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“More guns and bullets, more dead children,” the Nation publisher Katrina Vandel Heuvel pronounces to the ABC’s This Week panel. And there you have it: the bumper sticker reasoning behind the assault on Americans’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. How do you argue with that? Well, you can, obviously, with rational thought and reasoned debate. Of which there is precious little in these post-Sandy Hook slaughter times. Especially amongst politicians and pundits who play to the mob: “A military assault weapon that can pump thirty to forty bullets in the face of a kid . . . that’s what we need to protect ourselves in this country?” God protect us from IF-SABs: I’m for the Second Amendment But. But nothing.

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  1. I’m not sure how much more of this stupidity I can handle. It would be interesting in a true fantasy on my part, if Robert, Nick and Bruce were in a studio discussing these issues with some of these people but had a moderator who allowed all the arguments, statistics, reality, to be discussed.
    Here are a bunch of idiots discussing something they apparently know nothing about in front of the country to get ratings. I’m fairly sick of this crap. I am glad you are putting this out there so we know what’s going on.

    I can see the reaction if someone asked…’Have anyone of you ever shot a weapon.” How about “Do you have security people who carry guns.” Where do your kids go to school and to they have security.” Of course as a good attorney you might want to know the answers before the questions are asked.

  2. I stopped watching at 2:00. Not much interest to hear about how it is all about guns, and regulation. They forget it wasn’t so long ago high schoolers would show up with guns in their trucks, you know for hunting and such, no mass shootings…
    They are ignoring to obvious to push their agenda….

  3. I don’t have an issue with gun-grabbers discussing that America needs to ban or regulate guns. I do have an issue with gun ignorant and arrogant people with a political agenda discussing guns.

    • +1 Aharon.
      It is like when Congress wanted to pass SOPA but had no clue about how the internet works. They like to spout off talking points, but none of them have a clue. Very sad indeed. Ok I need some Advil, they gave me a headache.. 😉

    • I’m starting to think that anyone who publicly talks (whether a speech / protest, blog, video posted online, interview, etc) about a policy issue that they have no clue what they’re talking about should face a fine, say $250 per infraction. I addition, any politician that supports legislation that they do not understand or proposes a law that is in violation of the Constitution should face a maximum of a $250,000 fine and up to 5 years in prison.

      • I can almost agree to that. And I haven’t agreed with many of your posts, but this one certainly has an attraction to it. just maybe, maybe it might make the politicians and the talking heads on TV actually READ UP on stuff BEFORE they open their mouth and as they say, “remove all doubt” that they are a fool with no clue.

  4. Exactly, Robert. I’ve been saying this for a long time. ANYONE who says “I believe in the Second Amendment, BUT….” clearly and simply does NOT. PERIOD.

  5. Listening to this drivel, I’m beginning to think the Mayans were right after all. It feels like we are living in some kind of alternate reality. Unfortunately, this is the reality of what we are facing.

  6. Just saw an article on cnn dot com which says the antis should take pointers from the MADD playbook:
    Most importantly:
    -form strategic alliances with various groups
    -push for incessant coverage of anti-gun issues in the media.

    #2 is being ramped up clearly.

    • Gun owners need to do the same thing – get off their ass and get organized and vocal. Most gun owners I know don’t like politics and are just interested in abiding by the law, earning a living, raising their kids and being left alone. But they need to take a page from the Obama community organizing and Chicago thug playbook and get the NRA to contact its state representatives, members, gun organizations, gun clubs, gun stores, etc to coordinate and set up a rally in Washington DC about the time Biden releases the recommendations of his committee which are likely to include an AWB. This would do 2 things – it would get gun owners logistically connected, organized and networked with like minded people for future challenges to their gun rights (do you really think this will be the last one?) and it would help provide cover to Republican and red state Democrats in the house who don’t vote in favor of an AWB.

      Progressives are like a nagging spouse that has been nagging and getting his or her way since the days of Teddy Roosevelt. The irony here is that in 2010 (and 2011) rifles (including the dreaded AR) were responsible for about 360 murders each year (See With 310 milllion Americans, this is equivalent to 1 person out of every 860000 being illegally murdered each year by a rifle. Dwell on the significance of your presence next time you are with a group of 860000 people and ask yourself if this justifies prohibiting something possessed by millions of law abiding gun owners who have harmed no one. The reality is banning large capacity magazines has nothing to do with keeping the people safe – its about exploiting the emotion of a horrific crime to advance the agenda of gun control in more, “nagging”, incremental “progressive” steps to the point an unscrupulous government can do what ever they please.

      Another other dirty little secret here is while Senator Feinstein’s proposed AWB bill won’t say it, I don’t see how it could be implemented unless all “non-transferable” guns and magazines were registered with the feds. Keep in mind a bill isn’t the law – the regulations written from the bill are and once the bill is passed, the regulations can be promulgated by executive order or by some faceless bureaucrat.

  7. Why do they never mention the Gun Safety bastion of Mexico? The entire Country is a gun free zone. A liberal’s gun control dream.


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