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Some people carry three guns, but I’m pretty happy with just one: a Wilson Combat 1911. The only exception to my contentedness is the short supply of ammunition that my gun carries. Eight rounds might be enough for the statistically average gunfight, but I don’t plan for the statistical average. I plan for the outliers. Which is why carrying an extra magazine is something I’ve intended to do for some time, but every option I’ve investigated so far sucks. Until I found the SnagMag, that is . . .

The traditional spare mag carry methods are either in a holster on your belt or buried deep in your pocket. The belt-based solution is easy to use and quick to access, but it’s massively uncomfortable the rest of the time. The pocket solution is comfortable enough, but the mag can be damn near impossible to find and extract under pressure. The folks behind SnagMag saw an opening for something comfortable yet secure and designed their pocket solution to fill that role.

The device itself is deceptively simple; it’s just a bit of bent plastic and a clip. The magazine slides into the center and the bent plastic wraps around to keep it secure. The design isn’t anything groundbreaking, but how it’s used is the real trick.

Instead of slipping onto your belt, the magazine slides into your pocket and clips on like a knife. Here in Texas everyone carries knives like this, so seeing someone with a silver clip outside their pocket is completely normal and doesn’t arouse any suspicions. Heck, even my friends at the range thought I was asking them to take a picture of a knife when I handed them the camera and asked them to snap the above picture. It was only when they snapped the next one that they realized what it really was.

SnagMag, c Nick Leghorn

When you need to access your second magazine, the SnagMag has it easily accessible and in the same place every time. It makes training much easier and gives me peace of mind that if I ever run dry, I know where my next magazine is coming from.

But while the SnagMag makes the magazines readily accessible, it might be that they’re a little too accessible. I’ve had magazines slide out and fall on the floor a couple of times when I was sitting in a particularly cushy or inclined chair, such as the one in my car. It’s not a major issue and can probably be fixed by putting a small strip of rubber along the top of the device to give it some more friction. It’s the only flaw I could find with the SnagMag.

The SnagMag costs about $35, and but for the want of a strip of a little rubber, it’s the perfect way to tote a spare magazine when carrying a concealed firearm.

SnagMag Concealed Carry Magazine Holster
Price: $34.95

Ratings (out of five stars):

Ease of Use * * * * *
Slip a magazine in the device and then slip it into your pocket. That’s all there is to it.

Utility * * * * *
It works great.

Overall * * * * 1/2
Fix the problem with magazines inadvertently sliding out and you’ve got yourself a five star product.

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    • Not really.
      They were at the WA IDPA championship last summer, and I got to try out the mag first hand. I was wearing 5.11 tactical pants (like ten billion other IDPA shooters) and the clip did not stay attached well.
      The problem is that they’re supposed to look like knife clips…which are designed to come off easily.

      It also didn’t work well with my CZ P-01 mags that have the rubber base plate, but it worked okay with the longer mags…but they stuck out of my pocket.

      • Hi Jason, I remember meeting you. The CZ model we showed was a new prototype, and we weren’t satisfied with it. After the IDPA match we went back and totally redid the CZ-75 model from the prototype to improve length and fit. Hope to see you there again next year.

      • But that’s where I keep my light. I need one that will clip horizontal to the belt between the buckle and the first pant loop.

      • I’ve been told that knife in the off-hand is better in the event someone goes for your gun. Prevent loss of gun with gun hand, retrieve knife opposite hand and stab/slash as necessary to end the threat.

        • That’s how I’m set up on duty and off. I’ve always got a knife, and only sometimes have a spare mag. If you’ve ever seen the aftermath of someone burned to death in a car, the need to have a knife easily accessible is obvious.

  1. I use a Remora mag holder in my off hand pocket. protects the mag and makes it easy to grab it since the gripiness of the holder keeps the mag oriented the right way.

    oh – and it’s free when you order a remora holster.

    • I bought a Remora that came with a free mag pouch. The holster was a disappointment–it was supposed to be IWB/OWB, but the OWB feature absolutely sucked–it was basically another layer of remora connected by Velcro–because it did not hold the gun in tight. And the IWB was a pain to get arranged properly because I (at least) had to do it with my pants unbuttoned and hope that I got it in the right spot and the right cant because it was too sticky to just slide it in the waistband. The mag holder is SO huge that it overwhelms a pocket, but as a bonus is actually large enough to hold two mags for my single stack 9 mm. [Fortunately, the holster was just a temporary while I waited for Kirkpatrick to make my custom leather holster.]

  2. Hmmm. I don’t like to use the pocket clip on my knife to begin with, so this is no better. And it is overpriced. For the same price, Remora will sell you a pouch AND a holster. It shuld really retail for about $10 – $12.
    The one feature I do like is that you can’t see the mag. Almost all of the belt systems have half the mag sticking out, making it pretty obvious what it is. If I were to make my ultimate pouch, it would look like a Buck or Leatherman snap pouch

  3. You usually wear jeans, ya? You know that smaller pocket inside the pocket on the right side? I am pretty sure that was made for 1911 mags. Try it sometime.

    • Ed:Even with the incredibly pwuorfel flashlights out there now, unless you are very lucky to get your opponent’s eyes centered with the beam when you turn it on, he is going to see where you are from the backscatter. Plus, if more than one BG, it still won’t much matter.A while back, the drill was to light up the BG’s and shoot, kill the light and move, re-light and shoot, repeat as needed. For a number of reasons, this seems to have evolved to leaving the light on, once shooting has commenced.For one thing, unless you spend a LOT of time on a dark range shooting and moving, one tends to concentrate too much on light control instead of BG control. Not to mention trigger/switch confusion under stress, or forgetting to turn it off or on when needed. Then there are the visual problems detrimental to you, to include not looking or seeing others to the sides or rear, and stumbling over/into objects.

  4. I go with the piece of belt plastic that came with my Milspec. It allows me to carry two 8 round spares. for a total of 24 rounds on hand. I only carry one spare when I care anything else but the Nano. You should always carry one spare even if you go with the mega magazines available for a plastic pistol. It is much faster to just drop a failed magazine than go through the TRB process. The top zippered pocket on my LL Bean “tactical” vest is also a good place to store one or two spares.

    • why do you need more than 8 rounds? unless you are a criminal fighting a criminal you won’t need more than 8, and if you do you will be spraying lead like a cowboy in the wild west.

      well that was your argument the last few days. 🙂

      • You just assumed I only carried 8 rounds when all I said was 8 should cover any DGU I might face. I never said that I don’t have a reload. As noted above I always carry a spare when I carry my XD/m 9 or my Hi Power in case I have a magazine failure. You know what they about assumptions. 🙂

  5. Leaves the top part of the mag exposed to pocket lint and other dirt. Sorry Nick, I’ll pass

    Also, it’s important to keep your equipment location consistent so you will know where it is in an emergency.

  6. In Texas, the gun has to be concealed, but I’ve not seen that there is a requirement to conceal spare magazines.

    I do understand the desire to conceal it, though.

  7. The extra mag is not a bad idea but I see the whole thing differently.

    Keeping a second mag in the the car is a good idea. Cars break down and accidents happen in strange places. That’s it.

    Otherwise, If you get into a situation where you have to reload:

    a) you were at home (the Sstorm came to you)
    b) your car broke down in a bad place ( in the middle of the Sstorm)
    c) you got out of your car in the lion park (The Safari Principle)
    d) you don’t drive
    e) you failed situational awareness school and did (c)
    f) you can never ever make fun of police bullet sprays

    But that’s just me. Avoidance is the cardinal rule.

  8. hey! I understand the reasoning behind clipping a knife or in this case a magazine to ones pocket. For me, however, when I see someone walking along showing that clip it is a tell. I am instantly interested in that person. Who is this guy? What else is he or she carrying. I don’t carry a knife but if I did I think I would try to do it a little more discreetly. None of the above is a judgement, just a thought. I do like the magazine idea.

    • How about maybe he works for a living? Everyone I know who works around me (agriculture or labor) carries a knife. Cause for us its a tool first, a last resort defensive weapon second.

      • I carry a knife everyday, clipped to my pocket.
        Number of times I’ve used it defensively: 0
        Number of times it’s been used to open something for my kids : 3570

        So all my knife says about me is that I love my daughters.

    • Where are you from allen?

      I dont mean to in any way be offensive, your comment just blows my mind :). Damn near everyone wears a knife of some kind where Im from, just kind of an understood thing that it is a part of your EDC (before that term was ever coined) because its a versatile tool.

  9. $35 worth of kydex sheets and a little creativity and you could probably make yourself a whole bunch of those without too much trouble.

  10. Maybe Levi’s can shift that little coin pocket-in-a-pocket from the right pocket, to the left, and expand it enough for a good magazine fit. Could accomplish about the same thing. Would have to standardize on a popular size, though.

  11. “Which is why carrying an extra magazine is something I’ve intended to do for some time, but every option I’ve investigated so far sucks.”

    You’ve got to be kidding me. I’ve carried a 1911 for well over half of my career. Never had a problem with a standard magazine carrier yet, concealed or otherwise…..

  12. There is some natural variability in the thickness of magazines that affects how loose or how tight the magazine sits in the SnagMag. The 1911 8 round SnagMag is modeled after the Wilson Combat mag. It can be slightly tightened with a heat gun on the lower setting by heating up the bend in the wings while pushing down on the wings. Don’t over-do it with the heat, and by pushing the wings in a small amount you can tighten the SnagMag to increase retention.

    • I’ve been eyeballing your products for about a year, and would have come to the heat gun conclusion very quickly. Really cool to see you post here.

      That said, you addressed something that was brought up in a few places both in the article and the comments, but failed to address the elephant in the room. What in f*ck is with your pricing? $35 for a single mag carrier is offensive to anybody who doesn’t drive Italian sports cars to drop their kids off at school (sorry, Farago.) And given the cost of Kydex your profit margin has got to be astronomical. If you guys are raking in sales, more power to you but I won’t pay your prices regardless of how badly I want a couple carriers. Additionally, nobody I know has been willing to throw down on your products either. You’re shooting yourself in the foot.

      • Thanks for the question, Matt. It is one of the most frequently asked questions we get. Without going into calculations a company makes in pricing its products, I can tell you that raw materials cost is only a fraction of what goes into pricing a product. I refer you to this article for further explanation: (The article links a 2003 article in Forbes magazine that states the raw materials costs for Glock are $75). If you were to speak with other manufacturers and businesses I believe they could relate with the article. We are a new company, and anticipate price reductions in the future as our costs go down. I should note we refuse to make these in China. For those who want to see the price at $10-$15 dollars, that is what it would take. I can tell you we will always make these in America.

        The SnagMag was never meant to be the last word in magazine holsters. It is simply meant to be one more tool to help those looking for an alternative to carry spare magazines. Like most gear, it requires practice to become proficient with its use.

        Hope this helps with some of your questions. Please feel free to email us directly if you have any other questions or concerns.

        • I just ordered two of your snag mags, I love them. I’m a Gamewarden and I put my duty gear and personal gear through the test. The environments that I work in and the situations that I encounter require that I only use the best gear. Your product has solved a major issue for me. I work in covert situations daily and your product has provided me the capability to be better equipped and more comfortable while on and off duty. Thank you for providing us with a good USA made product. And by the way your pricing is well worth the product and the research that you’ve put into it. Thanks again.

        • I have two of these, one for each of 380 and 45 auto. The last sentence in the Forbes article answers the question about the price, it’s in the volume of sales. The more you expect to sell has a lot to do with the price. After all I will not likely buy any more unless I experience a failure. Magazines on the other hand I have multiples and will probably buy more.

  13. Saw this product a while back on Kit Up I think, and my thought now was the same then: I already have a clipped pocket knife in my right pocket, I carry a spare 12 rnd full size mag in my left.

    I feel like Id being captain obvious walking around with something in each pocket and my attempt at concealment would have been foiled by me.

    I have seriously been looking for a good solution as I really dont want another IWB item, I pretty much wear wranglers so there isnt a whole lot of room to add stuff other than a holster. The wrangler pockets however work GREAT at keeping my mag in one place and not moving, I just clean the spare mag out once a month or so to remove that dastardly pocket lint. Getting it out in a hurry could be very problematic depending on how my body is positioned ha.

    The Magholder product has a similiar issue, the damn back of the magazine and sometimes brass are visible, talk about a red flag if you wear a shirt tucked in AT ALL.

  14. Here we go
    Just when we have finally educated people about the term, “magazine”, we put it in a “clip”.
    Back to square one.

  15. Looks like a start, needs a bit of field testing apparently.

    I use pieces of paracord, gutted, make a loop that fits the mag and secure that inside the pocket so mag hangs down along the backseam of pocket. This is an OK mcgiever for conceal carry and works good with single stack mags(Walther P1).

  16. A few of us lucky people have spouses that are sewing masters. In addition to tailored clothing, I get special things like 1911 mag holders made from almost any suitable material I want sewn into jacket liners.
    I’ve got a closet full of suit coats, slacks and jackets with customized mag holsters made for the 1911, Sig Sauer P290 and the XDS-45. Yes, all single stacks. These are supposed to go unnoticed, after all.

    If you want to try this for yourself, start with a pair of jeans. Using another pair of worn-out jeans, cut material from them to fit your magazine and sew it to the inside of one of your jeans pockets. Fit it so the lip of your mag is just below the top of the pocket line (not visible but very reachable). Using jeans is a good starter for novice sewers because it’s easily repaired and tough.

    • Oh, yea, a mod-er! I am always modifying things, never quite happy with how other people make sh*t. I wear the same pants/shorts every day. Cabellas 7 pocket hikers, hand stitch carry for Beretta in right front pocket main compartment, every pair of pants and shorts. Have my paracord mag holders for Walther mags in every pair of pants and shorts. Beretta extra mag goes in left front patch pocket, along with CC card. Found over the years that it is a good idea to place a chunk of iron-on patch material on the inside of that patch pocket, the 2 sharp corners on that mag tear through fairly quickly.

      • Excellent ideas! Always good to see there are people still innovating, instead of waiting for the “perfect” product to come along.

        • Brah, I quit waiting for the “perfect” product the Christmas I got my Maj Matt Mason Moonbase Set and it was mostly cardboard. I know what I want, and 9 times out of 10 I am the one that can make it happen. Guess that is why people keep harassing me to remodel their house/office/structure. I’m “creative”(gawd, I hate that word). I take care of the sh*t jobs cuz I am the one who gets them done. I am That Guy.

  17. Late post:
    I have a small 9 mm, OWB, 7 round mag and carried an extra mag in my mag holder in my right front pocket. Took the clip off the mag holder. It’s was tough getting the mag out as the holder would rotate, etc. I’m not comfortable carrying firearm OWB with mag OWB or IWB, too many bulges.
    Carry knife, right front pocket, flashlight in left rear pocket on left side.
    Decided to try this. It works great!
    Not concerned about cost as I know what it really cost to get started, material costs, design costs (yes it was designed), cc charge costs, mailings, packaging, taxes, setting up web site, getting PayLeap or any other processor, etc. One day it will go for $19.99, after I’m dead.

    I pay taxes, buy software, cars, houses and don’t really get much in return from my point of view. Don’t get me started on medical premiums.

    I don’t mind paying for a well executed idea and product.

    Nick, keep finding this stuff!

  18. Even later post:

    I’d like to see this product more enclosed. Pocket lint, as many would attest, is an immortal mag enemy…

    Otherwise, you’ve made a neat product. Keep the innovative juices flowing.

  19. Had been watching this item for quite a while now, and since I normally prefer to carry a spare mag in front left pocket, this seemed like a perfect match for me. Novel idea that should theoretically provide the ultimate alternative to strapping yet another bulging gadget on a belt….BUT, even if it functioned 100% perfectly as intended/advertised, my limit is ONE at the Inflated $35 price tag. So ok, help me out here with the math guys as I’m no Business or Economy whiz. Are you really selling so many of these at $35 each that you are satisfied with your envisioned profit potential? Curious how many repeat buyers you’ve had at $35? Please indulge me for a moment and tell me what I am missing here; Ok, so I win the lottery and just can’t resist any longer or develop temporary insanity and spend the $35 for the 1 unit I purchase for evaluation. I get it and think ok, it is a pretty good product but it’s sure not $35 good, so that’s it for me. I’ll use it for the one mag type I got it for and other guns I carry, the spare mag just goes in my pocket as before. So great, you made $35 total from me and when asked by friends if I’d recommend it at $35, the answer would be “No”. Now say this item sells for what it’s true value is TO ME…say $17.50. I would buy at least 4 just for myself and probably another 4 initially as gifts for family/friends/customers to try out. So that’s $17.50 x 8 = $140 with potential for future purchases as I buy new pistols or additional gifts PLUS recommendations to others based on positive cost to value ratios which leads to who knows how many additional orders at $17.50. Instead, you made $35 for one unit. Don’t care what anyone says, that’s a HUGE profit margin for ONE unit. Congrats, but that $35 is all the profit you’ll see from me or anyone who asks for/values my opinion. I suppose that business model has worked well since the price has not been adjusted since I first came across this? Just very curious how overall profits vs production costs would play out were this item to sell in much greater volume for what I expect many many customers would consider a realistically fair price? Please enlighten me.
    Congrats though on an innovative idea in a market where that is now rare!

  20. I bought a Snag Mag for my Kahr PM 40. The first day I wore it outdoors, my 5 shot magazine fell out of it and I lost it, presumably while getting out of the car. I find it hard to comprehend why I should have to add tape or any other retainer when I paid $35.00 for a magazine holder that was supposedly fitted for my gun magazine.
    Frankly I am very upset with this loss and I regret having bought the Snag Mag.

    • I reported my problem of pocket retention on this web site. I received a phone call from an executive in the Snag Mag Company, and he determined that I had been incorrectly sent a six shot Snag Mag for my Kahr PM 40 instead of a 5 shot magazine Snag Mag.
      He promptly sent me another Snag Mag postage free that fit perfectly. I appreciate the fact that Snag Mag stands behind their products. I am enjoying the fit and the comfortability of the Snag Mag and wholeheartedly recommend it to others. As the matter of fact, I purchased another Snag Mag for my son’s Smith and Wesson Compact Shield 9 mm and he enjoys it as well.

  21. Yes, I was able to retrieve my Kahr PM magazine. Providentially, by God’s grace, it was found on the sidewalk before any children found it.


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