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Remember that load of crap Governor Jay Nixon (D-Mizzurah) spewed when news broke that his Department of Revenue was sending CCW holders’ personal data to DHS? He was very reassuring, letting Show Me Staters know that no one in his administration was engaged in a program to rat out concealed carriers. Or as he put it so eloquently, “There are no documents being sent to some federal government magic database somewhere to do something.” Except there was, as became clear when his Director of Revenue fessed up. And so did the head of the Highway Patrol. Still, Jay did the full Sgt. Schultz, professing that he knew nossing, nossing about the blatant violation of state law. Except, as it happens, he did . . .

As Dana Loesch is reporting at, Nixy signed the Missouri law himself that prohibited compliance with the federal REAL ID Act. And when his own DOR thumbed its nose at the law and sent Missourians’ personal information to Washington anyway, he got a big fat metaphorical smooch for laying down and rolling over from DHS top dog(gette) Janet Napolitano.

Ruh roh. Hard to claim that no one was sending prohibited information to the feds when he’d already been scratched behind the ears — in writing — for, well, sending prohibited information to the feds.

But hold on, there’s good news! The Gov was already scheduled to testify in a public hearing this Friday. Which should give some legislators a chance to ask him when he stopped beating his wife lying to Missourians. If he ever did. This is about the only thing that could make me regret being at the NRA Meeting on Friday. Buckle your seatbelts, Missourians. This could get interesting.     [h/t DrVino]

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  1. BLACKGUARD sonovabitch! WHERE’S the tar? WHERE’S the feathers?

    Until we cease to tolerate these farking TICKS on the BODY POLITICK, we’re screwed.

  2. The sad thing is the Democrat AG won’t prosecute a clear crime so someone will need to sue but unless they can show damages I’m not sure if that will even work.

  3. One little problem here…

    It’s my understanding that the data transfer to the feds was in November 2011 and February 2012. The “thank you” letter linked above is from March 2010.

    • Which means it was going on longer than anyone had previously acknowledged. And was still going on when (now former) DOR director Brian Long testified a few weeks ago that he had no intention of stopping the practice. Oops.

      • Dan, are you talking about the actual paperwork you get from whomever does the background check or all of your personal info? Because when I renewed in Nov. of 2011, the St. Charles County Sheriffs office told me to take personal ID with me (birth certificate, passport anything that proved it was really me) when going for my actual license. When I got there the nice young girl told me I didn’t need any of that and wished the Sheriffs office would stop telling people to bring it. Now did she scan my paperwork from the sheriff, I don’t know, I didn’t see her do it! And yes, that doesn’t mean they (the license bureau) didn’t do it later. So what are they turning over to the feds?

        • The reports were that they scanned personal documents (passport, Soc Sec cards, utility bills in some cases) and send that info to the feds. Not just your CCW renewal paperwork. This apparently varied somewhat by county. Google some of the early news reports.

        • My renewal in St. Louis County County (not a typo, separate from St. Louis City County, and stupid) in March 2010 was smooth as could be. No fee at the SO, just had to show my existing Non-Drivers with CCW endorsement and the letter I got saying it was renewal time. The DOR by my house only needed the approval letter they gave me at the SO, my old Non-Drivers, and ten bucks. They kept the old license, but they do that for standard Drivers licenses too.

          I have had friends since then have varying degrees of difficulty, one went to the same DMV and had no issues, one in Chesterfield (same County SO) was asked for ridiculous things, like previous three months concurrent utility bills, and one in Wentzville (outside county limits) was initially told that the “backlog” prevented her from getting her CCW license printed that day. She asked for a supervisor and lo she had her license in 15 minutes.

          Clearly some DORs got the message / decided to follow marching orders and others didn’t.

        • Dan,

          What happened is that the DOR got grants from DHS to purchase equipment to be used to scan documents and send them to the feds. Not all license offices have been updated and had the equipment installed, so depending on where and when you renewed, you may not have encountered this.

          I renewed my DL in Dec. 2012, and I did not need any additional info, and nothing was scanned. I had my license printed right there at the office. When my CCW expires in Nov. 2013, I suspect they WILL ask for and attempt to scan such info, unless something changes.

        • Christine, when you do renew in Nov, remember MO went to a new type license even for CCW, so you will not get your new one within minutes, it will be mailed to you in about 11 days. Had two friends who just renewed and they were told to keep their paperwork until their CCW license arrived in the mail!

  4. I’m going to have to start looking into how to file a FOIA request to find out exactly what of my information may have been disclosed in violation of state law. If anyone has helpful info feel free to share some links.

    I’m a Missouri CCW holder.

    • If I was a lawyer, I’d be happy to represent you. If guilty, and it sure looks that way, Nixon should do jail time. I doubt that will happen with how crooked this administration is.

  5. Every f**king Democrat is a dirty scum. When will we eradicate them all.
    We better start getting involved in the immigration fight as much as the gun control battle or these bastards will live forever…

    • Easy, now. There’s Republican and Independent scum as well as some who are moderately honest. For a politician.

  6. As someone who’s had a CCW in MO for around a year now, I’m a bit confused. I seem to remember being told in the CCW class that our fingerprints went to the Highway Patrol and FBI, along with background checks with both. I’m all for less info going into some magical Federal database, but isn’t this info already in the magical Federal database?

    Are they giving different info to a different alphabet soup group?

  7. Republicans have a lock on congress in MO. Not sure if impeachment is an option in MO, but if it is, and he is as guilty as he looks…toast.

  8. …as a kid….growing up in Missouri…I recall how my Dad became a Notary Public… even back then…there was a degree of corruption and hand-washing….even in that process…becoming a Notary…? I can’t wait to see the people of Missouri impeach all of their leader ship…and begin to convict them of treason and corruption…. and then start hanging them…


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

      • Well…perhaps you have me on the ellipsis use…ha! However…having retired from a 25 year career with US DoD…working all over the world…Japan, Germany, Bosnia, Hungary, Korea…climbed Mt. Fuji…received a personal tour of Air Force One…lived in a 600 year old home in Germany…was a federally protected whistle-blower…and at the age of 49 in 09…was diagnosed as having been genetically epileptic and suffering seizures my entire life….then having released my book in 09 before I had to begin living my life like Ground Hog Day…suffering 6-12 Grande-Mal (tonic-clonic) seizures a day…having my memory ripped out and rebuilt slowly…after weeks of seizures and being hospitalized…(not including) in 2010 I accidently drove a car, and drove off a 200 foot cliff at 70mph…was flipped 8 times and thrown from the car…down a couple hundred feet across the cliff face….breaking my back in 4-5 spots…my neck in 3-4 places..breaking 6 ribs and my tail-bone…..and ripping a nineteen staple gash in my head and brain…it is amazing that I can even talk/walk or think…so considering all that…and the fact that I am awaiting word from a major movie producer as to the potential of my childhood memoir…to be a top-notch film…I learned long ago to take my head out of me ass..and forget about things like …ellipsis…but thanks for the feedback… ha!


        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

        p.s.- let me know if you enjoy my book…RJ
        [email protected]

  9. The late, great economist Milton Friedman pointed out that it is not enough to try and get good people into political office. Instead, we have to figure out to make it profitable for bad people to do the right things.

    The recent attempts at Federal gun control are a good example of this. The pressure worked and the various Federal gun control bills failed. Going forward, we simply have to continue putting legal yet formidable pressure on politicians so they do the right thing.

  10. I just got my CCW about two months ago here in Missouri and wondered why the hell they scanned all my documents at the DOR. Now I know.
    What a dick.
    I know who just became my number one target come election time.


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