What Kind of State Do Marylanders Want to Raise Their Children In?

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Patriot Picket migraine man Maryland SB1 duty to retreat
Image courtesy Migraine Man

“If this (gun control) does get passed, it’s going to be struck down and all they’re going to do is cost the Maryland taxpayer tons of money defending it in court. Don’t pass this unconstitutional law,” said Paul Brockman, a self-employed contractor from Hanover, Maryland, and spokesperson for The Patriot Picket, an Annapolis Second Amendment activist group. “These are the most lawful, law-abiding people out here, and they want to take away our ability to carry a gun to defend ourselves.”

Brockman and a half-dozen other picketers were in the vanguard of protesters Tuesday morning on Rowe Boulevard and Taylor Avenue waving signs at incoming commuters. A few dozen more protesters joined them on Lawyer’s Mall later.

Their view is not shared by the chief sponsor of the bulk of the gun control legislation heard Tuesday.

“The real question that my committee is going to face is what kind of world do we want to live in?” said Sen. Jeff Waldstreicher, D-Montgomery, a member of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee, which conducted hearings on the bills Tuesday. “What kind of state do we want to raise our children in? A state awash in guns, where every dispute of a routine nature can turn into violence?”

— Michelle Larkin and Michael Charles in Activists gather in Annapolis as hearings begin on gun control

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    • That’s right…For your safety and security turn to Gun Control an agenda History Confirms is rooted in racism and genocide.

      C’mon Man…If the History of the Second Amendment is paramount then The History Confirmed Truth About Gun Control should be equally paramount…Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander…otherwise the 4th circuit tit for tat clown show continues until there is no 2A.

        • She wants us to hammer the idea that gun control is rooted in racism and genocide. She wants us to use the left’s tactic of labeling everything they don’t like as racist and fascist by labeling all gun control racist and genocidal.

          I do not believe she is generally correct in her assertions.
          Historically gun control has always preceded genocide. But correlation does not equal causation. Many governments have enacted gun control without intending, even subconsciously, on committing genocide later.

          One fine example is that, contrary to popular mythology, the Not Z’s actually relaxed gun control. If you were a German citizen it got much easier to own and carry a gun, and if you were a party member there were almost no rules at all. On the other hand they did increase restrictions and ultimately ban guns completely for Jews and other “undesirables”.

          The much discussed “Not Z Gun Laws” so often compared to our GCA 68 were not Not Z laws at all. They were Weimar Republic gun laws. The Weimar Republic clearly did not intend them to be used as a means to disarm people in preparation for genocide. They had a problem with private gangs of different political organizations engaging in street battles (we might call them militias or paramilitaries, think Patriot Prayer verses Antifa but shooting it out instead of just yelling, bear spraying, and hitting each other with sticks) and wanted to disarm these groups to stop the violence. We know logically that this is a fools errand. None of these groups would obey the law. Anyway, the Weimar Republic did not last and the Not Z regime that followed took advantage of their error.

          Gun control laws in England, Australia, Europe, and Asia typically are directed at people of the same race and ethnicity as those in government. Thus they cannot be categorized as racist.

          In America some gun control was targeted at minorities both during slavery (disarming free blacks) and afterwards (Jim Crow era). However I don’t believe post War of Northern Aggression KKK members and modern nanny state socialists and mom’s who need some action have a lot in common. While the gun control of the KKK types was certainly racist, the commies of today want to disarm everyone of every race who is not part of the state apparatus. For example they want no one of any race to be able to own an MSR, but they want IRS and BLM (Bureau of Land Management, not the other BLM) agents to be armed like special forces operators.

          If gun control succeeds in the US then it will almost certainly result in genocide, probably in it’s enforcement. But I believe that it will be a genocide of ideology and world view and belief, not of race or ethnicity.

        • That is typically what she seems to go for but lately a courtroom is a waste of time theme has been coming through on her posts which seems counterproductive at best especially when the delivery of her message has weak points as you outlined.

  1. Fascists and tyrants, that’s what the people of Maryland elected. If they wish to remain in the Union they must comply with the US Constitution.

  2. “What kind of state do we want to raise our children in?”

    In his case, a state where everyone remains the state’s children – devoid of autonomy or responsibility – for life.

    • He’s referring to the ones they allow to escape the abortion mills, which he/they will support with their last dying breath.

    • Because the voters keep reelecting them. You get the government you vote for and all the consequences that come with it. As well as the society you deserve because of the choices you make.

      • *you get the representatives your cities vote for at all levels above local. We chose some of our representation but most is done by larger cities. Some states can maintain liberty better than others in this setup. With that said they still have to abide by the constitution or be continuously sued if they don’t to keep things vaguely “democratic”

    • My gubmint employee eldest son lives in Maryland a scant 10 miles from Baltimore but a world away. Like dad in ILL annoy near Chiraq. Unlike dad he’s a squish on people er gun control. And a lot of idiots in Maryland share his views. He!! their governor is a RINO. So spare me the lecture on “you voted for it”. Especially in a state who was pro-slavery…

      • Was Maryland a confederate state or a union state that kept slavery till after the war…….or am I getting it mixed up with Delaware?

        • Lincoln had a number of state legislators in Maryland arrested who were southern sympathizers planning on voting to secede. Lincoln was rightfully afraid that if Maryland seceded, D.C. would be surrounded by enemy territory. The legislators were imprisoned in a federal fort. Just enough were arrested to prevent the vote from taking place, after which Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus in order to prevent their release until war’s end.

        • The South kept on expecting Maryland to secede- they even wrote a song about it. But when Lee marched up through Maryland, expecting the ‘common people’ to rise up and rebel or at least come across with some food and shoes for his men, he was given the cold shoulder. Turns out that secession wasn’t anywhere near as popular as the Southern plantocracy thought it was.

  3. Well Jeffy, not everyone can afford an attorney to handle disputes, and they’re not available 24-7, nor do we have one in our backseat or walking alongside us every minute of every day. And even if we did, what do you think they would do, if they saw someone pull out a firearm and demand your money, or your car, etc?? They’d likely run or just hand over what the CRIMINAL was asking for. One criminal to another they would oblige the request.

  4. I’d rather deal with someone intent on committing violence with the most capable means of stopping said violence than to be unarmed. It’s not “The peoples” fault that over half the population is mentally challenged and believes we live in a world where someone else will defend them. So “awash” in guns is exactly how I’d rather live. Knowing I can defend myself just that much easier.

  5. “Where every dispute of a routine nature can turn into violence?”
    The privilege of the elite; being so well protected and insulated from reality that you don’t realize this is already the case.

    Any official who supports gun control – and any detail tasked to protect them – should be limited by the most stringent law that official has ever proposed or voted for. Practice what you preach.

  6. “What kind of state do we want to raise our children in? A state awash in guns, where every dispute of a routine nature can turn into violence?”

    CLASSIC example of the wrong-headed thinking of the progressive left.

    The progressive left sees the world as they WISH IT WAS, and that people are inherently “good”. This faulty thinking leads them to conclude that if we could only get rid of the guns, all violence would stop, because after all, it’s the evil guns that cause violence.

    “What kind of state do we want to raise our children in?”

    The RIGHT answer is a state where the law-abiding, whether weak or strong, are free to exercise their God-given, Constitutionally-protected RIGHT to use appropriate tools to defend their lives and the lives of their loved ones from the violent criminals in our society.

    • Violent Criminals that are allowed to continue to prey on innocent citizens. Under the guise of Criminal Justice Reform.

  7. If you have nothing else better to do with nearly 10hrs of your time. You can view the Maryland Legislature in action as Sen. Jeff Waldstreicher presents his 3 Gun Bills. One to make virtually any public area off limits to Firearm Carry (remember Maryland ONLY now became Shall Issue after the Bruen Decision). Second Bill raises the age of Long Gun ownership to 21, while his 3rd Bill would enable the suing of Firearm and Accessories manufacturers. The pushback he receives from those in opposition is satisfying, nevertheless those Bills are continuing their journey through the system. Waldstriecher is beset with an irrational and emotion fear of Firearms (this fact becomes clear when he has been seen on TV interviews before his Political Opponents) ,, sadly he’s in a powerful enough position to change the legal landscape for the rest of Maryland’s Lawful Citizenry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CizgPIOuGCQ&t=4274s

    • Gee, those bills sound strikingly familiar. Is he copying the Bloomberg playbook used by NY and NJ already (and which laws suffered injunctions issued by the federal courts) and that is in play in California right now? Hmm. Idiot. I think I’ll call it Bruen Blowback Syndrome, a contagious disease that thankfully runs its course in about six months to a year.

      • If nothing else it will remove some options from consideration. So long as we have a functional court system anyway.

  8. no matter what kind of state anyone lives in, it is one “…where every dispute of a routine nature can turn into violence?”
    regardless of any laws whatsoever.

  9. “What kind of state do we want to raise our children in? A state awash in guns, where every dispute of a routine nature can turn into violence?”

    A) That has never happened, no matter how many times the gun control crowd has claimed that there will be “blood in the streets,” there never has been.

    B) What kind of a state finds it acceptable to determine how the PEOPLE raise THEIR children.

    C) Your state is, as is every other state in the union, *already* “awash” in guns. Even so, a very tiny fraction of your state is harmed by people using those guns – most of those in Baltimore – and those people are already acting *outside* of the law. How does a new law compel them to act within the law?

  10. It ain’t the Amish that settles disputes with violence. It ain’t the descendants of Italians, Irish, French, English, Poles, Czechs and Germans that live in this country, either. Why not deal with the groups that mostly uses violence and leave the rest of us alone??? Nope, that would be “racist.”

  11. These are the two interviews I saw on local Maryland Television,
    Witness the emotional appeal vs. logical content that Sen. Waldstreicher employs, and the deflection when asked direct questions.



  12. Montgomery Co. Md. already has a law banning arms I believe @ 100 yards from any public/private property. Wear & Carry is not allowed in State owned forests/parks for some time now with only a carve out for hunting. The ‘Left’ only likes arms when they are the only ones to own them.

  13. Sounds like maybe they should address whatever it is in the water that’s making the people of Maryland escalate everyday arguments into death-dealing violence.

  14. What the hell is a PATRIOT PICKET?? ANd what has a legless,I prfesume a veteran got to do with it? If this guy is a veterant I doubt very much that he lost his legs defending Home Ground and mostlikley as the result of an EOD in Afghanistan ot Iraq and by any stretch of the imagination if a firearmes could have saved the poor guy his legs it would have doneASfor the suggestion, the rather stupid and immature suggestion at that, that somehow Gun Controls are going to disarm the Militaryit really is beyond irony.

    The whole uncntrolled firearms situtaion in the USA is as, I understand it based on a single descision by a Supreme Court Judge and I cannot see for the life of me that why, in a legal sense that that descision cannot be reversed. and it would be if the FIREARMS INDUSTRY had no LOBBIED and bought half the legislature.

    In more civilised Nations the electorate would not allow it that’s for sure. We know the probable result of idiots + mad buggers + guns.. Having said that very few nations have the utter fascination with guns of the kind of gun culture of the USA. The US has the direct comparison with CANADA in this regard which, in many ways has a direct historical parallel but has never had a gun culture other than as nessessary tools.

    • “If this guy is a veterant I doubt very much that he lost his legs defending Home Ground …”

      America doesn’t fight wars on our home territory. We’re usually out defending someone else’s country, just as we pulled England’s nads out of the fire twice during the last century. You should be grateful, ya know-nothing limey, or you’d have been speaking German for the last seven decades.

    • Albert L J Hall, I am sure if you think (LOL) about it, you will figure out what a “PATRIOT PICKET” is. You see here in the US we are CITIZENS who are entitled to participate in what is called demonstrations? It come from the 1st Amendment which guarantees the right to assemble and speak out minds without interference from the government.
      For your further edification the war in Afghanistan was defending our homeland. You see we were attacked on 9/11 by people who were being sheltered by the Taliban. You do remember 9/11?
      For your further edification, ‘gun control’ is a good two hand hold on your pistol, with proper sight alignment and trigger control.
      Does any of this help?

      • Which reminds me. IN England, their right of free speech has been eliminated. Numerous people have been arrested for “offensive” speech. One I remember was a guy who was arrested for reading a Winston Churchill speech given during WWII. Others have been arrested for reading the Bible. There is therefore no right of protest against the government. I wonder, does it have a law like in Canada where you can be arrested for criticizing the PM?

        • Sounds like what our Leftist “friends” would like to do here. Communist propaganda or nothing.

    • The Patriot Picket is a grassroots Gun Rights organization from the State of Maryland. https://patriotpicket.org
      Each February our State Government is in session and frequently Legislation is presented to further erode the Freedoms we have as Americans as to Firearms. The Meme with the legless man is illustrative of the fact that we in Maryland if confronted by a life threatening assailant are under the “duty to retreat” not confront, In other words not meet force with force unless there is no other option. This fellow would have difficulty in making distance between himself and an opponent SB1 if enacted would essentially make any public area a non-carry zone, thus nullifying the recent Supreme Court decision (Bruen- a 6 to 3 decision,,, not just one Judge deciding as you presumed). Bruen entitled all lawful Americans to defend themselves with a Firearm outside of their home. Respectfully Albert,,, if you are a British Subject and don’t live within our borders why do you even bother discussing issues that would seemingly have nothing to do with you?

    • Of course a “PAID”, “BRITISH SUBJECT”, whose “BUTT” still hurts, wouldn’t understand “COMMON ENGLISH” and know how to “READ”!!!!

      And who “CAN’T THINK FOR THEMSELVES” and has to be given a script of “WHAT TO SAY”!!!

    • “”The whole uncntrolled firearms situtaion in the USA is as, I understand it based on a single descision by a Supreme Court Judge and I cannot see for the life of me that why, in a legal sense that that descision cannot be reversed. and it would be if the FIREARMS INDUSTRY had no LOBBIED and bought half the legislature.””

      It wasn’t the SCOTUS who made that decision, it was James Madison with a few others. The same guys who decided that the greatest superpower of the time had done enough to abuse their subjects and decided they would become a Nation of citizens apart from the crown. Maybe you are familiar with this situation?

      It is difficult, and rightly so, to amend or change our Constitution to remove the 2A or any of the others. Why would a citizen want to give the State a monopoly of violence?

      I am pretty sure the NRA wasn’t involved in the 2A when it was being debated and ratified, nor was the firearm manufactures. Of course if you can refute this and show where the NRA bought Madison, I would like to see the evidence.

    • my ex wife always said people from Maryland are evil. I’m not sure what her source was, however my later suspicion was like recognizes like. their representatives actions do nothing to dispel her opinion/observation.

  15. I live in Maryland. One has to remember most of the state is red but is out voted by PG, Montgomery, Baltimore City, Baltimore and Howard counties. I myself live in a mostly red county and is concerned that these morons will nullify my CC permit that I had go through hoops to obtain before the Buren(sp?) decision. Instead of focusing on the criminals they rather screw the people who respect the law. I myself was rapidly approached by 1 of the 13% at a gas station on my way to work but I wasn’t carrying at the time but my internal alarm was going off. I had enough sense to jump in vehicle before he could get within rushing distance. These are the times you wish you had it on you but now they MSA would rather make everyone a felon then taking felons off the street.

  16. It should be child abuse to raise your kids in a liberal/leftist environment knowing that your kids will grow up with no knowledge of GOD or have any kind of morals. Just one look at the country since I was a kid is all the proof you need. Back in the 60’s and 70’s kids would bring their guns to school with them to go hunting after school, even bring them into the principles office to leave them there until after school. There were no shootings or stabbings except maybe in the big sewer city’s, worse thing was maybe a fist fight over a girl. No wokeness, perverts, men getting married to men, and even democrats were level minded believe it or not. The youth of today are sickening whimp’s with no respect or discipline. Our country is headed for the toilet and we need GOD back in our country.

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