This is the Civilian Disarmament Industry’s Worst Nightmare

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Courtesy UR a Smart Ass, Carl

I was a big gun control supporter and believed only two types of people owned firearms, cops and criminals. I was raised that way and that was my exposure to gun culture. I had a propagandist view of the second amendment growing up in a leftist anti-gun circle.

My views changed after a home invasion. I started doing research into what would be the best firearm for home defense to better protect myself. While doing research I got a lot of helpful information from the gun community and gun YouTubers.

I realized how much I was lied to by friends, family, and the media regarding the gun community. I was told that gun culture was a good old white boys only club and that I would be looked at as a criminal because of the color of my skin. Nothing could be further from the truth. The gun community is the most diverse, welcoming, genuine and supportive community I have ever been a part of.

I have been on Twitter since 2010 advocating against the propaganda and misinformation about the gun culture and the gun community that is perpetuated by the gun control groups. I’ve been threatened and called racial slurs and racist stereotypes by gun control zealots. I don’t get mad, I use it as entertainment and motivation to buy a new gun. So I have them to thank for the inspiration behind my gun collection.

UR a Smart Ass, Carl via Twitter

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    • RE: “My views changed after a home invasion.”

      If changing minds on Gun Control depends on individuals experiencing a home invasion then the 2A is in peril. Frankly, such a premise for a mind change is as dumb as it sounds when the History of Gun Control provides all the reasons one would ever need to spit on Gun Control.

      Gun Control happens when people are clueless about the History of Gun Control. If people were not clueless they would know about the Gun Control home/shack invasions once endured by defenseless Blacks all across America. Violent invasions conducted by bigots and the Gun Control military wing of the democRat Party known as the kkk.

      People would also know about the not so long ago home invasions and business invasions endured by Gun Controlled defenseless Jews at the hands of german nazis.

      The difference between the blind about Gun Control writer and the not so long ago Blacks is the writer was not beaten, lynched and his home wasn’t torched. Or like defenseless Jews who were removed from their homes, rounded up like cattle and trasported on freezing trains to concentration camps, gas chambers, etc.

      Ignorance about Gun Control happens when those claiming to be Defenders of the 2A fail to define Gun Control according to its History of Rot.

      • “If changing minds on Gun Control depends on individuals experiencing a home invasion then the 2A is in peril. Frankly, such a premise for a mind change is as dumb as it sounds when the History of Gun Control provides all the reasons one would ever need to spit on Gun Control.”

        It’s not dumb. There are 330 million people in the United States. Each and every one of them uses their own criteria to make up their own minds about a wide variety of issues, including guns.

        For some of those people, it does take the horrific experience of being a crime victim to overcome a lifetime of propaganda and peer pressure. Another well-known example: Emily Miller, who wrote a book about her experience called “Emily Gets Her Gun.”

        If those relatively few victims of crimes can share their experience, and change the minds of hundreds of thousands of others through their experience, then all the better.

        Once they let their mind inside the door, they will soon enough figure out all the other reasons you mention.

        • Not everyone knows the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth relative to the history of gun control. But, anyone who makes the change to embrace and accept the 2A should be welcomed by POTG. Time will tell if they are sincere. Attacking their reason(s) for changing can be counter productive. If POTG really want people to change, then accept them happily.

        • RE: tfred “If those relatively few victims of crimes can share their experience, and change the minds of hundreds of thousands of others through their experience, then all the better”

          Gee whiz wally I didn’t have to a experience a home invasion or hear about a home invasion from anyone to define Gun Control simply because History Defines Gun Control.

          Since this country’s founding there has been centuries of Gun Control Rot to the point any snot nosed school kid should know how to Define Gun Control and avoid it like lunch room flatulence.

          lf your head wasn’t stuck in your behind you would have witnessed Gun Control ready to bury the 2A in DC and the TN State House. And you’d seen the face of Gun Control in Nashville where a Gun Controlled defenseless man, two women and 3 chidren were murdered in the same manner Defensless Blacks in America and Jews in nazi germany were terrorized, tortured and murdered not too long ago.

          All over the map people like you going tit for tat with Gun Control says you couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn when it comes to defining Gun Control for anyone. Try real hard to understand Center-X on Gun Control is The History of Gun Control…Anything less especially coming from you is way off target.

        • hush…include yourself in my response to tfred. Pathetic to drag up a home invasion and use it as a vehicle to garner 2A support when the home and shacks of millions throughout history were home invaded with much more catastrophic results. When it comes to defendless home invasion…The History of Gun Control has already plowed that field….Big Time.

          You and fred flintstone each man up and ask the next 10 people you cross paths with to Define Gun Control and get back with me.

        • Freedom is dangerous and without an armed populace, freedom doesn’t survive. At least not for long.

        • Debbie W.: “Gee whiz wally I didn’t have to a experience a home invasion or hear about a home invasion from anyone to define Gun Control simply because History Defines Gun Control.”

          Consider yourself blessed.

          You underestimate the power of the self-affirming, self-righteous bubble many of these folks live in, and as Hush mentioned, who cares WHY or HOW they see the light, as long as they see it, and it changes their life.

          It’s entirely counterproductive to ridicule someone who finally “gets it” merely because you think they should have “gotten it” a long time ago.

          You really have no clue about the nature of the battle we face here.

        • fred…There is another pos on this forum who used the word All against me in the same manner a pos like you used the word ridicule.

          When I read such an article especially one penned by a Black Man who says Gun Owners are really good guys and he turns around and fails to Define Gun Control in his article about Gun Control his ignorance of Gun Control lands on the doorsteps of idiots just like you.

          The young man who does Cerakote for me is as Black as a Snickers Bar and because of me talking to him he could pen Gun Control History lessons that leave no stones unturned and leaves no one short changed.

          The best way to make a Gun Control zealot feel safe is when they are confident the History of their beloved Gun Control will not be on the table…they certainly can count on the likes of you to make them feel safe, fred.

        • “idiots just like you…”

          Ad hominem, FTW. How could it end any other way? You are exposed.

        • “I realized how much I was lied to by friends, family, and the media regarding the gun community. The gun community is the most diverse, welcoming, genuine and supportive community I have ever been a part of.”

          Here he admits that he has been lied to and in the same breath praises the ‘gun community’.
          I have no idea what ‘lies’ he was told, nor is it important at this point in time. He nor anyone else is required to mention the history as it relates to ‘gun control’ each and every time they speak in defense of the 2A and the gun community.
          It is more important to welcome and offer help to anyone who has a change of heart/mind. Making an issue of why they made the change doesn’t help POTG and can only hurt those who have decided to accept the 2A and POTG. As I said earlier time will tell if they are genuine and in the mean time, 2nd guessing ‘why’ they have changed is a waste of time.

        • I have always been amused by all the rabid gun controllers who find themselves on the road to Damascus and sudden conversion to ardent gun owners after suffering and surviving a car hi-jacking, personal armed robbery or home invasion. I am also surprised at all the ardent gun controllers who are closet gun owners.

      • Silly me, thinking that we should praise and welcome someone who changes their mind. Especially someone who uses their influence to draw others along with them. You’re right, we should belittle their reasons instead.

        • truly duped…Credit where credit is due…Now if the home invasion victim were truly Gun Control enlightened and was 0-200mph onboard the way you and the fools on this forum think he is he would be saying. “I can understand how defenseless Blacks in shacks surrounded by the torch carrying kkk must has felt or he would be saying he understands how defenseless Jews felt being herded off to concentration camps, etc.”

          Perhaps if people like you defined Gun Control by its History of Rot for dummies then dummies wouldn’t have to get a taste of Gun Control the hard way.

      • Im usually with you but that was a terrible take Debbie. At least the dumb way to have ones mind changed part. Whatever one’s reason for leaving the dark side and stepping out into the light I’m all for.

        Also i think its great that he said how 2a folks were welcoming etc.
        I think we should strive for this. Everyone was a newb at some point and folks shouldn’t be made to feel that 2a is a private club unopen to “outsiders”.

        • AQ…There are History Confirmed Gun Control home invasions to be addressed before you jump in bed with an grown man who could not take the time to research Gun Control for himself and his family. Instead his shortcomings and a home invasion had to define Gun Control for him.
          I blame Gun Owners who for years have failed miserbly to lay the History of Gun Control on the table for milquetoast citizens and those in high places. If that describes you like it does fred, take a bow.

        • Play on Twitter = Idiot.

          It’s 2023 not 2010 and STILL haven’t figured out “Social Media”?

      • Fair enough if thats your take and maybe I’m missing something.
        Im all for studying up but i dont think a research paper on the history of racism and genocide or whatever has to be required first.
        Allz im saying is it seems to me that whatever somebody’s reason for joining the ranks of the 2a folks (so to speak) is fine by me and cant hurt the cause. As long as they’re a responsible gun owner of course.

        • AO, fred, et al…If it were not for me the defenseless victim of a home invasion would not have gotten a another much needed lesson about Gun Control…I mean who else would he have gotten a Gun Control history lesson from? Clearly by his own words it’s a lesson he has never received even after claiming to see the light years ago.

          Whose fault is when a man pens an article about Gun Control tied to his home invasion and misses the chance to include the home invasions of people who look like him and were tied to Gun Control?

          Defending the centuries old 2A requires knowing and not forgetting the History of Gun Control. You don’t know the History of Gun Control, you cannot speak effectively against Gun Control and that means you are not Defending the 2A.
          Perhaps now the man can expand on Gun Control in his next article, I’d like to see that, what about you?

        • If you don’t repeat things exactly the way Debbie thinks you should, she goes off on you just in a very similar manner to the way Darcydodo does, as she do calls him. You are right about the history of gun control Debbie but attacking your fellow 2A defenders for being “ignorant” about history just because they decided to welcome since new blood to the community is stupid and counterproductive. You become just as useless to interact with as Dacian, the fake brit, etc al.

      • Ever hear the meme that “there ARE no atheists in foxholes”?

        Sometimes a near disaster is a wakeup call. Everything is suddenly PROVEN to be not as it had seemed up to that point.

        i managed to learn by reading about OTHER peoples’ close calls, and sometimes deaths, due to criminal misuse of firearms. “What would happen to ME in that situation” if I were to continue disarmed, as opposed to knowing the comfort of skill at arms.

        • there ARE no atheists in foxholes”?

          Anyone who actually believes that has never been in a foxhole with an atheist… (yes, I have)

      • Reckon Carl’s gonna need to rethink that “supportive” and “welcoming” part of his new-found love for the 2A community after reading Deb’s diatribe.

        And Deb: You’re not doing the cause any favors with your attitude. It doesn’t matter why you come in from the darkness, only that you see the light. The education can come later.

  1. I wonder if we’re gonna get an actual ‘Day of Rage’ from the Leftist Scum ™ today?

    • MSM seems to be more focused (hopeful?) on a response from MAGA voters when Trump is arrested. CBS even instructed its outlets to refrain from using terms referencing “tr@ns” when reporting on the recent Christian school shoot-up.

      Personally, I’m wondering if Trump is going to crank up his braggadocio to “11” and march right up the front steps of D.A. Bragg’s office and dare to be handcuffed or otherwise restrained right in front of the camera brigade.

      • Getting arrested is just a ploy to get votes from Democrats.
        Half the mayors in CT are felons. The mayor of Bridgeport went away twice for corruption and got reelected shortly after being released.

        Democrats love felons almost as much as they love self-medicating and diddling.

      • The ‘Day of Rage’ has been canceled :

        “‘Day Of Vengeance’ Cancelled To Preserve “Safety Of Our Trans Community””

        “A trans rights group that had organised a ‘day of vengeance’ protest has canceled the event citing a “threat to life and safety” of trans people following the killing of three children and three Christian teachers in Nashville by a trans identifying individual.”

        • For their safety, huh?
          What’s the current trans v. normy score?
          Doesn’t matter because whenever one of them offs themselves it’s always because the normy wouldn’t date them so the numbers are cooked.

        • Yeah right. The optics were terrible, so they’ll go hide under their rock until things cool off.

          I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me what right I have that a “trans” person doesn’t have. It’s more like a trans privilege group.

  2. So, Carl went bullpup.
    Proof right there on how wide our community is. We gots yer rifles, yer SBRs, carbines, bullpups, revolvers, pistols, derringers, break actions, top loaders, etc etc. And they come in black, white, blue, FDE, grey, multicam, ‘Mericun flag, whatever. We gots yer plinkers, precision shooters, cowboy action guys n gals, we gots hunters, IDPAers, 3Gunners, and we got me n you.
    There’s room for more.

    Yes, a very welcoming & open community.

    • The bullpup is the POTG industry’s big middle finger to the NFA. Makes absolutely no sense why the P90 shown above is okee-dokee per the ATF, but an AR with a 14″ barrel and brace/stock must be taxed and registered because “it can be concealed”. That bullpup in the pic is the same or shorter than my AR pistol config.

    • Only thing that makes me mad about that picture is I can’t own the same weapon in NY no matter how it’s configured and I don’t necessarily want a 5.7

  3. “He’s the black face of white supremacy preaching fascism.”

    -Some entitled wealthy white (probably female) liberal in a six figure salary neighborhood

  4. I saw this earlier while reading the bird for lolz. The thing that jumped out and annoyed me about this pic was that wide tie. That snazzy outfit would look so much nicer with a nice skinny tie. I don’t get modern fashion. Are wide ugly CFO ties making a comeback again?

    • There was a time back in the late ’80s when super skinny ties were “in” for a couple of years. I went to a school event with a black dress shirt and a long neon green fattie shoelace (maybe 1/2″ width) as a tie to go with it.

      • I remember that time. But to my eye that outfit needs a tie about 1-1/4″ at the widest which would would be just about perfect to go with the rest of the outfit. I am thinking proportional to the hatband would be about right.

        A full Windsor knot is de rigor for the look to be correct as well. Any other lame knot pulls the tie to the side and looks like A$$ in my opinion. I never understood why folks who wanted to look like they are “dressing to the nines” would use a “farmer tie” knot on a necktie.

  5. The most racist people that a new black gun owner will encounter, will be people like Rosie O’Donnell or congressional representative Corey Bush. People like them have access to guns. They say the cops are terrible and you can’t trust them. They support defunding the police. But they will always have access to guns. And they’re well paid, private security bodyguards, will always have access to guns.

    • Funny enough even as racist as 4chan can be they will still give great info to new gun owners (mixed in with all kinds of trolls) regardless of race.

  6. The only reason I have for even considering Twitter to be something in my life is for the fact that Musk owns it now. But I’m still not likely to ever be on it.

    I’m not concerned at all for what nightmares the civilian disarmament industry might have. Any desire to own firearms is about MY dreams and nightmares along with that of the people I care most about.

    I never understood the whole ‘guns are for cops and criminals’ thing. This has never made any sense to me at all. I mean, if that were the case then no gun store would be open to the general public. Cops would be the only ones aloud in and places that cater to criminals would stay completely hidden. That’s not even to mention the fact that so many bolt action deer hunting rifles get sold to such a large number of white men.

      • That could go either way. I have no doubt that software runs deep. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were still plenty of left leaning people working there doing things.

  7. You know you’re winning when they’re slinging the _ists and _phobes your way. And the 2A wasn’t the only thing they lied to him about. They’d have nothing without their propaganda.

  8. Hell, I have to give mad props to the guy for his Twatter handle: UR a Smart Ass, Carl

    My name’s not Carl, but my older brother told me that all the damn time.

    • Good enough reason to leave the plantation. There are a LOT of black folks who legally own gats around NE ILL & NW Indiana. Including my gorgeous wife. She never had to be “convinced!”🙄

  9. My Dad was raised in the Mid-West and his definition of “Exotic foods, from far away lands” was Spaghetti and Meatballs. It took my sisters and I thirty years to get him to try Mexican food and another 10 years to get him to try Japanese food.

    People know what they know and base a lot of their life on the advice and experience of others. I remember reading about a couple of people from the inter city that never went hiking, mountain biking or rode a jet ski, until introduced to it my their fellow college students. Same goes for the “Gun Culture”, which used to be dominated by hunting, not self-defense, like today.

    Back when I was a kid in the 1970’s, you owned a Smith or Colt 38/357 revolver, a Remington 870 and a 30-06 bolt action rifle. If you were really a “Gun Guy” you had a Colt 1911 and “Military Collectors” would own a 30-06 Springfield, M1 Garand and a M1 Carbine. Concealed Carry Culture and the laws allowing it, were really not a thing. I remember asking a group of gun guys about buying a Colt AR-15 and was told it was a “Poodle Shooter”, you should just join the military and get one for “Free”. Alternatively, save your money and get a toy version and dig a foxhole in your backyard and play soldier, etc.

    Times have changed and the more people that exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights responsibly, the better for all of us. Look how many firearms were sold to new owners during the “Mostly Peaceful” BLM Riots. People are seeing with their own eyes the lies they have been told for decades and are taking action to be responsible for their own safety.

    • I had recently discharged from the Army when I bought my first AR. Had several people ask why I needed a GD machine gun. Just smiled and mentioned it was just a semi auto like their Browning hunting rifle. Of course there was already the Fudd view that nobody needs an AR or you don’t need whatever is on the scary list this week.
      Funny how the disarmament crowd always blames the hardware if the shooter doesn’t fit the narrative. According to their line of thought I should be out shooting people on a regular basis. Been collecting firearms for more than 50 years and have yet to commit a crime using a firearm.

      • My cousin a WW2 vet ask me why I needed a damned elephant rifle when I told him I’d bought a 30-06.
        I thought that was odd. Especially after seeing some of his old photo’s.
        His wife a Belgian, said she’d seen airplanes fly over “As thick as the Blackbirds.” She did a lot of praying.

  10. Gun control is all about people control. Those who advocate for gun control are either those who have a very evil agenda or those who have no idea of how the real world works.

    • Hush you I am only just starting to find primers and powders in quantities and prices I can work with for non magnum pistols and rifles.

      • No doubt.
        Ive finally got my small pistol and rifle primers back up to an acceptable quantity myself. Couldnt load anything their for awhile, had fewer than a thousand and didn’t want to be totally without.

  11. I’m sick of how quite a few conservative talking heads refer to dims like Mayorkass and others as stupid and ignorant. That is obviously incorrect as they are pushed to the top of their party to represent (deceive) the useful idiots they represent. They are the best liars they party has as should be commended for their skills. Now let’s get our brightest and best to defeat those evil bastards bent on destroying this country. Period.

  12. Looking at the picture of the closet in the twitface posting, does @Ur_a_Smartass_C have a “stash”, a “cache”, an “armory”, a “stockpile”, or a “arsenal”?

  13. As Colonel Jeff Cooper once said, “give guns to the people of the inner city and they will solve their own problems.”

    And solving your own problems can be very messy in our free society. Assuming you still believe in Freedom being messy???

    I think a lot of these so-called “Liberty people” who say “freedom is messy”, I suspect most of them, don’t really believe what they’re saying. They are just putting on an act. To get clicks. To get views. To get donations. To get paying memberships into their groups.

    The only reason to call the police is to get a police report for your insurance claim. Or to have the police come and pick up the criminals dead body.

  14. Oh my, a black man with some kind of machine gunm, a cell phone, and he’s wearing a suit. My Oh My
    All hope is lost.

  15. The T Tag article conveniently sidesteps the horrific truth and that is that since there is not a Federal Universal Background Check gun runners can make a good living selling second hand guns across state lines in states and cities with tough gun laws making those laws totally ineffective. It’s pure insanity and no civilized nation allows this total madness.

    • dacien the thick,

      Most states already have laws on their books making interstate import of firearms illegal, *especially* blue states such as CA. The criminals aren’t finding their “tough gun laws” to be a deterrent to illegal import and illegal sales, so please explain how those same criminals will suddenly decide to comply with a new law and submit to UBCs when illegally selling their illegally-gotten weapons to illegal buyers illegally?

      If those “tough gun laws” are ineffective because nearby states have less-stringent laws, then they’re not that tough — why would another round of new laws be effective just because they will make already-illegal actions even illegaller?

    • Your attempt at the old Liberal “Say something loud enough and long enough and people will believe it” is not working… Maybe if you had ANY credibility, you would be looked at as more than just a joke… You are on the wrong side of this fight and apparently you just lack the intellect to understand even THAT simple fact… It didn’t work for “Vlad” won’t work for “dacian”… Question: The Dacians believed that they could become wolves through rituals, do YOU share that Werewolf mindset?… Maybe you should go away and come up with something that does not include impaling thousands of people or tearing other human beings apart… Just sayin… And of course, you do understand the dacians were decimated by the Romans…

      • To Mad Man

        It took 3 wars before the Romans finally defeated the Dacians.

        The cult of the wolf was shared by many ancient peoples and tribes including some American Indian Tribes, it was not unique to just the Dacians.

        The Romans were later defeated by the Barbarian Germanic tribes simply because the Roman people no longer supported their own government. Sound familiar? It should if you look in your own backyard. History repeats itself.

        And the Germans were beaten twice in two World Wars.

        And the U.S. Of Capitalvania has not won a major war since the end of WWII. Many historians say the U.S. only had only a minor role in that war, giving credit to the Russians for beating the Germans in WWII. That one is way to complicated to go into here.

        Try again Mad Man you are out of your league.

        • you are out of your league.

          You are correct, I would have to remove about 80% of my brain tissue to get down to your level of stupidity… Just to remind you, no foreign enemy has even attempted a large scale invasion on the continental United States since 1812 (discounting a small Japanese incursion of the Aleutian Islands in 1942)… I don’t care how long it took Rome to kick Dacias ass nor do I care about the Germans (not the only ones) kicking the Romans ass… The wolf thing was a jab, don’t need a history lesson from YOU…

    • So………….illegal gun runners moving guns across state lines (or even within the state) and selling in cash to unknown parties illegally will be in any way impacted by any law written ever how exactly? You are off to a great start with the war on drugs being effective as your platform.

    • Your wife’s yard sales are not in my state. Therefore to buy those gunms your talking about I have to cross state lines.
      BTW tell her Thanx👍

    • Dacian, you claimed, “since there is not a Federal Universal Background Check gun runners can make a good living selling second hand guns across state lines.”
      Wrong. Federal law already requires background checks on all guns sold across state lines.
      It’s already illegal to sell guns across state lines without a background check.
      The trouble is, criminals, by definition, don’t follow the law, including gun-control laws.
      So if you make it super-plus-dual-ultra-illegal, gun runners would just continue breaking the laws they’re already breaking which already require background checks.
      You displayed your ignorance once again by mistakenly thinking background checks aren’t required on interstate gun sales, when they already are.

    • Yawn….
      UCB must be Dacian’s middle name.
      Your “Gun Runners” are the Black Market. Over 90% of the guns Criminals get their hands on are either stolen, or purchased through the Black Market. Universal Background Checks won’t do Jack Schit about that problem.
      Neither with Safe Storage Laws. There was a YouTube Video of two guys showing just how secure that $3,000 Safe is. It took them less than 10 minutes to rip that sucker open like a can of sardines.

  16. So today we had some relatives visiting from Seattle. My wife’s cousin’s new wife was liberal, she’s in her little world and has not educated herself on how the world works. I took great pleasure on politely descibing how stupid her views were. She’s in her forties and I kept thinking “how could someone this old be this stupid?” It has become abundantly clear that there is no changing their minds until their bellies are growling when starving in their utopian world when things take a dump. I have a new slogan: ” Revolution is the only solution”. I am starting to believe it. Any other takers?.

    • “It has become abundantly clear that there is no changing their minds until their bellies are growling when starving in their utopian world…”

      The changing of minds in emotionally charged environments is one of the most difficult things to accomplish. To hold an idea, and then face the prospect the idea is invalid, rocks us to the core of who we are; of all we have invested in our imagination of who ourselves are. To admit error at that visceral level is more than simply admitting error, then correcting course. To admit that a frequently reinforced image of ourselves is in error requires us to abandon, reject ourselves; calling into question all of the “truths” about ourselves we have come to believe. In a manner of speaking, it is emotional and psychological destruction of ourselves.

      For the vast majority of humans, if a thing is true, the direct opposite cannot also be true. Without an intervening “inflection moment”, changing an understanding of “truth” requires more intellectual, and emotional, strength than a person can muster.

      • Great explanation, Thanks, I learn something every day! That’s my 34 cents worth, (adjusted for Biden inflation).

        • “Thanks, I learn something every day!”

          Happy to be here. Grateful for the opportunity. Proud to serve.

      • That is deeply disturbing and insightful to me. The truth you speak is enlightening and frightening. stop making sense.

    • “how could someone this old be this stupid?………… relatives visiting from Seattle

      Question pretty much answers itself…..

  17. I’ve noticed most of the anti gun folks have seldom been outside their well protected bubbles. Firearms of any type frighten them or they are of the Fudd type that thinks only firearms like grand dad used are acceptable. Nice to see someone survive the painful lesson of why many of us out in the real world own and keep/carry firearms. I made the mistake of being the unarmed victim many years ago. Nearly cost my life. Was not anti gun back then. I just didn’t truly understand that there is a segment of society that will prey upon others and just doesn’t care about or value either their own or others lives. Any of us out here have a responsibility to fend for ourselves and protect ourselves and our fellow humans from those who would harm us. Anyone who claims there is some government agent who will rescue/protect you is deluded or just outright lying to you and likely themselves.

    • Yep. The PoPo’s are there to make a chalk outline around your body. Sometimes they catch the guy who killed you, and sometimes they don’t.
      But even the Supreme Court says they have no Constitutional Duty to protect anyone.
      You and I are our own First Responders. Then we get to deal with the Liberal DA’s that are upset we ended Sammy Scumbucket’s Criminal Career.

  18. Ehhh, I’m just about ready to quit carrying gunms and let the chips fall where they may.
    I think the Cops like you to shoot the crooks because then they’ve got one dead repeat felon and one brand new felon to fck with.
    I dont trust them or the gunm insurance, your not a cop, you wont get a weeks paid vacation for shooting someone. You’ll be a prisoner locked up with the same fcks you hate.

  19. Wow.

    I love TTAG, and always enjoy reading some – if not all – of the comments and opinions expressed in the “comments”.

    But I gotta say (particularly in regards to this story)…
    If y’all spent as much time upholding and furthering the INTENT of the original article, as you do bickering amongst each other, bitching & moaning about this-that-and-the-other, and basically degrading others point of view – especially those who are basically in AGREEMENT, perhaps just from a different perspective – what a great story this would be.

    ANYTHING that brings a former lefty, anti-gun individual, to the side of 2A freedom is a great thing. It should be encouraged and celebrated. Not used to bicker and tear each other down. Most of us are on the same side… (with exception to a few).

    And yes, I followed him on the Twit.

    Anyway, I’m out.

  20. Unfortunately, the Communist-controlled education system in America doesn’t teach real American history anymore. True to the teachings of Vladimir Lenin, they have systematically eliminated any reference as to why and how American colonists were able to defeat the British Empire to gain their freedom and form a new country. They don’t want school children to understand the importance of how personally-owned firearms used by the Americans won the War of Independence. They don’t want school children to understand the importance of the Second Amendment in defending our rights (by force if need be) from enemies both foreign and domestic. They teach that all guns are ‘bad’. Only guns in the hands of ‘government’ are good (them having the guns). America was founded by the barrel of a gun and our freedom is insured by the barrel of a gun in the hands of ‘We the People’. Don’t ever forget that. Our Founding Fathers knew it would come to that again someday. That day is getting closer by the minute. Be prepared to defend our freedom…again.


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