’s no good reason to.” Oh, you mean except for the multitude of cases of home invasions and gang crime involving knives and (imaginary?) guns.

    The person could never explain why or how gangs still manage to get guns, and seemed to be in denial that they actually have them.

  10. I guess the UK cop wristlock is not all the rage anymore. Must have been that getting their ass shot up that did it, Randy PS, don’t show that to piers, I don’t want to see him sputtering like Sam Erwin at the watergate trials, Randy

    • The same place these lazy mass murdering fratricidal inbreds they get their cars (another issue for another day RE:The reason why American boys are sent overseas to ‘liberate’ Nationalised petrol deposits (Iraq, Iran, Egypt)).

  11. I think this is hysterical. Talk about brain dead people. Happy to see policeman with automatic rifles, and they think that is going to keep them safe??

    In England, the country with the highest violent crime rate in Europe??

    Puhlease!!! The bad guys can see them a mile away. Awoid them all day (and night) and continue on with their activities.

    • Im in the UK if you know anyone in the international business of dealing small arms and ammo i’d be all to happy to get in touch with them.

  12. Oh my goodness well Piers’ panties must certainly be in a wad over this. Right? Shootings in England? Violence? Never!!! Suck it Piers! And to the good people of England stand and fight, kick off your oppressors wake up and be free!

  13. In reality its all about the smoothbore in the UK when it concerns criminal firearm use.

    In this latest public service stunt the Zionist British N.W.O have specifically chosen German hardware and working beasts as a means of projecting to the malcontent English a hidden message. This story focuses upon Luton an area that has been heavily ethnically cleansed by the Zionist British N.W.O of its aboriginal Anglo-Saxon peoples and happens to persist as a major cause for protest amongst the Zionist lead street mob called “English Defense League”.

    Thus the British propaganda machine seeks a way to steer heavily indoctrinated minds (with the ~100+ years of encouraging and pushing anti German attitudes) through subliminal messaging to reach the desired state of mind, they want all the Mongs to falsely believe that the Zionist ethnic cleansing and scorched earth policies are product and protected by “Ze Germunz” rather than have to cope with a Nationalist lead Civil War scenario.

    • I would have guessed that the Kaiser and Herr Hitler might have influenced the opinion of Brits towards Deutschland. Perhaps not.

      Zionists. Get a clue.

      • American pig dog, why do you open your English filled mouth with more Zionist lies.

        F.D.R and his useful idiot of a chum Winston Synagoguehill have provided us all with evidence that Hitler and his great effort were for all the right reasons.

        • Whoa- thats a lot of bat-guano-crazy-howling and snapping, flipping head-over-heels on spit-fleckled ground you just covered there, OE.

          NWO, Zionists, American Pig-Dog. I’m confused.

          Is it a full moon?
          Or did the sunspots burn a hole in your aluminum skullcap?

      • No, HK hates you and you suck, because you filthy commoners* keep demanding consumer-market products which unfortunately subsidize their government-contract bids. They’ll be glad to sell G36s to city and state all day long though.

        *Says the owner of a well-loved USP40…

        • I will buy your HK40?! Or if you have, I will gladly see you part ways with a Walter. My RTKABA in the UK is kaput because the Zionists fear Operation Sea Lion.

          They dont make guns here either because they fear Trade Union Muscle. They do make C.S Gas here though (Which they sell to Syria)


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