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Post Sandy warning (courtesy

“They swooped in like vultures over just a few weeks, stealing brand new copper pipes, or sometimes contractor’s tools, from homeowners struggling to make their houses livable after Hurricane Sandy,” reports. “The head of the Mid-Island’s 122nd Precinct said he’s dedicating 10 patrol cars to neighborhoods along the East Shore where Sandy hit the hardest.” I guess the Chief understands the deterrent effect of an armed response. Just like local residents. “The move came in response to a pattern of break-ins in Ocean Breeze and Midland Beach that left some residents so frustrated and angry that they talked of setting booby traps and administering vigilante justice.” Is that what you call protecting yourself and your property by force of arms? It is in The Empire State, where they’re from the government and they’re there to help. Except when they’re not.

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  1. Happened here after tornadoes came through. Scavenging jerks pretending to help with the cleanup, while packing up pick-ups full of valuables and leaving. There are worthless scum everywhere. For the most part, no violent or outright looting occurred. Just the spineless thefts in the dark or when the owners are not around, that I am aware of. But I am glad I am armed should it ever affect me directly.

  2. A helpless populace is what the CDM wants. Forced to rely upon the Govt. to ‘protect’ them (which translates as ‘show up some point after bad things have happened and take a report’ and seize the ‘illegal’ gun you’ve been using to protect yourself…or just seize it if you’re in a certain gulf-coast area…)

  3. The dilemma faced by a New York homeowner is not acquiring the weapon,but the reaction of their government in the aftermath.From what I understand of East Coast politics,the police would take the defender into custody-after which their home would be looted anyways.

    We thus see that the 2nd Amendment is much like air:its value tends to be appreciated only in its absence.

  4. Just would like to point out Staten Island, the place described in the article is part of NYC and not New Jersey. So our gun laws are even worse.

  5. I can tell you the gun buying frenzy started on Long Island with Sandy. Got worse with the re-election. Got worse again with the Newtown shooting. Got worse again with passage of the NY SAFE Act. For about 2 months, you couldn’t find ANYTHING in a LGS except a few bolt guns and side-by-sides. A lot of them cleared out inventory they hadn’t been able to sell for years. A lot of N00bs bought guns they never should have just to have something. Anything.

  6. TO: All
    RE: Heh

    We have a similar situation developing here where I live.

    Several break-ins in one week. All within a block and a half of where I live.

    Fortunately for me—being a retired Army mustang of the Airborne and Ranger persuasion—I can deal with it should they attempt my residence.

    On the other hand, I saw this coming 30 years ago…..

    Back in the 80s, when I lived outside of Fort Carson—in a neighborhood full of military types—we had a meeting with the local law enforcement types about setting up a Neighborhood Watch.

    The LEAs gave their usual cock-and-bull plan of signs, serial numbers and such.

    Our counter proposal was to erect a monument at the main entrance to the development. We said we’d inscribe on it the name of every burglar/rapist/whathaveyou we gunned down….as most of us were combat arms types.

    The expression on the LEA at our suggestion was priceless.


    [.45 cal, because it’s just silly to have to shoot someone twice.]

  7. Suddenly after Sandy the folks forgot how to spell?
    And who did they vote for in the last three elections? Let me guess.


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