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By Lee Williams

In his latest attempt to convince the American people that the U.S. Department of Justice actually does more than provide top cover for the Biden family, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Tuesday that 110 suspects had been arrested in a three-state operation designed to keep repeat drug and weapons violators behind bars.


If the DOJ really wanted to crack (pun intended) down on gun and drug violations, there are two places they could raid right now – a three-bedroom, four-bath, 6,850-square foot colonial valued at $1.3 million in Greenville, Delaware or a $20,000-per-month beach rental with attached “art” studio in Malibu, California.

Both of these structures likely have more cocaine rocks smushed in the carpet than most DEA agents have ever seen, and there’s still a Beretta 9mm lying around somewhere, right?

Garland needs to stop the charade and just admit his department operates a two-tiered justice system: one tier for anyone named Biden and another for the rest of us. Every time the Attorney General tries to suggest otherwise, he insults our intelligence.

Just admit the truth, Merrick. No one named Biden will ever get a matching pair of steel bracelets as long as you’ve got a federal badge in your billfold. We get it. Besides, your attempts to justify your actions are beyond silly.

Merrick garland attorney general
(Samuel Corum/Pool via AP)

Garland’s decision to not pair FBI agents sporting blue 1990s-style raid windbreakers with Biden’s lawyers during their never-ending classified document searches is just the latest departure from DOJ SOP. Everyone knows the last thing Joe’s lawyers want in the room are actual law enforcement officers – even FBI agents – lest they see something illegal and take some type of enforcement action. It’s far better to keep the feds out of Joe’s garage, Garland knows, and allow Biden’s lawyers to turn over only what they deem necessary. After all, the Big Guy has taken enough hits in the media, right?

Still unconvinced that we non-Bidens have become second-class citizens? Just look at how Joe’s idiot son, Hunter, has been treated by the DOJ. He actually lied on a Form 4473 and got caught, but the United States Secret Service covered up his crimes.

In other words, the Secret Service aided and abetted the the commission of a federal felony. Hunter should be behind bars right now, fingerpainting and getting his snacks stolen by other inmates.

We have reached a critical stage for federal law enforcement in this country. The House is about to hold hearings on whether the feds have been weaponized against us in order to support and protect the Biden Regime. While the public spectacle will be interesting if not fun, the answer is already well known.

Joe Biden surprised confused
(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

The careerists in the ATF, Secret Service and especially the FBI need to realize nothing good will come from their blind loyalty to the political appointees currently in charge of their organizations. A comeuppance is coming, and it won’t be pretty. These federal agents should understand they can uphold their oath and do what’s right for the American people, or they can end up in a khaki jumpsuit at Club Fed, safeguarding snacks for Hunter Biden.


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  1. “Feds Arrest 110 People on Drug and Gun Charges” in three states. That’s it? Just 110? Three states? Heck, there are at least a few thousand just in Chicago alone and some of them are among the city leaders.

    • Should try either any random city block on Chicago’s south side or instead the Chicago town hall.

  2. I keep hearing the Republicans rail about all the bs going down, but nobody is going to prison. I think they are playing us for donations, and undeserved loyalty. As long as the government normalizes abhorrent behavior, we are doomed. The LORD has dominion, and is on the throne.

    • Probably. Should there be a day of reckoning? Sure. Absolutely. But the last mid-terms helped pull the wool from over my eyes. I thought the incredible debt/spending and inflation would be enough. Thought the horrific abomination of the pullout from Afghanistan would be enough. But nope. People are going to keep voting the way they’ve been voting. Too much going on in the world for them to care…and most really don’t care about the rest of the world. They only care about their immediate zip code. Or just within their own household. And the Dobbs decision really got under peoples’ skin. Didn’t matter what it actually meant…the messaging was enough to keep things mostly status quo in the Senate with only minor gains in the House. The next litmus test is 18-19 months away.

      • The American electorate in general, likes divided government and doesn’t want to give either party a rubber stamp majority. In the noble but naive belief that this will make the two sides work together. In practice, the gridlock is worked around by outsourcing authority to the alphabet soup agencies that have grown into an ominous, extraconstitutional fourth branch of government.

  3. Alec Baldwin charged with involuntary manslaughter.

    I guess that white s0ci@list Pr0gressive heter0sexu@l privilege didn’t work this time. How about that. Baldwin got charged. Because he is not in the “club”.

    But the white s0ci@list Pr0gressive hetersexu@l son, of the president is in the “club”. That’s why Hunter is walking around free as any drug user, in any major democrat run city. Free to steal, attack people. Free to throw away guns in trash cans. Free to urinate and defecate in public. And never to be arrested.

    • Chris T in KY,

      Charging Alec Baldwin with a crime is one thing. Mounting a vigorous and successful prosecution which leads to a significant prison sentence is another thing entirely.

      • We will see if this DA wants to make a name for herself. Or does she want to “take a dive” and let him off easy.
        Every other person who kills with a negligent discharge gets some time in prison.

  4. All true. And trumps attorney general morphed into his personal attorney and provided cover for him and his useless, worthless scumbag children. Trying to make a case that republicans are somehow less corrupt than democrats is idiotic. The essential difference is the 2nd. Maybe. There is not a politician will be our friend when push comes to shove. Republicans will sell out gun owners in a short minute when their power and wealth are threatened.

    • imaho…Did you vote for biden? If not you might as well because your lips are all over democRat Butt.

  5. Legalizing drugs does not eliminate crime. People who say that are either Liars or fools. And the drug legalization crowd got in bed with the government and “came out with syphilis”. Because people who sell drugs when it’s legalized are subject to the tax code. Which is exactly what the drug legalization crowd wanted.

    They all said that drugs should be made legal like tobacco and taxed. “So the government could make more money.”

    So when the local police start arresting people for not paying taxes, that should be okay with the drug legalization crowd. Because they agreed to that situation being set up in the first place.

    And that is why that black man, overweight seller of loose cigarette, was arrested in New York city. Even their white s0ci@list Pr0gressive mayor said, “the police must arrest those, selling cigarettes, and avoiding the cities tobacco tax”.

    • “Legalizing drugs does not eliminate crime.”

      Sure it does. There were no cartels prior to the bans. Sicilian mafias in NYC fought brass knuckles over who would sell hotdogs on what corner.

      Just nationalize production and distribution, like failed banana republics do oil and land. Whatever, available on demand, at cost (<$1/day).

      'If you want less of something, let the gummint do it,'

      • Mafia (and not just the Sicilians) types were running protection rackets long before Prohibition. Oh and let us not forget prostitution, gambling and loan sharking.

      • Legalizing drugs has never made violence go away. It is never reduced crime. The people who say that legalizing drugs will make the crime go away or just liars or fools.

        “Mexican avocado growers take up arms against cartel violence”

        • Are you actually saying that banning drugs has not increased crime, and the wealth, size and power of organized crime entities?

          Sears catalogs (1897) used to carry ads encouraging school kids to sell opium to their neighbors. That was back when nobody locked their doors. There were NO DRUG MAFIAS OR CARTELS AND ALSO NO DRUG VIOLENCE. Those all appeared after the bans, and they have increased their power exponentially ever since, reading over whole countries.

          I am tolerant of ignorance, but damn, dude, your argumentation is freaking ludicrous.

        • to xzx

          Me From March 2022

          “As I said before anyone who believes that making pot legal will, make all the crime go away, is either a liar or a fool. The laws against marijuana are not enforced in Mexico. Just as the laws against marijuana in the United States are not enforced. Because it’s still illegal on the federal level.”

          “But in Mexico these marijuana “businessmen” are murdering people left and right in order to take over the avocado Farm business. And many other businesses that they’d like to take over. It’s really amazing that there are people who believe that giving bad people money will change their criminal ways.”

          “Effectively making marijuana legal did not change the morality of the murderess marijuana gangsters in Mexico. And giving teenage gangs money to stop committing crimes has done nothing to reduce crime in those American cities.”

          I am on record previously here on TTAG, saying I supported the legalization of these drugs. But I have also said that it should be made legal, for me to be able to kill drug users and drug dealers. When they rob, rape, Steal, murder, break into or vandalize private property.
          Because the only way they can get money to pay for their drugs is to steal it from someone else.

          Legalizing drugs has never made crime go down. Drugs are legal in San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle, etc. Are you going to tell me that crime is down in those cities???

          The legalization crowd does not support Crime Victims being able to defend their property using deadly force.

      • The drug legalization crowd is simply made up of incredibly stupid people. Who are s0ci@list Pr0gressive in their p0litic@l 0rient@ti0n. And always supported High business taxes. But now that they’re in a private business they don’t like paying the taxes do they???

        “Legal cannabis taxes too high, says Black cannabis retail owner” video 3 min long

        • Legal pot costs about 5$ per pound to produce. Morphine less than a dollar per day per user, cocaine about 20$ per oz.

          Drugs have not been legal since 1905. At which time drug crime was NON-EXISTENT.


  6. Garland needs to stop the charade and just admit his department operates a two-tiered justice system …

    That is another of countless examples of how Progressive True Believers operate:

    1) There are no, null, none, zero, zip, zilch, nada timeless inherent standards of right or wrong.

    2) An action is “right” or “wrong” based on the identity of the actor and recipient.

    Allow me to show an example. A man walks up to a candidate on the campaign trail for state Senator and punches the candidate in the face. Is that right or wrong? According to Progressive True Believers, that action is A-OK if the Senate candidate is a Conservative and the man who punched the candidate is a Progressive–and wrong if the identities are reversed.

    And how would Progressive True Believers justify that action as being A-OK? Because the Conservative candidate is a vial/evil person who, by definition, deserves all the scorn and punishment that society can heap upon him/her.

    • So is it right or wrong for a Republican legislative candidate to conspire with multiple individuals and conduct violent criminal assaults upon Democratic elected officials homes, endangering their children?

      Of the two examples, the one involving the firearms seems slightly more serious.

      “The arrest of a defeated candidate for the New Mexico legislature on charges that he orchestrated a plot to shoot up the homes of four Democratic officials in Albuquerque prompted widespread condemnation Tuesday as well as accusations that the stolen-election rhetoric among supporters of former president Donald Trump continues to incite violence.

      Following the Monday arrest, new details emerged Tuesday about the alleged conspiracy, including how close a spray of bullets came to the sleeping 10-year-old daughter of a state senator. Albuquerque police said in charging documents released Tuesday that Solomon Peña, 39, a Republican who lost a state House seat in November by a nearly 2-1 margin but complained that his defeat was rigged, hatched the plot. Police accused him of conspiring with four accomplices to drive past the officials’ homes and fire at them.
      Peña “provided firearms and cash payments and personally participated in at least one shooting,” the documents said. They alleged he intended to cause “serious injury or death” to the people inside their homes, the documents said. The group allegedly stole at least two cars used in the incidents, police said.“

      Wow, the Republican operatives also stole two cars…

      Do we think the fact that the Republican conspirators used an AR 15 pistol will help promote our gun rights in Washington?

      • Minor
        IGAF what their affiliation, race, gender etc etc is. Yeah they need jail or maybe even killed.
        Blaming anyone else for their actions is stupid. It’s typical criminal and media behavior though. The only one that holds the blame is the ones who did it. The ARs? Well they used cars and clothes and phones too so….

      • “So is it right or wrong for a Republican”

        Hmm. A rogue ex-con “republican” is charged to the max, while a biden walks, copkilling 70s radicals are released early, and legit landowners are permanently saddled with squatters and thieves?

        Thanks for making the 2 tier justice theory indisputable.

        • “legit landowners are permanently saddled with squatters and thieves?“

          That sounds terrible, when exactly did this happen?

      • minor49iq…At least he didn’t have a rope like your democRat ancestors.

        Instead of blowing smoke let’s see how self righteous you are…Let’s see you take charge and hold the democRat Party liable for its history of race based atrocities. Take money from the coffers of the guilty as sin democRat Party and make the Reparations your sicko party owes. Pay Up or stfu.

      • He is a plant, conservative killers would go inside the house with a revolver, eliminating the target with 1round and leave.

      • I have hundreds of examples of trump supporters being attacked and some of their attackers tried to murder them. So please continue with your one or two examples. Because that is all you have are just one or two examples.
        But I have hundreds of examples of Democrats using extreme violence, attacking Republicans.

        “Anti-Donald Trump campaigner ‘shoots Republican neighbour twice in the head'”

  7. @minor

    “That sounds terrible, when exactly did this happen?”

    Aww, gimmie a break! CHAZ, CHOP organized shoplifting where the hell ya been? And those are just the tippy top of a large stinky left-organized iceberg trying to undo the world created by the Bill of Rights and underlying concepts like individual rights…

    All over America, saboteurs, tamperers, wildlife traffickers, dope-growers, immigrant smugglers and common thugs have discovered they can get a free pass by pretending that owning property is a crime, and posted signs are criminal harassment – not to mention the laws against theft. Then there’s the “forest defenders”…

    Drop the fake blinders, please.

  8. Dear Author: I have tried to repost this article on Facebook. The pictures on this post got me banned from Facebook for 24 hours.

    • Anthony, haven’t you heard? Those pictures of Hunter, from his nonexistent laptop, are Russian disinformation! You’re carrying water for Putin. That’s fb’s excuse anyway.

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