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By Lee Williams

Just seconds after a Kenosha jury of five men and seven women found that Kyle Rittenhouse used his AR as it was intended, for self-defense, the anti-gun zealots went bonkers – crying, wailing and gnashing their teeth – nearly apoplectic with rage and disbelief.

When the other side is screaming, babbling incoherently and imploding on the national stage, it’s best to just leave them alone. Pop some corn, sit back and enjoy the show. Sun Tzu said that, probably.

No one in the entire country went more dinky-dau than Congressman Jerry Nadler, who represents Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Nadler wants to further weaponize and politicize the Justice Department by forcing them to investigate Rittenhouse for civil rights violations.

Jerrold Nadler
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

There is, however, a major problem with Jer’s lawyering: Kyle didn’t violate anyone’s civil rights. Three convicted felons did, which is why they got shot. Besides, the FBI is far too busy wiretapping parents who disagree with their local school boards to get involved in a state case that’s already concluded, especially one without a clear federal predicate. The gavel has come down, Jerry. Time to move on.

Those of you familiar with the subtle musings of MSLSD’s Joy Reid will not be disappointed either. Reid wrote on her blog that the Rittenhouse Trial “was designed to protect white conservatives who kill.”

“Law enforcement – including a department known to cover up its own lawless acts of violence – seemed to give cover to Rittenhouse from the get-go,” Reid wrote.

Cover? They charged him with multiple felonies including several counts of murder – to give him cover? Okay, Joy, now I see why you’re paid $1.5 million and Maddow makes $35 million.

Cliff Schecter, whose day job is running a public relations and political strategy firm, wrote for the Daily Beast that Rittenhouse “just killed our right to peacefully protest.” How Schecter arrived at this political strategy I do not know.

“We’ve now lost our guaranteed First Amendment right to peacefully assemble to a half-cocked, cocaine-cowboy version of the Second Amendment,” Schecter wrote. “Mix that together with a witch’s brew of right-wing propaganda and white power, and the result is that any time you march for your rights you have to accept that any dime store Kyle Rittenhouse can point a weapon of war at you and pull the trigger.”

To be clear, Kyle Rittenhouse pointed his weapon at no one until they pointed a weapon at him. There is no evidence whatsoever that future protests will be impacted by the jury’s verdict, unless of course the peaceful protesters try to murder someone else.

On Sunday, CBS News’ senior national correspondent Mark Strassmann repeated the debunked lie that Rittenhouse “drove in from Illinois armed for battle.” The truth is, and it was confirmed during the trial, which somehow Strassman must have missed, that Rittenhouse’s AR was already in Kenosha. Any senior national correspondent should have known this. CBS declined to comment about or fix the error, which comes as no surprise, especially for this trial, especially for CBS.

There are dozens if not hundreds of other examples: NPR painted anyone who supported the verdict as a right-wing extremist, and CNN is still trying to come to grips with the 15 months’ worth of fiction they disguised as news before they’re hit by defamation lawsuits, but the most extreme silliness is coming from the usual we-need-another-law crowd.

To be clear, Kyle Rittenhouse exercised his right of self-defense. I believe self-defense is a God-given right, but feel free to insert the name of whatever deity you bend a knee to on Saturday or Sunday. (Atheists I know refer to self-defense as a natural or inherent right).

The point is this, a divine right cannot be revoked by any new legislation, and it’s certainly immune from one of Joe Biden’s executive orders. Governments and authoritarian presidents come and go, but our right to defend ourselves and our loved ones remains, as long as we safeguard it more zealously than those who want to take it away.


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  1. WRT Nadler’s pipe dream of a federal prosecution, Andrew Branca took that apart on a Legal Insurrection webinar last night. It’s simply not gonna happen, and Waddler know it, but he’s just playing to the crowd.

  2. The most important civil right you have is the second amendment. As society collapse’s your right to keep and bear any ARM you choose, is the only thing that will protect you. And that is why the Left is so upset that we still have that right.

    • fyi
      The 1st Amendment is only for a civilized society, where mutual respect and strong morals, and the rule of law, still exists.

      • “… because we have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” john adams

        • “You mean oppressed”

          for them, civilization and oppression are exactly precisely the same thing. they can’t handle civilization – they find it oppressive, so they reject it. that is why you hear them say, passionately and sincerely, that “math is racist” and “the constitution is racist” and “western civilization is racist” – because for them it is.

  3. “I’m hurt. I’m angry. I’m heartbroken.

    — Cori Bush (@CoriBush) November 19, 2021”

    Get over it Cori.

    Oh yeah, Cori, I’ve seen you personally so while you are at getting over this rightful justice use some soap and water on that nasty ass face of yours, stop spitting when you talk, get an actual hair style and stop using a hair style that looks like playdoh “spaghetti” from a kids toy, and for cripes sake get off your lazy ass and get a little exercise.

    • No, Don’t get over it Cori. Cry and shake your impotent fists at the sky for the rest of your life, and then die mad about it.

      Be disrespectful to people who hate you.

    • No tears please! It is a waste of good suffering!

      To Progressives, suffering is a part of the struggle and utopia is a triumph of the struggle.

  4. Why are all Democrats hypocrites, perverts, and petty tyrants?? Some, like Nadler, even like to sh*t their pants on television.

  5. Nadler is just pandering to the ignorant left. It’s the same thing when they call ARs “machine guns” They know it’s not but the stupid people are confused and believe it. Nadler knows those that understand law, watched and listened to the evidence are not ones to give a damn what he says. The faithful idiots are the ones he’s reaching.

    I try to ignore Stupid f—ing people. It’s tough to do but I try.

    • MLee,

      “I try to ignore Stupid f—ing people.”

      And that is how we got to the current state of affairs in our nation.

      As much as I despise it, I am no longer ignoring stupid people and I am pushing back as hard as I can–starting “local” (or “grass roots” if you like) right at my public school district’s school board meetings.

      Thanks to virtually everyone largely ignoring our obviously stupid school board, now any boy in our schools can walk into their school office, announce that they are a girl, and go use the girl’s bathrooms and locker rooms in all grades–Kindergarten through 12th grade. Note that there is no criteria necessary for a boy to “establish” that he is now a girl. He does not have to dress like a girl. He does not need a letter from a mental health professional. He does not need sex “reassignment” surgery or hormone suppression/augmentation “therapy”. He does not have to portray himself as a girl for some time before going to the office. He can just waltz right in and gain immediate access to girl’s bathrooms and locker rooms. And the frosting on the cake: there is no announcement nor warning to girls ahead of time that a boy (who is somehow now a girl) is going to be using their bathrooms and locker rooms.

      We cannot ignore the stupid any longer. We have to go on the offensive and stop worrying about being “offensive”. As the adage goes, “You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you.” Ignore the stupid and politics at your own peril.

      • “And that is how we got to the current state of affairs in our nation”

        exactly so. but the modern isolate right has been trained for decades now to equate citizenship with self-centeredness and patriotism with “leave me alone” and teamwork with naazisim.

      • I’m almost 65. The problem is I don’t have the patience to deal with retards.
        My argument to stupid fu<king people is just tell them to STFU. It's like trying to reason with the unreasonable. YOU CAN'T.
        It's like talking to a neighbor that believed EVERYTHING about the Russian collusion narrative. I just wouldn't buy into his argument and had him shaking in anger. If he hadn't been a neighbor, I would have simply told him that he's a blithering idiot.

        • it’s a religion. nothing changes a religion except devastating and unavoidable consequences of serious failure.

  6. All of these people who vociferously disagree with the Rittenhouse verdict are simply vomiting words to express their true position that:
    1) Rittenhouse was an “other”.
    2) They despise “others” and view them as evil, sub-humans.
    3) Subjugating/exterminating “others” is therefore righteous.

    Since Rittenhouse (who is an “other) killed two of their group and will serve no prison time, the Left is apoplectic.

    In other words this is simple tribalism on steroids. It is the exact same dynamic where Nazi Germany “justified” all manner of horror on Jews. Imagine the indignation, shrieking, and foaming-at-the-mouth that Nazis would have expressed if a Jew had killed two Nazis at a Nazi rally in 1943 Germany and their courts/jury said the Jew was not-guilty and free to go. Yeah, now you understand.

    • They tried to cancel Gina Carano for making that exact point. Disney cut ties with her over it. Here’s how they justified it: “her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable”

      It’s laughable. They were looking for an excuse because Gina wasn’t a cookie cutter celebrity like the rest of those followers. She openly expressed conservative opinions, and the bigots hated her for it.

    • You hit the nails squarely on the head with points 1,2, and 3.
      “1) Rittenhouse was an “other”.
      2) They despise “others” and view them as evil, sub-humans.
      3) Subjugating/exterminating “others” is therefore righteous.”
      Leftists amply proved their unconcern and outright disdain for lives other than their own when they refused to condemn Stalinism and Maoism and showed callous disregard for the millions murdered by those regimes in the name of “social justice” and radical reform… and ignore the fact that the rise of fascism, nazism, and Francoism were backlash responses to the unpunished crimes against humanity committed by leftists in bolshevik Russia.

    • Gadsden Flag,

      The Left will not leave Rittenhouse alone.

      The Left will not leave “others” alone.

      The Left will no more allow us to live our lives than Nazis in 1943 would allow Jews to live their lives.

      And remember a critical detail: some large percentage of the German populace did not support the Nazi effort to exterminate Jews–that did not stop the Nazis from exterminating six million Jews anyway. A very small minority can impose their will upon the populace if that small minority is cohesive, dedicated, and ruthless.

      Are we willing to gamble our future on the hope that the Far Left is not cohesive, dedicated, and ruthless enough to impose their will upon us? From where I stand, it looks to me like the Far Left is about 85% of the way there.

      • Simply take the term Jew, and substitute Anti-vaxer…

        And you have your 1939 scenario. We are in the buildup to worst human rights abuse since WWII.

        This one is world wide… Canada and Australia already have Covid camps. The US is forcing people out of jobs, keeping them out of grocery stores, preventing free travel.

      • “Black and brown folks are brutalized and put in cages…”
        Because they are the Black and Brown folks who are brutalizing other Black and Brown folks.
        Are Black and Brown folks a separate society in which Black and Brown folks are free to brutalize other Black and Brown folks at their pleasure?

  7. You can’t use truth, facts and logic to argue someone out of a position that they used stupidity to get in to.

    • Don’t waste your time trying to ‘reason’ with a ‘progressive’,..
      It’s like trying to teach nutrition to your cat, they just ain’t smart enough to get it… -oh sure, they’ll eat the tuna all right ,..
      but they’ll ‘flunk the quiz, sho -nuff

      Truth to a liberal, you see, is like a ray of sunshine to a cockroach

  8. Bubba Wallace from Nascar sent a tweet that sounded just like lil’ d, going with the “if he was black” hypothetical. How does that guy have have any fans left? I doubt the woke crowd hangs out at Nascar events.

    • Bubba is trash. Black trash infiltrated a sport simply because they are black. He was never a good racer, he should have never climbed that ladder to sprint cup.

      It’s funny how all these idiots think they are doing something great when in reality, their own racism and false sense of equality is the only reason they get chosen. To meet the numbers. “We need more black people”… So qualified people get left behind to make our country “equal”. Sad but true. They are more worried about racial percentages than actual equality and opportunities.

      • Called virtue signaling. If you’re white, you have to atone for your “privilege”. The more diversity boxes an applicant ticks, the better for the organization.

        I was failed in a trial period because the department head said the IT department was “too white and too male”. Of course they dotted their is and crossed their ts to make it legal. My diversity hire replacement lasted 3-4 weeks.

      • Do you think that Black African chiefs and slave raiders sold their best subjects and captives to the Atlantic slave traders? Compare Blacks who have immigrated directly from African countries to those who are descended from generations of slaves in America.
        Whomever’s fault this is, are long dead. Blaming is a waster of time and effort.
        Some years ago the average IQ of American Blacks was = 83. Just in case someone doesn’t understand, the average IQ of the entire population is = 100 by definition.
        This isn’t to be down on people who have low intelligence. Unless they have damaged their brains with dope, booze, STDs, it’s not their fault. They just have to be dealt with.

  9. ‘Kyle Rittenhouse Just Killed our Right to Peacefully Protest”

    Nope, but he may have chilled your ability to mostly peacefully protest. You know, like with arson and stuff. Now go fvck yourself, Schecter. And that goes double for Buffalo, Cori Weed and Old Pooped His Pants too.

  10. “The judge. The jury. The defendant.

    It’s white supremacy in action”

    Bush left out “The shot.” Everyone involved was white, except Maurice Freeland, who did some asinine jumping attack and wasn’t hit. Freeland offered to testify in exchange for immunity for drug charges, but the prosecution declined and never informed the defense about a material witness. While on the subject, WTF about the Independent saying three black men were shot? Here’s a tweet from a lib who just saw a crack in the curtain of media lies on Nov 11:
    “I am highly educated and reasonably perceptive, and it was only today that I learned the Kyle Rittenhouse victims were white.

    My progressive bubble made this seem like a very different case than it is.”
    If too many people see a glitch in the Matrix, they might start questioning what else isn’t real.

    • “My progressive bubble made this seem like a very different case than it is.””

      Got a link on that tweet?

    • “It’s sad people died, but…”

      But!?! Unfortunately, this is par for the course. This behavior should be expected after the past few years. The mask is off.

      • I guess I’m shocked that someone gave voice to their internal hate like that. It’s pretty damn low even by todays standards. However, it was not Karma as she suggests, it was intentional. No one was chasing the driver, he was not fleeing from a stabbing or other crime as the media suggests, he ran over those people and targeted them intentionally and the media is going to memory hole it under direction from some Fed PR agency. Maybe shocked is the wrong word, I don’t have a better one. It’s why I like dogs better than humans.

        • Right after I graduated high school I worked for a bit in a very high end restaurant with a very high end and very liberal clientele in a very liberal city.

          I can’t tell you the number of times I heard “nice” liberal people voice these kind of opinions, and far worse if we’re being honest, to their friends at dinner gatherings in public.

          That was 18 years ago now.

          This is how they talk when no one’s around but themselves and “the help”, which are assumed to be too stupid to comprehend what is being said.

          What the internet does it give you a window into that because they figure it’s just their friends following them. But IRL, this is how these people talk and it’s a real reflection of how they think and feel.

    • “maybe I shouldn’t be…people suck. Especially ones that spew this BS.”

      If it was simple BS, I’d just blow it off.

      But it wasn’t, that was her true inner self on display there, naked hatred of conservatives. That is what the party of “tolerance and of accepting of others different than themselves” thinks about us.

      Any ‘apology’ from someone like that isn’t sincere, it’s just damage control…

  11. Looked up Cliff Schecter and he looks exactly as expected…..someone who trolls neighborhood parks in an ice cream truck….

  12. Then shoot them. I really, honestly, don’t know what else to do with real isurectionists. I mean that’s what they are. If it’s your property shoot the Molotov cocktails. Bound to be more entertaining than a head shot. Just saying.

    • ” shoot the Molotov cocktails. ”

      My strategy exactly. I’ve got a Savage Model 93 in .22 Mag with a nice little 9x scope on it. Last time out at the range I put 9 out of 10 shots into a 1″ circle at 50 yards — the 10th just nicked the outside edge. A real tack driver. If they come up my street its almost custom made for popping a hole in a Molotov.

      • Easy to do, a$$hole. I’ll just take the shot from the basement window. Since you live in momma’s basement, you should be able to figure that out.

      • A pity that humans have so much power and so much hate .
        You’ve no idea of the power of that which I speak.
        The rest of us crave your touch, yet you kill yourselves and destroy our world.

      • UpInArms,

        Set that Savage Model 93 aside and use a shotgun–preferably with a turkey choke and loaded with #6 shot–to shoot your attacker’s Molotov cocktail in-hand. You are guaranteed to shatter the cocktail which is almost guaranteed to be in motion. Bonus: some of that #6 shot will probably hit your attacker’s hand and arm as well which will vastly diminish your attacker’s ability to somehow extinguish the flames.

      • Problem is, my Up in Arms friend, the molotovs only come out at night- when it’s hard to draw a bead in the dark. I had to chuckle at the image your comment brought to mind, tho….
        Uncommon: The shotgun idea made me LOL! That would indeed be a sight to see… Like Sodom and Gomorrah all over again!

  13. “This system isn’t built to hold white supremacists accountable. It’s why Black and brown folks are brutalized and put in cages while white supremacist murderers walk free.”

    she’s right, you know. the system punishes crime, and supports self-defense by the victims of crime. that’s racist.


    • And just who are those Black and brown folks who are brutalized and put in cages preying upon? Mostly other Black and brown folks.
      And why didn’t you capitalize “brown”? Racist.

  14. “The Rittenhouse Verdict Has Provoked Trump-Level Insanity on the Left”

    no, it revealed what was – is – always there.

  15. That kid was a dumbass for putting himself there, but in that situation, it sure looked like self defense to me. Not really sure how someone sees anything different, no matter what the color of your skin is or political preference. These people are as stubborn as they get.

    • If I’d have been a fly on the wall heres what I would have seen.
      Humans tearing shit up, somebody got pissed their shit was getting tore up, they got some guys to keep their shit from getting torn up, and three people got shot and their shit didn’t get tore up.
      ,,,, ,,, and btw you elf be eyes, I just seen that glitch, you know the one? The one one where you was reading my post before I posted. Uh huh, you figure out how I caught that..

  16. Dinky dau, ,,,, -and the rest of it is,,,,
    Nah, my dad was a possum.
    Had he been a dog I’d probably be someone’s pet.

  17. The only reason for anyone to think the people he shot were black is for listening to the lies of major media. I think this is so funny watching so many people get so emotional over something they don’t actually know, just following what someone somewhere said.

    It’s like putting attention to the length of his rifle as and after-thought. Never once considering that if it were an SBR, there would have been other charges already added. They just make things up as they go.

    No one is taking away anyone’s right to protest anything. It’s like these people do not understand that protesting and rioting are two different things.

  18. Rittenhouse verdict shows how the Second Amendment threatens the First

    During the civil rights movement, protesters had to fear fire hoses, dogs and tear gas. Now, with the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse, not only will protesters continue to fear excessive police force, but because a Wisconsin jury found Rittenhouse not guilty in the killing of two protesters and the wounding of another, random gun-toting vigilantes with their idea of “law and order” also present another very present danger.

    Not only will protesters continue to fear excessive police force, but random gun-toting vigilantes also present another very present danger.

    In this sobering moment for the American justice system, the Second Amendment has outweighed the First. Because of the unwillingness of politicians or the courts to deal with the proliferation of guns in America, despair, disdain and distrust continue to permeate our everyday lives. Vigilantism, not protesting, is the preferred form of dissent in America.

    • Rittenhouse’s acquittal is representative of the primacy of the Second Amendment. His killing of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber at a racial justice march in Kenosha and then his being found not guilty send a clear message: White lives who protest for Black lives matter don’t matter. Bringing a gun to a protest is OK, especially if you feel threatened by the protesters’ message. And if you say you feared for your life as you killed someone, you will be exonerated — if you are siding with the police and not those protesting the police.

      The Rittenhouse case can’t be separated from race and racism. After Rittenhouse pleaded not guilty, he posed for a photo with the far-right group the Proud Boys. White evangelicals were among those raising money for his bail and his legal defense. Those groups’ support makes it pointedly clear that Rittenhouse is a hero in those circles. For the gun-toting, God-fearing masses, Rittenhouse’s tears on the stand were proof of his innocence.

      • The case also highlights how differently people who claim self-defense are treated. Chrystul Kizer, accused when she was 17 of killing a man in Kenosha who she says trafficked her for sex, had to fight to a Wisconsin appellate court to even be allowed to use what amounts to a self-defense claim. Her case has been compared to that of Cyntoia Brown, who was a teenager in Tennessee when she killed the man she said was sex-trafficking her. Brown, who, like Kizer, is Black, was sentenced to life before the governor commuted the sentence. Those two cases are among the many that give the context to a tweet that went viral after Rittenhouse’s acquittal: “Women rotting in prison for killing their abusers would like a word.”

        To compound an already complicated situation, Rittenhouse now proclaims that he is for “Black Lives Matter.” One has to ask, what does that even mean? Does it mean that Black lives matter insofar as white men can continue to act as unlicensed police forces, militia men or enforcers when things don’t go their way? Or that Black lives matter to his right to bear arms and kill?

        • The difference is proof. Proof. Rittenhouse is on video from all angles, with dozens of eyewitnesses. The two women had nothing but their say-so. Sorry. That’s how criminal justice works, when it works. Reasonable doubt? Acquit.
          I have feared for my life from several people. I didn’t kill or do bodily injury to any of them. Very likely I would have been in a bad spot if I had. That’s how it goes.

      • You would have to know the difference between right and wrong to understand your comment. The only morality the walking dead useful idiots possess is that left wing political power is righteous and any means to get to that end is justified.

        lil’ d just copied that from an MSNBC article. He’s competing with Miner to be the copy and paste king.

        • Its obvious you flunked out of college Herr Hauptman. It is irrelevant who originally wrote the post what matters is that it is historically accurate. Like most of the storm trooper far right, who like yourself, were traitors to the U.S. and tried to overthrow the government the truth is ignored with a wave of the hand as you scream “Do not confuse me with the facts as I have already made up my mind”.

    • “Not only will protesters continue to fear excessive police force, but random gun-toting vigilantes also present another very present danger.”
      Like Grosskreutz, the pistoleer, who presented himself as a vigilante trying to stop an active shooter. Who after shooting the the madman and two thugs still had 27 cartridges in the 30 cartridge “clip” (gun ignoramus-speak for “magazine”).

  19. The Rittenhouse acquittal has produced Trump level insanity on both sides. The right promotes him as a heroic, saintly figure. The left makes him out to be a thuggish teenager looking to do mayhem.

    Both of your camps are out of your ever luv’n minds on this thing.

    • “both sides”

      you should consider which side is trying to preserve civilized society, and which side is trying to tear it down.

        • The so-called “Lincoln Project” is a gang of traitors who should be booted from the Party for total disloyalty. They have no moral right to describe themselves as Republicans- for they are not- Rather they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.. tho few Republicans are fooled by them anymore.

      • “Civilized” is nothing but living in civitas, cities and towns. The Babylonians were highly civilized. Rome was civilized. The Aztecs, Mayas, Inca Empire: all in a high State of civilization. Human sacrifice. Wars. Slavery. What civilization was not built on war and slavery – which is the natural result of war?

  20. The meltdown also provoked a terrorist attack on a parade of schoolchildren in Wisconsin that killed five people.

  21. Idiot libtards…it was self defense…pure and simple…and all three targets were white…and criminals to boot.
    Should Rittenhouse just sit there and let them kill him? He shot those punks…which YOU LEFTISTS should be embarrassed those three slugs represented you.
    I thank God the jurors eyes were opened to see the truth!

  22. “Black and brown folks are brutalized and put in cages…”
    Because they are the Black and Brown folks who are brutalizing other Black and Brown folks.
    Are Black and Brown folks a separate society in which Black and Brown folks are free to brutalize other Black and Brown folks at their pleasure?

  23. Anyone else hear the Cash Register ring everytime one of these Libtard Spastic Nerfbags opens their mouths and continues to maliciously slander and libel KR?

    I can’t wait to see how many shekels Kyle’s going to get for their stupidity. Bankrupt them all Kyle.

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