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The Trace recently ran a piece on how “president-elect Joe Biden” can indeed get his gun control agenda through all on his own. After all, if after the Georgia runoffs the Senate remains locked in a 50-50 split, guess who gets the tie-breaking vote? Vice President Kamala Harris.

If after Georgia the Senate swings back to Republican control, Biden will have a tougher time getting all those promised bans through.

No worries, though, according to Michael Bloomberg’s agitprop generators at The Trace:

In either scenario, the Biden administration isn’t without options. Although the president doesn’t have the power to change existing laws or enact new ones on his own, he has the authority to direct agencies, set priorities, appoint leadership, and more. And Biden’s campaign signaled his willingness to act even if his proposals stall in the Senate. “Joe Biden also knows how to make progress on reducing gun violence using executive action,” his website reads.

But just in case that doesn’t go the anti-gunners’ way, The Trace helpfully compiled a seven-point list of ways a President Biden can get it done all by his lonesome:

  • On Day One, Biden could sign an executive order creating an interagency task force on gun violence prevention. Such a task force could bring together the White House, the Department of Justice, the Department of Health and Human Services, and any federal agency that touches gun violence with the goal of coordinating the national response.
  • “At a minimum, it’s crucial to nominate and confirm an ATF director who will promote gun violence prevention values and will really prioritize the regulatory oversight mission of that agency, which is something the agency really has fallen short on in recent years,” [Chelsea Parsons, the vice president for gun violence prevention at the Center for American Progress, a left-leaning think tank.] said.
  • Homemade “ghost guns” pose a problem for law enforcement after a crime has been committed. These weapons are devoid of serial numbers or other identifying markings that enable them to be tracked to their maker, seller, or original owner. Despite their frequent use in mass shootings, shootouts with police, and other crimes, ghost guns remain legal in the U.S. and can be made without a background check.

But wait, there’s more. Well, four more points, to be exact, but it’s this one so many people have ignored thus far. The Trace wants firearms accessories redefined based on their potential use rather than their design.

In the past, the ATF has taken a lax approach, a Center for American Progress report found, deferring to manufacturers’ stated descriptions of firearms and accessories for determining if they qualify for NFA restrictions. The Trace has reported on the proliferation of barely legal accessories like pistol braces, which can effectively turn a handgun into a short-barreled rifle, and models like the Shockwave shotgun, which narrowly eludes the definition of a short-barreled shotgun.

Reviewing firearms and components on the basis of their potential uses instead of their stated purpose of the manufacturer would be a start. As would making the process more transparent by publicly releasing determinations instead of sending them directly to manufacturers. “That’s something incoming leadership at ATF should really take a strong look at, because you see the industry really innovating to evade the NFA,” Parsons said.

This isn’t exactly a surprise. As of late the anti-gun side of the aisle has been a great deal more blunt, making it quite clear that they really are coming to take your guns. Check out the rest of the article here for more, if you can stomach it.

What do you think? What’s likely waiting for us in the very near future as gun owners?



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    • “This ain’t Venezuela…”

      No matter what, they can’t add Puerto Rico and DC as states, even if they wanted to.

      The vote for statehood requires a 2/3 majority in the house before it can be law, and there is no fucking way the flyover states will allow that to happen, and dilute their conservative power…

      • “The vote for statehood requires a 2/3 majority in the house ”

        Politics is more sublime than that. Nothing prevents Congress from establishing a “provisional” statehood with all the powers of established states. The matter would be forced into the courts (where there is no precedent) for years. For the duration of the judicial marathon, any voting by those provisional states would be valid (injunctions would be part of the marathon. Once established, those provisional states could be instrumental in passing all sorts of legislation and turning elections. Trying to unwind all that wouldl be such chaos, the SC would be hard pressed to overturn the “provisional” states. Especially after the provisionals had been beneficiaries of being on the expanded SC for a time.

        Do not underestimate the depraved minds of Leftists, nor the evil resident in the human race. You can depend on whatever it is you think they can’t do is exactly what they are doing. The drive to rule over others is immume to eradication.

      • “80 million patriots vs soy drinking skinny jean wearing blue haired emotional cry babies.”

        Most revolts throughout history are the result of a determined minority dominating the docile majorities. Travel to other countries, and you find that, just like ours, most people are actually apolitical; they just want to be left alone to feed themselves and their families. Such persons chose a political label in an effort to fend off those who want to disrupt lives of those who just want to be left alone.

        Even in things non-revolutionary, it is the minority that inflects change, not the majority.

  1. I will resist Joe Biden in every way. I am willing to go to jail, and the rest of what comes with it as well. Come what “ever” may.

    • 😁👍 Yes it is comical when you think about it isn’t it? If I am full of crap, it’s pitiful, and ridiculous. And if I am serious then it is so unfortunate that an American has to have that attitude toward his president. I understand why your laughing. As for me, it hurts too much to laugh and I’m too old to cry.

      • Amen, thanks for watching the six. I just thought that, I’d not give that sarcastic, bombastic fellow any fuel. However, I knew that he would garner the attention of one mightier than, I. Thanks again!

    • How many Division commanders and squadron commanders do they think will uphold them attacking the constitution? All military personal have sworn to support and defend the constitution. Attacking the constitution will not be fully embraced by all commanders and servicemembers. This will not go as Joe and the Hoe thinks it will.

      • We Vets will not comply. Americans are by nature, independent. In the Army a good idea can come from anywhere. In Normandy it was not the top who solved Sherman Tanks climbing hedgerows and getting hit by panzerfausts underneath, it was a Tech Sarg who took steel welded it to the front of the tanks, Instant bulldozers. The pentagon if full of yes men, establishment Generals. The line officers won’t give any orders. The troops will not obey orders to attack civilians.

        • “Instant bulldozers.”

          Incorrect, they weren’t set up as bulldozers.
          Instead, they welded a horizontal cutter across the front of the tank to sever the thick roots at the base of the hedgerow so then the tank could push them out of the path.

      • “How many Division commanders and squadron commanders do they think will uphold them attacking the constitution? All military personal have sworn to support and defend the constitution.”

        Oh, those guys (and ladies)?

        They’ll probably do what they did in New Orleans. They went door-to-door and did what they were ordered and confiscated the guns from the citizens who stayed behind after Katrina to defend their flooded homes.

        When they were ‘returned’ months later, they were rusted junk.

        Stand-up defenders of the constitution they were *not* :

        • You have something there. However disarming a Parish is very different from national disarmament and the disruption and disillusion of a constitutional amendment. You could be right, I just hope that your not in the long run.

        • Many did and many did not. But the people who ordered this are now in Federal Prison mainly Nagin and the Chief of Police was ordered to resign. It also lead to the passage of a law specifically forbidding this behavior. The Chief of Police is lucky that is all he got. The sad part is I am sure neither one of them thought they were doing anything wrong.

        • Difference between then and now is that it won’t be a sneak attack on an unsuspecting population. The people will know who is coming and can make their own decisions about what they will do about it. Some will have boating accidents, some will attempt to see if inorganic items will grow if planted, and some will organize and plan for quick reaction to enemy attempts to do confiscation raids.

      • “How many Division commanders and squadron commanders do they think will uphold them attacking the constitution?”

        All of them. And they will. That’s why the Founders feared a standing army.

        “A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty.”

        — James Madison

        • @longshun
          “How many Division commanders and squadron commanders do they think will uphold them attacking the constitution?”

          “All of them. And they will. That’s why the Founders feared a standing army.”

          Bingo !!

      • What does the military or the Constitution have to do with anything? Certainly you’re not expecting some sort of military insurrection in opposition to some perceived infringement of some Constitutional matter? I don’t remember any such thing happening when the “USA PATRIOT Act” was rammed through despite its repugnance to the Constitution. For that matter, nor have I read of anything of the sort happening times long ago when evils like the Japanese-American Internment were perpetrated. Why believe it will be different now?

        • Because they have a bunch of fancy firearms they want to use and they’ve become convinced that they are somehow able to oppose the constitution and the United States Armed Forces if their feelings are hurt because the election didn’t go their way.

    • Not push around. What they and the far left running the country really want is the compete and total ban of all private gun ownership with the mandated complete and total extermination of every single United States citizen that possess a firearm, there families and while they are at it the mandated extermination of every single solitary United States citizen that voted for Trump.

      The don’t want to push is around, they want to exterminate us. And we may have the guns but they will have access to the full nuclear arsenal, a visceral hatred of all those who opppse them and the desire and open mandate of the complete and total extermination of all who oppose them. You know why they sometime talk about them having nukes? THEY WANT to use them to kill us!

      These are democrats. All they care about is power what they want is the extermination of the entire United States population that opposes that and them. The democrats WANT war. It justifies them getting more power and also their mandate: the complete and total extermination of the entire United States population that opposes them up to and (preferably) including the complete and total extermination of all human life in the United States minus themselves.

      To them the only good American citizen is a dead American citizen. And the best thing ever to the Democrats is the extermination of all American citizens.

  2. 1. Didn’t Old Joe sit on a gun violence interagency task force during the Obama Administration? What exactly did that accomplish?
    2. Legally “evading” the ATF means building firearms that comply with the law, i.e., legal firearms.
    3. Ghost guns are incapable of regulation because they are not guns when purchased. You get to the point of defining anything and everything as an “uncompleted firearm” at some point. One California legislator had to withdraw a bill when it was pointed out that he was attempting to regulate chunks of aluminum, and that was never going to fly. And that is without even addressing the Constitutional issue.

    • “3. Ghost guns are incapable of regulation because they are not guns when purchased.”

      They can direct the ATF to consider anything sold to be completed as a firearm to be considered a firearm.

      That will kill the 80 percent firearm kits.

      Look, I get where you’re going on that. That is different than the block of aluminum example you gave. Blocks of aluminum are not sold as being capable of being a firearm after a few hours work.

      It will have to attacked in court. The current SCOTUS will likely strike it down, but that will take time.

      And face it. If we get a major 2A victory like ‘strict scrutiny’, they will see that as being an ‘out-of-control SCOTUS and expand the court and strike down Heller.

      Hell, they will see it as being the ‘morally-correct’ thing to do, the same way the striking down of the Dred Scott decision was a moral thing to do.

      They will never accept that ordinary citizens have a right to a gun. They have to get rid of them before they can put their boots on our necks…

      • They do not accept that United stated citizens have rights in general. We should have all our rights taken away as well as everything we own and it should be legal for the state (them) to kill large portions of the population that resist him.

        To them all Trump voters, republicans, gun owners and pretty much everyone not them should not have the right to live and the Government should have the authority and the mandate to exterminate all Trump voters, republicans, gun owners as well as the right to exterminate the entire United state population that opposes them and if the entire United States population opposes them in that then it is within there right to exterminate the entire population of the United States. In fact that would be justified in there mind since what they really want is the complete and total extermination of all human life in the United States minus themselves so we can all be replaced by migrants from other countries. Just have to make sure none of them are White or Jewish. And all The Democrats have to do to get full approval of that is just exterminate all the Jews in Israel. Because most of the world would applaud that.

        I wonder what lessons the extermination of the entire United States population at the hands of the Democrats will teach humanity. Leftism will eventually die. But it will die when most of the population is exterminated by their hands. Or it will just go away when the human race is extinct. Some thing they want by the way.

  3. Fuck em. Come get it if you think you want that heat. All these jackasses think that they’ll just be sending others to do their dirty work, that they’ll never have to actually face the consequences of their actions. Go ahead and start that war, and see how long before you get visitors. Head of the snake and all that.

    • 120+ million gun owners, 18 million+ Veterans alive today. All we would need is 1 percent to stand. 1.2 million armed and pissed off. These morons want to keep pushing, if it comes to a hot revolt, who are the first on the list. The politicians who have attacked the people, the media, hollywood morons, all those who have done the pushing. Once the shooting starts, there are those who would hunt them down.

      They have this utopian idea that they can push us into an “incident” that will turn the public to them. They will get more than they wish. If it appears that there is no hope for liberty, then it gets ugly in a hurry, and they don’t have the means to stop it.

      • Excellent comment…but my plan of operation is to take out and destroy the MSM…all of them so
        that we are on an even keel. Now they control ALL thought processes toward the population and
        without them no one knows nothing. I hope it never comes to that.

        • Feeding them false information could be the key to undermine their integrity and maybe make them
          a non-player one day.

        • “Feeding them false information could be the key to undermine their integrity and maybe make them a non-player one day.”

          As if the last four years reinforced their integrity? The MSM has been losing “money” (ratings, viewers, income) since at least the 2016 elections. The corporate sponsors (owners) don’t care.

          Read the history of “news” in this (and other) country. There never has been a period where the “news” was objective, neutral. The power of the press belongs to whoever owns one; always so. Every “news” source has an agenda. If “objectivity” suits the day, objectivity will be used. If bias suits, bias it will be.

        • “Feeding them false information could be the key to undermine their integrity”

          Yeah, that’s it, bear false witness and sabotage America’s Free Press.

          Satan, The Lord of Lies, thanks you.

      • “ 120+ million gun owners, 18 million+ Veterans alive today.” And the democrats desire to exterminate every single one as well as all Trump voters, republicans and every United States citizen that has any conservative values as well their desire to kill every single United States citizen that they do nut like which is every United States citizen not them even if it means the deployment of the full nuclear arsenal in the deliberate effort to exterminate all human life in the United states except themselves.

        And don’t think the military would stop it. Most of the military leadership is as far left as the rest of them and would have no problem killing hundreds of millions of people. Gives them as excuse to whip out the nukes. They can just usd drones and to the Democrat government and military leadership they can just declare all member of the armed forces not in full support of the extermination of every single solitary United state citizens that oppose the democrats in any way including the deployment of nukes shall all be deemed traitors and shall all also be exterminated via nuclear carpet bombing.

      • “120+ million gun owners”

        With almost 600 million guns.

        A recently retired firearm industry analyst who worked for Morgan Investments estimated that number.

    • Hoplophobe wet dream, lol. Can you imagine actively campaigning to take things away from people? Sick fucks, the lot of them.

      • “Can you imagine actively campaigning to take things away from people?”

        They don’t need to go door-to-door and confiscate them. They will outlaw possession and force you to keep them out of sight. After maybe 2 generations, no one will dare to admit they even have one.

        Don’t forget, they are playing the long game. They will wait our future generations out…

        • That’s real Dystopian (Black Mirror) kind of stuff soldier. Is there anything that we can do? Is there anyway to win? How can we stand against this tide?

        • “Is there anything that we can do? Is there anyway to win?”

          Two ways – One, divorce, parting on (somewhat) amicable terms, and two, not-so-amicable terms. Each way, a new country will result…

        • “They don’t need to go door-to-door and confiscate them.”

          Correct. If Germany and Russia showed us anything, they proved that our neighbors and even our children will be the first ones to sell us out.

      • They want all guns banned, all guns confiscated by force by going door to door executing every gun owner and then mandating The complete and total extermination of every single United States that has firearms even if it means using the full force of the military to every home in this Country to confiscate every single gun by force and kill every single gun owner, their families and while they’re at it killed every single south harry United States citizen that opposes the killing of every single gun owner. And then kill every single solitary United States citizen that opposes the Democrats killing United States citizens for their guns and having an opinion. It fits well with their ultimate desire which is the extermination of all human life in the United States minus themselves.

        If you ask the people at the trace If they would approve of an appointment of the full nuclear arsenal to kill every single solitary United States citizen that owns a gun, is a post to killing all gun owners as well as killing every single United States citizen that opposes that to bring about a gun free utopia what do you think they would say? What do you think they would say but what do you think they think?

        We are dealing with a political ideology that once literally every single person not like them dead. They do not care about the means or numbers. If it involves the deployment of a full nuclear arsenal carpet bombing the country killing over 330 million people that to them is an acceptable course of action to take to realize their Progressive socialist gun free Utopia.

  4. I tend to think Joe and the Ho won’t try anything as fancy. They don’t want to get their skulls caved in come mid-terms and then 2024. They already are skating on thin ice.
    Naturally if they came for my guns (if I actually had any) and it’s summer, I’d cut them a fresh rose and gladly hand them over. Really! Wouldn’t we all? 😉

    • “They don’t want to get their skulls caved in come mid-terms and then 2024.”

      Oh, *please*. They will rig the election the same way they did this one.

      Except next time, they’ll learn from the mistakes they made this time and leave no tracks to be found…

  5. It is amazing to see so many folks who pride themselves as ‘constitutionalists’ yet all too ready to ignore the constitution and violate the very principles that it stands for.

    We had an election, and there’s been no credible evidence of fraud presented in any court.

    State elections officials, including Republican officials, have declared the election valid and are moving forward with certification.

    Would you folks really believe it is patriotic to attack the people’s choice?
    The constitution defines a method to petition the court for a redress of grievances, this has been done and no credible evidence has been presented. Judge after judge have dismissed Trump suits as nonsense.

    Please, for the sake of the country, accept reality for once.

    “Georgia has finished its statewide audit of the razor-thin presidential race and President-elect Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump, according to a news release from the Secretary of State’s office.

    Biden beat Trump by 12,284 votes, according to the final results from the audit. This is a slight drop for Biden compared to the pre-audit results.
    Officials have said repeatedly that the audit confirmed there was no widespread fraud or irregularities in the election.“

    • Creepy Joe has not been elected, nor is he President-elect of anything…yet.

      Things to be done and dates met such as Dec.8th. then the 14th..Dec 23rd, Jan 6th.

      All according to Federal Law.

      And if 75 million people decide that Creepy Joe is not the president then that will probably be decided as well.

      The future has not been written yet, perhaps you should stop deluding yourself.

    • You apparently didn’t read the article. You just wanted to spout off on how upset you are.

      Re read the article and comment about what’s actually in the article. Not your leftist circle jerk fantasies.

      The actual article is about the abilities of a Biden administration, and how he’ll be hemmed in on some fronts but can bother us on others.

      Or would you prefer he have more power? I know you leftists love autocrats.

    • Remember to scrape your #NotMyPresident sticker off your car before the end of January. The rascally Russians stole the election in 2016, and it was the height of patriotism to have a 4-year long hissy fit. Now that Biden has been elected, #NotMyPresident is dangerous, anti-American, and probably racist. Right?

      Anyway, thank goodness that we’ve had the most secure, honest election in history immediately after the one the Russians stole.

      Tldr, go fornicate yourself. After 4 years of calling people on the right every vile thing in the book — racist, fascist, sexist, Nazi, etc etc — your side has lost the right to preach any kind of “for the good of the country” line.

      • This is the far left. All United States citizens that believe Biden it’s not their president are to be sent to reeducation camps. All those that resist or pose must be exterminated.

        Or they just go straight to saying every single United States citizen that views Biden is illegitimate must be exterminated. And all United States citizens that oppose the exclamation of every single United States citizen that thinks Biden is illegitimate must also be exterminated.

        Such is the mind of a leftist: everyone not like them must be killed.

        • “Such is the mind of a leftist: everyone not like them must be killed.“

          What the hell are you talking about, I have never advocated the killing of my political opponents, unlike just about everybody else on this forum.

          Your talk of extermination camps is nothing but fantasy, designed to justify your wild thoughts of death and murder.

          The Constitution provides for a system to petition the government for a redress of grievances, through the court system.

          This is being done, so far Donald Trump and his allies lawsuits have been dismissed as nonsense. In fact, in open court, Rudy and other Trump lawyers have freely admitted that they are not claiming any fraud has occurred in the election.

          All this talk of killing your political opponents does not serve the people of the gun community very well.

          Any prudent and reasonable person reading your comments on this forum would quite reasonably have second thoughts about allowing you people to own lethal weapons.

          Clearly, by the statements on this forum, most of you are a danger to yourself or others. You have apparently, both the means and the inclination to kill your fellow citizens without just cause.

          You bet I am in favor of gun control if it keeps nut jobs like you from having your finger on the trigger.

    • Miner49er,

      We had an election, and there’s been no credible evidence of fraud presented in any court.

      That may or may not be true.

      At any rate, your argument is a fallacy. Why? Simply because absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Even if it is true that no entity has presented evidence of election fraud to courts, that does not mean that there was no election fraud.

      • “Simply because absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

        Your statement is nonsensical, an absence of evidence in a court of law indicates a dismissal of the charges.

        Your contention would turn 3000 years of jurisprudence on its head, but I’m willing to go with it, let’s see:

        I know of no evidence that you are a child molester, but absence of evidence does not mean evidence of absence, therefore you are a child molester.

        My God, you are one sick puppy, I can’t believe you were did a little child.

        See how that works, fun isn’t it!

    • We had an election, and there’s been no credible evidence of fraud presented in any court??? WTF are you smoking? More votes than voters. ballots delivered with only Joe Biden checked. Trump leading most states the night of the election. Stop the count. Then 384K votes miraculously appear for Biden. No fraud my dupa. STFU putz.

      • No, Minor Idiot is speaking truth (or as close to truth as a Leftist ever gets) – there is NO evidence of voter fraud that any Leftist will accept, no matter how egregious. So, since there is no evidence they will accept, there is “no evidence”.

        And their unicorns fart Skittles.

      • “Then 384K votes miraculously appear for Biden.”

        Well, that’s quite the claim!

        I look forward to reviewing the credible and verifiable source for your assertion, I’m sure it will prove enlightning.

        When will we see your evidence?

    • The Georgia recount was anything but an audit. People were calling Trump votes for Biden, auditors were not allowed to check and verify signatures, the whole thing was a ****show.

      The legislature may very well elect republican delegates, having no faith in the state’s election. We are passed simple election fraud and well into treason and national security. Around half of the country will come to the realization that the USA has banana republic elections and lose all faith in them. The SCOTUS gets one chance uphold the rule of law.

      • “auditors were not allowed to check and verify signatures”

        Even the most cursory examination of the lawsuits would reveal this claim was dismissed by a judge in a court of law as incorrect.

        Do you really believe that the secret Obama/Hillary/Hugo Chavez/Q anon conspiracy actually involves Republican secretaries of State and elections officials?

        Well, you are right, everyone is in on the conspiracy except… you!

        Those feelings you’ve had that everyone is watching you, that the CIA is reading your mail with the camera they implanted in your eye, it’s all true.

        Remember, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

        Be afraid, little boy, be very afraid.

  6. Someone with a better grasp of Senatorial procedures than I please chime in:
    Wouldn’t any major anti-gun legislation require 60 votes in the Senate to pass, not just a simple majority?
    If so, then given the worst-case scenario in GA resulting in a 50-50 split, which results in a de facto Democratic majority, they would still be powerless to enact any egregious laws unless 10 Republicans cross over – not impossible, but highly unlikely.
    In the more likely event of Executive Orders, I trust our good friends at SAF, NAGR/O, NSSF and NRA have the challenge briefs already prepared….
    To the courts, and reach for the ammo box…

    • Presumably yes, however, certain radical democrats have stated they’re willing to use the “nuclear option”, to permanently change the senate rules to 51 votes on every legislation that comes through.

      It’s an extremely desperate gamble that will probably fail though. Democrat Joe Manchin already said he won’t vote for the invoking of the nuclear option, keeping the senate rules at 60. They need 51 to invoke this option.

      There’s also probably more democrats who are nervous about the prospect of a permanent rule change of 51 votes, as they know when the GOP returns to power they will be at their mercy. The democrats who aren’t afraid of this are ones with very safe seats, and have this disturbed notion that somehow if they take the senate they’ll somehow never lose it again. Even though 2022 is already looking rough for them.

    • “Someone with a better grasp of Senatorial procedures than I please chime in:
      Wouldn’t any major anti-gun legislation require 60 votes in the Senate to pass, not just a simple majority?”

      Yeah, but…

      If the Leftists control the Senate, they control the rules that the Senate must follow.

      They will be free to change the rules to a simple majority, the same way Harry Reid changed the rules to confirm judges that Obama wanted seated, but didn’t have the 60 votes required to confirm them.

      We warned Reid, if he killed the filibuster, he would regret it. That’s the justification we used to get Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh seated no the SCOTUS when we didn’t have the 60 votes to get them confirmed…

      • If the run-offs in GA go south, it’s 50/50 in da senate with Camel Toe da Hoe the Breaker of Ties. As if, like the Moderate RINOs in the senate would resist the chance to pull a McCain.

        The Nuke Option has been extended to Fed court Judges(Reid) and SCOTUS Justices(McConnell). What the Dems have PROMISED is the first chance they get to nuke the filibuster for legislation to a simple 51 votes. And they will always be one or 2 RINOs to help.

  7. And the hits just keep coming!

    “State judges in Arizona and Pennsylvania and a federal judge in Georgia rejected election-related lawsuits Thursday from Republicans and the Trump campaign.

    The hat trick of losses were the latest round of defeats for the Trump campaign in its long-shot and increasingly far-fetched bid to block President-elect Joe Biden’s win before the Electoral College certifies him as the next president.
    One of the judges, a Trump appointee in Georgia, called the attempt by Republican-allied lawyers to block election results “quite striking,” refusing their attempt to stop Biden’s win there.
    In Arizona, a state judge declined to audit votes in the state and delay the finalization of results, saying the lawsuit couldn’t be retooled and brought again. And in Pennsylvania, a state judge ordered the counting of more than absentee 2,000 ballots the Trump campaign wanted to exclude.

    The rulings came with only a few hours between them on Thursday.“

    A legal trifecta!

    • I guess whiner missed the press conference.
      The three MAIN lawsuits that Rudy G has filed have NOT been thrown out. There are at least two more MAIN lawsuits being filed this AM.
      The suits that HAVE been “thrown out”, have been miniscule ones dealing with individuals claiming voter fraud.
      The 800lb bunker buster lawsuits are ALL still in play, with several more leaving the bomb racks shortly.

      Leave it to whiner to give only the leftarded talking points on a topic.🤪

      Trump/Pence 2020

      • I would certainly appreciate y’all providing a little bit more detail on the ‘MAIN lawsuits’ you speak of.

        In other news:

        “A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by President Donald Trump and his lawyers seeking a temporary restraining order to halt certification of Georgia’s election.

        “It is well established that garden-variety election disputes do not rise to the level of a constitutional deprivation,” Judge Steven D. Grimberg ruled. “The fact that his candidate didn’t win doesn’t rise to the level of harm.”

        Judge Grimberg was appointed by the president in 2019.

        Well-known Atlanta area attorney Lin Wood filed the 188-page suit against Sec. of State Brad Raffensperger to stop the certification scheduled to be completed by Friday.”

        And another one bites the dust, dismissed by a Trump appointed federal judge.

        It doesn’t get any weaker than that, the suit was so lame that even a trump appointee laughed it out of court.

        “It is well established that garden-variety election disputes do not rise to the level of a constitutional deprivation,” Judge Steven D. Grimberg ruled.“

        What a bunch of snowflakes, come on and take your loss like a man would even if you’re not.

        • Jimmy jam, I think you may have missed my initial question, here it is again:

          I would certainly appreciate y’all providing a little bit more detail on the ‘MAIN lawsuits’ you speak of.

          So far, your whole position seems a little like a amateur poker player, trying to bluff the pros.

          Your tactic is clear:

          “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS!”

  8. Look up the veterans who served in WWI. Bonus Expeditionary Forces March on Washington, Anacostia Park
    “If the Army must be called out to make war on unarmed citizens, this is no longer America.”
    -Washington Daily News 1932

    During the depression vets from WWI were due a bonus sometime around 1945, they were starving, as were their families. They marched on Washington and their shantytown in the city was destroyed by United States Army troops and Washington city police. Leading the troops to push them out of Washington and destroy the shantytown were MacArthur, Eisenhower and Patton.

    If you think the police and Army will not come for your “assault weapons”, give me a call, I have some beachfront property in North Dakota to sell you at a bargain price.

    It’s not the enlisted folks but the senior officers (both military and civilian police chiefs from major Democratic cities) , many of whom were promoted by Obamas’ gang that will be the problem

    Sooner or later you key board Commandos are going to have to decide to turn them over, fight or have numerous “boating accidents”…………

    • “Sooner or later you key board Commandos are going to have to decide to turn them over, fight or have numerous “boating accidents”…”

      Google “The Battle of Athens (Georgia)”, and get back to me, ‘mkay?

      Take note the ‘skills’ they utilized to overthrow that tyranny, WW-2 combat veterans.

      Ask yourself how many combat veterans have retired out of the armed services since the ‘War on Terror’ began about 20 years back.

      Clue : It’s over several hundred thousand. Recent combat experience, ‘wet work’.

      Get the picture, boy? Wanna come out and play with that? 😉

      • And sadly, many vets are on record as having supported Biden and his agenda.

        I have great respect for those who have served this country and continue to do so. I fear many, however, will follow the unconstitutional and illegal orders if given to them by their commanding officers. I pray that I’m wrong.

      • Given the Covid surge in North and South Dakota, there’ll be a lot of properties coming up on the market in estate sales over the next few months.

  9. Creepy Joe and Kameltoe will need an appropriate event to happen. It is not an if but a when.

    The final solution will involve rendition, enhanced interrogation (by ANTIFA and BLM Red Guards), and survivors either sent to the showers for delousing or being sentenced to gain penance through labor for the state. But the detention centers will be overcrowded and under resourced.

    • What a fertile imagination, have you ever considered moving to Hollywood and doing screenwriting?

      And for a bit of historical resonance, isn’t this the 75th anniversary of the commencement of the trials in Nuremberg?

      • Except that there are folks on the Left, like AOC and the Squad, who are talking about and asking for record-keeping on anyone with a dissenting opinion and mandatory re-education. It’s not a fantasy, sadly.

  10. Oh wow. I really like this, man.

    Every firearm as the potential to be made full automatic. Every firearm has the potential to be fitted with a bayonet. Every firearm as the potential to be converted to a grenade launcher. Every component of a firearm has the potential to be used in a gun converted to full auto, or a grenade launcher. Every bullet, casing and primer has the potential to be used in a firearm potentially converted to full auto. Every magazine, fixed or not, has the potential to be used in a firearm converted to full auto. All re-loading equipment and supply has the potential to be used to create ammunition to be used in a firearm converted to full auto, or grenade launcher. And here is the real “wow factor”: every firearm, accessory and component has the potential to be used in committing a crime, or suicide.

    Finally, someone figured out how to cut the Gordian knot of gun control.

    More popcorn, please.

  11. There’s an even easier answer for Joe. Simply direct the ATF to declare that all firearms are now “machine guns” and thus regulated under the NFA and the Hughes Amendment. After all, even a black powder muzzle loader is closer to being a “machine gun” than a Slidefire stock is, and the precedent for that one is already there. So….

    (To be clear, on balance I’m quite happy with how Trump has done as president, but let’s be honest: he REALLY boned us on that one)

    • (…but let’s be honest: he REALLY boned us on that one)”

      Not actually.

      Trump never claimed to be a POTG, much less an absolutist. He never said he would stand before America after the NV incident and declare, “The protection the right of the people to keep and bear arms is more important than any group of people victimized by a citizen abusing his RTKBA. Even though Trump is/was not a professional politician, he instinctively knew there were not enough hardcore POTG to re-elect him. NV was so horrifying, that an appeal to principle would be a death knell.

      Trump didn’t “bone us”. He never indicated he would defend the Second Amendment at all costs.

      • These politically inept asshats who cry about bump stocks do not know the POTUS took the best route possible and that’s why you get to see binary triggers, etc. advertised on this forum. Had it been congress concocting crap it would have been more than bump stocks. I suggest those with a rash read Alan Gottlieb’s explanation and then stfu.

        TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • “that’s why you get to see binary triggers, etc. advertised on this forum”

          The reason you see binary triggers and pistol races advertise on this form is because the Obama/Biden administration specifically approved those items in 2014.

          And now trumps ATF is moving to ban pistol braces, that’s real progress for people of the gun don’t you think?

  12. Gun control takes legislation passing both chambers of congress. The AMMO is another matter altogether. Only 2 smokeless powder mills left in the US. They are owned/operated by mega large scale DoD contractors. Biden could lean on a trillion dollar carrier or fighter contract and these companies shut down all civilian supply over night. They still supply the military after all, and not going to lose trillions to save a few hundred million a year. The DoT can regulate all imports away anytime they want to. Simple and no need to pass congress at all.
    Ever see how many black powder rounds a glock or AR can fire before total stoppage, it’s not many.
    Some smart Johnnie needs to whip up a home brew substitute that is safe enough to make in the garage, from easy to source ingredients. Or a venture capitalist with some balls to provide some competition for the only 2 mills left.

    • “The AMMO is another matter altogether. Only 2 smokeless powder mills left in the US. They are owned/operated by mega large scale DoD contractors.”

      Pre-1900 guns were black powder. You can get a .45 ACP 1911 to function with BP.

      If they wanted to, they can’t shut down BP production…

      • No they don’t need too, BP makes your semi auto long guns go pop, pop, jam. So how many revolutions you know of won with the few pistols that handle BP? I would like to know Geoff . It’s all academic at this point. The ammo will be gone(hell it’s already gone) and what’s left too valuable to shoot. But by golly you all still have your ARs. Till the floods of non-Americans turn your Red states all blue.

        • “So how many revolutions you know of won with the few pistols that handle BP? I would like to know Geoff .”

          I’ll tell you, mikey –

          With a BP rifle we can get the weapon from a soldier. With that weapon, we can take out a patrol. With a patrol’s weapons and some ambush tactics, we can take out a platoon and get their weapons.

          Get it, Mike? With little more than BP Sharp’s rifles, we can make it very costly for them to patrol. Behind enemy lines, their families will feel very unsafe when bad things start to happen.

          It’s unsustainable to take on the US population. Besides, 80 percent of them voted for Trump. You think they’ll go along with that plan? 🙂

        • Interesting conversation about BP. I never thought about using BP in a modern semi..

          Research time if I get a spare block of time at work..

        • You can’t just replace one with the other, it depends on the weapon.

          But black powder was the initial propellant in .44 LC, 45-70 (.45 cal, 70 grains of BP), etc, etc.

          Hell, even .22lr was first a BP round. Approach experimentation *carefully*…

    • While I agree it’s something to keep an eye on, I’m not sure it’s that big of a concern, if you consider the lead production fear we had a few years back.

      Obama had the last lead smelter shut down and there was a legitimate fear of a lead shortage, but it never materialized. I’m not certain of all the intricacies behind all of that, but the basic components of ammunition such as metal/powder are very difficult to regulate away. It doesn’t seem like something that could be done via pure EO or ATF regulation, or Obama likely would’ve had it done.

      But as you said, should those two producers come under some kind of influence, I doubt that there wouldn’t be a successor. Ammo and guns are at an all time high in demand and someone will see the opportunity to fulfill that demand.

      • The Prince of Darkness had his EPA shut down the last US lead ORE smelter, that caused the last US active lead mines in MO to have to close. This raised the price and caused disruptions to ammo production. Along with other slight of hand during that time it near impossible to secure new ammo in the most common calibers.
        The lead used in the US if from recycling and imports that’s why ammo never went back to pre-Obama prices.
        Obama was just the field test for many non-congress means to limit your #2A. For Hillary to take too the next level. Now those planes are going to be in play again, and they will voter-fraud make sure there is never going to be a GOP president again, just in case you missed it.

        • So the Prince of darkness had the last lead smelting plant in the US close down?
          That’s strange, you would think Satan would want more lead for more killing.

          But really, we all know you’re just a liar.

          “But the email is wrong to claim “Obama and the EPA” is responsible for forcing the plant to close after “they raised the EPA regulations by tenfold.” The Environmental Protection Agency reduced the ambient air quality standard for lead from 1.5 micrograms of lead per cubic meter of air to 0.15 in October 2008 during the Bush administration — not under Obama.

          The email is also wrong when it says the Herculaneum plant is the “last lead smelting plant in the US.” The company says the Herculaneum plant is its last primary smelter in the United States. Doe Run and other companies operate secondary lead smelting plants. Primary plants use mined resources, while secondary plants use recycled materials, such as lead batteries.

          The National Rifle Association says recycled lead “is the type most often used by ammunition manufacturers,” and the plant closing “should not have the dramatic impact that some have predicted.”

          The impending closure of the Herculaneum plant has its origins in a 2004 lawsuit filed against the EPA by the Missouri Coalition for the Environment. The environmental group argued that the EPA had failed its responsibility under the Clean Air Act to review and revise, if necessary, the air quality standards for lead every five years. In 2005, a U.S. District Court in Missouri agreed and ordered the EPA to conduct such a review by September 2008.”

          Oh wow, it was actually a republican president bushes administration vet change the EPA lead air standard.

          But between you and me, I think a lower lead/air standard is a good idea. Clearly, there was too much lead in your environment as a child because your cognitive abilities seem somewhat impaired.

      • Ron did you know that of the 3 form types of modern smokeless powder (ball or sphere/flake/Stick or extruded) only the 1st 2 are even made in the USA? The EPA has barred the manufacture of extruded here in the US, some BS about toxic ingredients or process safety what not.
        Point is the Feds can shut it all off when ever they want to. Even the US military has to source it’s super spiffy sniper ammo powder from over seas, cause again, The Stick or extruded powders Powder is ‘already’ Banned from being Made here, you all get that?

        If any of you re-loaders even care what brands and types are even made here in the US ought to know this. 50% of the powder going into the new brand name ammo you all shoot is not even made in the USA. The Department of Transportation don’t need congress to limit or stop all civilian imports of modern smokeless powder.

        addendum: there is one USA made brand of extruded powder, but it’s in form only not the same chemical composition of the foreign powders. Hybrid 100V Extruded|St.Marks but, it’s the same chemical composition of other US made powders.

        • Hogden have been repackaging Mulwex ADI powders for decades. They buy so much Mulwex’s product range was streamlined to the Hogden varieties.

        • I suggest you all buy as much ammo and reloading supplies as you can, now! It’s a lot harder to take it away from private ownership than it is to prevent it from reaching the market.
          Buy now wile you still can. If stored properly the ammo and powders have a long shelf life.
          Don’t be stuck like so many were under B. Hussein, with no rounds to be had for love nor money.

    • carbine…Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide therefore Gun Control is a racist and nazi based agenda. When you use Gun Control don’t forget to define it otherwise you give it standing and democRats like that. Ammunition and firearms are treated as equals or there is no 2A and that means tyranny.. Black Powder should be reserved for bombs, etc.

  13. What many people seem unable to grasp, is that the “gun control” agenda that Biden – along with his cronies, AND HIS HANDLERS – is/are pushing, IS in blatant violation of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
    If people would bother to “do their due diligence”, and research the terminology USED in the Second Amendment.
    “Arms”: “Weapons commonly used in warfare”. LOOK. IT. UP. The very weapons, that the Left is SO “hell bent”
    on blocking, banning, and controlling – are the VERY weapons that are most SPECIFICALLY protected.
    “Militia”. The ORGANIZED mil8itia, is comprised of the various reserve components of your military, and the
    National Guard. The “UN-organized militia” is comprised of EVERY able-bodied citizen of the United States.

    AT PRESENT, 98% of the “gun control laws” in effect – to include the National Firearms Act of 1934, and the Gun Control Act of 1968 – ARE UN-Constitutional, and thus illegal.
    Anyone who enforces these laws, is in violation of:
    18 USC 241- Conspiracy Against Rights,
    18 USC 242 – Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law.
    Anyone who supports or proposes any MORE gun control laws, is STILL in violation of 18 USC 241… They ARE conspiring, to take away YOUR rights.

    Look those statutes up… And start harassing your local, state, and federal prosecuting authorities, until the ENFORCE the law.

    • “The “UN-organized militia” is comprised of EVERY able-bodied citizen of the United States.“

      And, in addition to the citizens of the United States, every asylum seeker from Mexico, Central America, South America, etc. is also a member of the militia because they have declared their intention to become citizens.

      That’s a great thing, that sdds several million to our militia roster, so we can really repel foreign invaders!

      May Providence bless the wisdom of the founding fathers!

      • Seaweed, do you doubt that foreigners who have declared their intention to become United States citizens are not members of the US militia as defined by federal code?

        And are you willing to state what evidence you have that justifies characterizing my post as “inane scribbles”?

  14. “…an executive order creating an interagency task force on gun violence prevention.”

    Whoa, talk about strong measures! That’s right up there with creating a blue ribbon commission and calling for a feasibility study. Backed by a strongly-worded letter.

      • Bingo.

        You two individual seem to be the only folks here who understand the nature of a campaign promise, not to mention the slow death of a task force, study group or feasibility study.

  15. If there is a Harris/Biden administration, and returns are not in, it will be a very weak one due to all of the questions about the election. They will attempt a lot to satisfy their financial supporters but fail a lot as the “consent of the governed” will be hopelessly fractured or totally destroyed.

    • “it will be a very weak one due to all of the questions about the election.”

      Biden is making it worse for himself by not getting behind any recount efforts. Recounts in the rust belt states are unlikely to change the outcome. Just look at Georgia. Then there’s the fact that recounts and audits probably won’t occur anyway. Biden would come out looking more trustworthy if he just said he was okay with any scrutiny or recounts.

      • The trust issue isn’t just with republicans by the way. Keep in mind that most democrats voted against Trump, not for Biden. Then we have this nugget:

        “According to a Rasmussen poll conducted November 17-18…69 percent of Democrats say it is not at all likely (61 percent) or not very likely (8 percent) that the election was stolen from Trump, 30 percent of Democrats believe it is very likely (20 percent) or somewhat likely (10 percent) that it was.

        Let me repeat, nearly a third of Democrats believe it is likely that the election was stolen from President Trump.”

        • Ha ha, good one!

          How does it go?

          Oh, yes, “polls are always wrong… Unless I agree with them. Then they’re always right!”

          I don’t really pay much attention to polls, I prefer election results such as we’ve just witnessed.

          And I can tell you, we’re all looking forward to a Biden/Harris administration!

        • The recent problem with polling had to do with two things: the “shy” Trump voter and intentional malpractice to benefit democrats. We’ve never seen such terrible polling for elections. There’s a reason for all things. The above poll was not about an upcoming election, and it was questioning democrats, so it’s a bit different.

          “And I can tell you, we’re all looking forward to a Biden/Harris administration!”

          Do you think you speak for all Biden voters? From what I keep hearing, most of them are just looking forward to Trump leaving. There’s a difference.

    • Don’t worry, all the paperwork, the executive orders, everything he needs to sign will be drafted for him and while they will no doubt have a signing ceremony, who knows they may already be pre-signed by machine. And empty headed Joe will just sit there and smile a lot he’ll look presidential that’ll be enough.

  16. Potential uses?

    Wow. That’s opening up Pandora’s box. Imagine the potential uses of cars, chainsaws, airplanes, bricks, chemicals, etc.

    What’s left?

  17. 20,000,000 guns were sold this year alone, do you think they are going to give them back? Hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha

  18. No matter how you look at it the Country you once new is Gone!
    Even if the (R’s) get the 2 in Georgia to make a 52 – 48 majority the Real Republican Conservatives will not have the majority! There are too many Mitt Romney’s claiming to be republicans in the senate & the house!

  19. Reviewing firearms and components on the basis of their potential uses instead of their stated purpose of the manufacturer would be a start. As would making the process more transparent by publicly releasing determinations instead of sending them directly to manufacturers. “That’s something incoming leadership at ATF should really take a strong look at, because you see the industry really innovating to evade the NFA,” Parsons said.

    Regarding the above verbal slight of hand, automobiles have been used by criminals as “get away vehicles”. Hammers, saws and so forth have also been used as both offensive weapons by criminals and defensive weapons by their potential victims. Oh by the way, lest I forget to mention it, firearms are and have been used by the law abiding to defend against criminal attack, as well as by criminals, something strangely unmentioned by the anti gun set. How come this? Indeed, how come this.

  20. If all guns are banned and confiscated, it’s easy enough to go back and start making zip guns. I knew how in 7th grade. I also knew by that time how to make gunpowder. [I just went to the local library and borrowed a copy of HENLEY’S FORMULAS. — That was in the 1950’s and ’60’s. Unless kids have gotten stupider, I’m sure they still know how to do these things.
    Prostitution has been “illegal foe more than 2,00 years. Has that stopped?
    Alcohol was banned by Constitutional amendment. Did that work?
    Most people I talk to are literally threatening open rebellion if the government tries to take their guns and deny them the ability to defend themselves.

  21. After reading some of the comments I have only this to say. Being ready to stand against the Biden anti-gun policies and any executive orders he signs or laws he gets passed is easy to say. First in order to have any effect you must be organized into an effective force. Right now we are all just one finger of what could be a mighty fist but it takes commitment. Ask yourself if you are willing to unite with others into a fighting force that if it comes to an all out shooting war you are willing to commit to it in order to defend your 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. If you are then now is the time to organize and train. The first thing you must do is what our founding fathers did and that is to set up a communications system that the opposition cannot tap into. This cannot be a game. If you are serious then you must, just as those that enter military service do, commit themselves to freedom , even unto death if necessary. Set up training areas for combat and weapons care and use. also set up guidelines for the handling of non-combatants and prisoners. This must be done in the most humane way possible. Talk is cheap are you willing to do what is needed and to pay for the process in money, time, and possibly your life in order to stop the socialist/communist takeover of America? Only you can answer that question. Bluster and threats will get you nowhere. Calm reasoning and organization and commitment is what those that favor freedom and the entire Constitution must be willing to adhere to.

    • I wonder what the spark will be? And which way will the military jump? For some guidance you might care to consider the events leading up to, and the conflict itself, the Spanish Civil War, 1936 to 1939. Of course in Spain, the leftists won the legislature by the slimmest of margins and promptly set about fulfilling all their loony ideas as if they had a landslide majority. If they get the Senate now possibly they’ll be in the same position. And then of course there was also all the brutal extra judicial killings of priests, burning of churches, raping of nuns, Executions of political enemies, etc., etc. Who will be our Franco? What will the spark be?

      And consider that the twisted leftists are not above at all acting as agents provocateur and setting up some kind of spark with a view towards promoting an armed response and then using that to justify the seizing of guns. Who will our Lenin be? And our Dzerzhinsky?

      And of course the media is amazingly all of a sudden all pacific and good times, except for Covid of course which they blow up beyond what it is, emphasizing according to my Apple news sports and various contests both pro in collegiate. All is well, nothing to see here forget about the election, despite that it was obviously stolen in the most evident way. The only way to run an election with early voting is to have the law require that the early ballots get counted and certified first before you get to the others which by requiring in person voting are presumably more secure (this approach depends on that fact, although I am sure would this requirement be adopted that leftist evil intent would be turned towards how to make in person voting not secure and how to manipulate that, possibly through voting machines etc.). By counting the mail in ballots first, you close the door on the ability to show up two days later with a new batch with Shazam exactly the number you need to overcome the election day voting for Trump.

      Until we have a realignment along the lines of what took place in other places that have faced serious leftist penetration, like Argentina, Chile, Indonesia, where leftists were dealt with severely, this will not stop. And you thought the Muslim world a la the Sunnis and the Shias Was the only place that required a reformation like Christendom went through in Europe a couple hundred years ago which made northern Germany Protestant and Munich and France Catholic. (This is of course the underlying dynamic driving the ongoing mess in Syria, together with Iranian desires of Hegemony and Russian desires of regaining influence in the region.) The Chinese curse of “living in interesting times” is surely upon us (together with the Chinese coronavirus).

      • “Who will be our Franco?“

        What is with you people and your devotion to strongman dictators?

        Franco was as bad as his ally, Adolf Hitler.

        Truly, if you need that sort of father figure feel free to unass America and live under Vlad Putin or Kim Jong Un.

        • I wish I could believe that the people would rise up and put a stop to the Communist takeover of America but I do not see enough resistence to the lockdown of businesses or the stay at home orders or the mask mandates. My wife and I have gone shopping with no masks and are lucky if we see four or five free thinkers like us in a busy WalMart. The vast majority go along like a herd of sheep. My guess is that if Biden uses his Executive Order to set a high tax on ownership of semi-autos, buybacks, limits on magazines and taxes on anything over 10 round capacity, or government confiscation more gun owners will sell them back in order to recoup some of the money they spent on them. I do not think Americans have the balls for a real fight for freedom. They have been neutered by easy living.


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