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“Vermont might have some of the most lax gun control in the country. We’re also the safest state in the country. We are the safest state due to the large number of guns in this state.” –  Ed Cutler, legislative director of the Gun Owners of Vermont [via]

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  1. You don’t say. Armed society is polite society, what a novel concept. What does the other side need to see to get this?!?!

    We really need a national open carry week. Everyone open carry where it’s legal all week long just to prove a point to the antis. Responsible people carry around you all the time, you just never knew. Might be a real eye opener as to just how dull life is with people carrying around you. Might even get a few fence sitters to understand that it isn’t all bad.

  2. “Lax” means insufficiently strict or severe. I tend to think that Vermont’s gun laws are just about perfect, with nothing lax about them.

  3. I was up in Vermont for a week in May and though I didn’t see any “obvious” gun owners walking about I was well aware of the setup up there and did carry around mine in the truck though not on my person except while hiking.

    Its amazing how easy it is to carry up there for 16yr olds even and how there isn’t all these reports of kids going nuts killing other people for fun.. its mainly the “out of towners” looking to sell drugs who are doing the home invasions/theft for drug money etc.

  4. As a Vermonter, my only complaint about our current gun laws, is that we can’t own suppressors. It’s all because of a unneeded hunting law.

    We also need to get rid of Sanders as our state rep. He is a stubbron radical democrat who does not care about his constituants, and only what he thinks; not a big surprise as he is from Brooklyn…

  5. I’ve always found Vermont’s position on gun rights remarkable. How do you guys keep the anti-gun effluent from Massachusetts, New York and the rest of the NE from contaminating the voter base?

    • Sadly, we can’t keep them out forever. The flatlanders keep buying up land and driving real Vermonts out. We have a saying, don’t jersey up Vermont. Unfortunately that’s happening, things are changing, and in another 20 years VT will be just as shitty as NY, NJ and MA. It’s to bad we can’t forcibly drive them out like our founding fathers did prior to Vermont joining the union.

  6. This man inadvertently puts into frame exactly why tyrannical politicians hate the 2A. Politicians don’t want safety. Safe and self-reliant people don’t fall on their knees and beg the government for regulations and depend on them to “do something!” about everything in their lives.

    “An armed society is a polite society” doesn’t work as a mind-changing argument either. Politicians don’t want a polite society. A polite society sits down and rationally talks about issues, and solves them. Politicians need their people fighting amongst each other to keep them distracted and focused away from real issues. And, let’s face it, politeness really isn’t a “thing” with progressive “citizens”, much like logic or true equality.

    2A supporters who think we can win by fighting this war in a “we both want the same thing” kind of way are in for disappointment. Its not a simple matter of two sides who want the same thing, and have different views of how to get there. Gun grabbers, and especially gun grabbing politicians, do NOT want peace, do not want truth, and do not want a safer nation. It’s not about the guns, it’s about control. For them, it’s about soothing a sick and perverted mindset.

    What Cutler says preaches to the choir and falls on our enemies’ deaf ears, because truth and safety are not what gun-grabbers want.

  7. I don’t think Vermont is safer OR more dangerous because of their gun laws. I’d say its rural nature and low poverty would overwhelm any other factors in terms of crime.

    The important thing is, carry laws appear to not cause increases in crime, so they shouldn’t be opposed.

    • Um… Go luck up economic stats. Vermont has a very low average family income and as much or more “poverty” as the next state.

      Try again.

        • I’m a native, and I agree that the number of guns here is not a direct cause of the low crime. It is a very homogenous state with a sense of identity. Most people here are doing about the same things as others, and there is an informal, laid back pride in being a stubborn and somewhat odd lot. There isn’t all that much serious crime to defend against. Good luck finding a range, though.

  8. on the issue of teens carrying guns. when i went to hifh school it was a common sight to see pickups on the student parking lot with shotguns and rifles in the rear windows, without cable or trigger locks. i don’t remember ever hearing of a school shooting or a fight ending in gunfire.

  9. I think that it is safer than most other states due to the fact that that the largest city in the whole state has a population of around 38,000. Not much of an urban culture, mostly rural and small towns. Small towns are not immune to crime as I see it in my allegedly rural area, but I live about equal distance from Philly and NYC and with the convenience of the interstate highway system, we get folks from “the city” coming out here to rob our banks and pharmacies because they DON’T have bullet proof glass or armed guards protecting the staff. Vermont is kinda off the main path from Richmond to Boston.

  10. “An armed society is a polite society.”

    That’s nonsense. Polite people make up polite societies. The most violent and impolite areas of our society are our heavily armed urban ghettos, filled with violent, impulsive criminals.

    Vermont is safe because the vast majority of its citizens are non-violent, civilized people. Gun ownership has almost nothing to do with that metric.

  11. We don’t talk about Vermont! His real name is F. Reedom and he’s in witness protection! If you keep snitching the massholes and islanders will kill him!

  12. As one that has lived in VT., and certified as State Hunter Safety Inst., State Range Officer, and Firearms Inst. I can tell you that they base their carry laws on the state constitution. 16 year olds can hunt and posses a rifle, but not a handgun. Most shootings are due to the dregs of society that deal in drugs, and are prone to do other crimes.

    VT.’s biggest crimes are those that relate to families, ie incest. Other problems relate to lenient judges. There was a case some years ago where a miscreant took his girlfriends son, and placed him on a hot stove burner. The little kid had third degree burns, and the perp got weekends in jail. The real kicker was he still lived with the girlfriend and her son. Of course he promised the state he would be a good boy and never do any thing like that again. So that made everything all better.

    First time hunters in VT. and any one that has lost their hunting priviliges, must go through a Hunter Safety Course. That was my job. All to often I would hear, “I’m a native Vermonter, so I know all about guns, and hunting.” Invariably these were the ones I had spend more time with, as they had a hard time reading the book, and or passing the test. But they knew all there was to know about “…guns…”. For
    those who didn’t get it, I was being facitious with the last sentence.

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