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“Mexicans commenting on the Aurora shooting believe the series of mass murders in the U.S. reflects a culture hungry for fame with the vehicle being glorified violence. If that’s what they, our neighbors to the Southwho live in areas where decapitations and shoot-outs are the normbelieve, shouldn’t Americans ask themselves what values are most important to them: Gun laws or safety? Gun laws or family?” Is the anonymous author at seriously suggesting that the intimidation, rape, torture and slaughter of tens of thousands of Mexicans who were and continue to be disarmed by their own government despite their constitutional protection is an argument for U.S. gun control? By God I think he is. And that, gentle readers, is an example of monumental stupidity. FWIW.

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  1. I don’t understand the question… It makes no sense. …what values are most important to them: Gun laws or safety? Gun laws or family?

    Gun laws or safety? By making that an “or” it implies that I can have gun laws or I can have safety. I choose safety.

    Gun laws or family? By making that an “or” it implies that I can have gun laws or I can have family. I choose family.

    That’s world class bad writing right there. In trying to make his own point, he inadvertently proved mine.

  2. Yup pretty much.
    Honestly unless the Mexican people feel they live in a utopian society in all that is so great there they should STFU.
    My parents always told me before you say something about someone else, look in the mirror. Obviously the Mexican politicians and journalists haven’t done that. If they had they might be a bit embarrassed at what they see.

  3. Americans commenting on the insane violence in Mexico believe the series of mass murders throughout the country reflects a culture hungry for drug money with the vehicle being a whole lot of dead Mexicans.

  4. Another example of why you simply can’t fight the twisted, immature, logically-void “mind” of gun-grabbers with logic, fact, and truth. Their brains are such a twist of psychological and emotional defects and deficiencies that it’s like trying to explain to a child why putting a “save the whales” bumper sticker on your car doesn’t magically save the whales.

    This “person” is a good example of why you can’t treat gun-grabbers like mature, adult equals. The gun community has been falling into this trap for years. Gun grabbers are children at best, pathetically following the hogwash their government “parents” tell them, and wannabe-tyrants at worst, working to indirectly harm you and your families. Neither is worthy of equal consideration.

  5. Gun laws or safety? I agree gun laws do affect our safety. Gun laws make us all less safe and put us all at the mercy of either the criminal gang element or our own governmental criminal element.

  6. You also do understand is the largest supply of guns to gangs and others come from guns taken from the governments,sample the FBI a few years ago LOST hundreds of pistols and computers, also the military is a supply of lost and taken guns , and a few years ago the Orlando , Fl. police were allowed to keep their M16’s in the police car trunk and take the police car home , so the bad guys started you got it , started hitting parked police cars to get guns, even had a woman chief who left her duty belt with a 40 S&W pistol and ammo and a full auto M4 carbine in 556 NATO in bag on back set it was taken too. We have the government as a MAJOR supply for the bad guys… SO we need to ban the government from guns … We need more government controls… and less control of , We the people !

    • * The only firearm stolen from the Chief’s vehicle was her sidearm (and three magazines), not “a full auto M4 carbine in 556 NATO.”

      * It was a 9mm Sig Sauer, not a “40 S&W.”

      * It was in the rear cargo area of her SUV with the privacy cover pulled shut, not in the “back set.”

      Her quote from the article in the Orlando Sentinel: “I never leave my gun in the car, but I did that night because we were expecting guests for the weekend and they had young children,” Demings said. “We are allowed to store our [weapons] in the trunk or passenger compartment as long as they are out of plain view. It was clearly out of plain view.”

      I’m not specifically defending her, so if anyone has a “bootlicker” comment primed, save it. Just try to be accurate in what you say, and leave the overblown hysterical rhetoric for the anti’s.

  7. Here’s a deal–the United States and Mexico pool resources to build a big wall along the shared border. Nothing goes south, and nothing goes north. We good?

    Please understand that this is not meant as a comment on the vast majority of the people of either nation. The problem is that the Mexican government is fundamentally corrupt, and the American government is chronically stupid.

  8. I love Mexico, the Mexican people and especially Mexican food, but seriously, STFU, your country is totally overwhelmed with cartel violence. There are travel agency’s that would rather help me book a vacation to Iraq or Afghanistan than certain spots in Mexico, and you think there’s something wrong with my country’s culture?

  9. Far as governments go, the American Constitutional Republic was the closest humankind ever got, or may ever get toward building one of those Utopian Societies. Unfortunately, Americans had to get this far along in their history only to be faced with realizing a major unintended consequence of hard work and success. Libtards. Sorry to say, there’s no one to blame but Conservatives. Think about it.
    If things keep going the way there headed, 50 years from now America’s going to look like some bizarre cross between Bogotá, Baghdad and Ciudad Juárez, complete with it’s own Federalized Dictatorship for a government.
    And btw, this Nation got into the sorry state it’s in all the while millions of Americans were armed, so what’s that tell you?
    Just read a list of the most dangerous cities in the world. Don’t know if it’s true or not but Ciudad Juárez is ranked #2, after Bogotá that’s ranked #1 and just ahead of St. Louis Missouri at #3.
    So, while it ain’t exactly a novel approach toward ending gun violence, at least they put the billboard in an appropriate location. Sure hope it works.

    • Pretty sure that list you read about the most dangerous cities in the world was rubbish. I can think of several cities offhand that are more dangerous than St. Louis. How about anywhere in Somalia? Kenya? Sudan? Most of Africa? How about anywhere in Yemen? Pakistan? Any of the under-developed countries in Eastern Europe (any of the old Soviet bloc countries will do).

      “And btw, this Nation got into the sorry state it’s in all the while millions of Americans were armed, so what’s that tell you?”
      We havent encountered a situation bad enough to warrent using armed rebellion is what that tells me. This nation got into the sorry state its in because of the Democratic process, corupt politicians, and idiotic laws proposed by people who dont listen to reason, and do things because they “feel like it needs to be done”.

      If your prediction does come true that the USA will be just like Baghdad, Bogota, and every other shithole on the planet, then the gun grabbers like you will be the first to realize how stupid your “no gun” laws are when you are the victim of a violent crime and there is no police force to save you, and you sure as hell wont be saving yourself.


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