The Truth About…NFA Ownership [VIDEO]

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SilencerCo suppressors
Dan Z for TTAG

There are so many rumors, myths, and misunderstandings around what it means to own an NFA item — a silencer, short barreled rifle or shotgun, machine gun, etc. — that it’s hard to even know where to start when addressing them. In this “The Truth About…” video, though, I took a stab at the most prevalent couple NFA ownership misunderstandings.

Hit play on the embedded video above, or click HERE to view it directly on Rumble. If you’d like to speak with an expert on buying and owning NFA items, hit up Silencer Shop. They’re responsible for over half of all of the Form 4s filed in the country every year (that’s the form submitted to the ATF when you purchase an NFA item) and they make the silencer-buying process as straightforward and easy as it can possibly be.

By the way, we’ll be launching a “studio” video like this one every Monday afternoon and a range video (like last week’s Griffin Armament Revolution 45 review) every Thursday afternoon. Subscribe on Rumble to see ’em before their associated TTAG articles go live.


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  1. Very good video. If NFA owning individuals live in Connecticut, your legally owned MG has to be re-registered with the state yearly. They will send you a form that has your MG(s) listed with serial #s. This is not necessary for suppressors…Please reference CGS section 53-202(g) it states” any person who fails to register any gun as required hereby shall be presued to possess the sae for an offensive or aggressive purpose”. Therefore, failure to comply can and will lead to confiscation of those weapons which have gone unregistered and the felony arrest of the owner…

    • Get a lawsuit going to correct that problem…

    • The Miller case of 1937 reaffirmed the right of the people to keep and bear military arms of the foot soldier. It was a very narrow ruling that on its face applied only to a certain Stevens shotgun. Unfortunately one of the plaintiffs/appellants was dead, the other had copped a plea and disappeared, their attorney wasn’t motivated to spend his own money on pursuing the matter, so only the attorney for the government was present. Bad case, bad law. Nevertheless it established – again – that the states may not disarm the federal militia, which is everyone who is subject to call by the US president or is fit for volunteer service to the president.
      By having “sporting” as a qualifier, and prohibiting bad bad military looking arms, the Congress and the restrictive states trample upon the ancient right of the people to possess AND TO BEAR arms suitable for the defense of themselves and the state.

  2. I’ve shot enough NFA. weapons that they hold no fasination for me. Fuck the government. But, you guys go ahead.

    • That’s good and I have too. They are still fun for us to share with others, quasi investment(s) and I like to participate in subgun shoots.

      • Larry, squirt guns are fun. If you can afford to feed them today. My favorite is a 1928 Thompson. Followed by an MP-5. After that it doesn’t matter much. Uzi, MP-40, etc.

        • My pop got to play with a Thompson when he a did a tour in ‘Nam in the late 60s.

          Said it was surprising heavy, but a rather soft shooter…

  3. Jeremy, thank you for the video.

    Don’t know how many times someone at the range has “informed” me that BATFE can make unannounced, unwarranted visits to my gun safe just because I own a suppressor (I am not an FFL holder). This comment is usually followed by “I’d own one if the Gov’t wasn’t negating my 4th and 5th Amendment rights”…trying to explain to some people is like pouring water through a sieve…they will never fill up no matter how hard you try.

    PS: Budweiser? (ufda, considering all the great tasting beer that’s available)

    • It is the same brand of deceptive logic people recklessly cling to when they blubber on about “throwing your vote away” if you support the “other” party’s candidate or vote third party.

      Self-deception, denial, and delusive contentment only reinforce the foundation of a fool’s paradise.

      Be smarter.

  4. Owning a machine gun has been completely revolutionized by LAGE manufacturing.
    You can buy a Mac 10 or Mac 11 for around eight or $9000
    You can buy the LAGE slow fire upper for a few hundred more.
    Add the $200 for the tax stamp and you now have a modern full auto 9 mm Submachinegun.
    This turns your completely inaccurate bullet hose into a fully functional sub gun with rails and you can put a red dot and vertical foregrip and folding stock.
    Add another $3000 for the 223 conversion, and Lage will mail that directly to your house because it’s not a firearm.
    Now you can pop the 9 mm off and, just like an AR, pop the 223 on to the Mac 11 lower.
    You now have an open bolt, full auto Corbin that looks and handles a lot like an M-16.
    So you can get into the 9 mm Full Auto for $9000 or less or both 223 and 9 mm For $12,000
    Person could conceivably put away 500 a month for 20 months and buy Very nice modern Full Auto submachinegun.

  5. What would the reaction be from the machinegun owners who have spent $10 grand+ for their toys that can be bought in a street arms bazaar in Pakistan for $25? (AK47s, AKMs, whatever)

  6. What would the reaction be from the machinegun owners who have spent $10 grand+ for their toys that can be bought in a street arms bazaar in Pakistan for $25? (AK47s, AKMs, whatever) if the NFA and other unconstitutional statutes were repealed?

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