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I like having a light on my home defense gun. I also like having options. Olight’s original BALDR Mini weapon light and (green) laser gives you the option of using a light, a laser or both at the same time. I’ve had one on one of my home defense guns for over a year.

Now Olight’s new BALDR RL Mini gives you the same features in a less expensive red laser version.

The Chinese-made BALDR RL Mini is small enough and flexible enough to fit on most subcompact pistols.

The BALDR RL Mini’s laser emitter is located inside the unit rather than separately, as it is other combination light/lasers. That makes for a smaller overall design.

Like Olight’s other pistol lights, the BALDR RL Mini uses their excellent quick release design that makes installing it and getting it in the best position for your handgun simple.

Flip open the QR lever and the mount slides off the light/laser unit. You can then attach the mount section to the rail on your handgun (Olight includes two crossbars, one for standard 1913 Picatinny rails and one for GLOCK’s proprietary mount).

Once the mount is positioned, all you do is slide the light unit on and position it to give you the most comfortable access to the two rocker activation switches.

The switches themselves are as simple as it gets. A quick press and release on the rocker on either side turns the unit on and keeps it on. Another press turns it off. Depress either rocker and hold it down, and the unit shuts off when you let up on the switch.

In addition to left and right on/off rocker switches, the BALDR RL Mini has a slide switch on the underside that lets you choose what features to use…light only, both light and laser, or laser only.

The BALDR RL Mini charges its lithium battery using Olight’s simple magnetic USB cable. Charging from zero takes an hour and the unit has a maximum run time on a full charge of 40 minutes of continuous use.

It’s hard to get the combination of the BALDR RL Mini’s 600 lumen light and laser to show well in a photograph, but both are very clearly visible to the naked eye.


One of the most attractive aspects of the BALDR RL Mini is its price. The red light version is prices $20 less than the green light version. MSRP for the BALDR RL Mini is $109.95, but if you’re interested, Olight has them on sale until midnight tonight for $87.96.

The BALDR RL Mini is a powerful, versatile and, maybe best of all, affordable red light that’s perfect for most gun owners’ needs. It makes for a great addition to your home defense gun.


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  1. Yo, Dan, more specifics, please. The 40 minute battery life, is that for light, laser, or both? There should be 3 different times listed.

    I like the rechargeable capability and the appearance of the method, total seems like a good and inexpensive system.

    • Really. So where’s the 40 minutes? I never found those numbers at the site linked (my web-fu sucks) but since I ordered 2 I’ll try it myself. We’re all counting on you, Dan, Don’t let us down!

    • For those interested, out of the box, freshly charged, light laser on and iphone stopwatch started. Low battery warning illuminated around 35 minutes, so dim it is essentially useless, unit clicked off at almost precisely 40 minutes, within 2 seconds, astonishing! Laser alone appears to be good for around 11 hours on a charge, light is what drains it.
      I do have another question, if the Glock adapter fits, does that make it the correct one? I put it on an XD-M.

      • Like you, I ordered two. Have not received the two lasers yet, however, I received the “bonus” gift today – the keychain light – really nice.

        Glad to see that you received yours already and have positive feedback on the device(s).

        • Mine arrived a couple of days ago. Perfect, inexpensive, lights for my and my spouse’s nightstand pistols.

      • The Glock rail slot is more shallow, so the 1913 adapter is better for just about everything else except Caniks, which also have a shallow rail slot.

    • You must have been lost way before this, seeing how Streamlight is all made in the glorious P.R.C. too.

  2. Why Vietnam?
    Your dollars supporting communism
    Boy howdie the U.S A. certainly has some messed up priorities.

    • The priorities are set by the party holding majority in DC. We send our stuff overseas and they send their stuff to us for tax and tariff advantages. We do the same thing with celery, tomatoes, and oil. Kill off industries here with taxes and dumbing down our graduates so we have to buy elsewhere.

  3. Actually, the Vietnamese people love Americans. Look at the stuff in your house and where it’s made!
    Years ago the Air Force supplied computers to military and civilian personnel, they were mostly made in China, the question was raised but never answered.
    Touch parts on a car…..many parts come from China.
    Time to get over that one. All our political and business leaders want is money and power. We have no patriots with them,
    Add this to the woke society and if we don’t buy stuff from either of them I will die. Asthma, stuff comes from Israel but components come from China and India. 70-90% of ingredients in drugs come from China and at least 70% of finished drugs come from India.
    Have a nice day.

  4. A light company so good that its literally killed someone…the user. Just save up another hundred bucks and buy a Streamlight at least.

    • Nope. I’ve had *one* Olight product (that I got as a gift), and after having *many* issues with it I refuse to own another. It was one of the little ‘micro’ lights (single 123A battery size) that supposedly put out 500+ lumins. The first one lasted two days of normal use (turned on for a couple minutes to find a tiny spring under my work bench, quick flash in the backyard to see what was riling up the dogs, a minute at most to find keys that slid under the truck seat, ect) and then refused to turn on. The replacement worked for a single day, then refused to get brighter than about 5 lumins (tested against a Streamlight keychain light), the third one wouldn’t work right out of the box. I don’t really give a shit where something is made, as even ‘american made’ stuff has internals that are made elsewhere, but I damn well expect that if I pay for a product that it will *work*.

    • I really like the Oligjts, have several including a Mjni Valkyrie on my 19x and the Odin on a Fostech AR pistol I just set up. Couple flashlights too.Good value. Highly recommend.

  5. I purchased the Baldr RL Mini during the flash sale, attached it to my S&W M&P 9Shield EZ, and took it to the range to zero it. It does not hold zero. Laser shifts after the first shot.

  6. Bought a BALDR Pro R on 11/29. The switch is defective. A great idea, but a very poor execution. Contacted customer service who requested a video of the bad switch. Once they received my video, they sent me a return shipping label, and then began to delay, delay, delay the shipment of a replacement. Good luck working with their customer svc. English is apparently not their 1st language and it’s hard to get an understandable response from them.

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