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“Venezuela’s Oct. 7 general elections will be patrolled by 139,000 troops, [according to] the head of the military strategic command, Gen. Wilmer Barrientos,” reports. “The deployment seeks to provide security and help organize the elections efficiently ‘so that no inconveniences arise,’ he told state television.” Business as usual in Venezuela under Hugo Chavez’s dictatorship. Anyone who thinks Chavez will be removed from power at the ballot box—or that America will endanger the flow of oil to the U.S. by demanding something roughly akin to democratic elections—hasn’t been paying attention. The only real change: this is the year that the Venezuelan government outlawed private gun ownership and limited bullet sales to 50 rounds. Connect those dots and cry the beloved country.

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    • Those 50 rounds aren’t for the citizen.They’re meant for the enforcers who come to the door.Remember,in Soviet Russia the KGB sent a bill to the family of the condemned for the bullet fired .

  1. Thanks for posting this as a warning to all Americans. This could easily happen here. In fact, if Obama is re-elected it probably will happen here. Tyranny is coming. Be afraid, be very afraid and take steps to prepare.

    • As the son of a Holocaust survivor whose unarmed, extended family was starved, beaten and gassed, whose father’s only goal after his ordeal was to become an American so he could raise a family with rights protected by the U.S. Constitution, who saw gun grabbers as the proto-fascists that they are, your sarcasm is not appreciated.

      • Mr. Farago, while Mikeb302000 sympathizes with your family’s pain & acknowledges historical “quirks” like the Third Reich, he’d like you to explore the hostility you seem to have for your intellectual ‘betters’.

        They just want what’s best for all of us. Why wouldn’t anyone want that?

        Now get back in line.

      • Missed the edit window.

        You think mikeb will ever appreciate the irony that the 2A was created because there are people like him in the world? That people like him are one of main reasons many of us own guns?

    • If the zombies and cannibals come out after the SHTF and TEOTWAWKI then gun-grabber mikeb will be served mixed into a bowl of hot buttered grits.

      mikeb, your ignorance and ongoing denial of the plight of the masses under various rulers and/or changing times spanning the course of history and what that teaches average citizens to prepare for is really quite incredible. You are a pathetic little man.

    • The troll lives! I am so glad you could surface in such trumpeting support with your witty little ditty of criers of foreboding woe…
      Crawl back into your hole mikeybnumbers.
      Inches and miles. Do I need to revisit the simple lesson of your drug addled past? Go cry in a fine Italian beer that is composed primarily of surrender and piss.

    • You dirty libtards want us to join Germany, USSR, and other gun grabbing countries. Always the liberals. Securlar humanist, athiest American jews are so different from religious Israelis. So strange.

  2. Never mind the 139,000 troops. I’m wondering how many election officials will be on hand to help, um, “interpret” ballots.

  3. To be honest, I don’t care about the Venezuelans, or I care about them as much as they care about me. I do care about cheap gas, however.

    • Although I agree with you in principle, Venezuelan oil is largely irrelevant to cheap gas. Less than 5% of our oil comes from there. (45% of US consumption is imported, and only 11% of that is from that fat little clown, Hugo.)

  4. For a minute there I thought we were looking at the Chicago Teachers Union marches.

    It’s going to take cancer to get Uncle Hugo out of office. Then we see who takes his place. I haven’t bought Citgo gas in years, and will not, since it supports this dictator. Sure other countries suck too but Citgo is his.

    MikeB203000 should take a look around where he lives, he’s in the center of a really big problem politically and financially. And RF is a big man for leaving his shitty sarcasm up. I would not.

    • Why take down a post that makes one’s enemy look like a tactless fool? Mikeb hurts himself with his posts, more than we ever could.

      • I do the math like this. Every time mikeybnumbers posts here he wins us more converts to the progun cause. The only reason he posts here is his own anti gun site is a flop and he’s not smart enough to see that his snarky tantrums here are hurting his cause instead of helping it.

  5. Outlawing private gun ownership is definitely double plus ungood.

    However, I urge the readers and the author to not believe all the propaganda being regurgitated by the government & mainstream media about Venezuela/Chavez. The guy has done more for the people of that country than everyone that was before him combined. And who’s always complaining about him? Their rich elite. Do your research better.

    • Back atcha. How ’bout this from

      The principal human rights abuses reported during the year included government actions to impede freedom of expression and criminalize dissent. The government harassed and intimidated privately owned television stations, other media outlets, and journalists throughout the year, using threats, fines, property seizures, targeted regulations, and criminal investigations and prosecutions. The government did not respect judicial independence or permit judges to act according to the law without fear of retaliation. The government used the judiciary to intimidate and selectively prosecute political, union, business, and civil society leaders who were critical of government policies or actions. Failure to provide for the due process rights, physical safety, and humane conditions for inmates contributed to widespread violence, riots, injuries, and deaths in the country’s prisons.

      In addition, the following human rights problems were reported by nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), the media, and in some cases the government itself: unlawful killings, including summary executions of criminal suspects; torture and other cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment; prison violence and harsh prison conditions; inadequate juvenile detention centers; arbitrary arrests and detentions; corruption and impunity in police forces; corruption, inefficiency, and politicization in a judicial system characterized by trial delays and violations of due process; political prisoners; interference with privacy rights; restrictions on freedom of expression; corruption at all levels of government; threats against domestic NGOs; violence against women; anti-Semitism in the official media; trafficking in persons; violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity; and restrictions on workers’ right of association . . .

      According to PROVEA, 37 national, state, and municipal police entities as well as the armed forces were involved in extrajudicial killings between October 2010 and September 2011, with the Scientific, Penal, and Criminal Investigative Corps (CICPC) and the National Guard associated with the most violations. There was no information available on the numbers of public officials who were prosecuted or received prison sentences for involvement in extrajudicial killings.

      On May 28, two hooded assailants killed Juan Jose Barrios, making him the seventh member of his family to be killed allegedly by Aragua State police agents since the Barrios family publicly complained of police abuse in Aragua in 1998. On June 2, the Inter-American Human Rights Commission (IACHR) issued a statement deploring the killing and stating that “the Venezuelan state has not adopted the necessary measures to protect the life of the members of this family, who continue to be targets of assassination, detention, raids, threats and harassment” (see section 1.e.). The Barrios family has been under IACHR protection orders since 2004.

      And so on.

    • “Do your research better.”

      I did my research with people who fled his little circus and Chavez has destroyed the place. 12 cents a gallon for gas but you can’t buy food in the stores.

      If it wasn’t for the oil he stole it would be the North Korea of South America.

      Don’t be a tool for Chavez, he doesn’t need your support.

  6. I know how most here feel about nutnfancy and his youtube videos, but his most recent one about the state of the US is pretty spot on (if entirely too drawn out and wordy). Also, his analogy of a sinking ship is a decent representation of whats happening, and that we are in the time directly after the iceberg strike. What we do now will determine the outcome of our country, and could have terrible outcomes.

  7. Yet another dictator disarming the populace, real big surprise. Add him to the list with BFF Fidel Castro. Luckily our forefathers only turned in their bullets and not their guns to the British at the battle of Lexington. And by bullets being turned in I mean coming out of a barrel. That’s the only way to really turn in your guns.

  8. I am in the camp of people who think Chavez could be the next Hitler or Stalin if he survives the cancer he has been fighting.

    Step #1: Crush your ooposition CHECK
    Step #2: Seize power CHECK
    Step #3: Disarm the people CHECK
    Step #4: Mass murder…coming soon

  9. Maybe Chavez’s cancer will get a little assistance from the CIA? Thats one battle the people of Venezuela cannot afford for Chavez to win.

  10. I’m looking forward to your future article titled:

    “This is What Happens to an *Armed* Populace: USA Edition”

    With a nice picture of Bush and Cheney putting the patriot act into place and not a single one of you I-must-have-my-guns-to-defend-against-my-rights-being-infringed blowhards using them.

    Talk is cheap – so when are all you gun-toting chickenhawks going to actually step up and DO something about the erosion of the constitution with these guns you say you need to defend it? Or is it just a case of not caring, as long as you get to keep your precious toys, and possibly break a few “liberal” bones when the state sends your brown shirt through in the mail?

    • Hmmmm its when the peaceful process of rectifying the government overstepping its bounds fail that armed response is needed. Last time I checked there was still a peaceful process (aka “democratic elections”) for challenging the governments power to implement policy.

    • Hmmmmm, maybe we could accomplish some of that if we weren’t constantly having to fight off back stabbing attacks on our 2a rights. Let’s see how you do on correcting those wrongs you pointed out and I’ll try to correct the wrongs You’re committing.

      Bush and Cheney may have put the patriot act in place but I’ve seen no EO from barry shutting it down.

      • Yeah the last four years under Obama sure have been nothing but a constant assault on your gun rights.

        No, wait, it’s that other thing – the one where he hasn’t made any attempt to take away your guns whatsoever.

        It’s been over ten years since the patriot act came in, and since then the tree of liberty you all claim to support so fervently hasn’t seen a single drop of blood. But it’s OK I guess – football season has started again so the constitution can wait a while longer while you all chug weak beer and talk loudly about what patriots you are compared to the sheeple because you own a firearm.

        • Questions

          1. Do you own a gun? If so, what’s stopping you from protecting the constitution yourself?

          2. If you don’t own a gun, then are you just talking a lot of trash so we, who do own, can do your work for you?

          I mean… I know the liberal mindset is “something must be done!!! By somebody else!” But this is taking it a step too far, no?

        • So, Hmmmm. am I to infer from your insinuations that you are advocating armed rebellion against the lawful government of the U.S.? But of course you want us to take the risks and do your dirty work.

          I sure hope your comments haven’t put you on the government’s radar as a “person of interest”.

      • JWM, notice how hmmmm switches topic when you trap his logic? Anti-gun types sure don’t have much constitutional substance that you can pin them down on…

        • Her and mikeybananas are hit and run bullshit artist. Neither one of them believes in what they’re preaching, they just like flapping their gums.



          [You] talk a big game about using your guns to defend the constitution, but have no intention of actually doing anything about it. After all, Idol is on tonight and I hear the McRib will be returning soon.

        • Hmmmmm, if we did what you tell us to do, you’d call us insurrectionists and traitors. If we don’t, you tell us that our guns have no purpose. Heads I win, tails you lose isn’t a fair argument.

        • Hate to bust your bubble,hmmmmm, I don’t have cable, or satellite tv nor am I a sports fan. I’ve even been known to turn up at classical music concerts and have seen an opera or two.

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