We the People Independence Leather Gun Belt
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I’ve recently re-learned a lesson I never should have forgotten. For some reason, I’d gotten into the bad habit of carrying every day with a regular leather belt. You know the kind. Just a thin strip of leather that looks fine, but is far from ideal when it comes to comfortably supporting your everyday carry gun and holster.

I’m not really sure how or why I devolved into that bad habit, but I’m glad that’s now, once again, in the past. And I have the We the People Independence Leather Belt to thank for it. I’ve been wearing this thing daily for about five months now and it’s one of the best non-tactical gun belts I’ve ever tried.

I have tactical-style belts. Lots of ’em. You know the kind…reinforced nylon instructor and COBRA buckle belts that are great when you’re at the range and don’t mind looking operator-ish. And they’re fine for working around the house or yard. They work really well, but they look less than stylish.

When you want to look nicer and you want your belt to blend in, you need something in leather. But it needs to be more than just leather to give you the strength and rigidity you have to have to carry your gat comfortably all day and make it easy to conceal.

We the People Independence Leather Gun Belt

The We the People Independence gun belt is all of that. This American-made belt has what the company assures the buyer is a layer of quality vegetable-tanned leather that comes from “patriotic cows.” You have to respect that level of bovine devotion to the right to keep and bear arms.

The important part comes in behind the leather. The cow hide is reinforced with an incredibly sturdy layer of what WTP calls “SCUBA nylon” that’s a blend of nylon and polypropylene. WTP say polypropylene gives the belt more flex that polyester (as in a seat belt) with just as much durability. After five months of daily use, I haven’t seen any sign of wear.

Most important, the belt is more than rigid enough to support anything you’ll be attaching to your belt — holster, mag carrier, knife, phone pouch…whatever — while still being able to move with you for all-day comfort. The Independence gun belt simply will not sag or let your holster flop away from your body.

The Independence has a sturdy metal buckle and is lined with a layer of slick nylon fabric that allows the belt to slide easily when you’re putting it on or taking it off. This is the only leather gun belt with this kind of layer that I’ve seen and it’s a big plus.

This isn’t an inexpensive belt, but gear that you’ll want to use every day because it works well seldom is. The impressively well-made We the People Independence Leather gun belt will run you $109. It may leave your wallet a little lighter, but if you save your shekels and buy one, you won’t regret it.

Independence leather gun belt with a We the People Independence leather IWB holster





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  1. Why would I get this when I’ve got Kore Essentials belts? 2 leather belts that can do 4 lbs worth of carry, a tactical belt that can do 8 lbs (and is my normal go to belt), the battle belt for range days that can handle 20 lbs and is as good as anything I had in the Army. Probably better, truth be told.

    Plus, I tried a WTP holster and it just wasn’t worth the price and that leaves me a lot leery about their belts.

    • I agree about the holster, I ordered one and it was VERY loose.
      Like they didn’t have a mold of the gun. Their CS was atrocious.
      The shipping time for perhaps the worst holster I ever bought was a month.
      Just a plain black kydex holster that didn’t fit the gun, nothing fancy.
      It’s in my box of useless gun stuff, money wasted.
      They were a jewelry store and now they are a player in holsters and belts?
      The BBB rating is 1.05 out of 5? I’m not busting on you Dan
      but you can buy 5 or 6 cheapo leather belts like that from Walmart for $109.
      They will last you about a year and are pretty much the same as the WTP one.
      I’ll never buy another thing from them.

      • Some companies make a holster to fit multiple guns. Maybe it was intentional? KT MECH will make custom kydex holsters for your specific firearm. You can give them special instructions like cut down the sweat guard so it isn’t poking your side, leave an opening for a threaded barrel, etc. They respond to emails quickly. I have multiple holsters from them. They used to be cheap, but like everything else, it’s more now.

        • They took my money and sent me the wrong holster.
          WTP took 2 weeks to tell me to turn the retention screw.
          That’s after waiting a month for the holster. No joke.
          “After receiving your holster, if for any reason you want to return your holster simply contact We The People Holsters via email to process your request.
          You (the customer) are responsible for return shipping and shipping costs are non-refundable” and like everything else, it’s more now. $51 plus tax and shipping.

          I’m pretty sure it’s for a Glock and not a M&P and when I told them I wanted to exchange it, they stopped communicating.
          WTP are $20 Ebay holsters.

          They sell Bacon Jerky and coffee plus they DO have “tactical leggings” $89 plus tax and shipping.

          For CHEAP comfortable holsters I like Raw Dog Tactical Defender Pro Series which are $36 plus tax and shipping. They are hybrid holsters and have great CS. To be fair there is a fat guy on YouTube that feels they are too big but admits it’s because he is fat. They fit the guns snugly that they are made for.

          I also have a 5.11 and Ray O’Herron pretty close to my house and between them, they have everything.

      • If you buy your belts at Walmart you’re nuts. Some Chicom POS not up to merely holding up pants much less a handgun.

        Don’t need to spend $100 for a real belt. I’ve been wearing a Fleet Farm (gun dept) Crossbreed leather gun belt for about 1-1/2yr. Nice belt “Holding up” very well. Less than $60 but that may have been a clearance $ as I’m a bargain hunter. I didn’t think blowing $ for a better belt was fiscally smart. I was wrong. The nylon gunbelts are just not as functional.

    • I have praise for my three Kore Essentials belts. One a tactical for range and outdoor activities and two leather for dress up. They work good for me.

      • I originally bought a WTP holster because made in america (plus brand name was awesome) ….. but the holster just isn’t great. Which leaves me meh about buying one of their belts.

        • Not my preference either, mine are Klik Belt 3 Ply 1.75″ Duty Belts (work great with any holstered sixgun) and I also have some Spec Ops Better BDU Belts (thin 1 ply, but they do work with most holstered guns). I gave up on all leather belts after having a fantastic $$$$$$ leather gunbelt acquire a permanent stench after I had to clean one of my rental houses where the tenant had died. I tried to de-stink it, tried odor eliminating products, even tried soaking it in detergent and water… I eventually ruined it trying to get the smell out. Nylon can be washed!

      • Meh, my Kore’s slip out of the buckles frequently on the cinch side. Nexbelt Supreme I’m wearing atm is shredding itself in less than 9 mo. and that’s with no excessive strain.

        At this point, I’m starting to not care where it’s made, as long as it works properly and lasts for more than a year(s).

        Tired of these widespread bullshit marketing spiels. Without long term testing, out of the box review opinions do not even apply in my mind.

      • all of them are made in Asia, not necessarily China. Some are made in, for example, Vietnam, Turkey (both Asian and European parts of Turkey), Korea.

      • I really like my Wilderness Instructor belt and it is made in the USA. Super tough and durable and infinitely adjustable.

  2. They make “tactical leggings” lol.
    Oh geez.
    And no WML options.

    I just use a cheap nylon belt and DCC metal clips. I used to be all in for these kinds of belts, but I’m up and down sitting all day and they don’t bend very well. I’ve had like 7 thick boi’s over the years and the comfort of the nylon belt for IWB is just unbeatable. I can tighten quickly, or loosen quickly. It forms to my waste easier without a lining inside, and I’ve had multiple inner linings snap and break from multiple companies, including KORE. I’ve also had a KORE refuse to clip shut after light use. It was my “dress” belt. So yea, I’m not wasting any more money on fancy belts or holsters.

    I have two favorite nylon belts. One is a simply singly ply 5.11 or condor style cheapo, and the other is an Uncle Mikes Ultra Inner Duty. That’s as thick as you need. And no buckle on the Uncle mikes. Which means no scratching the paint on things I lean on, like my truck.

  3. Patriotic Cows is code for seditious acts by flatulence spewing quadrupedal bovines. We’ll need a 3:00 a.m. raid by at least 40 FBLie agents dressed for war.

  4. Heh. Just the opposite for me, Dan. Since I can’t legally carry where I now live, I’ve stopped carrying, but still use the belts because they work so darned well as, you know, belts.

  5. dang, looking at the comments, I’m amazed Dan or anyone else posts a review of anything on this page.

    Haters gotta hate.

    If I was the moderator I’d pitch every commenter (including mine I guess) off who didn’t start with “I have one of these and I (Like or hate it) and he’s why.

  6. betterbelt horsehide, it’s about the reinforcement, a very flexi plastic sheet. almost ten years going strong. supports all steel no problem.
    the nylon/ poly reinforcement on the above review item, along with the nylon lining seem like good ideas.
    lenwood has one they make out of conveyor belt material.

  7. I have said it before and I’ll say it again. Even the best holster will feel like a boat anchor on your hip if you don’t have a good belt.
    Thanks for the thorough and informative review. Great info!

  8. We The People sold me a holster that a $10,000 belt couldn’t help.
    My problem wasn’t that it felt bad. My problem is it had one retention screw.
    The gun was a M&P and the holster seems to be for a Glock.

    The CS doesn’t exist, after waiting a month the holster was obviously for a different gun.
    I want to say some Glock. When they got back to me in a Email after 3 more weeks,
    they told me to tighten the retention screw. Which I had already taken out and replaced.
    The only way that holster was going to semi-work,
    was with clamped together with a very short screw and nut but didn’t.
    I have a go to company when it comes to holsters but this isn’t a competition.

    I bought a heavy leather belt at Walmart for around $20. It’s double stitched and thick.

    The most important thing is it isn’t from “We The People.”
    Their warranty on everything: We want you to be 100% satisfied with your new belt. Need a different size? Hate high-quality products? Feel free to send it back for an exchange or refund within the first 30 days. No questions asked. That’s the same warranty that my holster had but try and get in touch with them.
    They don’t answer the phone or emails. That company is a scam, do some research on them.

    I don’t bust on a company because of a small mistake but to me they are con artists.
    Send them $109+tax? Not in my lifetime, my experience was the complete opposite of Dans.
    Let’s see if Dan lets this post be seen.

    I’m glad Dan likes his belt but:



    Website Addresses:


    • Kudos to Dan Zimmerman for posting my rant.
      I seriously mean that, that is very honorable.

      As for the BBB you have to click the “View full profile” tab
      and you will see they have a 1.05/5 rating.
      The A+ is the BBB rating and isn’t worth anything.

    • Agreed, but Dan needs the advertising bucks. Honor your sponsor.

      I use an “Amish-made” belt – wide and thick. Everyday, whether carrying or not. A G17 (full-size 9mm, with Red-dot) doesn’t affect it. Maybe that’s what a gun belt is supposed to do.

  9. “reinforced with an incredibly sturdy layer of what WTP calls “SCUBA nylon” that’s a blend of nylon and polypropylene.” That’s funny! How about a spring steel core for strength against sag/flex? I use a belt from Bigfoot Gun Belts, Post Falls, Id. I won’t make other comparisons here but other gun belts may “suck” after you check them out Bigfoots offerings. Starting @ $74. Lol

  10. The #1 overlooked item for comfortable all-day, every-day carry is the belt. I’m a Bullhead Belts guy but whatever. Just help new carriers in your circle get a real gun belt from the get-go.

  11. Dan,

    You are old. If you had an ounce of fashion sense, you would know that you don’t tuck shirts in. I’m as bad as you probably but benefit from having teen age girls who keep somewhat in line.

    I own several fancy DelFatti Leatherworks dress gun belts but haven’t worn them in years. Because my shirt is always untucked, I just use my Wilderness Tactical instructor belts, even under a dress shirt.

    Psst – https://bonobos.com/shop/clothing/shirts/dress-casual-shirts

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