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Keep sharing little slices of your pie and eventually you won’t have any pie. They’ll never stop eating it. In the immortal words of Dilated Peoples, “Give ’em an inch they’ll take feet. Give ’em feet they’ll take the street.”


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  1. Once your “right” to arms is lost you’ll likely never have them again or your freedom. Check history for confirmation.

  2. I may lose my life defending my right to defend my life.

    But, I doubt it will come to that.
    But it might.
    And if it does, I will.

    • Remember the advice of the great American philosopher George Patton; Don’t die for your country. Make the other bastard die for his.

        • Simply be nice, be nice, be nice.

          Until it’s time to not be nice… 🙂

        • Strych9, these ‘people’ aren’t from my country. They don’t have a country. Nor are they even from my species. They are simply the rootless, groundless, baseless enemies of Freedom and Liberty everywhere. Their loss, which I truly hope is legion and comes soon, would be a boon to the entire world. Talking about the instigators and their enforcers, of course. They belong in the ground, where all tyrants belong. Chest thumping, saber rattling, gunpowder snorting, patriotic rant ended. For now. Peace.

    • Yeah, I feel sorry on that. I still dont see the connection of everybody killin everybody in the U.S. as a reason to ban handgunms in Canada. ??? Geuss one excuse is as good as another.
      And dog gone it, I just cant give up my gunm, even if it’s only a single shot bolt action .22, I just cant. I sure dont wanta get shot or shootz nobody, but I just cant let a gov, any gov, take my gunm.
      Lordy what a mess.

      • Thats like banning hockey in the US because of fights at hockey games in cannukistan.
        I gotta give them credit though, I can barely stand up on ice skates don’t wanta try brawling on them.

        • Was pretty good on skates as a kid. Problem being I haven’t put on hockey skates in 40 years, and am no longer young enough to play with the teens and twenty somethings on the ice.
          Same thing out here in the world. To slow to run, too tired to fight and too damn old to take a whoopin’. Guess I’ll just have to finish the fight quickly. Quickest way is to use the tools I have.

      • Possum, I can’t be bothered to reply to fww but you should know that we haven’t lost anything. It’s merely threats on paper that they are trying to call legislation for right now. Court cases are already in progress with more to come and no one is ‘handing in’ anything. As with OBiden and his predecessor gunm sales have never been better.

        • good. good to hear.
          so “lost everything” means handed all my stuff in.
          that demographic exists.

        • tsbhoa, yeah it does but I’ve unreliably heard that less than ten firearms in the entire country have been returned to their rightful owners, the nobility. So fuck them and fuck that particular demograph as well. Together. Twice. At least. Buncha cowards. (Call me unsurprised that former water walker/current bible thumper/bigoted insulter of others happens to know two of these exceedingly few individuals 🙄)

  3. hhhmmm…
    Just what I need to make me feel like the world is being lead by a boat load of children with emotional problems.

  4. Bread $8 a loaf, milk $10 a gallon, bare shelves, gas $15 a gallon.
    Out in the streets there was violence
    And lots of work to be done
    Working so hard like a soldier
    Martial law gets everything done.
    Oh No

    • “Working so hard like a soldier”

      Marsupials can be found on ‘Electric Avenue’?

      • “in the dark side of town.”
        that guy used up all of his poetic license at once when he rhymed soldier with abhor ya.

    • They called Trump Hitler.

      With this Weimar Republic economy they may very well get Real Hitler and I won’t feel bad. You get what you pay for.

  5. Because “their” idea of compromise is they get everything, we get nothing, and we are supposed to be grateful.

  6. You get to keep a few things so it will sound reasonable to the normies. They’ll come for those after the next tragedy.

  7. Kinda surprised TTAG would mention Dilated Peoples in any context. Strong move with this crowd.

    Good choice of track though. Evidence really stole the show back in the mid-2000’s. Kinda interesting how he and Rakka play off each other and get better. Every time they got through a major cycle like that they remind me of The Roots but lighter on the politics.

    The skater/punk influence on these guys is an interesting tinge to their music. They do a good show with J5 for Beat Junkies but I think a tour with The Dirty Heads would be straight up nasty and draw a truly interesting crowd.

      • The surprise is that for 40 years the GOP hasn’t seized on the offer that hiphop makes.

        Look, I’ll just come right out and say it; Conservatives have been out of touch about this kind of thing [culture] and gaslit to Hell and back for longer than I’ve been alive. They’re straight up dumb about culture and then they wonder why they lose and we end up with some asshole like Biden as the country flirts with full blown collapse which, at this point, honestly is probably inevitable.

        Hip-Hop mostly isn’t that gangster shit promoted by Sony, Universal or Warner. It’s way bigger. You’re seeing what the MSM wants promoted and maybe people should ask themselves why that is and why major corporations want to promote that message. You know, maybe be as skeptical of Atlantic Records as you are of CNN and WaPo? I mean, they all basically have the same owners, afterall.

        The same thing is true about Marilyn Manson. His Antichrist Superstar album is, tip-to-tail, a warning about where we are and that was 26 years ago. Did Conservatives listen? Nope, they called him a Satan worshipper because one of his previous albums criticised pedo priests before it was cool.

        FFS, you can go to a hip hop concert and watch 25,000 people go apeshit to a guy on stage talking about going to church, staying in school and off drugs while taking care of grandma while not chasing consumerism and gang life but at the same time respecting guns as a tool of self-defense. Show me Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes or Bennie fuckin’ Hinn making that kind of connection with exactly the people who need that sort of message. You can’t because they don’t.

        You don’t have to like the music, I mean, personally I’m a big fan of banjo heavy music (Like Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt type stuff) and I think most 80’s rock is garbage. Just a personal opinion, but I don’t go around alienating people for being fans of Olivia Newton-John or trash like Phil Collins.

        Hip-hop’s just another version of (and, in fact, historically related to) the video below, and if Conservatives would learn to pay attention rather than be led around by the media, they’d do a lot better with groups they historically fail with.

        • “You don’t have to like the music, I mean, personally I’m a big fan of banjo heavy music (Like Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt type stuff)”

          Ahhh, Bela Fleck level stuff?

          Tommy Emmanuel is another heavy-hitter on raw guitar string skills…

        • Tommy told me he learned his craft at 14 playing in bars for American GIs in Sydney on R&R from Vietnam.

        • Strych they exist but are largely independent labels, see Tom McDonald, Adam Calhoun, Burden, Bryson Gray, Forgiato Blow etc. But if you are of the opinion that larger record labels are more intended to push a message than make money some of your idea takes on new issues but that is utterly tinfoil territory of course.

        • But if you are of the opinion that larger record labels are more intended to push a message than make money some of your idea takes on new issues but that is utterly tinfoil territory of course.

          OK, then why do they push the absolute minority of music, pick garbage that only goes one way and then have to spend assloads promoting that music when someone like Tom McDonald doesn’t even have a label (it’s literally just him, his girl and two other people) and outsells all of them?

          Why do they own Billboard and fuck truly independent artists by requiring you to be on indie labels (owned by the exact larger corporations I mention) to even on the indie chart?

          If it’s only about money why aren’t they cutting costs while boosting profits?

          You know like Disney… oh, wait…

          One of the things that’s really, really interesting to look at is who tends to own big chunks of these giant corporations. They’re not actually independent entities and they all tend to have a huge chunks of their stock owned by the same banks and investment houses. Again and again and again this comes up.

          And you might ask yourself the same set of questions about the folks who control all forms of media, especially the forms that are algorithmically driven.

          When you really dig into this stuff you find out that there’s some seriously shady shit going on. Like the way big banks pay a lot of fines to the SEC, repeatedly for the same violations. Almost like they just look at it as just the “cost of doing business”.

          More and more it seems like Carlin was right about the “owners”.

          I’ll post it again, just to remind you:

        • Woah strych cool it with the anti(redacted)ism there you trying to get canceled?

  8. Compromise is not possible with inalienable rights because at that they become privileges doled out in stingy increments by a tyrannical government. We already have a two tier justice system with elite privilege automatically assigned to certain protected classes and with Democrat politicians at the very top of that class.

  9. If there’s no finish line it’s best not to run the race.
    These people will always have an Emmanuel Goldstein so best not to even entertain their nonsense.

  10. Hardly surprising in a country that doesn’t recognize the right of self defense. In Canada, it’s legal to use pepper spray on an attacking animal but not on an attacking human.

    • Two of the three things you just stated are incorrect. Perhaps you can educate yourself a little on a topic before holding forth on it?


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