2019 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting
Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting ceremony (Photo by Christopher Smith/Invision/AP)
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But wait: If Times Square is “sensitive” on a busy night, then so is much of the city, much of the time. 

Rockefeller Center is about to get “sensitive” for two and a half months, when the storied Christmas tree arrives. The Triborough and Brooklyn bridges are “sensitive” landmarks, as is the Lincoln Tunnel.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and its perimeter are “sensitive,” as are the Salute to Israel Parade and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, along with the public space around any embassy where people protest. 

Grand Central and Penn Station are “sensitive.” So is the World Trade Center memorial, the area around any synagogue or church and the five-borough marathon route.

If the point of this exercise is to rescue us from tyranny, it seems odd to delegate deciding what is “sensitive” to government. Will the court be back in a year to hear whether the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade is “sensitive”? 

— Nicole Gelinas in New York gun-case questioning suggests the Supreme Court would be lost in Gotham

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  1. Sue them again and again. I know the tax payers pay for it but just maybe the few stupid ones that remain there will get tired of it. Probably not.

  2. I have seen a federal judge dispatch US Marshal’s to arrest and bring before him local .gov folks that did not heed him.

    The scotus has the power to bring the mayor of NYC in front of them. In chains if needed. It just remains to be seen if the scotus has the balls.

  3. You didn’t think they’d just lay down and accept the court’s ruling did you?

    • Proper grammar is “lie down”, but yeah, I get your point.

      Sorry. My eye twitches when I see the English language butchered. 😉

        • ‘The Band Perry’ are some seriously talented young folks.

          Check out their version of Glenn Campbell’s ‘Gentle On My Mind’ :

        • No eye twitching involved. If my grammar serves, “lay me down in a bed of roses” is using the transitive verb “lay” since the singer is dead at that point and can no longer “lie” down on her own (intransitive verb). I think.

      • I’m sensitive about people in black robes who are overly paid and enjoy taxpayer funded armed security telling me to shut up and pick cotten…so to speak.

        • Nobody picks cotton anymore, machines do that, theres a lot of people slaving away making cotton picking machines in a big factory up north.

        • @rant7
          That was a take on something I read.
          The South made slaves of men,the factories of the North made slaves of us all.

        • the “federal” “reserve” made slaves of the world.

          “we print currency, and they work for it, and build our world, and we play in it for free. just as it was ordained of old.”

        • rant7, Give it a break! If you don’t like the way this country runs, you might want to either leave or do something about it.

        • rant7, Seems there is a rather distinct and big difference between the slavery in the South and the factories in the North. The salves in the south were not paid; factories in the North paid their workers.

        • Yes, the factoris in the north DID “pay” their slaves.. so little they could never get ahead. Often roling living space and food, at hugely inflated rates, into the “oay” make them essentially slaves.

          In the south, when a farmer held slaves, they were his property, sortta like his horses. He kept good care of his horses, and his slaes, knowning they hd value, and that he was responsible for them no matter what. Todau’s farmers take good care of their tractors and combines and balers… knowing they have to maintain them well to get good service from them.

          WHY is it so seldom recounted how, once the “Proclmation” instantly “freed” all the slaves in the south was issued, many of those slaves and their “owners” begged to be able to stay on with their family “owners”. They were treated well, had what they neded, and were facing the alternative of being FORCED out into the ghiways and byways, no food, nowhere to sleep, no way to get money (the “labour market” was overnight flooded with a fwe milllion new “employees” in desparate need of owork) Now. Their kids were hungry today, not in two weeks when they could draw their first paycheck.. IF they could find a job, which milionis could not.

          Am I saying slavery shuld have continued? Absolutely ot. But to end it overnight traded the fomer chattel slavery/ownership model for an overnight unempolyed nowhere to sleep nothing to eat aimlessly wandering horde of hungry unskilled people.

          A far better lan would have been to establish a period, say three or six months, and meanwhile the owners would begin paying wages for services, at a fair rate, charging minimal for “accomodationis” lettihg them grow their own food or buying it out of their wages, and free to find a better position down the road or in the next town/county/state over. Instantly cutting millions loose with nothing turned them overnight into a dangerous nuisance with little ccountability.No wonder they became so hated. They were made to become a nuisance, burden, drain, liability, overnight.
          Slavery was already on its way out before the former croorate railroad lawyer staged the false flag op=eratin that “justified” the invasion of a soveriegn foreigh nation, in essence destroying it politically, financially, culturally, economically, spiritually. Slaver NEEEDED to end (it never shold have been allowed to begin when the Constituion was ratified, should have let the thirteen colonies choose between slavery and reiaming independent. They all would have eventually come into the non-slave fold. and no War of Northern Aggression would have happened.

        • possum, Sorry but your education of the lack thereof is showing. When you fail to use proper English, you degrade your message.

        • @Walter E Beverly III

          “possum, Sorry but your education of the lack thereof is showing. When you fail to use proper English, you degrade your message.”

          Seriously? With this you complain of a failure to use proper English.

          “of the lack thereof”

          ,or the lack thereof,

        • Booger, serious like a heart attack. Should you look again, you might see that it is a typo, not what you might like it to be.
          Have a good day!

        • LOL

          FWIW (yes, I know the irony of using “textlish” in this particular conversation), Booger is correct, Walter.

          Oiy vey, everyone sure got their feathers ruffled over this one. 🙂

        • Hah, Booger…. nit picking you are today, right? No edit button on this site. I often mis-strike and dont see it until tooo late.
          That’s wy I have learned to read for INtent and not CONtent.

          Funny when you put the two lines one atop the other, I had to look three times to see the error. Realising what he INTENDED to say and type, I did not wee the mis-strike until the third look.

          aint this internet game FUN??!!??

        • Tionico, Your message would be a lot more effective if you communicated using proper English grammar. Your current “methodology” shows a lack of coherent thought.

        • “possum, Sorry but your education of the lack thereof is showing. When you fail to use proper English, you degrade your message.”

          Uh… he’s a possum.

      • Lay means to put a person or an object down in a flat position.

        Lie means to remain or to move oneself in a resting or reclining position on a surface, i.e. on your own.

        • Booger, just for your edification:
          See definitions in:
          put down, especially gently or carefully.
          “she laid the baby in his crib”
          Similar: put, place, set, put down, set down, deposit, rest. situate, sit, settle, stow, balance, station, drop, leave, let fall,
          throw down, fling down, deploy, locate, position, plant, stick, dump, bung, park, plonk, pop, shove,
          pick up
          put down and set in position for use.
          “it is advisable to have your carpet laid by a professional”
          the general appearance of an area, including the direction of streams, hills, and similar features.
          “the lay of the surrounding countryside”

      • “Proper grammar is..”

        Hey, I’ll take that one. It is diction, not grammar.

        • For your edification, dic·tion
          Learn to pronounce
          the choice and use of words and phrases in speech or writing.
          “Wordsworth campaigned against exaggerated poetic diction”
          Similar: phraseology, phrasing, turn of phrase, choice of words, wording, language, parlance, usage, vocabulary, terminology, expression, idiom, style locution, lingo, idiolect,
          2. the style of enunciation in speaking or singing.
          “she began imitating his careful diction”

          As nouns the difference between grammar and diction
          is that grammar is a system of rules and principles for speaking and writing a language while diction is the effectiveness and degree of clarity of word choice, and presentation of said words.

        • NO, just idiots who massacre the English language. MIght I suggest you take a good English language course? One that stresses grammar, punctuation, capitalization and spelling? Pass the word.

        • “in response to I Haz A Question:
          Proper grammar is “lie down”, but yeah, I get your point. Sorry. My eye twitches when I see the English language butchered.
          Wow, you’re just insufferable.”

          What is “insufferable” is the proliferation of the Twitsville communication style in written communication outside of Twitsville.

  4. As long as local despots can have their will enforced instantly and in real-time and any potential SCOTUS reprieve takes decades it will always be thus.

    Any sane individuals would avoid such crowds and calamity anyway lest they be crushed to death by orcish hordes at Astroglide fest.

  5. Whatever circuit that has NY state will likely prove problematic and will OK whatever the city wants to do.

    So, I hope the SCotUS will be explicitly clear in their ruling on what crap they can’t pull…

    • I have to say that Geoff is correct. The Second Circuit is a far left court. They have come up with some pretty dumb off the wall decisions.

    • Geoff PR,

      I agree that the United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals will rubber stamp any restrictions which the state of New York (or even the City of New York) imposes on licensed firearm carry.

      And that means we will likely end up with another case before the U.S. Supreme Court to define acceptable “time, place, and manner” restrictions on the Second Amendment. Whether or not that happens a year after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling this June on the New York case is unlikely.

  6. The government will just ignore the courts. Just like the Biden Admin telling businesses to continue to vaccinate their employees despite the stay of the order from the 5th Circuit. It’s going to get to the point where “law enforcement” will just do what they want, despite court rulings, and mock you to do something about it.

    Then things will get very interesting.

    • And the cops will go along with it because they’ve been bought off with huge pensions.

      Any sane person would have moved to flyover territory long, long ago. If you haven’t seen what’s coming, you haven’t been paying attention.

      • I have not moved to fly over country yet. When/if the sheets hit the fan you’ll need insiders. I’ll be here living my guerilla warfare dreams to the max.

        • Everyone knows the comment sections of gun sites are filled with glowies. Say only what you don’t mind being read by the Men In Black, because even if they’re not reading it right now, words have very long lives on the Interwebz.

        • the monitors won’t care if he’s telling the truth, they’ll just scoop him up to be sure.

          “even if they’re not reading it right now”

          “they”‘re not reading it at all. it just goes into a database where an algorithm parses the text looking for keywords, categorizes each participant according to designated parameters, bins each into action categories, and prints up the list as action is to be taken. the agent who gets his share of the list won’t know or care what anyone did, they’ll just take action like they’re paid to do.

        • rant7,

          Whether or not fedzilla will act upon such postings in real time (or close to real time) remains to be seen.

          What is really scary? You know it is only a matter of time before fedzilla employs artificial intelligence to review such postings and call attention to anything it (the artificial intelligence algorithm) deems a “clear and present danger”. And since we can take the output of artificial intelligence to the bank (sarcasm alert!), you can count on law enforcement dutifully acting upon such alerts from artificial intelligence algorithms (last half of this sentence NOT sarcasm).

    • “…the stay of the order from the 5th Circuit…”

      At this time, that decision applies only to the 5th Circuit, which includes Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Hopefully, enough cases in other circuits work their way up, and then it’ll likely go to the Supremes.

  7. WHAT? The City of New York blatantly violate the rights of people who live or work there? Is that really a surprise to anyone with more than a room temperature IQ?

    • It’s New York Jake. Just as Chiraq reiinstated a gun & boo-lit tax. “We are above you peons”.The Dim’s hate us…carry anyway.

      • don’t remember it being stayed… hunh.
        gotta go out county.
        lot’s of happy gathering at thiessen’s iowa; another way lil’ girl has enriched our lives.

    • NYC has a long history of ignoring the constitution…they even tried to secede from the Union before the confederacy did….

  8. The Bronx and Harlem won’t be “sensitive” and it will interesting to see how matters change there.

  9. While yes it will be frustrating and costly to fight against all the legal chicanery NYC and the governor will pull the mere change in how pistol permits are processed in NY will be a monumental change in pistol availability. If only we get shall issue status we will actually have relevant numbers of armed citizens. If we get rid of licencing for just being able to buy/own/touch a pistol we will have a massive upsurge in people that have a stake in the game. If anything more is done well they will need to find a new focus on their Soros bucks.

  10. meh. “Concealed” carry is the operative word. If you are doing it right, who knows? Use a holster, carry in your ass crack with your pants hanging around your ankles, you will not get stopped. And as Alito pointed out, tons of people are already carrying on the subway.

    • “…carry in your ass crack with your pants hanging around your ankles…”
      if you don’t mind i’d like to suggest we refer to this as grace kelly carry. indulge me.

      • That has actually happened, but the arrestee was not white. Another large nonwhite woman was found to have a .32 in her…her…yeah there.

      • rant7, Pure unadulterated horse pucky. If you have half a brain in your head, and any knowledge of handguns, concealment is not rally difficult no matter what your physical appearance. But then being an ANTIFA soldier, I am sure you know that.

        • “That has actually happened”

          yeah I know, that’s why I brought it up. can you imagine being the officer that has to conduct those sorts of searches?

          “Pure unadulterated horse pucky”


        • rant7, As a matter of fact, as a police officer I have conducted such searches when I had probable cause to believe the subject I was interviewing might have a weapon. I have carried a pistol all of my adult professional life and have bee able to conceal it without detection by other people in my surroundings. Again, it is very doubtful if you know what you are talking about.

      • nothing funnier than a black guy trying to flee a crime scene with his pants around his ankles….actually saw that once….

  11. Apply the more universal rule. If an area is “sensitive” and prohibits weapons, than metal detectors and searches are required for entry. Courthouses, jails, airports are examples of this process. If you can’t individually screen every person in an area, it obviously is not “sensitive”.

    Schools are considered sensitive, yet we have occasional shootings there. This is because there is little screening, as compliance is voluntary. Only law-abiding citizens comply. Gun-free-zones are ridiculous and do not constitute a safe or “sensitive” area.

    • I would go a step further, don’t want guns in your building, great. You need to have metal detectors, armed guards and provide a locker for me to store my gun in while I am inside your building. Same thing they do at Court, as an officer who has personal business before the court, ie lawsuit, divorce, etc. has to store his gun in a locker before going into the court house.

      Private businesses and Governments who require that I suspend my means of self-defense should be required then to be legally responsible for my safety, while I am inside their “Gun Free Zone”, both civilly and criminally.

      • You know it’s funny, but there is an actual statute in California that allows nonparties with a CCW to carry in courthouses. But at the same time, there is not a courthouse in the state that allows (by local rule) any weapons in the courthouse. Deputies or marshals guard the entrances and passing through a metal detector is mandatory. I’ve only been in about 12 or so of the more than 58 courthouses (some counties have more than one), and have yet to see a single one that provides lockers.

  12. Eventually folks will figure out they don’t need permission from the state to carry a firearm on/about their person……

    • That’s why I proudly say I’ve been arrested twice for concealed carry.
      And guess what, the courts dont agree with the Constitutional Right To Bear Arms.
      Luckily this state passed constitutional carry before I got caught a third time.

        • Umm . . .

          Because possum doesn’t believe he NEEDS a government permit to exercise his INHERENT right to self-defense???

          Just a wild-@$$ guess. I’m sure the wise marsupial can speak for himself. But that sure as hell is why I don’t consider government requirements for permits a legitimate predicate to my exercising MY right to self-defense.

        • possum, I take it you think then that passing a red light is ok? How about not having a drivers license. So you have no regard to laws that might limit your “rights”?

        • He’s talking about a constitutionally protected human right. Take your reductio ad absurdum and scare quotes and shove ’em where the sun don’t shine.

        • lng, The Court has already ruled that government can make certain restrictions concerning the 2nd Amendment. Now take your reductio ad absurdum and put it in your posterior.

    • It is not the people we need to consider, it is convincing the states and their attendant criminal court system that we have those rights. Otherwise we get a nice visit to the grey bar hotel. In NYC, according to the brief of the public defenders, that is likely going to be a felony conviction and a few years in the slammer. Chicago is more forgiving, with possession charges usually being dropped.

  13. Look, we aren’t going to see NYC and the surrounding suburbs with a licensing system like the rest of the country. I just want to see the elite cronies lose their special privileges. Let them dial 911 like the little people.

    • That would be the worst case outcome and functionality similar to current reality as many have moved out anyway.

      • frank speaking Just for your edification, the Sullivan law is a STATE law not a city ordinance.

        • You are both right and welcome to New York law where the rules are made up and the statutes don’t matter if you are in the right crowds

  14. What a bunch of pikers; thinking too small.

    A “sensitive” area is wherever two or more are gathered. Don’t make this unnecessarily complicated.

    • Wait we were supposed to be thinking? (Some official somewhere after reading their prepared talking points from campaign doners)

      • “Wait we were supposed to be thinking?”

        Yeah, you got me there; assuming facts not in evidence.

        • Sadly worked for over a century so not a terrible assumption. With that said enjoying the show up here.

  15. Yes, I expect the corrupt officials in New York to do everything in their power to prevent people from exercising their God Given, Natural Right to effective self-defense. In Arizona, we are an constitutional carry state, open or concealed, your choice, no government permission slip required. Businesses have been give the right to bar people with guns from their premises, as does the government. Besides those instances, you can pretty much carry where you want.

    Getting an actual concealed carry permit does grant you some other benefits, as you can purchase a firearm without a federal background check, carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol, as long as you don’t drink and finally it protects you from the Bill Clinton gun free zone law which prohibits carry within 1,000 feet of a school. We have so many schools were I live, I wouldn’t be able to legally carry anywhere without this exception.

    • I assume that the school zone restriction bars anyone without a CCW from carrying pretty much everywhere in any urban area. From the maps I’ve seen of a few California cities, even Fresno, that is certainly the case. One must conclude that that was the intent of the measure. (California law now bans CCW holders from any campus, but outside the campus is still GTG.)

  16. “If the point of this exercise is to rescue us from tyranny, it seems odd to delegate deciding what is ‘sensitive’ to government”

    you don’t get it. THEY are sensitive. in their morality, they themselves are the law, and you are the talking animal who will respect their sensitivity.

  17. The last paragraph points out,
    “Any compromise may be hollow. Sure, you can carry in New York but not on a bridge, tunnel, subway or bus; nor in or near a crowded avenue, square, park, college campus or major public event or entertainment venue; nor in stores, restaurants, bars or clubs. The beach is probably not looking so great, either.”

    I’m not sure how you’d do concealed carry at the beach, anyway. It would be like, “Is that a Glock in your swimsuit, or are you just happy to see me?”

    • Why does that surprise anybody? That was the original hidden idea of the gun free zone restriction. Because in crowded cities there’s some kind of school or potentially ‘sensitive’ location virtually everywhere. It’s like ‘gun control without having gun control. You already know ‘They’ stay up late 24-7 thinking about ways to prevent you from having guns while claiming you still have the 2nd/A?

    • Absolutely correct. This also applies to stopping gun bans. The underlying principle is that the public at large faces the exact same threats as the police, therefore anything that the police arm themselves with (including the really good stuff they keep in the basement for “special circumstances”) and any place they are allowed to carry arms has to also apply to the general public.

  18. Weapons or other dangerous or illegal items are not allowed on the grounds or in the building (From the Supreme Court website)

  19. This article is right on the money. The left never have to be worried about losing a court case. They either ignore it completely, or find a work around to achieve the same results.

  20. @rant7
    “…can you imagine being the officer that has to conduct those sorts of searches?”

    Question: as part of a perp being processed into jail, which identity does cavity searches, on which identity? And…if no one of appropriate identity is available, what happens?

    • They can just make up any identity they choose to fit the needs of the moment. Everybody else does, so why not?

      • “They can just make up any identity they choose to fit the needs of the moment. Everybody else does, so why not?”

        So….that would be the advantage of being gender fluid?

  21. @Tionico
    “…once the “Proclmation” instantly “freed” all the slaves in the south.”

    Coupla things here. First, the “Proclamation” freed no one. The laws of the southern States remained in force.within the Confederacy.

    Second, four “slave States” remained in the union, under the impression that since they did not secede, their “peculiar institution” would remain unchanged, as a reward for remaining in the union.

    Note: even with the proclamation of “the Proclamation”, Lincoln did not believe he, or anybody else, had the authority to free slaves held in the union without amending the constitution. The “Proclamation” affected only the States in rebellion, based on the presumed authority of the President to impose martial law in locations rebelling/insurrecting against the US.

  22. Easy. Carry and fight it later after your life depended on it. Only if SCOTUS turns it ‘shall issue’ it will be easier. Either way it’s the right answer. Think like the criminal they made you.

  23. They’ll just make it expensive. You can keep a gun inside your house in nyc.. if you can pay $600 every two years for fees and biannual fingerprinting.

  24. I live in a NY county where they give out carry permits , all my family members, many of my neighbors, friends and co workers have them , I’ve been a reference on many of their applications. It takes at least six months from when you turn in the paperwork .

    If NYC suddenly had to issue them ,the shear numbers of people applying,along with a system that’s not really in place there , the wait would be years .

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