Kentucky Activist Indicted for Attempted Murder in Assassination Attempt of Louisville Mayoral Candidate

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Quintez Brown, who police said fired a handgun at a Louisville, Ky., mayoral candidate, was indicted on attempted murder and endangerment charges. (Louisville Metro Department of Corrections via AP)

From the Associated Press . . .

A Kentucky man who police said fired a handgun at a Louisville mayoral candidate has been indicted on attempted murder and endangerment charges.

Quintez Brown, 21, was arrested shortly after the Feb. 14 shooting. The mayoral candidate, Craig Greenberg, was not hit by the gunfire at his campaign office but said a bullet grazed his sweater.

A grand jury in Louisville on Monday indicted Brown on one count of attempted murder and four counts of first-degree wanton endangerment. Four of Greenberg’s staffers were nearby when the shooting occurred, according to a media release from Jefferson County Commonwealth’s Attorney Tom Wine.

Brown has been on home incarceration with an ankle monitor since he was released on bond shortly after his arrest. A group called the Louisville Community Bail Fund paid the $100,000 cash bond, prompting outrage from Greenberg, who said it was “impossible to believe” Brown could be released from jail after the shooting.

Brown’s lawyer said at a hearing last month that Brown has “serious mental issues.”

Louisville Democratic mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley, File)

Greenberg, a Democrat, said he was at his campaign headquarters when a man appeared in the doorway and began firing multiple rounds. A staffer managed to shut the door, which they barricaded using tables and desks, and the suspect fled. Brown was apprehended about a half-mile from the office and arrested.

Brown was running for Louisville Metro Council at the time of the shooting. He will be arraigned on the charges April 4.

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  1. Definitely a WTF moment seeing that this wanne-be murderer had such a low bail or any at all given he had just tried to assassinate a person. He should be behind bars away from the public. What the hell is wrong with these judges…

    • Mental condition known as “spontaneous anarchist revolutionary syndrome”. Related to “spontaneous jihadi syndrome” but the triggering fervor is political and not religious.

  2. This whole whole thing kinda makes me chuckle.

    They let this guy out on bail for no apparent reason after he tried to kill a politician who straight up looks like a character from The Dark Crystal.

    Overall, +10 to the clown quotient.

  3. So he attempted to kill Greenberg and has serious mental health issues and his fellow dems decide to put him back on the street. Can’t make this stuff up. Maybe Greenberg will rethink his party affiliation. Naaah.

    • I guess his mental health issues are being addressed by letting him hang out at home, binge watching Netflix. If he isn’t in prison, shouldn’t he be at a mental institution?

      I do realize that it’s just his lawyer giving the diagnosis, which will no doubt be used to get him off any punishment due to temporary insanity. Insanity was probably caused by the mental anxiety of living under systematic racism and due to Trump and the NRA, so it’s a forgivable offense.

      • The ” mental issues ” part is a qualifier to be a member of the socialist / communist not democratic party. If A O C had a son …………

  4. A 21 year old black man trying to kill a Democrat running for mayor with a gun. Getting arrested, indicted, and a criminal record. We are told he has mental issues.

    Meanwhile, the black community gets behind BLM as they yell “stop killing us!” and pushing to defund the police. While criminals are released back into the general population by these very same Democrats.

    Why should I question any of this looking on it with skepticism?

  5. Keep in mind that brown (could be obama’s son) is also anti-gun and has promoted anti-gun policies.
    Guess all those gun laws his democrat party has passed don’t work.

  6. At the highest level of achievement we have role models assaulting people over jokes on live TV.
    At the lowest we have turf wars over drug selling territory and the ever ethereal “respek.”
    Here, somewhere between the two, we have a man opening fire on somebody who by all accounts aligns politically with his assailant.

    Something about an extrinsic v. intrinsic jungle comes to mind.

  7. The perp should have let the candidate talk to the hand like the f-bombing Will Smith…Frankly 98% of that audience needed the poop slapped out of them.

  8. “Buts he wuz jus goins to discuss he plans wif his homie an dat horrible, evil gunm jus jump ina hims han and stat blassing aways. It be da gat fault. it be da white man fault. da po-po is raycis. He be jus so oppressed and unner privliged.”

    Guess his hoodrat idea of eliminating the competition just didn’t work as planned.

    • You have no clue what you are talking about. Biden would have described this guy as “clean and well spoken”. He wasn’t a ghetto gang banger.

    • The mental health question of the 4473 only applies if the person has been committed against their will by a judge or other responsible party. Voluntary treatment does not trigger Federal disqualification, neither does a 72 hour hold.

  9. Unless it is a capital case, the KY Constitution ensures all defendants have a right to bail. In 1976, KY banned bail bondsman from offering bail for profit and banned bounty hunting in the state. At the same time the law created the Divison of Pretrial Services which considers all defandents and scores them according to an objective, weighted 9 point assessment. This assessment must happen within 12 hours of arrest and Pretrial Services will advise the judge on appropriate bail.

    This system has been in place nearly 50 years and works rather well.

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