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So sayeth Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck at a news conference, attended by [not shown]. “Adding that the clips transform a gun ‘into a weapon of mass death rather than a home-protection-type device.'” And so Chief Beck has thrown his support behind the proposed federal ban on high-capacity firearms magazines, which would set an 10-year prison sentence for possessing a magazine that holds more than ten rounds. Why, you ask, is Beck putting his name down as a gun grabber? Because he’s at the beck and call of California’s liberal base, who must approve before Charlie can move [further] into the political realm.

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  1. I’m sure he’ll be turning all the LEO owned mega-capacity-super-clips in for recycling tomorrow. Can’t have them turning the officers’ last line of defense into ruthless killing machines after all.

  2. Well, he’s the LAPD chief, so he ought to know. Lead by example, ban all LAPD officers from using magazines over 10 rounds. After all, they protect and serve. So since they’re just protecting a city they call their home, they shouldn’t need more than 10 rounds.

    “weapon of mass death” huh? Awesome. I am so getting that engraved on my 10/22.

    “home-protection-type device” Really? I wonder what he uses as his “home-protection-type-device.” I bet it hold more than ten rounds.

  3. California is the land of the fruits and the nuts, according to Pat Brown. To which group does Beck belong? Neither — he’s just a political hack, presiding over the most corrupt PD outside of Chicago.

  4. In any decent society this guy would be booed off the stage. 17 licensed gun dealers and 23 concealed carry permits in the entire city of Los Angeles, and this SOB is proud of that.

    There’s a word for that sort of person. Oathbreaker.

    • The goal is zero round magazines, no?

      I can think of another word — aside from oathbreaker — that’s a bit more coarse but perhaps more accurate and certainly more descriptive.

  5. California can’t afford to keep criminals behind bars now, how do they plan to enforce 10 year sentences? Silly.
    It could also be that he’s doing what politicians do, telling the electorate–who do, in fact, live in a world of violence that is far from my own suburban safety zone–what they want to hear–of course, they, and he, are likely mistaken. Criminals will get hi-cap mags whether they’re illegal or not. And, as proven by California’s ridiculous 3 strikes law, criminals just aren’t deterred by fear of sanctions. Only honest and sane people are. Honest and sane people don’t go on killing sprees. Yet another case of a solution without a problem.

  6. If it’s a peaceful society based on rule of law, why is anyone worried about what kind of guns I have since we’re all peaceful and abide by the law?

    • Wes,
      That is a beautiful sentiment, which if we actually lived in a peaceful society based on rule of law, and not a society ruled by those afraid of our right to oppose tyranny in all it’s forms, would be universally understood, and cherished.

  7. “There is no reason that a peaceful society based on rule of law needs its citizenry armed with 30-round magazines”
    Sounds like something Qaddafi and other iron fisted rulers told to their citizenry.

  8. I’m sorry…did someone say something significant? No? OK, good. Didn’t think so.

  9. “There is no reason that a peaceful society based on rule of law needs its citizenry armed with 30-round magazines”

    Who says it’s a peaceful society?

  10. It laughable at best have La police chief Charlie Beck telling world becuase they ban high cap mags in California that made city of Los Angeles safer place to live or rest California for that fact. The gangs which live in his city who buy there weapons illegally have no trouble get what they want when they want compare good people who live there have go through what state makes them do owen gun there. Refuse fact that states that have right to care concle care permits have lower crime rate than any of citys California refuse issue such permits. California state that lives in contest state of denyle on gun rights.

  11. One of the things that this “peaceful” society fails to recognize is that persons who achieve positions of authority, whether or not that position can actually EXERCISE authority, tend to gradually become dictatorial, if they were not that way before they reached the position of authority. Government MUST display at least the appearance of real authority in order for the serfs to stay docile and “in their place”.
    As Chad says California and most other places for that matter CANNOT accomodate everybody for 10 years that violates this sacred 10 round limit. I am quaking in my boots over this–ridiculous laws are null and void.

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