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Crime map for one week in Englewood neighborhood of Chicago (courtesy

I recently blogged the Chicago machine’s attempts to maintain Cook County as a “gun free” zone. TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia are well aware that Windy City politicians’ ongoing efforts to keep law-abiding citizens disarmed is part and parcel of their perfidious policies and criminal corruption. In the “debate” over concealed carry, both pro and anti cite the city’s sky-high homicide rate. Last year, Chicago was home to 500 homicides. This year is set to outpace last. Here’s what doesn’t get a look-in: all the other crimes enabled by Chicago Democrats’ love of civilian disarmament. The image above [via the Chicago Tribune’s most excellent interactive crime stats widget] represents one month’s worth of crime data for Englewood and surrounding neighborhoods. Time to tool-up, no matter what the crooks say, or how many times local ignorami vote them into office.

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  1. Clicking the map link leads to long term charts; since 2001 violent, property, and quality of life crimes are all down as being reported by the numbers assuming those are accurate numbers.

    • We already know that the police in that fine city no longer respond to most crimes with no injuries, as long as the value of the loss is less than a certain amount (sometimes given as $500 or $1000, maybe more now). With no police response you get no police report and with no police report you have no crime to add to the statistics. They are cooking the books to make it look like there isn’t a crime problem. I seem to remember at least one instance where a homicide was later reclassified as accidental (might have been legit, who knows).

  2. Once again I say crime is the Progressive’s first first choice for maintaining control. The underlying purpose of the Berkley law professor’s NYT article was to reinforce the notion that a citizen resisting crime creates more violent offenders. His message is give the enforcer his fair share and you will be ok. Progressives fully intend to turn over the streets to the thugs.

    It no different than their attitude about piracy (self defense will make them angry) or don’t offend Muslims because they will have just cause to bomb the Boston marathon.

    • Hmmm… whether authentic or not, that video released by the Nawlins constabulary would seem to bear a pro-resistance message.

    • Of course they want crime; that’s what their repression thrives upon. They use that to sponsor even more control and repression.

      Is this the kind of country/society you want to live in? Not me. They must be exposed for the evil dirtbags they are. They must be defeated, at whatever cost.

    • probably not. Baltimore city just had a scandal at the jail. The whole freaking thing was taken over and being run by a gang leader. 13 correctional officers indicted. FBI blames union rules that prevent the correctional officers (4 of whom got pregnant by the gang leader) from being disciplined.

      Its much simpler than the need for control: the unions are corrupt and protecting their own, the politicians are corrupt and protect the union, and the voters get bought off with some projects thrown to donors. Everybody is jerking everybody else. It’s money pure and simple and there is a lot of it floating around. Look at donor sheets sometime, they makes me feel like I need a shower. politician X donates to politician Y’s campaign. Company Z donates and gets some legislative results. Grade A money laundering and bribery, er except its all legal. Crime is just the byproduct of the corruption.

  3. The overall murder rate is down year over year in Chicago. Rahm and the Chief of Police keep harping on that fact. Yet, comparatively year over year, Chicago has seen vastly different weather. 2012 had a very mild winter and several days in March where the temp was above 80 degrees. This year, winter pretty much seemed to end Monday. Yesterday was the first truly warm, 80 degree plus day so far this year. And, of course, gang bangers took advantage, with 3 gun murders and 17 injuries last night alone.

    • Sorry; post went to Jupiter and back. I went ape, unnecessarily.

      These people drive me nuts. Can we arrange a steel cage Battle Royale?

  4. How does Chicago compare to the Big Easy? Last year New Orleans racked up 193 murders for a population under 360,000. That’s a much higher per capita murder rate than Chicago, and it’s in a state with some of the freest gun laws in the nation.

    What’s going on there, or in cities like St. Louis and Detroit, which also have a higher per capita rate than Chicago and easier access to guns (CCW, etc.)?

    • So sorry. It can’t be expressed here, without being dismissed as “racist”. Where is the local black community? Where are their so-called “leaders”?

      Banning weapons of mass resistance, that’s where.

      Fools. Clowns. Idiots. Grandstanding nincompoops.

      • I wouldn’t dismiss it. Hell, you might be onto something. Funny how Libs never mention that their favorite examples of “successful” gun control, like Australia and Japan, are highly homogenous societies.

        Just sayin’.

        • The Japanese usually count murder-suicides as all suicides. The actual murder rate is much higher than the official one.

        • They are far more than homogenous societies, they lack blacks. There are plenty of homogenous societies in sub saharan Africa, they are still all shit holes. The only time it there were places which were even habitable was in sections of Rhodesia or apartheid South Africa.

        • They are far more than homogenous societies. There are plenty of homogenous societies in sub saharan Africa, they were still all shit holes. The only time it there were places which were even habitable was in sections of Rhodesia or apartheid South Africa.

    • This is a really good point. Hacking on Chicago for its murder/violent crime rate doesn’t get us anywhere if the murder rate is actually worse in several cities where guns aren’t restricted so much.

      It’s not necessarily about crime. Any urban area that has pockets of persistent poverty and a gang problem could have a high murder rate, and law-abiding gun owners aren’t going to change it much because the murder rate is mostly gangbangers killing each other.

      Can strict gun control solve an endemic violence problem? The examples of Chicago and DC say probably not. Can unrestricted gun ownership do it? Probably not, if places like Detroit, NOLA, and St. Louis are any indication.

      Still, if you were to look at defensive gun usage — as a good thing, not as just more “senseless” violence — you’d probably find more in places where people are allowed to have guns. That would be freedom of choice in action.

      The real issue is that there’s a Constitutionally guaranteed, natural human right to keep and bear arms for the defense of yourself, your family, and (assuming it’s worth defending) the state. It’s a matter of individual conscience, not state control.

      Our Constitutional rights aren’t secondary to any city’s crime rate, whether it’s high or low.

      • Seattle has a population of over 600,000 (Wikipedia says 620,778) and Washington’s gun laws are actually less restrictive than Texas’. We had 26 homicides, which everybody was freaked out about, because it was a huge increase over the 20 we had in 2011.

        That’s total homicides, not just homicides with guns.

        • Yes, this is my point. Seattle with guns does not equal St. Louis with guns or Chicago without them. Cities are just different, and guns probably aren’t the reason why.

          Also, Seattle is awesome.

          I see all these people saying Texas is so great, and I just shake my head. If they had spent any time at all here in the NW they’d know different.

      • The difference between Chicago and other places like East St. Louis and Detriot is that Chicago is only 34% black. If you were to compare the per capita rate in neighborhoods of Chicago (Englewood, Greater Grand Crossing, Austin, etc) which mimic the racial demographics of places like those mentioned above, they would be substantially similar.

  5. I love it when all the libs come on here trying to paint a rosey picture here. They then compare other “states” that have “freer”(as if there is such a thing az too free for law abiding citizens) & ccp holders yet state no facts as to the number of those crimes commited by ccp holders… or how many were commited by prior felons instead… Any wonder why? Because those stats would not support their false theories.

    Go pawn it on unknowledgable free thinkers! We will not be deceived!

    • THAT’s what its called. Been so many years since high school, all I could think of was tintinnabulation.

  6. In Chicago about 80% of all gun murders are committed by black males, nationally it’s about 65%. You tell me what’s up?

    • Because when it comes to inconvenient facts, America is a truth-free zone.

      Butthurt, however, is all you can eat.

      • Even TTAG is a truth free zone, which is ironic since Truth is in its name. I know I’ve had RF delete my posts which did nothing more than detail Chicago crime by race using stats from the CPD. It is nothing more than Jewish multiculturalism being forced down our throats, which in itself is rather ironic because last year there were race riots by the Jews in Israel which helped cause the government to Sudanese refuges. It is nothing more than mandatory multiculturalism for us, but not for them.

    • Truth. No one will ever be able to address the plague of violence if no one bold enough to discuss the realities of it. It is a fact that this plague is most prevalent in poor neighborhoods in cities. We need to be able to look at that and not feel classist because we think we are making a value judgement of the poor as a group by acknowledging that fact. It isn’t a value judgement and it isn’t about morality. There are simply logical incentives related lack of opportunity outside of illegal commerce, which relies on violence as the only available conflict resolution mechanism. It is a fact that the black and minority people in these poorer areas are most often affected by the violence, and perpetrating it. We need to be able to look at that and not feel racist because we think we are making a value judgement minorities as a group by acknowledging that fact. Again, it’s not the people or their station, it is the incentives linked to their circumstances.

      People are afraid to dig into the issues of socioeconomic status and race when it comes to violence because there has been a history of blaming things on some imagined “intrinsic nature” of these groups, and that is racist/classist. We need to be bold enough to overcome this fear and confident enough in ourselves not to slip into an old pattern of racist thought.

      So essentially what I’m positing is the problem with these people focused on guns and afraid to mention that a murderer or victim was poor or black is they are neither bold enough nor have the confidence not to be racist.

      • Ding ding ding ding ding! Give that man a SEEgar! You have identified the problem perfectly. Problem is, the politicians know what the problem is too, but either they can’t figure a way to solve it–or maybe don’t want to.

      • Poor doesn’t make you a thief or mugger. Being a scumbag does. This being driven you family/community values and upbringing. The village does frequently make the child.

      • It isnt really socio-economic status which is the problem. I spend plenty of time in lower class predominately white areas of Wisconsin. I never feel at risk, and the residents there dont either because I’ve seen kids leave bikes in a park unattended and adults leave their cars with the keys in the ignition, the windows down and the engine running.

  7. Robert A. Heinlein, regarding civilian disarmament:

    “That a free citizen should have to go before a committee, hat in hand, and pray for permission to bear arms – fantastic! Arm your daughter, sir, and pay no attention to petty bureaucrats.” – Red Planet

    • Hal, the populace in Chicagoland have this weird thing going on where they pick some of the most corrupt politicians on the planet. These same politicians have been able to convince a lot of the citizens that they will be protected with gun bans, even though the effectiveness of the City’s police and judicial system has been questionable in dealing with crime. I don’t know how that situation can be corrected.

  8. RF, how could you NOT cite W.H. Thompson is always posting it on here, along with very well thought out arguments that show how gun control do not reduce violence. Now it has become the first website I use when arguing that point.

  9. I see two issues, poverty and drugs. I have no idea how to alleviate poverty. But decriminalizing drugs would go a long way toward minimizing violence in our cities. Hell, take all that wasted war on drugs money and roll it into education/vocational incentives for the poor, perhaps. All I know is the gun legislation problems started as a reaction to prohibition, and the govt hasn’t learned.

    • Really we need to dump MORE tax $ into “education”. Show an ROI on the trillions spent by the feds in the last 50years.

      Yeah, free pot for all. And free hot and cold running hookers. That will show the gangs and capos

    • Treat cannabis like alcohol. We all know that the political folks will bitch about that because they know it can’t be regulated and they would lose out on the tax income!

    • Education has nothing to do with it, race does. I myself went thru the public school system. I spent 4 years working in IL school district 202 and another year at the Chicago Public Schools. Decriminalising drugs wont fix this either, look at the shooting at the 4/20 festival in Colorado recently, they’re essentially legal there, yet the blacks still managed to start shooting at each other.

  10. The map just provides an area that all should avoid…should they not already be doing so…excluding that area leaves Chicago with a relatively low crime rate…

    • All the murders didnt happen in Englewood, and there are plenty of other almost exclusively black neighborhoods in Chicago. I even hear gun shots on at least a weekly basis in my neighborhood on the north side which is only about 26% black.

  11. Part of the problem that Chicago has is with the access of firearms. It’s not with banning them, it’s how they are transported through Chicago: trains. The dirtbags are cracking open trains in the yards and are swiping all the firearms that are being shipped by the manufacturers. You want gun control in Chicago/C(r)ook Co, politicians? How about you stop taking guns away from the people who legally have and use them and require these trains to be properly protected so the product isn’t being jacked. That’s gun control that would work for everyone.

    • Have a source for that? As a Chicago resident i’ve never read a single story about a gun shipment via train being intercepted. The gun store I frequent though got broke in to at least twice last year from blacks from the south side whom were eventually caught.

      Note, the part of them smashing a glass window with a sledgehammer is intentionally misleading. There is a heavy steel door behind the glass door.

  12. I don’t live in Chicago and never will so I don’t give a care about their crime.

    • I don’t know anyone named GS650G, so I don’t care what you say or what happens to you – you Big American Baby™!

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