Nazi Weapons Germany Found Metal Detector Seized
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German police seize Nazi-era weapons man said to have found with detector

The Fatherland can sleep soundly tonight knowing this threat has been neutralized . . .

German police said on Wednesday they had seized about 100 Nazi-era rifles, over a dozen grenades and other munitions components from a German man who is suspected of violating gun laws by planning to clean the weapons and sell them.

The man, who comes from the eastern German town of Schkopau, is believed to have found the weapons – most of which were rusty and covered with dirt – using a metal detector, police in the state of Sachsen-Anhalt said in a statement.

He was released in consultation with local prosecutors, but faces potential charges of violating strict German laws on the possession of weapons. Officials had no immediate comment on when or whether he would be charged.

Illinois IGOLD gun owners lobbying day springfield

THIRTY Illinois Counties Declare Themselves ‘Sanctuary Counties’ . . . But For GUNS

The Effingham brushfire seems to have caught on . . .

“We’re telling the state they cannot pass laws that impinge on our Second Amendment rights,” a Mercer County board member told

The “sanctuary” declarations are considered largely symbolic, but the idea is popular, especially among Illinoisans who live outside of the Chicago metropolitan area. By November, more than 25% of Chicago’s 102 counties will be “gun sanctuaries” and more are considering draft legislation.

Illinois has long been a flash point for gun rights. The iconic Heller Supreme Court decision originated with a Chicagoan who challenged the city’s position that gun ownership was not an individual right to be curtailed at will by local governments.

Lucy McBath, lost son to gun violence wins Democratic nomination in Georgia: ‘To not do anything is a tragedy’

Oh look, Michael Bloomberg and Everytown are trying to buy themselves a Congresswoman (with $1.2 million so far) . . .

A former flight attendant and spokesperson for Everytown for Gun Safety, McBath decided to run for Congress in March, after the shooting in Parkland, Florida. Over the course of her campaign, she received influential endorsements of several prominent Democrats, including Sens. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., and Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., and Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga.

On Tuesday, she beat fellow Democrat Kevin Abel by about 2,000 votes in a runoff election after no candidate hit the 50 percent mark in the Democratic primary race in May.

McBath will now face Republican Rep. Karen Handel in the general election.

SMAW rocket launcher brain injury

Marines Who Fired Rocket Launchers Now Worry About Their Brains

The SMAW is one of several modern weapons light enough for one person to carry but powerful enough to blow up a tank.

Daniel and Chris say they felt like their brains had been rattled every time they fired the SMAW. And they fired it a lot.

“Chris and I were incredibly good shots,” Daniel says.

“We never missed,” Chris adds. “We were always selected by our sergeant and our leaders to do the firing because they wanted to see the explosion, you know, they wanted to see the target get hit.”

But as the two men fired the SMAW again and again, some of the thrill began to fade.

Every shot “felt like the world was caving in on you,” Chris says.

Austin Petersen Ghost Gunner Missouri Senator
courtesy and

Missouri Senate candidate giving away machine that can print untraceable guns

Some candidates give away rifles. Austin Petersen is giving away a Ghost Gunner 2. . .

“I think the new prize may trigger a few more liberals and mainstream media than it did last time,” Petersen said in a release.

The candidate was briefly banned from Facebook after advertising giveaways of AR-15 rifles earlier in his campaign, as the social media network prohibits the exchange of firearms or ammunition between individuals. Petersen, a longtime libertarian, is running as a Republican on a pro-gun platform.

The Ghost Gunner 2 and similar devices have been touted by gun supporters as a possible “end” to gun regulation. The giveaway comes days after the government reached a settlement with gun rights activists that will allow them to post and sell plans for 3D printed firearms online.

“This technology has the potential to send gun control into the ash heap of history,” Petersen said. “The government’s ability to control or ban guns will be obsolete.”


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  1. howard dean is a lying sack of shit. The folks with blood on their hands are him and his fellows that work at denying the basic human and civil right to defend oneself against violence.

    He and his fellows are murder and rape enablers.

      • I thought The Scream cost Dean the 2000 nomination, but you’re right, it was 2004 that the media managed to get a recording of him screaming over the crowd noise without picking up the crowd noise. Proof that progtards get stabbed in the back by the media too.

        • well, least old howard had the good sense to tell the democratic party to ignore gun control…

    • Litte Ho-Ho Dean,the man who would have been king,if not for the Dean scream is a embarrassment and a Communist carpet bagger.

        • Perhaps more validity to that. As dr.Dean when last he practiced medicine was not allowed hospital privileges with out supervision,by all accounts his wife is a excellent doctor.
          Perhaps Ho-Ho would have done better in his daddy’s line of work,investment banking,then again.

      • Vermont had Natural/Constitutional carry before it was a state and before there was a Constitution.
        Dr. Dean is however not a Vermonter as he is a carpet bagger from N. Y.,as are most of Vermont’s current politicians.

  2. Wow what a great candidate! Where’s my machine gun?!? So republitard’s have never bought a congresscritter? Sadly my county of Cook will never be a gun sanc…oh wait!😎😄😏

  3. From what I can see neither of those Stg-44s, or that MG-42 has a snow balls chance in hell of firing. Kick the guy loose. He found some junk. That’s all.

    • “…who is suspected of violating gun laws by planning to clean the weapons and sell them.”

      Unless by “clean them up” they mean “use them as templates to create all new functional copies”, they’re full of shit. Intense restoration might get them into condition to display (although the condition they were found in has historical significance too), but those guns are no longer weapons unless used as a bludgeon.

      • They’ll probably take these artifacts (of an evil regime, mind, but one with historical significance) and just destroy them. A waste, they guy probably would have made museums and/or collectors pretty happy, and done nothing to change the availability of cheap AKs from the third-world…

  4. Man I wish I could vote for Austin Petersen… My Senators suck and likely always will.

      • Yea I cared about Illinoisistan until I made the choice for my family to sell the house and move the f_¢€ out to a rights-friendly state.

        Choose or lose.

      • ^ WORD.

        I escaped Illinoistan in ’84. Born ‘n raised in Springfield.
        And yes, it is that bad. The cancer of Chitcago politics metastasized to the capital even before Daly, Sr. it just snowballed with prohibition and later, exponentially with the birth of “The Machine”. Those home state politics were very much quid pro quo at a whole new level, crossing party lines and such.
        It has never been a surprise to me that so many Illinois governors have gone to visit Club Fed. The crazy part is that there are 10x more co-conspiritors that deserve to go, but the fall guys know that’s just the cost of business. Plus, their (families) are set up for life with all the loot they have stolen from the taxpayers.
        And then came Barry. LoL Anyone that knows Chitcago politics (& history) was not shocked by his meteoric rise. More like ascension and anointment. The rest of the country finally got a taste of what Chitown back room politics is all about.
        The nation does have a soul though. It ended that bovine feces succession when it sent Hitlery packing.
        “We the People…” are sometimes a little slow to act, but we will act.
        Don’t poke the bear with a stick. Don’t kick that sleeping hound.

  5. The bit about the SMAW sounds about right. I have an expended rocket tube that my older brother gave me when he came back from Iraq back in ’08. He said that you never actually see what you’re firing at, that the vibration kind of makes you black out, and that when you regain your senses, the target is just gone.

  6. All artillery crew members have hearing damage that the VA recognizes.
    They don’t want to recognize TBI from the concussion of firing weapons; there are a lot of us that would qualify.

    • That’s why for arty I was an Army Forward Observer. Not shooting the guns but telling them where I need the rounds. Guns loud, big guns: bigger loud.

      Course when you talk of Marines and what’s inside their brainbuckets, too many of ’em eat crayons, you would think that much wax would have protective qualities.


      • being a forward observer has its downside too…can get awful “lonely” out there…

        • That’s what scouts are for. Keep you company and safe.

          They protect the guy who calls the big guns.

  7. The GhostGunner 2 does not “print” anything. Oy. Sometimes the stupid is actually painful.

  8. “He opposes all controls including assault weapons restrictions. ”

    Unfortunately a case of fake news.

    “(By contrast, fully automatic weapons, also known as machine guns, have traditionally been banned and may continue to be banned after Heller.)”

    • Austin Petersen is well known to be strongly libertarian-leaning. He probably opposes “assault weapons” bans AND bans on actual assault weapons (the kind with a giggle switch).

      • The fact that I quoted the tweet about Kavanaugh really should have made it clear I was talking about Kavanaugh. The fact that I quoted Kavanaugh himself REALLY should have made that clear.

    • From his website:

      They say the best defense is a good offense, so let’s start talking about repealing the National Firearms Act and the Hughes Amendment. Let’s start the conversation about expanding our 2nd Amendment rights, not reducing them.

      If you’re going to have a monomanaical focus on machine guns, you could at least do some research.

      • Austin Peterson is great, I’ve already given him money. I was referring to the tweet about Kavanaugh. The fact that I quoted it should have made it obvious.

  9. Dr. Howard Dean is the one with BLOOD on his hands.
    For every American murdered by a firearm, between 25 and 45 Americans are murdered by Healthcare Professionals. The lower number is the AMA’s own estimate, the higher number is the trial lawyer’s estimate.

    Those docs should be minding their own business.

  10. I’m still left wondering if the Germans will ever get it right. From Bismarck’s proto-socialism to Marx, World War I, the effing Nazis, Communism (albeit Russian-imposed), and now Frau Merkel, it’s like it never ends. They make some great firearms, but they’re hard for civvies to get in their homeland, and the level of gun control madness this shows is wild. Finding rusty guns? They have to be everywhere in that place….

    • They’re still finding unexploded ordinance in western Europe that’s left over from World War One.

      • …and World War 2.

        And they regularly kill ordnance disposal team members trying to neutralize them…

  11. Off Topic, but Facebook had a bad earnings report after the markets closed today and the stock fell 20% this evening in after hours trading. It’s worst ever drop.
    I wonder how much their War On Guns was responsible for their drop in business.

    • Probably the fact that they were wholesale shadow banning conservatives was a bigger reason for the drop.

    • Given that Fakebook has no intrinsic value and MAKES nothing is laughable the fools think it has ANY market value. Just proves that PT Barnum was correct. See also google, twitter, snapchat etc. At least one of the Dutch tulips you could look at/smell for a brief period.

  12. Um, the “iconic Heller Supreme Court decision” was Heller vs District of Columbia, NOT Heller vs Chicago.

    • a mcdonald parade every year in every town. that’s a tshirt i would wear with pride.
      “who the heck is that on your shirt? some blues guy?”
      “one badass american.”

  13. All the liberals can think about is “untraceable ghost guns” printed in someone’s basement somewhere, but the truth is there is no such thing as an undetectable firearm. They get all heated up over a polymer lower receiver attached to the other 5/8 of the weapon that are steel and aluminum. NOT undetectable. The plastic is only suitable for framework – the working parts still have to be metal to handle the stresses of firing, unless of course you don’t care about holding onto a confined and ignited charge of gunpowder. This is still a non issue because without metal reinforcement and fire control parts no weapon will work more than one round without posing a hazard to the person using it.

    As far as I know there has been no crime committed with such a weapon, so all of the hysterical caterwauling about how insidious printed guns are is just so much hot air being used to generate fear within the people who are largely uninformed regarding this subject. They hear all the screaming and wailing of the people who know next to nothing about this or any other firearm related subject – these anti firearms people only know they are against the private lawful ownership of firearms and they spend every waking moment whipping up frenzied support with ghoulish glee whenever the next firearm related crime occurs. Most of their arguments are based on irrational fears that they feed upon and amplify with their political campaigns to negate part of the Constitution. They are very particular in defense of the rights they approve of and those they do not, but the Constitution is to be taken in it’s entirety, not parsed out here and there.

    It is time these people got an education and if need be, by way of the ballot box. We cannot afford to elect any democrat in the next several election cycles because they clearly cannot keep from abusing the public trust we the people place in our elected officials. Perhaps we no longer need a democrat party, if we ever truly did.

  14. These people prove every day why they should never be allowed to become powerful – they cannot resist the temptation of corruption or of oppressing those who vote for them. With time they become even more resentful of those who empowered them, and the unending stream of lies is nearly as long as their efforts to deceive the people and put them under the control of the state. They will not stop until they achieve their dream of turning the United States of America into another failed socialist country, and frankly it is their ignorance of what socialism brings that is the greatest danger of all. They ignore history and want to repeat the failures of the past, without regard for the facts. That is the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    The democrat party is infested with socialism, and cannot be saved. Like a gangrenous limb, the only way the body survives is to amputate the diseased part. There is no cure for what ails the democrat party, and if America is to keep individual liberty of it’s people as was so generously provided to them by the blood, sweat and suffering of our forefathers who wisely gave us a constitutional republic to maintain in perpetuity.

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