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Johnlennon1977 (courtesy

An eagle-eyed Google-Fu-proficient TTAG reader found the incarcerated author of The Atlantic Monthly’s anti-gun agitprop on…wait for it… Yup, the murderer (born 1977) is actively seeking a relationship on the Plenty of Fish dating service. To be fair, Johnlennon1977 lists his city as Attica, New York. Apparently, he’s a “lifeguard.” To be fair (again), I imagine one must guard one’s life fairly rigorously in prison. Anyway, here’s the main point: there’s no way that Mr. Lennon wrote that Atlantic pro-gun control ed without copious (unattributed) editorial intervention. Check out the spelling, punctuation and word choice in his “About Me” after the jump. Meanwhile, I’ve got a few choice words of my own for the Monthly’s editors: “panacea” my ass. Thanks for giving this killer a national forum for dissing Americans’ right to keep and bear arms. Not . . .

I’m a NY City kid, grew up in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. I come from a good working class family, who are very supportive. I’m mostly Irish, tall, dark and handsome… winks and smiles. When discussing my past, Iam candid. In brief, I entertained a shallow, dopey lifestyle, and wound up with a whole slew of time, I do take full responsbility for my crimes. Accapting life on life’s terms was important to me. I’m sober, I don’t smoke, I exercise and try to live mind, body, and soul. im spiritual(not religious),does sound a bit cliche, but it works for me. Overall,I’m at a good place in my life; Im content. I would even venture to say-I’m happy. I mean, I’m not walking on clouds or anything As you can imagine, Attica can be a morbid place, but I try to detach from the physicality of it all and focus on my individuality. Education is awesome. I consume myself with reading and learning. I’m an avid student of the financial markets. However, I’m versatile, we can vibe and correspond about anything. I’d like to hear about your interests and goals and accomplishments. Writing is cathartic, so write and I’ll listen. Which brings me to materialize from this; I suppose I want to experience a relationship I’ve never experienced, but belive I deserve . So, if you’re funny, independent, ambitious and willing to break away from the norm, drop me a line.

John Lennon (04A0823)
Attica Correctional Facility

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  1. Gee, all this time we really had been mocking a retarded guy, and yet I still don’t feel very guilty about it.

    That said, I’m wondering what kind of dame would respond to his personal ad. I mean, is there any girl out there so desperate to fit into a suitcase that she’d be willing to date this monster? Does she think his freezer just lacks that special touch that only her severed head can bring to it?

    • There is a whole special class of people who dig on incarcerated folks. Their reasons are many and varied. And weird.

      • Fat chicks, for one, are easily duped by prison love. If you’re in the slammer so long that a dude looks good (provided your not already gay), than a fat chick (with minimal options on the outside) would be a huge upgrade.

        Heck, I’ve been away on government periods for extended times, and have experienced a significant loss in standards. Ask guys on a submarine after a deployment, or ask the women who get pregnant on the same military – sponsored cruises.

    • I’ve actually known 2-3 girls who had a thing for felons. They weren’t fat, or unattractive. They just liked a genuine “bad boys” – drug dealers in particular.

      • You guys realize I’m aware of that, right? That I was engaging in hyperbole and I don’t care one bit about these pathetic women or the genetic wastebaskets they fall for?

    • If you read the prior post that confronts his anti gun literary work you are presented with the articulate nature of the author of that book versus the basic English displayed in the profile pasted above.

      Essentially these were not written by the same man and using John Lennon to further the anti agenda is obvious if you take this into account.

      We aren’t trying to give the guy date chances by plugging him…that’s for sure.

  2. Even if his writing is legitimate or was just cleaned up, it’s hard to take a man looking for parole very seriously. I’d say anything that the government wanted to hear to get out.

    • Half the shit he wrote in that article is bull and I would not be surprised if they got the damn essay through his parole officer. The system really is that crooked and they are desperate to produce results and clear cases, I’ve seen it first hand.

      I especially like that last bit about what he thinks he deserves. I think we all know what he deserves and it ain’t three square meals at taxpayer expense or romance.

      • Fug, he definitely does deserve some romance. Prison romance. Bet lots of those dudes think he’s kind of cute, would like to give him some love.

  3. This very wise man once told me, “NEVER trust a man who doesn’t drink; or says he doesn’t. It’s all the same thing, Sonny…”

  4. If your moral creed is, “the ends justify the means” yellow journalism isn’t one
    of the things you worry about. What you can get away with is all that matters.
    It’s the anti-hero mythos of vice in the name of virtue, is virtue. Ironically, it’s
    a meme that made gun-toting Clint Eastwood a Hollywood star and legend.
    These liberals are the anti-High Plains Drifter’s, for no evil is being ended,
    and no ancient wrongs are being righted. It’s all done to honor their vanity.
    So, that makes it a…what, an immorality play? They praise…themselves.

    We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office. ~ Aesop

    • If you steal a hundred million dollars from one man, they’ll lock you up and throw away the key. If you steal a dollar apiece from a hundred million people, they’ll make you their leader.

    • “The ends justify the means”; The creed of all statists; communist, socialist, liberal/progressive, they all despise individual freedom; at least for us “useless breeders and feeders”.

      Yellow journalism IS the least they are capable of; Democide (mass murder by government), is their bread and butter.

      This is why these statists defend criminals, especially murderers, so passionately; they are spiritual brothers to these human predators that have no respect for the sanctity of human life. They stand shoulder to shoulder with these psychopaths and mass murderers because they are also willing to use the same tools of war and violent death to enforce their will upon the rest of us. It would simply be under the color of law; after all, everything that Hitler did was “legal”.

    • The big difference here being that the government isn’t publishing a follow up piece to The Atlantic Monthlys article.

  5. Nice follow up to the Atlantic piece. The Atlantic has actually done some of the better balanced gun pieces (search for articles by Jeffrey Goldberg, Adam Winkler, and Paul Barrett), as well as some of the not so good pieces. But this was drivel. Absolutely laughable. I really don’t know what they were thinking. Obviously they weren’t.

  6. Yeah, harrumph.

    Coorrecting grammar, punctuation and wording errors are what an editor does, and an editor is not obligated to point out any repairs.

    I neither know nor care who wrote the original piece, but do not find it unreasonable to believe that Mr. Lennon could have.


  7. One way to figure it out is to do a stylometry study. Just as you have a fingerprint, which is unique to you, you have a particular writing style that is yours as well. If someone were to get a little more material actually written by Lennon, then input that into software comparing it to about a dozen active Atlantic writers, I’m quite positive that we could find out precisely who actually wrote the article to begin with.

    The entire Atlantic article reeks of a smug, upper-class Ivy League-trained latte-sipping “community organizer” from Greenwich Village. Farago is exactly right. Panacea my ass.

  8. Just another part of this con’s con job. He’s angling to get out of the joint, proving how he’s moved on from his checkered past, become a wiser and gentler man. He needs allies in the media and he needs a “good woman” to stand up for him. This is an old prison ploy, and it works.

    William F. Buckley was conned into advocating the release of Edgar Smith, a convicted pedophile and sex murderer. Five years after his release, Smith kidnapped and stabbed another woman. He’s been back where he belongs ever since.

    Jack Abbott, a convicted murderer and bank robber, managed to convince Norman Mailer that he was just a poor, misunderstood soul. Mailer and his literary friends engineered Abbott’s release. Six week later — six weeks! — Abbott stabbed and killed a 22 year old waiter.

    If this pr1ck Lennon ever gets out, expect a dead body or two to show up in his wake. He’s a snake. Frankly, I do expect that Lennon will find enough pointy-heads to stand up for him. Unfortunately, none of them will be among those who he will kill. The idiots who push for the release of murderers are seldom punished for their hubris.


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