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Most of us don’t have much use for a double magazine holster outside of classes and training sessions where they come in awfully handy. If you’re a new gun owner about to take your first training course, having a good magazine holster beats trying to stuff them in a pocket. You probably don’t want to spend much, and that’s where TEGE’s Double Magazine Pouch comes in.

TEGE — a Chinese company — calls this thing a magazine “pouch” for some reason. But this double magazine holster does everything you need a mag holster to do and does it at a very affordable price.

The polymer holster is designed for 9mm and .40 S&W magazines.

Each side has two tabs molded into the polymer that press against the magazine for retention. This isn’t rocket science, but it work and works well.

There’s also a retention screw between the two magazine slots you can adjust with the provided Allen wrench to fine tune it.

You can even adjust the holster’s cant if want to and the paddle will accommodated belts up to two inches wide.

FN 509 LS Edge magazines
SIG P320 magazines

I tried the holster with SIG, GLOCK, Beretta APX and FN double stack mags and the magazine held all of them well. I could jump up and down and not worry about magazines flying out.

1911 magazines

While the holster wasn’t designed for them, I pout a couple of single stack 1911 mags in and, while a little snug, they work. And you don’t have to struggle to pull them out for quick mag changes.

In the end, the TEGE double magazine pouch is simple, durable, and affordable enough to be a good choice for new shooters…or even more experienced gun owners who don’t want to drop a lot of cash on a mag holster. They retail for about $21.00.

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  1. Been using Fobus double mag holders for years. They work great and the price was right. No frills, just function.

    • Indeed. There’s no good reason to not carry two mags on the weak side, and many reasons to do so.

      For starters: balance. Two full mags help offset the weight of the pistol on your strong side.

      But mainly, because “one is none, two is one; three is better.”

  2. When you want to clearly stand out as a FUDD and someone who takes at least 8 seconds to reload.


    I have this same item from BLACKHAWK, and it works equally well, and NOT made in China!!

    TTAG would do well to stop promoting communist Chinese cr@p and stick to USA MADE.

  4. My holster is a sock
    You cant buy just one sock, you’ve gotta buy two. The other sock is where I put my magazines,
    Playboy will fit if you fold it right.
    I’ve got matching socks( holster, magazine pouch)until I do the laundry.

  5. I don’t know any serious competitors using anything other than Double Alpha.

    I guess this would be fine for a casual class.

    Not a big fan of Chinesium though – I’ve started making conscious decisions to avoid Chinese made products.

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