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Given the advertising nature of these memes I wouldn’t have posted any individual one of them here, but over the last week-plus Klik Belts has gone so darn meme-crazy that I figured one TTAG post sharing 10 of their memes was worth it. All of these are in service of encouraging Klik Belts’ customers to shop early, which makes sense given the effect of Mr. #LetsGoBrandon.

And, yes, I realize that concealed carry and tactical/duty/competition belts aren’t guns, but we’ve had gun-related gear memes (NODS, ammo, etc.) and gun-related political memes in the past and we’ll have ’em again in the future. Including, like, these ones happening right now as you’re literally reading these words right this second. So, yes, these are being filed under the “Gun Meme” category and please direct any hate mail to [email protected]

Okay, an argument could be made that this next one is actually the opposite of a “shop early cuz of supply chain craziness” meme, but given the news of late it’s funny nonetheless:

(FYI according to the Klik Belts Instagram feed where I saw these memes, the coupon code is “EARLY10” for 10% off and free shipping on orders until December 15th.)

Happy Monday, y’all!


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  1. “And, yes, I realize that concealed carry and tactical/duty/competition belts aren’t guns”

    a gun without gear is like a car without tires.

    • How does a holster slide over it when both ends appear buckle sized? Does one buckle have to be removed?

      • CentralVirginian,

        Only one end of the belt has a buckle mechanism; the other end is open. I have a Klick belt. Love it!!

    • Gadsden,

      Klick’s allow you to adjust snugness in 1/8″ increments without belt holes. The belts are strong and do not sag or curl, ever, even when carrying full- size pistols daily.

      Klick’s are the only belt I use, now.

      • I had one. Had it replaced by klik because it broke. Same thing happened with the next one. The cheap inner broke both times.

        Tacticool belts are a fad.
        Use an inner duty belt and never look back. More reliable too. Never trusted that clicky thingy to last. Over time it would definitely wear… That is, assuming the belt doesn’t snap it’s inner first. This whole reinforced belt thing is dumb af. My inner belt is thicker than any reinforced belt I ever owned, and it’s formed better too.

    • A Kilk belt is something else to throw money at.

      I’ve tried ’em, ok almost but not the best thing since sliced bread like the claims seems to imply.

      Klik does tend to embellish a bit, for example: Their “TSA-Approved Belt” is not TSA approved, and if you look at their marketing language they say its in “TSA Compliance” in reference to the material while saying the belt its self is “TSA-Approved”, those are not the same thing. TSA does not “approve” personal wear pants belts, period. The Klik belt buckle is polymer so doesn’t set off the metal detectors like a metal buckle might. You can wear a metal buckle belt, you just need to take it (or belt) off to go through screening because it sets off the metal detector but you can put it back on after the screening, and with the Klik belt you don’t take it off because it doesn’t set off the metal detector – this is not a TSA approval or compliance, its simply not setting the metal detector off. Basically, anything normal personal clothing wear that’s not a “weapon” or some type of “prohibited” thing and doesn’t set the metal detectors off is fine but it does not mean its ‘TSA Approved”.

      • The Klik belt “Made In USA” thing is legally true, but not completely true. All of the materials they use are from countries outside the U.S., but sourced from those companies distributors in the U.S. – this makes Klik belts “Made In U.S.A” legally true.

        “Made In U.S.A” does not mean just assembled in the U.S. from U.S. made materials like a lot of people want to think. “Made In U.S.A” is a legal designation that means the item must be made within the United States’ borders from “all or virtually all” American parts — that is, with parts/materials also made in the US. . Imported materials sourced inside the U.S. counts as “parts/materials” “made in the US” and “all or virtually all” is deliberately ambiguous to allow a lot of interpretation variation.

        Klik uses materials imported from foreign sources but sourced in the U.S. from distributors of those materials, and the “thread” used in the Klik belts is made in the U.S. – so they are made of “all or virtually all” of materials “made in the US” and assembled in the U.S. so they are legally “Made In U.S.A.”

        Klik is closely “allied” with AustriAlpin GmbH which is a company headquartered in Austria but has a warehousing facility in Alberta, Canada, and its from that warehousing facility the U.S, market is served.

        • “All of the materials they use are from countries outside the U.S …”

          should have been

          All of the materials they use, except thread, are from countries outside the U.S. …

    • Why in Gods name would you buy a Greta Thunberg? Isn’t the they keep in Europe enough? One of the few good things about the China disease is it kept her over there!

    • “Maybe I’ll buy one when they have a Greta Thunberg meme.”

      I feel for the poor bastard that ends up with her.

      A fate worse than being related to my mentally-ill demented troll… 😉

      • You think it’ll be a guy???

        I’m thinking “lickety-split” in her case.

        So it always seems to be in this woke, enlightened modern age with the strong female types, or at least among those not born with a penis…

  2. How do you do fellow kids.
    Please enjoy this humorous advertising delivered via digital media.

    • No one ever bats a 1,000, luigi, not even TTAG…

  3. I like the leather belt I got, and it was $50.
    Kickn A Saddlery , Osewgo Ks.
    Made in America
    Guaranteed for life

  4. This is one big sales pitch for Klik belts. Its a typical “people click on links and it pays for the free stuff you get”. How much free stuff do you guys get from this?

  5. Um, well, I got leather with a metal buckle. Been using leather with a metal buckle since I was a kid. It works. I need a hole in a different place on the belt, my pocket knife has an awl on it. It works too.

    That about covers it I guess.

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